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    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    Heart City

    The amount of influence Jim Sanders had on Heart City is incalculable. The decision to not credit my friend in the video itself was conscious.
    I feel we are moving away from the idea of ownership of ideas and Jim has expressed similar sentiments to me in person.
    I am very happy if anybody uses any idea or concept they have read at "my" blogs in any way "they" see fit.
    Of course not all would agree and I have been accused of plagiarism by a great man of sync.

    Feel free to express your thoughts on these subjects in the comments.

    The nature of sync is negating the concept of ownership itself, nay the very essence of Self is Being challenged!

    I for one no longer feel the need to be sighted when I fellow sync blogger mentions C-Ing Red, 911 StarG8 or whatever unless its needed for the context of the sync at hand.

    What ever feels appropriate in order to best floW.

    Namaste/I acknowledge the God inside You.