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    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Lucky Love

    The 4 green and heart shaped petals of the Leprechauns lucky charm.

    I recently developed a little relationship with the concept Leprechaun.
    In that blank slate between waking from deep sleep (where one is ONE) and returning to the limited self (Jake) a 'voice' told me to make use of the four leaf clover as a powerful personal talisman. Kinda had the feeling this was meant as a sort of 'love' charm..
    This was spontaneous, I had made no attempt to have any 'strange' experience.
    Probably about 2 months ago from this writing.
    I feel the clover 'flower' resonates the 12 petaled green heart chakra also a green flower. This seems to resonate soundly with the concept of the clover as a love charm.

    I have had this happen before, a blank slate of mind suddenly interrupted by a complete sentence in the head.
    I'll tell you some other day about the time 'something' explained to me the solution to the recurring pain I used to have behind my right eye, while in just such a state...

    I thought it odd, at first, that the four leaf clover would be recommend by a mysterious voice from 'who knows where' as a personal relationship charm.
    Then I made the connect between my Birthday on Saint Patrick's Day, 17th of March (today) and the plant.
    Saint Patrick's Day's is overseen by the green Leprechaun, a type of faerie, and his associated imagery including the four leaf clover.

    While visiting Jim Sanders recently in Thompson Manitoba we had an Ayahuasca ceremony. During the experience, for a brief moment, there was an impression that I was in actuality a Leprechaun living inside a four leaf clover, having some kind of altered state which involved believing I was Jake.

    See a OZ/rainbow sync experienced in Thompson in Thompson Turvy
    That the Leprechaun's gold is found at the end of a rainbow is also something that resonates powerfully with many themes that have been explored at the Blob of late.

    See Kate Winslet: Princess Arco iris
    and The SpiriT of The Blue Bird for more rainbow syncs

    The primary connect here is that the alchemical symbol for Jupiter looks like the number 42, the same angle of refraction involved in the creation of a rainbow.

    The gold is the surrendered state of joy ONE accesses through becoming a floWer.

    See Jumpiter for 42 action and explanation.
    I like how the circle dot of many Ipods rests on the palm while being touched by the handler, vivifying the subtle body SpiriT Palm. We cant see the little green bugger just yet, he's out of focus in this photo but he is there...

    While listening to Aeolus Kephas' interview last week, featuring fellow synchronicity researcher Christopher Knowles, The Screaming Leprechaun and Other Tales Of Everyday Gnosis, something silly happened.

    Mr. Knowles must have an intimate relationship with the themes of Saint Patrick's day as he Illuminated many interesting concepts about the celebration in an old post The (Not-So) Secret History of Saint Patrick's Day and has an ongoing interest with the number 17 at his Blog, the Secret Sun.

    I love how fellow sync heads entrain with different themes, patterns and familiars.
    Shaman has his Peacock thing while Jim digs Winnie The Pooh etc... Fascinating.

    I had never made the Osiris (The Ultimate Green Man) connect to Saint Patrick and my Birthday until I read this post with much curiosity.
    Thus, in my mind, Christopher Knowles has always been associated with Saint Patrick's day.

    In the podcats he tells of a childhood incident where he witnessed a Leprechaun, in his home, who commenced to scream at him.

    O.K, so I am at my job listening to this Leprechaun podcast, when I notice a Leprechaun, sync winking at me from behind a chair!
    He seems to keep company with Penguins and others interesting animals.
    I feel syncs like these are laying the groundwork for US (the United States of KKonsciousness) to start interacting with the real McCoy.

    Later G8ors