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    Tuesday, December 22, 2009


    Iron Man 2 released on May 7 2010

    On the plane to South Africa I tweeted the observation that 2 looks like it also contains an upside down and mirrored 7.
    Almost instantaneously upon arriving in the country I started being inundated with 27 resonant syncs.
    My mom’s favorite radio station, the preeminent talk radio of South Africa is 702. The 702, both encoded in the 2 symbol, was on the radio display after she picked me up at the airport.
    Weeks of 27/72/702 syncs in SA made me feel that the 27 is a number emanating from the localized South African sync field.

    I was in Pretoria this past weekend with my friends and mentioned this observation guardedly, knowing my synchronicity talk doesn’t always fly with everyone. Arriving at a restaurant we witness a person with a T-Shirt displaying the number 27. At the table I repeat the 2 as 27 idea, the reoccurring viewing of 27’s all over SA and the "702 talk radio" as further evidence of the idea that this is suggesting a localized sync phenomena. One friend suddenly yelps out “His correct, 27 is the country code for calling South Africa!”
    72 can be seen as a variant of 7/11 the ratio of the great pyramid.
    27 can become two sevens or 77. 77 is GG (traditionally Pan/Oz).
    The G star is the symbol of the God Star, symbol of Freemasonry and recent sync strange attractor.
    Stars are Gods.
    Above we see the G-Star on a T-Shirts in a window display in Pretoria. T-Shirts are symbol of the Tau cross upon which Christ dies.
    Right next to the G-Star is the 2010 Tiger - 2010 being the year of the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac ruled by the orbit of Jupiter - with Blue Flowers and a peacock.

    The Blue Flowers are variants of the Blue Star discussed in the previous post and interpreted as the Second Sun.

    27, GG or two G-Stars become the 2nd or Blue Sun/Star.

    Charlie Sheen calls Micheal Douglas GG, Gorden Gekko, the owner of Bluestar airlines in "Wall Street".

    Whether the Second Sun is Jupiter or Sirius is a bit of a joke. Both are our interrelated duals depending on your perspective.
    Daryl Hannah naked on Liberty/Isis Island with the Twins in the background in "Splash".

    2 is the Twins, the cosmic drama of ONE realizing itself and thus becoming two and two realizing their mutuality over and over...