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    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    Jennifer Jupiter

    A short, humble little film, featuring the recurring pattern of shattered glass encounters with Star Jennifer Connelly.

    This is the first video I have made since January last year. Me and Jim collaborated on StarMummy since then and are working on a sequel.

    "Jennifer Jupiter" just kinda popped out unexpectedly over the last 48 hours, much to my surprise.
    Maybe the "Watchmen's" dramatic glass shattering starting sequence had something to do with it..

    There is some debate depending on where you look but apparently the names Jennifer and Juniper might be derived from the same source.

    The British name Guinevere is a variant Old French spelling of Gwenhwyfar, which in Welsh is a combination of the word gwen (mod. gwyn) which means "white" or "fair" and hwyfar which means a "spirit" or "fairy". This is also the same origin for a name that is similar sounding to Juniper: Jennifer.
    Wiki Juniper

    Donovan's Jennifer Juniper plays during the video.

    Jim connects Juniper to Juno and Jupiter in his post Juniper floW.

    I want to upgrade my system and sound to make new and better videos in the near future and also return to frequent production, flux willing.
    To this end anybody able can help allot by donating some funds.
    Much appreciation to the generous folks who have done so in the past, very kind.

    Here is a great video collaboration between The Accidental Alchemist and A Few Shots To Shaman

    Reference is made to an 'old' video I made:
    Why 2K? - Part1 - Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle-K

    (Part 2 and all the other old vids at my YouTube page)

    They note that Keanu Reeves sits outside the double K (K2) of the Circle-K in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" only to reappear climbing a mountain in the KaraKoram (double K again!) in "The Day The Earth Stood Still". The Karakoram is literally the mountain range in which K2 resides.

    Ralph Ellis decodes the Great Pyramid as a map that points towards the Himalayan mountain K2 in his book "K2: Quest of the Gods".
    This just so happens to be a peak who's first attempted scaling was undertaken by occultist and mountaineer Aleister Crowley (a.k.a. Khaled Khan).
    Wacky stuff.

    The fact that NEO the ONE climbs a K2 resonator only to encounter and become E.T (Kosmic Konsciousness) blew my mind. I didn't make the Circle-K double K connect from "Bill and Ted's" until the "Reluctant Messiah" video.

    Thanks guys!

    The Jennifer Connelly Sync Web:

    Red Ice Live Broadcast "JC" Movie Synchromysticism - Segment One

    Opening The StarG8 ViA Jennifer Connelly: Shattered Glass
    Opening The StarG8 ViA Jennifer Connelly: Stars an Stripes
    Opening The StarG8 ViA Jennifer Connelly: Earth Angel
    Opening The StarG8 ViA Jennifer Connelly: Dark Star