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    Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    Winnipeg Wormhole

    I step outside (yesterday or 8 July) for a brake from writing about movie syncs, in my continuing "Hudson Hawk" series, many involving octagons. For no particular 'mental based' reason I decide to walk through Portage Avenue's "The Bay" department store - "The Bay's" flagship store no less - here in Winnipeg.

    Hudson's Bay Company is the oldest commercial corporation in North America (incorporated May 2 1670) and one of the oldest in the world.
    "One aspect of the company's operations was the Hudson's Bay Company Stores, trading posts that were established across northern Canada. Today, this is the only part of the company operation remaining, in the form of department stores under the name The Bay. The first department store opened in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1881. Others soon followed."
    Wikipedia Hudson's Bay Company, Modern Operations
    Much more info about the history of HBC in Winnipeg here.
    "Hudson's Bay Company" Coat of Arms reads 'Pro Pelle Cutem' or 'A skin for a skin'. The Red Cross on white background popularly resonates - hell.. might even originate(?) - from the Knights Templar, who made there home in the octagonal Dome of the Rock.
    Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval's "Talisman" suggests that the croix-patte characteristic of the order evolved from the shape of the Dome of The Rock. Above we see a Knight and the octagonal shape within which the cross can be framed.
    Making my way up "The Bays" multiple floors, through successive sets of escalators, I find myself staring at the new Canada Beijing Olympics team clothing line.
    The design theme being based on the octagon...
    The HBC website explains itself in the image below.
    We learn that 8 in Chinese culture is Ba. Worth noting here that a pivotal part of the head scratching ancient Egyptian concept of the soul was also the Ba.

    No doubt another source of inspiration is the Taoist Bagua - an octagon with 8 I-Ching trigrams around its perimeter - used with much mystery in "Lost" as the Dharma Initiative logos. There is much 2012 resonance here if we remember that Terrence McKenna built his Time Wave Zero theory after Cosmic Consciousness told him to decode the I-Ching. We have already found synchromystic evidence in "Kung Fu Panda" that the octagon can symbolize Galactic Center.

    Octagon as Galactic Center see Opening The Stargate Via Nicholas Cage
    All well and good, some satisfying personal sync winks, not a bad self reflecting synchronicity laden walk. I get up from writing about "Hudson Hawk" and octagons on July 8, only to stumble into the 8 sided Olympic polygon den of the Hudson's Bay Company!

    Now things get a little weird..
    I continue on up the escalators, higher elevation in this instance equalling greater synchronicity, reaching the electronics level. On arrival finding two big plasma screen televisions, yes, it seems they still make those.
    The one is showing Dr. Octopus hitting seven shades of shit out of Tobey Maguire, who has to also contend with averting a major New York City train disaster. At the very same moment Echart Tolle is talking about religious fanatics killing people on a train because of differing views, or attachment to belief systems, over my iPod. Spider-Man himself resonates 8, this particular "Spider-Man 2" film, with Dr. Octopus, doubly so.
    One of my earliest posts dealt with Alfred Molina in "Spider-Man 2". I noted how strange it was that he has spiders on his back in "Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark", only to become famous as Dr Octopus. This was long before any octagons were introduced into the sync web thanks to Goro Adachi.

    The second screen is playing "Casino Royale" (image below), the exact scene being of James Bond playing cards against Le Chiffre. Le Chiffre was modeled by Ian Flemming on K2 mountaineers Aleister Crowley!
    See videos like "Why 2K" for more on Le Chiffre "The Number" as Crowley. No prises for guessing what number Flemming was referring to.
    This came up with a Grey Alien as Le Chiffre in The JFK Stargate Mega Ritual.

    To top it all of this entire building is in direct alignment with Winnipeg's Legislative Building.
    It's 17 feet tall Golden Boy (Thoth-Hermes) stairs Northwards from atop the buildings dome into the direction of "The Bay" and it is here 'The Blob' must venture to slither through the Winnipeg Wormhole...
    More local flavor and personal sync winks in Part 2, but first "Hudson Hawk" post 3.
    Flux willing.