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    Tuesday, December 25, 2007

    Armand Van Helden (Amended)

    Armand Van Helden - Funk Phenomena 2K

    Music producer and club scene remixer Armand Van Helden's song above again displays the 2K/K2 theme. This is a remix of the titular track of the 2003 "Funk Phenomena" album.

    On the millennial (thus 2K/K2 resonant) 2001 year (and the time period of the 911 Mega-Ritual) Van Helden brought out Gandhi Khan. The cover sees our DJ sitting behind "the wheels of steel" inside a triangle. A creative eye might spot ways in which the background cuts the triangle into a capstone. Khan connects with KK through Kublai Khan land owner of the K2 pyramount itself. (see Why 2K?)

    The Wrath of Farrakhan - Star Trek parody

    Jim Carrey cut his comedic teeth in the often hilarious "In Living Color". In the clip above he takes on the role of James T. Kirk encountering Farrakhan spoofing "The Wrath of Khan", most folks favourite Trek film.

    Carrey can be seen on the mother of all Himalayan peaks, Everest, encountering Morgan Freeman as God. Connecting Holy Mountains and Khan through this actor/comedian.

    Steve Willner forces this most relevant addition by pointing out Carrey as "The Grinch" in 2000's (2K) film version of the classic Dr. Seuss Christmas tale. In the movie Carrey, as green man (thus Osiris resonating), lives on a snowy mountain peak which also sees the climax of the narrative. Thus adding more mountain resonance and K2 flavour...

    Armand van Helden - Koochy

    Armand uses a sample from 80's classic "Cars" by Gary Numan in "Koochy" from his 2000(K2/2K) album "Killing Puritans". In the video we see the enigmatic use of Logan's Run's 'Box' a crazy killer android.
    Micheal York (recently spotted inside the Kit Kat (2K) club with Liza Minnelli in "Cabaret" (image above)) kills the menacing freezing (Mr Freeze resonating, see Tunney Part 3) machine and escapes to the ruined mall of post apocalyptic Washington DC. Box has a large X on his casing making him an Xbox resonator (this is acknowledged on his wiki page).
    On your Xbox you can sit down and enter the conspiracy world of "The Da Vinci Code" or the underwater Atlantean themed city of "Bioshock" created by developer 2K.
    The charming song below hypnotised me into doing this quick Armand Van Helden investigation.

    Armand Van Helden - Hear My Name