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    Saturday, July 19, 2008

    Galactic Center Temple


    I met great love - an 'other' who allows one to perceive Union - in 2001 in London. Our first evening together was spent staring at the night sky in Hyde Park. We had climbed over the walls, the park closing to the public in the evening, and lay together at the foot of the Peter Pan sculpture, in the adjacent Kensington Gardens.

    The bronze statue of Peter Pan is in Kensington Gardens, next to Hyde Park. The exact location was chosen by Peter Pan's author, J.M. Barrie. Barrie lived close to Kensington Gardens and published his first Peter Pan story in 1902, using the park for inspiration.

    In 1912, he found the man to make the statue, Sir George Frampton, and by 1st May that year, the sculpture was in place in Kensington Gardens.
    Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens

    Of extreme syncnificance to our sync web is noting that Peter Pan resonates the Goat God Pan (OZ/77) and that the Illuminati was launched on May 1, just as our statue.

    I would eventually journey, leaving my life long home of South Africa, to live in Winnipeg and be with the same person.

    The very day I arrive in Winnipeg some friends of my partner at the time pick me up for a local treat. On the way to the Ice Cream Parlor they comment on the fact that they had just passed a Sushi Bar seeing the actor Robin Williams, who was known to be filming in town at this point, visit the restaurant.
    A fascinating correlation exists here, between my life story, moving to Winnipeg and Robin Williams. The Peter Pan statue underneath which I lay in 2001 (year of the 911 Mega Ritual) is directly involved in the tale of my journey to Winnipeg. Robin Williams, as Peter Pan, lies underneath the same statue when he wakes up from visiting Neverland in the Steven Spielberg film "Hook"(image above). One of the key markers of my journey to Winnipeg, Pan/OZ/77, is echoed the very day I arrive by the sighting of the Star Robin Williams.
    Note the highlighted stylized red H of the title "Hook". Our often spotted friend, the H, will make some dramatic appearances as we progress.

    I consider the 911 event to be an initiatory Mega Ritual of the entire humanity, marking the end of Maya and the Kali Yuga, the start of the ascension of mankind. It makes perfect internal symbolic sense to me that I would 'wake up' under Pan during 2001 and head towards the symbolic Galactic Center, waiting in Winnipeg.

    Let me explain...
    Soon after arriving in the prairies (May 2004) I began noticing and feeling drawn towards the Winnipeg Legislature Building. At the same time the local news services started talking about the research of Frank Albo. Frank - a Research Fellow at the University of Winnipeg and Third Degree Master Mason (MM/2000/2K) - noticed the two large Egyptian Sphinx flanking the entrance of the building and started asking questions.
    According to his research it turns out the building, situated near the geographic center of the North American continent, is a Masonic model of Solomon's Temple.

    See Albo's Masonic Parlante in a Canadian Temple of Democracy: The Manitoba Legislative Building as Initiatory Theater for details.

    Externally (image above) we see Hermes (thus THotH), locally referred to as Golden Boy, perched atop the octagonal dome. The buildings floor plan (image below), as a giant H, continues this resonance, it being the 8th letter of the alphabet.

    See A virtual tour of the visual highlights of Frank Albo's mysterious Manitoba Legislative Building for Legislative Building as H reference and many amazing photos of the Temple.
    Below we see the Freemason's Second Degree tracing board.
    Below the arch inside the doorway of the temple we see the blazing (emanating from the Stargate) Hebrew letter He or the English H (I think, it could also be Heth, but He feels right...). This derives most likely from the Tetragrammaton YHVH with its double H so often connected to the Stargate. As the tracing boards depict Solomons Temple (derived originally form Giza in my view) It also gives us a likely syncnificant reason for THotH standing atop the giant H in Manitoba.

    See the works of Ralph Ellis such as "Eden in Egypt" for more on Tracing Boards as veiled Giza references.
    He also evokes shades of Pi, an entirely compatible sync wink..

    There is synchromystic symmetry here between the Green Peter Pan Boy and the Golden Boy statues that connect my life narrative from London to Winnipeg.
    "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army" resonates Golden Boy overtly through the shared Golden and Boy elements present in both titles.
    In the film we see Hellboy, in perfect resonance with Golden Boy. He stands perched atop the H of Hotel with the octagonal O. Winnipeg's Golden Boy and Hellboy stand on a H and Octagon, pretty nice.
    Hellboy is fighting a forest god or plant elemental bringing strong tones of plant consciousness into the sync web.

    We saw much plant consciousness examples like olives and Wall-E in the previous post.
    From inside the giant H of the Legislature, looking up at the dome atop which the 17 foot THotH resides we see the cross-quarter pattern infused with plant and flower motifs.

    Connecting cross-quarter with octagonal Stargate themes originates from the work of Goro Adachi.
    A big circular plant wreath surrounds the base of Thoth (above) while flowers in full bloom whisper plant consciousness involvement in opening humanities collective Stargate.
    Examples of 5 and 8 petaled flowers in Solomon's Temple.
    The cross-quartered floor with masonic checker pattern converging on the circular balustrade of the rotunda.

    Directly below this botanically infused architectural mandala is the blazing 8 pointed star of this three dimensional tracing board, the attention commanding and curiously named, "Pool of the Black Star". This being all the key elements of the Lodge floor which Frank Albo equates with the inner chamber and altar of King Solomon's Temple.

    See Frank Albo's Virtual Tour for balustrade and blazing star as Solomon's Temple altar.

    A black marble octagon, directly beneath Golden Boy/THotH can be seen occupying the lowest and most central position of Temple of Solomon.
    The esoteric use of the octagon can be traced all the way back to Giza, with its veiled octagonal layout. The Great Pyramids King's Chamber double square floor plan and concavity of its four faces (making the pyramid in actual fact an 8 sided star shape!) present more Giza 8/H resonance.

    See Octagon Maat Website for lovely animation of the snug fitting Giza octagon.

    The octagon is also the shape of the Dome of the Rock, a structure popularly believed to be built on the original Solomon's Temple and the home of the Templar Knights in the holy land.
    The First Degree tracing board shows the three pillars which resonate the three major pyramids of Giza as well as representing Solomon's Temple. Indeed the sacred architecture of Solomon's Temple could very well be directly inspired by Giza.
    Synchromystically however we only need resonance to compare symbols. Factual, rational and historical influence are secondary considerations. Practical matters can strengthen or weaken a synchromystic resonance but it certainly doesn't ultimately make or brake the case.

    Again, see Ralph Ellis books like "Eden in Egypt" for Tracing Board, Giza and Solomon's Temple comparison.

    If the First Degree Tracing Board helps us realize that Giza and King Solomon's Temple are intimately related, then Winnipeg's Legislative Building - Solomon's Temple built in the center of 'The New World/Atlantis'- logically shares this resonance. Someone - which in the end is always Being beyond form - has decided to recreate Giza and what Giza encodes/represents, in Winnipeg...

    The octagonal Stargate shape connects all these structures through time and space.

    John Major Jenkin's gives examples of the phenomena of centralized markers of 'cosmic center' in his book "Galactic Alignment".

    The geographic center of England (above) is near Venonae where once stood one High Cross (below) interpreted by Jenkins as a marker of Galactic Center.
    When the same principle is applied to the entire British Isles (image below), the Ilse of Man curiously becomes the sacred center or 'geographic omphalos'. An ancient pilgrimage path leads towards the center of the Island today called the Millennium Way.

    See John Major Jenkins "Galactic Alignment" chapter "Sacred Cartography in the British Isles" for details.

    Millennium synchromystically reminds us of our recent Y2K celebrations and the K2/Giza interchangeability extrapolated from Ralph Ellis' book "K2:Quest of The Gods". The book suggests Giza's Great Pyramid as a world atlas highlighting K2. Ellis states K2 has 8 faces, similar to our Great Pyramid and "The Pool of Black Star" formation observations.

    Considering Winnipeg and its Legislative Building - the Thoth topped, octagonal themed, Temple Of Solomon - is located near the North American Geographic Center it becomes a strong candidate for synchromystic Galactic Center.
    Above we view a sign helping us find the blazing star of King Solomon's altar. It bears an arrow and wheelchair access sign, pointing the way to the most central part of the building and the "Pool of the Black Star". The arrow is the symbol of Sagittarius who just so happens to be shooting his arrow at the very heart of the Milky Way or Galactic Center. Considering this building itself represents the very heart of our galaxy, finding Sagittarius arrow leveled at the bullseye of the structure itself, feels most profound and suc'sync't.
    The wheelchair symbol - pointed out to us by the helpful arrow of Sagittarius - is synonymous with accessibility, making our Galactic Center and its spiritual realization of Cosmic Consciousness for all.
    The "wheelchair" in Ezekiel's vision.

    The Wheelchair was interpreted as synchromystic 'Chariot of the Gods' in Following Hugh Jackman Through The Atlantean Stargate. This makes "The Pool of the Dark Star" interchangeable with the Merkabah or Throne-Chariot of God. As Galactic Center (GC) and our current alignment phase, popularly called 2012, is a pointer of our true nature - infinite depth beyond thought and form (or God) - this is neat and tidy self reflective feedback syncing.

    A convenient quick little sync, showing the wheelchairs Stargate resonance.
    Hayden Christensen in "Jumper" opens a portal traveling instantaneously and explosively into a hospital. His particular Stargate traveling warps space violently leaving a depression in the hospital floor (above) and debris scattered around the 'jump zone'. Some of said debris is a wheelchair, its wheel still spinning, directly behind or 'sync kissing' our Jedi Knight.
    Philip K. Dick was one of those peculiar cats who had Being growing almost uncontrollably inside of him.
    He was an early manifesting presence on Earth of the Stargate through which enters Cosmic Consciousness. He interpreted the experience through a peculiar mixture of science fiction and gnostic models owing to this singularly syncnificant Stargate realizers unique combination of nature and nurture.
    Some people are destined by Grace to keep a higher frequency (Eckhart Tolle's 'Frequency Holders') of Being as the masses prepare for the move towards realization of Consciousness. Indeed raising Consciousness is a function of Frequency Holders. They are flowers that bloom early to light the way for the impending massive awakening.
    In Dick's, not unique, case the experience proved overwhelming but we are none the less fortunate for his strange attracting works.

    Philip K. DicK wrote "The Golden Man", resonating Winnipeg's Golden Boy, about a golden skinned mutant who has the ability to see into future possibilities.
    All time/space distorting phenomena in media are direct pointers of the Stargate of Cosmic Consciousness manifesting on Earth.
    Nicholas Cage, seen with the capstone less pyramid above, plays PKD's "The Golden Man" in the Hollywood adaptation "Next". Judging by the Legislative Building "Boy's" physique he is certainly a man, making the boy/man comparison most reasonable.
    Above we see Cage as synchromystic "Golden Boy" - the filmmakers opting out of the golden skin - exiting a washroom with the Merkabah inside a blue triangle or pyramid. In this scene he is using his Stargate foretelling powers to escape a casino.
    Later Golden Man Cage is caught in the cross hairs of the, target type, quartered Stargate symbol.

    A most vivid and amazing sync is about to unfold on this very rooftop 'chariot' parking lot...

    In this setup he is using his abilities to see future outcomes in aid of rescuing Jessica Biel. Jessica is tied to a wheelchair with explosives wired to her body.
    Above our Golden Boy can be seen stretching out his hand towards the Merkabah. The waterdoor type ripples emanate from the position of his outstretched appendage. Sync winking with beseeching loudness and clarity, we view the cross-quartered octagonal hubcap of a nearby vehicle. This chariot wheel is sync French kissing the Throne of God. This could in no way be more fitting then the symbolism found in Manitoba's Temple. Golden Boy resides directly over Galactic Center and the 8-pointed Stargate inside "Pool of the Black Star". Of course the word Stargate and Galactic Center are profoundly equivalent.

    See World Trade Galactic Center for more appendage Stargate action

    See Opening The Stargate Via Nicholas Cage for Cage as the symbolic 911(Gemini)-2012(Sagittarius) Axis.

    The 2012 alignment of our solstice sun - the symbolic external drama of the organism environment field becoming aware of itself - with Galactic Center is being expressed in stone through the realization of a Stargate in Winnipeg.
    Creator Mike Mignola's (MM) Hellboy seen with monster and Aleister Crowley originated method of spelling Magick in the film "Hellboy "

    Apart from Hellboy's (resonating Pan/OZ/77) overt "Hell(boy) 2: The (Golden) Army" connection to Golden Boy there is a more esoteric relationship. Hellboy implies demonic and Satanic influences along the lines of the fallen angel Lucifer Morning Star (Venus). Lucifer can be interpreted as a Promethean light bringer trying to Illuminate the ignorant adept. I see negative associations acquired by such figures as the egos desire to vilify the light of consciousness which can overcome it.

    See Rant In Z-Minor for thoughts on OZ/77/Pan
    In this sense the torch bearing 'Eternal Youth' or Golden Boy is a Hellboy.
    The Maya often depicted Galactic Center as a Monster Mouth (MM). Tearing apart the doors of a train type chariot is Hellboy foe, Sammael, with its wide open GC jaws framed by twin Merkabah Access signs. This is a synchromystic mirror image of the Winnipeg Legislature Building's "Pool of the Dark Star".

    See World Trade Galactic Center for GC as Monster Mouth.
    The female torso looks like a big head (as does a mans, but to a lesser extent). The Breasts are eyes, belly button becoming a nose with the vulva being the mouth of this 'head'. The giant head has been associated with GC in the post World Trade Galactic Center.

    The anime series Golden Boy, a perfect match to the title of the Thoth/Hermes atop the Winnipeg Legislature teaches us another powerful equivalent for Galactic Center, the vagina. The show chronicles the misadventures of a wandering - by bicycle type chariot - young horny student of the world.
    In the episode "Temptation of the Maiden" we see Kintaro Oe (Golden Boy) crouched over a toilet type throne right after the image has cut from the Aquarius water bearer. Golden Boy fixates on woman and is often seen caressing toilets while imaging the object of his desire using the facility.
    The age of Aquarius and end of the Great Year entrains with the current ascension phase of awakening planetary consciousness. Seeing the cartoon cut from Aquarius to a sexually charged encounter between Golden Boy and a 'water throne' makes much synchromystic sense. The toilet in this context is the Merkabah of God and the Stargate as Aquarian waterdoor, with Golden Boy kneeling ecstatically at its foot. The Toilet has become the Throne-Chariot of God.
    This also highlights how the human body is the microcosm of the universe and its excited sexual energy possible portals of the divine.
    In another telling encounter "Swimming in The Sea of Love" Kintaro challenges his goddess to a swimming race. Again we see Golden Boy associated with water, here being unable to keep his eyes and imagination of the Galactic Center representing vagina.

    There is a relationship between Galactic Center as Monster Mouth and female sexual organ. The vilification or fear of sex and nature can be focused into the birth portal. The undeniable suppression of the female energy can be seen as the ego's fear of facets of its own nature. In this case those facets that can lead it into ecstatic knowledge of its infinite depth beyond from.
    John Major Jenkins unveils how Nut, 'the Milky Way sky goddess', was envisioned in ancient Egyptian mythology as swallowing the sun at dusk and giving birth to it at dawn. This birth process is associated by Jenkins with the 2012 alignment theme and the goddess of the Milky Way with Isis, our mother, her womb being Galactic Center.

    "In Mayan cosmology, the Milky Way's dark rift, as a kind of "cosmic vagina" near the Galactic Center, is the place where the sun is reborn at the end of the age."
    John Major Jenkins "Galactic Center" p 115 and image above on p 116

    Nut, the sky goddess brings to mind the acorn and other nut type plant consciousness and Stargate themes, still waiting to be further explored. Perhaps it solves that mystery, come to think..
    See Nuts and The K2/Giza Kandy Cane

    Both Golden Boys reflect the sun. The Winnipeg Boy literally and, as golden god, figuratively. The cartoon Boy and his twin wheeled chariot is often depicted in the radiating sunshine. His backpack brand identity, Invicta, resonates the Roman sun god Sol Invictus. Emperor Constantine folded this deity neatly into his new faith, Christianity.
    The Himalayan peaks on the right, resonate K2, the Holy Mountain which entrains with the Great Pyramid of Giza.

    Perfect symbolism here, we see "The Golden Child", an easy synchromystic Golden Boy, with the Black Star Eddie Murphy placed over the solar orb. Encoded then, in this poster, are the major elements thus far addressed in the Legislature Building.
    The 1986 film's Golden Child is a Tibetan Buddhist reincarnation who will save the world.
    It is never overtly stated in the film but we can clearly associated this Golden Child with the the idea of a living Buddha. A Buddha is a being who has through Grace been released from all attachment. He/She is the light of Being fully reincarnated in flesh. In a silly way of putting it, but perhaps helpful for our investigation, the Buddha is God on Earth. This is what we are all becoming during the current phase of awakening.
    The Golden Child's captors have to keep him confined inside a magick circle and square not dissimilar from Golden Boy's overhead profile setup. If we scroll back up and look at the H of the Winnipeg Legislative Building we can also note that the central dome rests on a square edifice, directly underneath which lies "The Pool of The Dark Star".
    The Godhead incarnate's only needed sustenance is the leaves of a tiny plant. THotH's Prairie Temple, has been shown to be marked ubiquitously with the plant kingdom, resounding in my opinion the role of plants are playing in opening humanities collective Stargate.
    A neon sign brightly declares "Dragon of the Black Pool" on a dark and rainy night deep inside Little China. Inside the "Pool of The Black Star" resonating restaurant we can find one of the ultimate Stargate veterans of the synchromystic field, Kurt Russel. This is 1986 (same year seeing the release of "The Golden Child") and we are informed right of the bat to be weary of "Big Trouble In Little China".

    Two solar orbs, one on Russel's chest and one in the background, declare the films allegiance/entrainment to the Stars.

    Kurt Russel played a pivotal role in synchromystic history when it was noted how he flies a plane towards the World Trade Center in "Escape From New York" and steps through the Stargate in the film of the same name. This was highlighted in the Nosis interview clip (see below) and remains one of my all time favorite syncs (sorry Tunney).


    Of course, if the Winnipeg Legislative Building evokes Solomon's Temple and Giza then it must logically resonate the World Trade Center.
    The twin Greater Pyramids become the Twin Jachin and Boaz Pillars which resonate the World Trade Center. Unorthodox yes, but actually a very easy association to make. If these three systems of symbols - Giza, Solomon's Temple and WTC - share deep resonance, and the giant Manitoba H is also Solomon's Temple, it stands to reason we have a fourth.
    Then there is the enigmatic K2, the obvious fifth, but lets move ahead for now before this gets out of hand...
    Woody Allen's "Manhattan" film, with its WTC as H in a cityscape type font, provides a neat connection between the 911 Pillarmids (WTC as symbolic Pillar and Pyramid) and the ubiquitous H.
    911 can be viewed as marker of a particularly pronounced phase of consciousness realization. The H of YHVH, God or Being beyond form, resonating with the Twin Towers.
    Another complimentary symbol system is the 911-2012 axis. The Mayan Galactic Alignment theme (2012 Maya Mega Ritual) forms a Galactic Center-Galactic Anticenter axis. As the solstice sun moves into the Galactic Plane, a straight line, pole or axis can be traced with one end located at Galactic Center in Sagittarius (where the arrow points). The line continues from Galactic Center through our Star with the other end in Gemini or Galactic Anticentre. As the Twin Towers resonate Gemini with such force I have started considering 911 and the WTC as the base of the Galactic Center (Sagittarius)-Galactic Anticenter (Gemini) axis. The Earthly counterpart of the drama unfolding in the stars.

    Taking into account what we have learned about the Manitoba Legislature, its role as symbolic Galactic Center, the idea takes form that the Sagittarius (Galactic Center) end of the 911-2012 axis points towards King Solomon's Galactic Center Temple. An amazing symmetry can then synchromystically be acknowledged between the 911 Mega Ritual's Manhattan H and the giant Winnipeg H. Indeed it might Illuminate the HH theme encoded in the Tetragrammaton YHVH and THotH. The four pillars of the HH are echoed by the 11:11 - exact moment of 2012 Solstice Alignment - and the K2 (K being 11th letter of the alphabet) Mountain theme.
    Inside "Big Trouble in Little China's" "Dragon of the Black Pool" restaurant we can find Victor Wong (above) along side Kurt Russel. Mr Wong showed up recently in our sync web when he was eaten by a Dirt Dragon and spotted in frame with the KK in "Tremors". We noted that he died the day after 911 on 12 September 2001 - entraining him with the Mega Ritual - and that being eaten by a Monster Mouth resonates Galactic Alignment. In the still above we can see his magickal abilities, the dancing blue electricity waves symbolizing the twin Zig-Zags of Aquarius, the age we are entering co-incident with the 911-2012 axis alignment.
    Both Wong and Russel prepare for battle with Lo Pan (OZ/77/Peter Pan) under the Aquarian rain and octagonal umbrella after exiting the "Dragon of the Black Pool" (above).
    If we compare "The Pool of the Black Star" with "The Dragon of the Black Pool" the Dragon and Star feel, initially, an uncomfortable fit. If we however combine the two and realize that the 'Dragon Star Constellation' or Draco resides above the North Ecliptic Pole, our eyes might open to the alchemical gold of synchromysticism.
    Image of the Cosmic Year from p 99 of "The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye" by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges

    The North Ecliptic Pole, the unvarying pivot around which the processional cycle slowly turns, points towards the stars of Draco. Connecting the octagonal blazing black star at the base of the Legislative Building with procession is something I have heard Frank Albo do as he walks around the balustrade - physically mimicking procession - inside the rotunda directly underneath Golden Boy.
    The Three Dragon Axes or Teli on p 97 of "The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye" by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges.

    Both the axes of 'Galactic Center (Sagittarius, 2012, Winnipeg) -Galactic Anticentre (Gemini, 911, NY)', depicted as line A above and 'Northern Ecliptic Pole - Southern Ecliptic Pole', depicted as C above, are called Dragons in "The Mysteries of The Great Cross of Hendaye" by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges.

    Calling the infinite variations and flavors of world axes or a axis mundi reverberating fractally and infinitely through the macro and microcosm 'Dragons-Axes' works well in our current sync web. On a human scale the Dragon-Axes would be our DNA and Kundalini energy
    coiling up the spirit body around the spine. In the Winnipeg Solomon's Temple the Dragon Axis extends from the blazing black star as Draco through the balustrade and rotunda continuing on up into the dome and Golden Boy, then beyond. We can, if we want, imagine this as the Kundalini system of the giant Golden THotH atop the octagon Stargate, representing all mankind as we align with Galactic Center and Cosmic Consciousness.
    U.F.O shapes like the ship DARK STAR are Cosmic Consciousness symbols with much akin to crop circles and mandalas.

    This inference, of synchromystic compatibility between "The Dragon of the Black Pool" and "The Pool of the Black Star" becomes far more solid when we note a few points about "Big Trouble in Little China's" director John Carpenter. Not only did he also direct the 911 resonating "Escape From New York" with Kurt Russel but his brake out film was "Dark Star" echoing the the Blazing octagonal "Pool of the Black Star" one more time.
    The Black Star Eddie Murphy last seen in "The Golden Child" returns in "Beverly Hills Cop 2 (Roman Numeral 2 or Gemini)".

    Beverly Hills Cop II 1987 Trailer

    A central joke, even featured in the trailer, of "Beverly Hills Cop 2" sees Axel Foley 'stealing' a mansion. Axel tells the foreman of a construction company, after flashing his badge, he is the building inspector. He insists that the square house should have had no right angles and been made to be donut shaped or circular. The builders leave, the Black Star claims the dwelling as his own...
    Axel's Cop buddies show up and walk over a circular marble motif in the stolen home of The Black Star already resonating The Golden Boy/Child.

    An axle is the most central part of a wheel or gear. Our Black Star, or synchromystically our Dragon Axis, floats in the pool of his misappropriated 'circular' marble mansion. This mirrors Solomon's Prairie Temple to a perfect T. We have a Golden Boy resonating Black Star and Dragon Axis inside a pool and a 'circular' resonating building.

    The main henchwoman pursued by The Black Star wears giant wing earrings lending her the appearance of Hermes-Thoth Trismigestus.
    Inside the rotunda of our '3-D tracing board' we can find this disembodied head (below), evoking the same deity as the lady above and Golden Boy himself. This helps solidify our Eddie Murphy as synchromystic resonator of the "Pool of The Black Star" interpretation. In the previous post we saw how disembodied heads like the Templar Baphomet and John The Baptist resonate Cosmic Consciousness and Galactic Center. A 'beheaded' Mercury, one of numerous such decapitated deities in the building, enhances the Milky Way affinity of the sacred architectural marvel.
    In "Cross of Hendaye" Weidner and Bridges explain the disembodied Templar head of Baphomet as deriving from the fact that "Baphomet, phonetically in Arabic, Aramaic, and Hebrew is simply bet'amet, or "place of truth"" (p 131) .
    They further interpret this as knowledge of the heavens (significantly, Galactic Alignment, I imagine..) symbolically represented by armillary spheres which were the true heads or Baphomet (image below). This fits in perfectly with our synchromystic interpretation of disembodied heads - and the closely related, giant heads - as pointers towards Galactic Center.

    We return to "The Golden Child" and find our Black Star (Eddie Murphy) questing, currently in Tibet (below). He encounters a local monk, Victor Wong (R.I.P. 12th September 2001!), the Aquarian energy manipulator and patron of the "Dragon of the Black Pool Restaurant" in "Big Trouble In Little China". If we reflect on the Murphy's "Beverly Hills Cop 2 (Gemini)" pool floating mysteries we realize how both these actors share the Aquarius energy.
    The walking synchromystic embodiment of the Black Star or Dragon Axis exemplifies his Northern Ecliptic Pole (pointing at Draco) resonance by interacting on screen with the Dragon as tattoo in "The Golden Child".
    Above we view a dead abductee, with a dragon tattoo, her murder under investigation by Eddie Murphy. This resonates with the Black Star as Dragon Axis theme.
    Near the penultimate battle The Black Star, who at this point resonates the Dragon Axis, Aquarius, the Pool, Golden Boy and winged Hermes is spotted on the checker floor (above). The checker pattern is one of the key elements circling around the Dragon Axis in the rotunda of the Temple, another sync wink we can chalk up in connection with Eddie Murphy.
    The Hotel inside an octagon sync kissing a 'Golden Boy' (Eddie Murphy as the Black Star in Golden Child) is a synchromystic equivalent to Hellboy atop the H and octagonal O of Hotel in Golden Boy 2 (Roman Numeral for 2 or Gemini).

    A grey octagon kisses the Black Star on his way back to America in a Himalayan airport. It reads 'Hotel Everest Sheraton' the only peak that beats K2 for size and syncing up with the shape already much discussed.

    Below the 'central Axel', still in "The Golden Child", is caught in frame with, James Hong or Lo Pan (OZ/77) from "Big Trouble in Little China".
    When not dramatically exiting the Milky Way monster mouth.... (image below from "Big Trouble")
    Lo Pan ties Kurt Russel to the wheelchair Merkabah, resonating "The Pool of the Black Star" or the Chariot which carries mankind through the Stargate. This already amazing symbolism comes complete with two receding rows of Buddhas, or God manifest in flesh, leading towards to the 'circle dot' of a giant golden gong. The circle dot is the synchromystic Stargate as bullseye, the astrological symbol for sun and alchemical symbol for gold.


    Below lies Peter Pan (OZ/77) clutching the Holy Grail in "The Fisher King". A Zebra sync winks under a rainbow ("Somewhere over the rainbow..") on Robin's pillow. The Zebra is the walking, breathing checkerboard and the white and black Sphinx pulling the Chariot from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

    I view any extremely syncnificant concrete external object, like the Grail, as pointers towards the divine infinite depth of no-thing. No intrinsically limited object in space time can become the totality. Examples of such type pionters include: "the Holy Grail, pyramids, the Ark, the benben, Winnipeg's Legislative Building, the Black Stone, Robin Tunney.. (ad your favorite thing)".

    See Z is for Zebra and JFK Stargate Mega Ritual for more Zebra mystery.
    A Zebra sync kisses the synchromystic muse and Stargate Queen Robin Tunney playing Zoe in "Cherish" (image below). She is again called a Zebra by the staff of "House M.D" in the pilot episode. Zebra is an early alternate name for Philip K. Dicks Cosmic Consciousness thingemagick, VALIS.

    It is of most interest to me that Robin Williams would 'welcome' me to Winnipeg, the home of the Galactic Center Temple, while 2 years hence I would discover the heart stopping sync force that is Robin Tunney. Here then, the twin male and female Robins that have interacted intimately with the course of my existence.

    See The Tunney Trillogy
    See Happy Birthday Robbin Tunney
    An eastern exterior view of the Galactic Center Temple unveils a Zebra crossing leading directly towards what Frank Albo considers the symbolic Ark of the covenant. It resides above the Lieutenant Governor's Reception Suite a room built to the exact specifications of the Holiest of Holies (HH).
    Directly above the Zebra crossing atop the pediment we find two cheribum guarding the Ark of the Covenant.

    The cheribum resonate the winged creatures that accompany the Merkabah in Ezekiel's vision. The Throne-Chariot of God is an obvious interchangeable Ark, making cherub also Noah's olive branch carrying dove. As all arks and cuboids lead to the symbolism of Giza, its King's Chamber and once secret cubit proportions, the doves are also Sphinx. In our sync web, the winged cheribum are also the twin Robins.

    Fascinating to note then that Wikipedia has this to say about the Merkabah:
    In Christianity, the man, lion, ox, and eagle are used as symbols for the four evangelists (or gospel-writers), and appear frequently in church decorations. They also appear in the Tarot card "The World". The creatures are called Zoë (or the Tetramorph), and continuously surround the throne of God in Heaven
    Robin Tunney, our Zebra, has played Zoe, the creature that pulls the chariot of God, three times in her career.

    Zoe is also found in the Gnostic Gospels or Nag Hammadhi library as Sophia (Life), Eve (one of the Twins/Gemini from the Garden of Eden) and the daughter of God.

    Below Zoe looks inside the Ark of the Covenant, the Holiest of all Holies (HH). This is a still from the "Robot Chicken" episode "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie". A spoof is taking place lampooning, the kids show "The Magic Garden" (resonating Eden), where usually the Storybox would open and tell a harmless tale under the Magic Tree (Dragon Axis). Now however, the box has become the Ark from "Indiana Jones Raiders of the last Ark" and the spirits of the dead are about to kill all unworthy who would dare look upon the sanctuary of YHVH. Robin Tunney, Zoe and Zebra, voices one of the characters in this sketch.
    The symbolism activates 'the road to awe'. The Winnipeg Legislative Building has an altar - King Solomon's no less, formed by the blazing octagonal black star and the balustrade - we can thus easily consider the building a "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie". Both these 'Prairie house' resonators contain the Ark of the Covenant and Zoe!
    Tunney plays Kick Kennedy (KK) the sister of the JFK Mega Ritual's Sun King in the mini series "JFK: Reckless Youth" (image below).
    We see the Templar resonating American Red Cross on our Zebra and Noah bird, Robin. The Galactic Center Temple displays the sacred cuboid ARC/ARK on its east face, syncnificantly allong with the Zebra-Robin Tunney stripes (yellow brick road) pointing the path to Being.
    Massive respect and props:
    Frank Albo for Illuminating Winnipeg's Temple of Solomon and the use of photos from his collection of the building and its artifacts.
    Jim Sanders for insight, help and inspiration.
    Goro Adachi for connecting the dots between Octagon, Stargate and Cross-Quarter
    Michael from Gosporn for his great work and the HH lead.