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    Sunday, January 18, 2009

    Stormy Weather Podcast

    Part 1 of a new Stormy Weather Podcast with Aeolus Kephas.

    First part of Jake Kotze's return to Stormy Weather for a two hour galactic special. Jake talks about his latest synchromystical trails, his experiences with gray aliens and inorganic beings as aspects of the Higher Self, the inevitability of projecting onto the Other, applying oneself to the moment, the ebb and flow of consciousness, crop-circle hunting in England, creating the context for self-transformation through ritual, the difference between information and ideas, intellect and imagination, joy as a guide for living, Jake's LSD meltdown and the dangers and perks of psychedelically-induced overload, premature identity loss, the question of social context as to whether a consciousness shift has to be apocalyptic, and the joke of fear.

    Part two of this interview will be up on Wednesday the 21st.

    A short while after Aeolus asked me to do this interview he sent me this message.
    Aeolus is highlighting this as he knows the Robin is my familiar. Anything Robin related in my 'organism environment field' is of particular syncnificance.
    The day of the interview, shortly before, I was shopping with a friend and ran into this lovely shoe brand logo.
    While last night, the day the interview was released, I watched the "The Wrestler" with Mickey Rourke playing Randy "The Ram" Robinson.
    In one scene he is embarrassed to work in a deli with his name tag reading "Robin", his boss refusing to change the label...

    Thanks Aeolus and everybody taking the time to listen.


    Accidental Alchemist has made his smashing first video.
    His style of echoing the sync winks through the successive loops of repeating pattern gave me goosebumps.

    Jokerman Saturn patern

    "DOG!, DOG!, DOG!..."