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    Saturday, October 4, 2008

    "Ridiculous Lucky Captain Rabbit King, Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets are for the Youth!" (Amended)

    Bird spotting: Encountered the Robin literally Sync winking knowingly. Robin was over the moon on a standee in a music store (Oct 2).

    One gets used to living with syncs. The are becoming the very texture of my world. I note the dramatic ones on my blog and simply acknowledge the less so as little winks and bread crumbs, highlighting that I am walking my path.
    Robin is my synchromystic familiar. When I see the Robin it reminds me I am One with my environment and swimming with the ever aligning syncs.

    I feel that because the event horizon of your Konsciousness sphere can be infinitely expanded it means we are all equal. If there is an infinite up and down to Konsciousness you are always in the middle, no? Meaning a God, Archetype, E.T or Buddha is no more integral then a human, amoeba insect or atom. All are the same in the I of God.
    Robin in the street on a trashed advertisement (Oct 3)

    In the same fashion syncs - in actuality all space time phenomena - have no hierarchy of importance, one connection is as profound as the other, yet context and point of view highlight some for total 'awesomeness'.
    Thats how I feel about this sync. It's just totally awesome!
    Eating Torus shaped - thus Being resonating - Robin's Donuts on South Osbourne (OZ Born) with Jim (Oct 3).

    With some trepidation I stepped out on Friday (Oct 3) evening to do the socializing thing. Now, believe it or not, a blogger who sits around finding Kosmic Konscious design and 'auras' in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" might be a teensy clumsy at 'boogieing down'.
    Yet my personal spiritual work requires being comfortable in all spaces and well rounded. As the small me still fears interacting with strangers and lovely ladies the BIG I sends me out to make a fool of itself.
    The Black Hole in the Center of the Stargate Mandala resonates the Dark Star and Heart Of The Milky Way. Also note the donut poster for new film Sex Drive.

    I had very little idea of what I had been invited to by my roommate but went along surrendering to the flow.
    I am sitting in the "The Graffiti Gallery" when the pieces of the puzzle start to coalesce slowly around me.
    This is a CD release party for "DJ Brace" from the album "The Electric Nosehair Orchestra in Nostomania"


    It's the very artist who's music Jim (Nosis) chose for StarMummy, the video we made together. At this point StarMummy is my favorite synchromystic 'fruit'.

    As the same song on StarMummy starts playing it dawns on me that I am looking at Graffiti that is alive.

    DJ Brace StarMummy Grafiti Sync

    I see a goddess, pentagram Stars are emanating from her Crown and Third Eye with Robins entering playfully through the Stargate of Kosmic Konsciousness. Of course this doesn't discomfort or alarm anybody in the room as this is only happening from my perspective.
    The pentagram is the symbol of Isis, the Heart of The Milky Way.

    Isis has appeared and sync winked alignment with the Center through the very fabric of space time. From another perspective I am simply sitting calmly listening to live music in Winnipeg, enjoying the art on display. Both are equally real and beautiful.

    Konsciousness has grown inside of us to the point where we can NOW share these perspectives.


    Addition: DJ Brace's Shirt...

    "A Few Shots to Shaman" correctly picks up on possible mystery on DJ Braces T, inquiring about it in the comments attached to this post. Here's the scoop.
    One of the beers at the bar was the Canadian Kokanee brand. An ice capped mountain with Double-K present and accounted for.
    DJ Braces shirt was two snow topped mountains with a McDonald's type 'We3Spinner M' hovering above. Jachin and Boaz/K2 Pillarmount resonators in my mind...

    Be well

    Stormy Weather Podcast

    I got an email request from Aeolus Kephas to do a podcast. My general criteria for doing these is "Would I listen to this Podcast/Show?".
    After reading a bit of Aeolus' work and listening to the show I imagined talking to him could only be interesting.
    I did not know what I was letting myself in for but even that seemed potentially fascinating.
    It ended up being a great talk about the nuts and bolts of our belief systems making for a challenging but important dialogue about consciousness, conspiracy and synchronicity.

    Aeolus chats with synchromystic Jake Kotze on postmodern animism, the hidden archetypal patterns behind pop culture, the secret designs of the "influencing elite," the global awakening to cosmic consciousness, 9/11 & mass initiation through catastrophes, etc, etc.
    Stormy Weather Podcast Page

    Aeolus has also written about the talk on his blog Stormy Weather, making some keen observations and highlighting what he interprets as contradictions in synchromysticism.

    Jake Kotze and Synchromysticism

    Aeolus in my view is a Self aware facet of the totality with an attachment to fear. The awareness he has attained through paranoia is due to the inherent Joy of Self discovery and truth it allowed. I feel strong kinship with this as I have shared that journey.

    Thanks Aeolus!