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    Friday, November 9, 2007

    Divine Dirigibles

    Michael at Gosporn connects the Cloud City of Bespin (Connecting The Twins) with the H which he has been throwing around because of the giant Gemini crash of 2001.

    The H as Trade Towers was found as part of a stylized NY skyline in the words that make up Manhattan in Woody Allen's flick of the same name. The original H piece by Michael here (The Double H Ranch)

    I have been pushing to get pillarmid recognized as a word to connect the important concepts of WTC as pillar and pyramid symbols. I also want to eventually get the Atlantean pillars and the Pyramids of Giza recognized as one and the same. More than both of those I want to be at present in the now, wanting for naught...

    And closer....

    Masonic pic that shows the esoteric idea of pillar pyramid interchangeability is accepted in some quarters.... You can see this image in the "Secret Zodiacs Of Washington DC". Hayao Miyazakis classic spectacular Laputa: Castle In the Sky

    Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Cloud Minders"

    The original city in the sky Laputa originates from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift but I feel Gosporn hits the mark archetypically closer to home when equating Bespin with the resembling mushroom. The mushroom in the sky resonates with the UFO, breast and Atlantis.

    Why Atlantis? Here's the synchromystic films that answer that question.

    Atlantis & Shrooms Part 1

    Atlantis & Shrooms Part 2

    Some interesting info about Laputa
    "Jonathan Swift's novel Gulliver's Travels (1726) refers to two moons in part 3, chapter 3 (the "Voyage to Laputa"), in which the astronomers of Laputa are described as having discovered two satellites of Mars orbiting at distances of 3 and 5 Martian diameters, and periods of 10 and 21.5 hours, respectively. This is surprising close to the actual orbital distances and periods of Phobos and Deimos: 1.4 and 3.5 Martian diameters, and 7.6 and 30.3 hours, respectively. Swift's prediction is regarded as a fascinating coincidence since no telescope in Swift's day was powerful enough to discover the satellites."

    The Atlantean mushroom in the sky which is also the UFO can be viewed according to Jung as a mandala. Mandalas are 'trippy' meditation symbols which I think gets us even closer to the root of the divine dirigible symbol, the stargate. The stargate symbol in the sky.

    A closer look at Miyazakis divine dirigible shows it to be a giant Tree of Life. The building part of which is believed to be modelled after the famous painting by Pieter Bruegel of the "The Tower of Babel".

    The Tree of Life connection opens the whole thing up as connectible to the grail, the ark, pyramid, benben on and on... All not surprising as it is already been supposed as stargate (my favourite word for thingamajig that manifest the divine).

    Having the Tower of Babel connected to these divine dirigibles highlights and confirms the possibility of saying flying pyramid, which we can even synchromysticly confirm with the film "Immortel". In "Immortel" the ancient alien creator gods return in there floating pyramid spaceship to do... (I forget, some crazy horny Horus shit.)

    Tower of Babel I am reasonably confident is the Great Pyramid of Giza. Dare I now say that even the 911 pillarmids are comparable to these flying divine dirigibles. Well, as they are all stargates and all stargates in my mind are one, this all seems plain.

    The home of the Gods of New Genesis in the "Justice League" television series.

    On this floating Island we can such relevant names as Wonder Woman (Dianna/Isis) and even Orion (The red dude above).

    Enter the tiny version of the same thing, the balloon or Zepplin. Still always associated with magical kingdoms or cities, but these dirigibles mommies are content staying earthbound and letting the baby scout ship do the divine dirigible gig.

    Divine Dirigible (DD) From the mesmerizing and disarmingly innocent "Stardust".

    Another of Neil Gaimans flying fantasy ships in the breathtaking and abundantly sync rich masterpiece "Marvel 1602". Inside this comic you will find the Illuminati member Read Richards involved in high adventure including occult favourites John Dee and The Knights Templar. We even learn the fascinating secret of Templar treasure. Well, if you like comics you will probably feel that way. Much time travel and other stargate themes, this will probably work its way into a video sooner or later.

    The Read Richards Fantastic Four Illuminati membership explored in this video below
    911 Time Lords Across the 4th Dimension (Comic Book Cycle 4)

    Floating ship passing its symbolic equivalent Giza in the "Mummy Returns". Both being stargates, dig? The original Twin Towers and the DD

    Just for good measure as I will be talking about this film (image below) in a soon to be released video. The Good Year Blimp, still betraying its DD status with the winged sandal of Thoth Hermes as its logo. The very underrated James Cameron penned cyberpunk "Strange Days".

    The Zeppelin connected to those other funky favourites of mine, the crop circle mandalas or stargates. Not to mention Jimmy Page and Aleister Crowley.

    What if any future mysteries lie to be discovered in this interesting DD displaying film?

    A Futurama episode where Planet Express crew member Hermes (Mercury/Thoth) takes part in the Olympics, doing limbo.

    Nothing is really synchromysticly proven until Scrooge McDuck has had his say so. Well lucky for us just to make this whole thing the kind of rock solid no questions asked slam dunk we deserve... Bear witness friends Thoth McDuck piloting the floating, wait for it, city of Atlantis!

    Actually quite amazingly its not even unique, as Transformers Cybertron have picked up the floating Atlantis idea.

    That's it for now. I am hard at work on a new set of videos out A.S.A.P.
    The inspiration for the name and another haunting divine dirigible can be found in the pages of Iain M. Banks' (my favourite Sci:Fi author) "Look To Windward". It describes giant (really f'n big) floating creatures called the "dirigible behemothaurs".