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    Friday, March 6, 2009

    The SpiriT of the Blue Bird

    Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo!
    Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow!
    Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!

    I remembered dreaming about this type of China plate (above), with its two blue birds, while washing just such an item on my new checkerboard kitchen floor.
    I moved into a new place, with new faces and a refreshing new pace at the end of 08.

    The Blue Birds on the plate are surrounded by Trees and are flying above a traditional Chinese Teahouse. The Trees, specifically the Willow and the Teahouse elements, are worth highlighting given the context we shall soon interact with...

    The plate and dream is discussed in more detail at The Blue Willow Pattern.

    The Blue Bird element, came into sharper focus, with added depth of meaning, when I listened to Judy Garland's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" from "The Wizard Of OZ".

    Over The Rainbow - The Wizard Of Oz - Judy Garland

    "Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly"
    "Birds fly over the rainbow.. Why then, oh why then, cant I?"
    "If happy little blue birds fly, beyond the rainbow, why oh why cant I?"

    Dorothy believes she needs to get away from the NOW or Kansas. Because she believes there is something wrong with her present life situation she must go through an ordeal, or walk the road through OZ. She is stuck in OZ until the bewilderment involved - looking for oneself where it cannot be found - leads to insight and illumination at the Emerald City. Once surrendered she returns to Kansas.

    Classic enlightenment drama, not dissimilar from the journey of the Ring-bearers through Middle Earth to cast the One Ring into the Cracks of Doom and return to the Shire in "The Lord Of The Rings".

    You are already perfect and whole, so the 'looking or journey' itself means willful ignorance and discord. Eventually the absurdity of this process, chasing your own tail, becomes clear and the illusion melts away.
    The possibility exists to skip this whole business, freaking your Self out, and just getting down to the joy.
    Dorothy believes she needs to get away from the NOW, yet she is the NOW as ZOE.

    We see the word Joy in frame with Zooey Deschanel as DG (modeled after Dorothy Gale) in the reimagining of 'Wizard of OZ', mini series "Tin Man". Deschanel plays Jovie (a variation of Joy) in 'Elf". In Jumpiter we associated being Jovian or Joyful to Jupiter and a new state of consciousness presently Being realized on our Plan.E.T. (The Plant involved Plan of the E.T (kosmic konsciousness)).
    Her name writ as ZOE becomes NOW, the current preferred pointer towards conscious consciousness (I-I), consciousness aware of ItSelf or cosmic consciousness (what is meant by KKonsciousness).
    We thus have a NOW resonator in ZOE, already associated to Joy as Jovie, interacting, synchromystically, with the word Joy.
    When WE (WE/ME Being indivisibly related) embrace KKonsciousness emanating from the NOW we are infused with Joy. Joy, being Jovial, and the emerging KKonsciousness of Earth (the Heart) are all ONE (ZOE/NOW).
    DG works at a diner wearing her waitress uniform and is serving a slice of Pie/Pi. Pi is the number of the primary shape of KKonsciousness, the StarG8 and Mandala as the humble circle.
    She travels to OZ, having at one point a circular StarG8 shape branded on the palm of her hand.
    This magical stamp, with its spiral and highlighted central 'eye', becomes one of her guides through OZ...
    My little Buddha, gifted to me by a dear friend in 2001.

    Buddhas and Hindu deities are often portrayed with the highlighted palm, let's say 'SpiriT Palm'. Like the chakras and the halo these phenomena are parts of the subtle body, not currently visible to the eyes, but present to the sensitive.
    I don't own a Jesus yet, but here is Dali's "Khrist of Saint John of the Kross" just to introduce the essence of crucifixion in our KKonsciousness.

    Strange that the masters of the East would have a highlighted palm as well as Jesus having been nailed through the palm to the cross. Both the prince and the stable born carpenter - WE acknowledge the elegant duality at work here - who become the chief enlightened champions of the Earth/Heart had highlighted palms.

    It is with great joy that WE should be reminded that ZOE Deschanel plays Trillian in "HitcHHikers Guide to the Galaxy" (often shorted a H2G2). A major plot device in H2G2 is that the answer to "Life, the Universe and Everything" is 42.
    OZ in the famous song above is "Over the Rainbow", right? How wacky then that the angle of refraction involved in the creation of a rainbow is 42 degrees.
    Zoe is both 'Over The Rainbow' in "Tin Man" and connected to 42 in H2G2.

    The marked palm, like ZOE's in 'Tin Man', in many variations, have been arising in my localized field "KKonsciousness".

    Since the initial writing of the preceding words, in irregular starts and stops over the past 2 months, it has magically appeared in the banner and writing of blogger Richard Arrowsmith at Black Dog Star.
    Specifically see his The SlumDog-Star for highlighted palm references.

    I dig that he follows different colored and even machine/robotic/tin palms, themes I feel appropriate to include in a more general 'highlighted SpiriT palm' theme taking shape in the sync community.
    At first I felt the swirl or eye shape was the criteria for inclusion. Arrowsmith's timely entrainment with this pattern suggest to ME becoming more flexible, letting go of attachment and just considering hands, highlighted in any fashion as associated.

    No doubt footprints, fingerprints and animal paw prints (thanks Richard!) all share resonance worth exploring.

    I have no clear idea of what this symbol could be pointing towards (as of this moment and in this sentence), in its inherent infinite depth, yet I will blog about it.
    I find the very act of compiling syncs about a symbol helps flush out its 'meaning'*.
    Perhaps the gravity of compiling syncs creates a force that attracts meaning and insight.
    Perhaps injecting the sync pattern into the web (WWW/WE3/World War 3) and thereby more facets of KKonsciousness (i.e You) creates mysterious 'awareness feed back loops' which ad to the depth of Our understanding.

    If WE/ME still try and figure out whether the attention of the individual - manifestation, selective attention etc. - causes the sync or whether the environment - God, Illuminati, animism etc - is responsible, the illusion of a separate self is still active.
    Our KKonsciousness and what is called environment is one seamless continuum.

    meaning*: Definite meaning implies you have something wholly figured out. This could never be the case as all things have infinite depth. When The Blob says 'meaning' it means something like "a suggestive cluster of information for association to a phenomena as general guide to interpretation"
    Mentalist S1 E12 "Red Rum"

    The CBS eye hits Robin Tunney's hand in the "Mentalist". The eye and hand combo has highlighted the proceeding few seconds for conscious attention.
    We see a water cooler signifying the age of Aquarius or mercurial and freed consciousness. Patrick Jane carries a cup of coffee through the profile of StarMummy. I think of coffee as black pool, or void, then connecting it to black hole and Galactic Center and the eternal Self. The Eye hits a plant - a species already deeply rooted in NOW and COSMOS, currently also a key teacher and healer of humanity - as the Black Pool passes through Tunney.

    Does the eye hand symbol have an affinity to plants? This is already suggested by the name 'palm' which could be both a Tree and the front of your hand. More examples of the highlighted palm interacting with plant KKonsciousness to follow.
    Robin Tunney as Carol Demas under a Tree in "The Magic Garden".

    I have been revisiting old syncs for a new video collaboration with Jim Sanders. Favorites like Robin Tunney doing a voice over in "Robot Chicken" episode, "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie". Here StarMummy is involved in a parody of a 70's children show "The Magic Garden", doing the voice of Carol Demas.

    The Magic Garden Carol Paula and Sherlock Story Box Hello

    "The Magical Garden is waiting for us!"

    "The Magic Garden" evokes botanical plant consciousness flavor while resonating Eden and Atlantis (previous periods where man was not hypnotized by mind?). I interpret this as 'A New Earth' where the WE are all aligned Spiritually and Galactically with the central Heart and living through Joy (Jumpiter/42/NOW).

    Living through Joy is learning to floW. When you accept what ever is NOW and don't live for the past or future you start to re-floW or floWer.
    It is also inseparable from loosing you sense of limited self and becoming ONE with SELF. No self is a result of becoming the conscious consciousness or the I-I. This is not difficult, you are this right NOW, regardless of what story or emotion the mind makes up to convince you otherwise.

    In this "Robot Chicken" version of "The Magic Garden" the story box becomes parodied as the Ark of the Covenant in "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Last Ark", once opened the SpiriTs emitted kill Tunney.
    I was delightfully surprised to find a parody of "Grease's" "Greased Lightning", directly preceding the "Raiders of the Magic Garden" sketch.
    I had just watched the film a few days before and found it loaded with amazing syncs. I made a short post about how John 'Trabolta' resonates lightning and Zeus.
    Zeus is the Greek version of the Roman GOD Jupiter. Jumpiter has been strongly associated to 42 and Tin.

    See also Jimbo's "The Tinman's Rainbow Lodge and The Gnosis of 42".

    Things get downright silly as the "Robot Chicken" version "Hump Lightning" sees Trabolta (Zeus/Jupiter) and the T-Birds building there own Tin Man!
    The astrological symbol of Jupiter/Zeus and the alchemical symbol for Tin are ONE.

    Tin Men - more modern versions of classic beasties such as Golem or Frankenstein - are symbolic of the process KKonsciousness is undergoing called humanity, with an element of fear/attachment intertwined. WE humans are, from a limited perspective, robots of LIFE. WE have DNA blueprint, a central processor comparable to a computer i.e. the brain and its creation mind. For many who use the mind to understand the Universe they cant yet see that even DNA and mind are only a small process of infinite Being. The idea of the human form as limited automaton, symbolized by the Tin Man becomes a classic narrative. The story itself unveils the reality as most Tin Men become Self aware or desire a Heart. This parallels the human drama of moving beyond the mind and becoming Konsciously Konscious.

    See A Few Shots To Shaman's That's Eggzactly What I Said for insightful Tin Man talk.

    Jim Sanders points out that the Blue 'T-Bird', as seen on the back of Trabolta, could be associated to the legendary Thunderbird of the North American Native people. The Thunderbird is depicted as a large Eagle, who's beating wings cause thunder and stirs wind.
    Another Tin Man variation, the Snowman.

    The Blue 'T-Bird' as 'Thunderbird' continues our Jumpiter resonance considering Zeus is also commonly associated to the Eagle.

    So we have Trabolta, a Zeus resonator, pimping his ride as the 'Greased Lighting', while wearing a Blue T-Bird or Thunderbird.
    Our associations start resonating soundly...
    My ONE new roommate is steeped in Mayan symbolism. She showed me pictures (example above) of a recent trip to the ancient Mayan city of Palenque where she saw T-Shaped windows. She remarked that the symbol is associated to the wind or breath of Great Spirit.

    "In other words, the T-shaped doorway or window symbolizes the Sacred Tree at the Center of the World (axis mundi) upon which the shaman’s spirit may climb. In addition, it functions as the portal leading to the Great Spirit, through which the breath of life may pass"
    From a very insightful article article
    The Tau (or T-shaped) Cross: Hopi-Maya-Egyptian Connections

    The breath of life, winds of Great Spirit, associated to the T and tree of the axis mundi..
    Extra fascinating as we saw our Blue Birds on the Blue Willow Pattern China plate flying aboveTrees and a Teahouse (T-House).

    (I like calling the poles or axis up and down all fractal scales of existence Dragon Axis digging the terminology of "The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye" by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges in this regard.)

    The Mayan T, "Grease" T-Bird and Blue Willow Pattern T resulted in the the T shape floating around in KKonsciousness. Then noticeable emerging during trips around the city on buses as the 'Winnipeg Transit' logo.
    While on route to Thompson - my dear friend who's last name is Thompson, that is - walking down Osborne (Born of OZ) Street, I noticed that the 'Winnipeg Transit' administrative offices and main depot is located at 421.
    An interesting connect between the T of Winnipeg and the number of Jupiter/Tin, 42.

    Many things have happened to ad depth to the above passages involving the T as SpiriT and Winnipeg buses. I typed this lot a few weeks ago, let me quickly fill you in, instead of re-writing it all.

    I traveled to Thompson, the city 9 hours North of Winnipeg, and met up with Jim Sanders to work on our new video collaboration.
    Jupiter's symbol veils the 4

    I saw him work with these Jupiter graphics and got a little insight or 'lightning bolt' sent from the planE.T.
    Jim had noticed the 42 hiding in there, leading to both of us being inspired to do much Jupiter/Tin work.

    I think the 42 as also the answer to "Life, The Universe and Everything" in H2G2 sold the syncnificance of this Jupiter sync to me personally.
    The floWering floW of Thompson had inspired many insights in us including that 1 is also present in the symbol of Jumpiter.

    See NO for other syncs unveiled in ThompsON.

    The hotel room we shared while there was numbered 214 and my ticket fare for the trip was $142.

    More 214's and context at Jim's Juniper floW

    With this in mind, scroll back up and look at the "Winnipeg Transit 421 Osborne" photo, we can NOW note and appreciate a fuller extent of the elegant entrainment represented by this sync wink. The T or Breath of Great Spirit resides at 421, the whole number of Jupiter. I was fully satisfied with this sync, all tied up and solid as a rock... Then...

    Yesterday, I was walking down the Street when I saw God.
    God had taken the shape of a bus featuring Its symbol as T and the words "The Downtown Spirit".
    This is the blue bus that Winnipeg commuters can take for free.

    WE are always looking at GOD (object) with GOD (subject), the context of certain moments, like the SpiriT bus sync, help prepare ME for this Gnosis.
    I love that the bus that most clearly reflects Great SpiriT is the one that transports people for NO cost.

    Chronologically we return NOW to words written a few weeks ago and yet another encounter with God...

    I sit down for breakfast, on my new checkerboard floor, with my Mayan minded roommate, discussing many of the preceding syncs.. We even listen to Judy Garland sing about Blue Birds over my laptop resting on the kitchen table.
    The rainbow - remember hat the angle of refraction involved in the creation of a rainbow is 42 degrees - is powerfully involved with her personal awakening story, making the preceding sync meaningful and relevant to both parties.

    We had just covered the cluster of 'T as blue T-bird/Thunder Bird/Mayan Symbol for the Breath of SpiriT' when we both clearly smell a fire!

    The preservation instinct, and a little self conscious chivalry, kicks in and I literally start running around the apartment, sniffing the air for the source of the smell.
    Narrowing it back down to the kitchen, and eventually right where we were sitting to begin with. NOw extremely mystified and perplexed as there is certainly NO burning material in the kitchen. Yet the smell persists and I sit back down, surrendering to the mystery and to finish my Tea.

    Suddenly one of us smells the Teapot, realizing it as the source of this intense aroma.
    Only a minute or so after both coming into mystified agreement of the Teapot as the source of the interruption and commotion, does the realization hit, with much jubilant laughter.
    The T-Pot started smelling like its on fire at the very moment we were highlighting T as connected to Great Spirit!
    To my mind this was a sign from Spirit itself that this T theme was on the money. SpiriT enjoys being recognized and wakes up in the environment. It is more accurate to say facets of SpiriT (US Humans) wake up and start to notice ourSelf.
    Mystery T-Pot, starts smelling like its on fire, all the while sitting on a checkerboard floor...

    The Kitchen this happened in was the same place I remembered my China plate dream, with its Blue Birds and T-House.

    Adding residual background context, to this dramatic affair, still rippling through KKonsciousness, WE had both watched "The Fountain" the previous night and "Pan's Labyrinth" only a few days before that..
    Both being 'magnitude films' of richly syncnificant proportions, featuring our Dragon Axis as T or Tree..
    The SpiriT Palm in the Axis Mundi/Dragon Axis Tree film "Pan's (OZ/77) Labyrinth".

    Trees as T's are then symbols of the Breath of Great SpiriT. It also occurs to me that the presence of wind is often signaled to the awareness by the rustling of leaves, 'the wind in the willows'.
    Carole Demas as Sandy in the original stage version of "Grease", this would eventually spawn the famous film.

    Turns out Carole Demas, last seen being spoofed by Tunney in "The Magic Garden", was the O.G. Sandy, a role popularized by Olivia Newton John, in the "Grease" musical.
    We cut from a scene in the film version where the T-Birds are working on the car that becomes the 'Greased Lightning' directly to...
    The trailer for "The Blob" being watched by the Rydell High students at the local Drive-In.
    I've been having a strong cluster of marriage related syncs, some mentioned in Blue Willow Pattern.

    Just a few quick choice media examples, there are way to many of these, as well the 'real life' type, to get into.
    Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw gets married, enjoying her wedding dress on a checkerboard floor, in the "Sex and the City" movie.
    A rather odd piece of decoration she wears, on the actual wedding day, is a Blue Bird attached to her head or being emitted from her crown.
    I like to view clothing, accessories and even environment as clues that highlight the subtle bodies of people. I feel that the perception of a person ending at there skin is an un-justified limitation and bias.
    The fact that this winged and feathered ornamentation is a bird is stressed in the film.

    This example of a blue headdress being a visible reflection of the invisible subtle body is exactly the same as the 'SpiriT Palm' we are also investigating in this post.

    A blue feather coming out of headwear, fantastically, wasn't unique to the "Sex and the City" incident during the creation of this post. We will see one more such an example before WE are done.
    Willow Rosenberg a Wiccan Witch and Scarlet Woman as Bridesmaid.

    Another perfect sync here in "Buffy S6 E16 Hell's Bells" where Willow and Buffy are part of their best friend Xander's wedding party.
    Actress Alyson Hannigan, Wiccan Witch Willow Rosenberg, was present in the original sync that started the Blue Willow Pattern NOw evolving into the 'SpiriT Union' theme.
    In Blue Willow Pattern we strongly associate the color blue to Willow Rosenberg, who's name directly resonates the Blue Willow trees present in the design.
    Blue Willow - NOw both our Willow Rosenberg and the blue Willow Tree on the plate (which also features the Blue Birds and T-House) - appearing in consciousness as a bridesmaid!

    When WE allow attention to move ever deeper into the syncs they become the very architecture of our experience. All we interact with, be it "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", a family dinner or a visit to a cathedral, will start resonating all else, through the process of entrainment and alignment.

    In keeping with this pattern we see Trabolta as Danny give Olivia as Sandy (who resonates Demas thus Tunney..) a ring at the Drive In.

    Olivia syncs were explored at World Trade Galactic (Anti) Center
    Having this very 'personal'* "The Blob" sync in conjunction with the continued being wedded pattern gave me pause.

    I have been using these very images, from "The Blob" film trailer, for more then a year during the existence of this blog. They are indeed the only permanent fixture at "The Blob". Now they sync wink back at me, seemingly trying to give ME an important message.
    (I should ever run across an amorphous extraterrestrial I will indeed immediately, Run - Not Walk!)

    To me the way synchronicity works is to just simply be more aware or KKonscious when you are alerted to its presence. As I believe it comes from the True Self, with which we are steadily aligning, I trust it to guide ME in accordance with MY intuition. Indeed intuition, insight and 'Will of God', all collapse into the same thing the more you harmonize with the non-dual Being WE/ME already are.

    Do I believe I am speaking for God? Have I become a total messianic nutcase? Maybe, but I ask that you please find out who is asking this question before you ask ME...

    So, I see "The Blob" shots and just naturally become more alert then usual...

    The first thing that grabs my attention proceeding this personal sync is the courtship ritual of giving a ring. Very natural considering many past marriage syncs I have been having.

    Am I to be married? Unlikely, as I am not even in a relationship.. I've never even wanted to be married.
    Is there a more subtle spiritual interpretation?
    How about both a spiritual message and a real life betrothal?
    If I am indeed to be wedded in the foreseeable future, many dramatic changes must be in store for my personal life.

    I also have a few close friends who are in relationships that might be heading towards Marriage, am I entraining with a cluster of marriage insight and experiences coming down the pipe? Are the wedding syncs related to the experiences of my friends, yet still bleeding powerfully into my awareness none the less?
    Unsure, working on it...

    After reading a new post by Richard Arrowsmith at Black Dog Star called Things Are Coming Together the symbolic aspect of marriage comes into sharper focus for me. Perhaps the collapse of my individiual identity into the non-dual and unified state is reflecting itself as marriage. Two, self and other, are merging as ONE.

    Things in "Grease", at this early stage, don't work out to well for our love birds as Sandy sends Danny packing for trying to 'accelerate' the relationship prematurely. He seeks the forbidden fruit before grounding the experience.

    *Personal: Ultimately nothing is personal as the individual, distinct from the totality, is a mind made Illusion of limited perspective. It's still a perfectly reasonable and useful convention if WE/ME acknowledge the Truth about Identity (SelfDentity).
    You can take this piece of Tin!

    She chucks the ring at Trabolta referring to it as Tin. Tin the metal associated to Jupiter being lobbed at Zeus incarnate. Nice, awesome and the like.

    Again, lets highlight the Jupiter/42 resonance, the 'rainbow angle'..
    On Feb 7 I changed my 'Facebook status update' to: "Jake is looking for the blue bird".
    A dear Afrikaans friend comments on this (roughly translated into English): "I also saw K-Pax yesterday, weird"
    I reply a little confused "Hu? Is there something about a 'blue bird' in K-Pax? I was thinking about something else".
    To which Mr Z-Man replies "Yes it is part of the movie. He tells one of the patients to find the blue bird of happiness".
    Now grokking what's going on I finish up "Fuckin-Ay. That helps allot!"
    Coming out in 2001, the year of the 911 StarG8, K-PAX revolves around the question of whether a psychiatric patient, Kevin Spacey as Prot, is indeed what he claims he is, an alien from another planet called K-PAX.

    Prot's humility and joy is infectious, healing many of the ills around him including other mental patients and even the doctors appointed to him.

    He tells one of the patients to find the 'Blue Bird of happiness' as part of a series of tasks.
    A Blue Jay does indeed arrive causing much jubilation amongst the patients.

    I feel confident considering the totalities guidance in bringing this scene into KKonsciousness that the Blue Bird's message can be interpreted at face value. It is a symbol of Joy, Happiness and Celebration.

    Synchronicities and the insightful character of Prot cause his chief examiner, Jeff Bridges, to start entertaining the suspicion that his patient might indeed be a Starman.
    "What are you doing?"
    "Well, you just reminded me of something I want to include in my report"
    "Your report?"
    "Yes, its our custom to compile descriptions of the various places and people we encounter throughout the galaxy"

    The Dialogue about the Galaxy, our Great Mother, transpires as the movement of the camera interacts with a prismatic office object, causing sunlight to move through the spectrum.

    A rainbow aligning with a Kosmic Konsciousness symbolizing E.T's mention of the Galaxy.
    Jupiter, the planet who's number is 2, 4 and 1 hits the crown of 'The Dude' and 'Starman', Jeff Bridges, during a visit to the planetarium in K-PAX..

    A sync web (a few 'Opening the Stargate Via' type posts) for Bridges is sorely needed but will have to reside as a thought form for NOw.

    During the writing of this post, and further travels across Winnipeg, I come to a street corner near my home. I notice the crosswalks 'stop hand' has a highlighted central element just like the SpririT Palms that started this sync web.
    Upon showing my roommate - the same ONE who helped inspire the SpiriT theme through the Maya T - these photos, she points out the Rainbow which I had entirely overlooked. The highlighted SpritiT Palm and Rainbow were now bleeding into each other in my environment.
    The Blue word Zone veils OZ and ONE. This word has more personal syncnificance related to me and Jim's forthcoming video.

    Below Zooey (ZOE) Deschanel, Mistress of the NOW, is still in OZ. The land over the rainbow where Blue Birds fly.
    She is seeking her parents and the way home in "Tin (Jupiter/42) Man". Her tool is a compass with Black Star and Red Heart, over the palm of her hand. The Black Star is the unknowable and infinite void at the Heart of all that Is. The center of your Eye/I/Self and your true home.
    Unknowable and Infinite yet ME/WE are IT right NOW.
    It is unknowable because it is all WE KNOW/NO/OZ.
    If all were blue how would you have any concept of blue?
    If all were YOU, how would YOU have any concept of YOU?

    I feel the SpiriT Palm is a currently re-awakening part of the subtle body. The I/Eye/Self is waking up in the species along with new facets of our SpiriT Bodies. This part of your hand is compass or guide to find the Heart and Black Star.
    She follows her palm, the Tree resonating human appendage. It guides her to a StarG8 in the forest, the home of the Tree which we have connected to the T.

    The SpiriT Palm and the Trees, with SpiriT emanating through an opening portal.
    What lies beyond this particular door and its syncnificance to our sync web is a matter for another day.

    As the highlighted Palm is an atribute of the Khrist, ZOE, with her own highlighted SpiriT Palm also NOW resonates Jesus.

    Star NOW is also a talented songster in band "She & Him".

    She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

    Featuring the Blue Bird of happiness, the gift of NOW.
    ZOE falls from a giant H and dies - shades of WTC (see post H) - her immortal SpiriT, the formless bliss from which totality arises, rises like the Phoenix from the ashes.
    Jovies SpiriT Body sings betwixt lightning bolts of Zues/Jupiter.
    As an actress strongly associated to Jumpiter - through the 42 in "H2G2", her role as DG in "Tin Man" and the Jovian name Jovie in Elf - this chimes allong beutifully with her already investigated resonance like magic.
    Blue Ghosts/SpiriTs exit out of the Black Holes made by Jupiters bolts.
    Realized Being, coming from the void of NO-thing, moving into Matter (Mother) through the Joy of NOW.
    The bleeding Sacred Heart of our synchromystic Khristess.

    The Death of the Khristess, the sacrifice of form, allows the realization of the formless. WE/ME realize that which remains when all that is false, all form and thought, is taken away.
    Married eternal KKonsciousness.



    I was trying to decide which one of the silly amount of poignant Blue Bird and SpiriT syncs, experienced over the last few weeks, to end on. I couldn't bear to cut all of them, so here are a few.

    Outro: 1
    A crop of Alex Grey's "Kosmic Khrist" painting (below) features the SpiriT Palm and the Rainbow feathered (much blue) bird wing.
    This painting has been part of the sync web at E.T Ipsissimus of the A.:A.: and Opening the StarG8 ViA Jennifer Connelly: Stars and Stripes.

    Khrist, the highlighted SpiriT Palm and the bird wing all neatly associated in the charged environemnt of this amazing painting.

    Outro: 2

    Monty Python - Dead Parrot

    The most classic of all classic Monty Python sketches and a personal favorite, witness the "Dead Parrot" sketch.
    I was showing my Maya and Rainbow resonating roommate an example of the show as she had never heard of it.
    Couldn't tell you if I was surprised or not when noting the actual bird is blue (a 'Norwegian Blue' to be precise).
    JC John Cleese lobs the deceased Blue Bird onto the checkerboard pet shop floor.

    Compare these elements to the "Sex and The City" Carrie Bradshaw sync mentioned earlier..

    Outro: 3

    Merry the Hobbit:'The Withywindle is said to be the queerest part of the whole wood - the centre from which all the queerness comes, as it were.'
    Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring p150
    Above we see a painting of the Willows of the banks of river Withywindle (The name is derived from Withy. (willow), and Windle (basket)) in the Old Forest.

    I started of on the rewarding labor of going through the "Lord Of The Rings" novels. I'm cheating a little as I downloaded the audio book, listening to it on my Ipod, instead of reading it again myself.

    Again even this classic story started entraining with the Blue Willow china plate while finishing up this post.
    Early on in the narrative the Hobbits end up at the river Withywindle all along which grows Willow trees. They fall under the spell and attack of one particular nasty Tree, Old Man Willow.

    Often omitted from "Lord of The Rings" adaptations, much to the chagrin of 'fan boys' everywhere, yonder leaps Tom Bombadil.
    Tom carries home Lilies to his lady Goldberry when he chances upon the Hobbits lost and under attack, by the Willow trees of the Old Forest. Funny enough our 'Blue' Willow Rosenberg actress Alyson Hannigan (major Blob muse) is currently famous as "How I met Your Mother's" Lily Aldrin. Willow, Lily, Blue feathers (thus bird) and plant consciousness all coming together in Tom Bombadil.

    'Fair lady!' said Frodo again after a while. 'Tell me, if my asking does not seem foolish, who is Tom Bombadil?'

    'He is Master of wood, water and hill'
    'Then all this strange land belongs to him?'
    'No, indeed!' She answered, and her smile faded. 'That would indeed be a burden,' she added in a low voice, as if to herself. 'The trees and the grasses and all things growing or living in the land belong each to themselves. Tom Bombadil is the Master. No one has ever caught old Tom walking in the forest, wading in the water, leaping on the hill-tops under light and shadow. He has no fear. Tom Bombadil is master.'
    Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring p164

    Tom encounters and saves the Ring-bearer Frodo Baggins.

    There was another burst of song, and then suddenly, hopping and dancing along the path, there appeared above the reads an old battered hat with a tall crown and a long blue feather stuck in the band. He had a blue coat and a long brown beard; his eyes were blue and bright, and his face was red as a ripe apple but creased into a hundred wrinkles of laughter.
    Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring p158

    Tom Bombadil, a powerful magical forest dweller, a Master of water with an affinity for blue, having a Blue Bird feather in his hat!
    To me Tom clearly resonates the Shaman and Sumiruna. Currently Sumiruna is embodied as Dr. Manhattan potently entering consciousness in the "Watchmen" film, opening today.

    Read Jim's Sumiruna - Master of the Water for details.

    Sumurina is perhaps the collective 'water/DNA intelligence' of the plan.E.T. A key Great KKonsciousness facet of Earth/Heart.
    Note Shiva's SpiriT Palm and Highlighted third eye. His blueness and vivified subtle body perfectly entrain with Dr Manhattans circle-dot forehead Mandala.

    Dr. Manhattan and Tom Bombadil are new variations of Blue Shiva.

    The golden ring, resonating the Marriage theme, highlights the subtle body of Elijah Wood's palm on a 2001 - year of the 911 StarG8 - "Lord of The Rings" film poster.

    Symbolic union of KKonsciousness and emergence of SpiriT into flesh.
    The ring placed on the palm, thereby vivifying the SpiriT Body didn't occur to me through "Lord of the Rings" however. It was brought into awareness during Episide 5 of Season 5, "This Place Is Death", of the 'happy little show' called "Lost".
    Jin hands his wedding band to Locke as proof to be given to his wife Sun that he has succumbed on the Island.
    Locke has become a Ring-bearer...
    This golden ring and message is however passed on by Ben not Lock, as Locke has expired.

    They are all gathered outside a church, the house of God and the Holy SpiriT.
    Sun, also the name of our local golden Star, holds her husbands ring on her palm. At this point I made the connect between this image and the SpiriT Palm, later connecting it to Frodo in "The Lord Of The Rings".

    Nice, lets rest...

    Hang on, the exchange of the ring is interrupted by Desmond and Jesus Christ!
    Didn't we connect the highlighted SpiriT Palm to the Savior before? Only to have him return as Sun's palm becomes vivified in just such a manner.

    Hang on to your socks, is the golden ring being held up by Sun passing directly over the stem of a Palm Tree?
    Jesus Christ, it Is!

    It took all of this context before my mind made the obvious connect to the T shape of the cross Jesus' palms were nailed to.

    The Marriage ring, JC, the highlighted SpiriT Palm and Palm Tree all resonating together, soundly.
    The very next episode "316" would take us into the church where we note it is adorned with Caravaggio's "The Incredulity Of Saint Thomas". An iconic image where the Doubting Thomas requires physical proof of the resurrection by asking to inspect Jesus' wounds.
    This heightens the resonance we found outside where WE interpreted Sun's highlighted palm as related to crucifixion.

    Jesus the Ring-bearer of Christ Consciousness (KKonsciousness), with his Palm Married 2 a T.

    Exit Music:

    Blueberry Hill - Fats Domino

    "The wind in the willow played
    Love's sweet melody"
    "Live Long and Prosper"


    Indras Net said...

    Great post, synchs perfectly with my Last Dark Side of the Rainbow post, and as the synchroseas would have it Im working on ZOey deschangels dog star 42 oz connections in my next video. also see my last 2 videos for more 42s. Keep Flowin

    Occult Mosaic said...

    nice post, the palm tree also has a phoenix variation. And the Ring/gold/metal/tin resonance gives more alchemical depth.

    that robot chicken tin man is a great catch. keep it up.

    Eugene said...

    When the hobbits return to the Shire, they don't return to bliss and easy living! They live the entire struggle all over again in micro with Wormtongue and tyranny right in their backyard. They fight the bastards to the point of KILLING THEM FOR BEING THE SCUM THEY ARE! Tolkien wrote the "Scouring of the Shire" which the movie left out. This would answer why you don't know of it. In it he shows you can't fight it way over there, ie OZ, and not come home to Kansas and kicks its evil, tyrannical ass at home as well.

    Likewise with Tom Bombadil. He may appear to be the all powerful and totally not drawn into the war against Sauron, the ring's destruction, etc. This would be a ruse to make one not recognize that Tom is the enemy! "The power to defy the enemy is not in him!"

    Hurry! Get the shotgun! Bluebirds are servants of Mordor!

    You are one with your body...but should leprosy or some other nasty tyranny establish a foothold on one of your'll want to cut it off before it takes over completely. Get the scalpel!

    Hierasolyma Est Perdita!

    skrambo said...

    Loving the return to long, spontaneously-directed, connection-filled and insightful posts, Jake. They truly capture the winding and flowing nature of the sync as my consciousness is willingly drawn in and connected.

    I think I want to make T-Pot my new nickname..

    E. T. Hansen said...

    En-joy'ed reading very much, insightful and multiple syncs as well as opening for further questions. In celtic mythology each month have a tree as per my limited knowledge. Speaking about rebirth and stargates, look at nuts (going "nuts") themselves a kind of miniature stargates. Olives are a kind of nuts, as well as acorn and chesnuts. Whole small universes in themselves. The tree of life springing out of nothing, except the essentiallity of the tree inborn in the seed. But as with all life the emergence (coming together) is born in possability, which is the unification of opposites (of man and woman) finishing the ring of life and being. The Ring, the wheel of life, as a symbol for the illusion (and limited of) nothing is also showing us eternity. It's so mind bending how concepts hold their own opposites within them. Blue Shiva (and the element of water) is the destroyer as well as the life giver. Baptization is healing as well as purifying through death.

    myonlyphoto said...

    Lots of stuff here! That is one long post, never seen that long ones yet, yet excellent! Anna :)

    Unknown said...

    Before I read your post I was checking out the moons of Jupiter:'s_natural_satellites

    'The first claimed observation of one of Jupiter's moons is that of the Chinese astronomer Gan De around 364 BC'

    Gandhi? He's been in the news this week with his possessions being auctioned off.

    The moons are named after Zeus's conquests, with Ganymede being the biggest one. For all the Moon's of Zeus, we Earth Hearts have just the one.

    I have also been comparing our birth in the world to a droplet of water, starting off its journey of purification and ending up in the Sea. Having seen Shawshank Redemption again, I saw this idea encapsulated in film. Andy ends up in the Pacific that has no 'memory', crawling through 'a pile of shit' and coming out 'clean'.

    So what is this process of purification? It is the Yellow Brick Road. In Scooby Doo 2, we see that the team encompass the Straw Man (intellegence), Tin Man (heart) and the Lion (bravery). Scooby and Shaggy (half man half dog/god, I also see Dorothy and Toto as one entity), fighting the monsters they 'unmasked', and in the process unmasking themselves by confronting their fears.

    And the creator of this journey? Well that’s Shiva, the creator/destroyer. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be moved/transferred, therefore Shiva can be seen as the purifier, the soul evaporates from the sea, falls down as rain on the mountain and starts all over again.

    That’s a nice picture of him with a 3 leaf clover on his head, I had been reading an article on Shiva and the Druids, which discusses the link between the Druids and India:

    'Celtic scholars note parallels between the Celtic deity Cernunnos, depicted in many works of Druidic art, and images of Shiva, the deity famous for his mastery of deep meditative states, which archeologists have uncovered in the Indus Valley. These images show both Cernunnos and Shiva seated in meditative postures, surrounded by animals representing the four quarters of the zodiac. The implication seems to be that the entire universe circles the unmoving divine being at its center. '

    Other quick points, Zooey Deschanel walking through that door with the Sci Fi Saturn/Time logo, going to back to the 'real' world to experience time again?

    And the Vulcan, who I link to Syler and Dex-star, as the Tin Man with no emotions in search of a heart.

    aferrismoon said...

    On quickscan - 412 and its reverse 214.
    Shebrew - 412 = BYTh [ House, container]
    - 214 = RVCh [spirit, Mind , Air]
    The photo I took last Friday[11.32:47], in Paddington, London. 1st time in UK for 3 years.
    Paddington also = a bear that hails from Peru and eats marmalade
    On Saturday went to Portsmouth and spent the early evening eating chow-mein off a green willow pattern. The Chinese had the name Golden Emperor
    Got a foto of a Robin, so shall post it soon
    Have fun in TinCan Ada

    aferrismoon said...

    ...and Portsmouth played cardiff in the FACup last year annd Cardiffs nickname = the Bluebirds, anamoly is that they are a Welsh team playing in the English league.


    Editor said...

    Brilliant. I offered up a companion post over at the Synchropocalypse with all due credit to your eye opening insights.

    E. T. Hansen said...

    .. forgot this in regards to nuts,

    In the Ennead mythology, Nut (alternatively spelled Nuit, Newet, and Neuth), was the goddess of the sky (which is Ether the fifth element). Her name means Night (i.e. voidness).

    The ancient Egyptians said that every woman was a nutrit, a little goddess. Nut was the goddess of the sky and all heavenly bodies, a symbol of resurrection and rebirth.


    Nut is also NOT, which is also the illusion of NOthing in the void space which is the universe, in everybeing/universe. NO/ZO is connected to NO-T (orally a no-tea, a non-letter, non-symbol), even ZO-T (Zot-woman in afrikaan which to my limited knowledge would mean coloured, poor woman of "nothing"??). It's busting my head how interconnected all this is, I have to breath. The first time I realise the connection between Egyptian Nut and NOT, on top of your perfect "T"/OZ/ON emphasis:


    Ontology in philosophy (is the study of the nature of being, existence or reality in general, as well as of the basic categories of being and their relations. Traditionally listed as a part of the major branch of philosophy known as metaphysics, ontology deals with questions concerning what entities exist or can be said to exist, and how such entities can be grouped, related within a hierarchy, and subdivided according to similarities and differences.

    Consider even the relationship between:


    as the signifyers universal ego, mother/woman ALL (T"O"N)); and individual ego, satan, or man (T"I"N).

    TON (weight) is a symbol for mass. Mass being essentially just a mathematical expression of gravity which is LOVE. Likewise METER (meaning ancient earth mother) is a cosmic expression for length or, really, time.

    So God in heaven, or on earth, carry ON..

    word-veri: Seades (seeds)!

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thank you for the words and additions.

    This post had the most floW for me personally of any other I have done in a while.

    Hope it comes out in the reading.

    Later G8ors

    Alan Brooks said...
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    Arrowsmith said...

    We seem to have been writing about the same kind of syncs at the same time, although it doesn't seem to surprise me like it once did. It feels perfectly natural now.

    The 'Blue Bird' made its appearance in my life via the (PP) Plumed Peacock, and it seemed to lead me to the Rainbow, which you've mentioned several times in your post.
    I've connected the Hand/Eye syncs to the Crystal Ball which I interpret as the 3rd Eye, but like you say, none of this is set in stone. There's endless layers to the symbols and I loved reading about your interaction with them.

    Having brought the Dog Bolt into the story on my Blog it was also good to see how Trabolta (voice of the Dog/God) resonates with all the other syncs. Actress/musician Miley cIRIS loves Trabolta in the movie so I dig the Tin/Rainbow connections. You've left me with plenty to think about!

    My 'SpiriT Palm' gives you a big 'Wave' from this part of the world (will make more sense when you get a chance to check out my new post).
    Cheers Jake

    Unknown said...

    aferrismoon, what do you make of Portsmouth FC's very Islamic logo?

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    WILLOW = The WILL of the OM

    Unknown said...

    I was just watching the mini-series Wild Palms this week. While I was reading this my roomate asked if I wanted to go out for a drink and pointed out that there are 2 for 1s tonight at Henry T's tonight.

    I'm a little spooked.

    And I live in Lawrence, Kansas. My roomate is Australian.

    Anonymous said...

    Look what came in the mail while I was reading your article today. A wedding invitation from my Sister with blue leaf patterns, brown vines and two red pentagonal flowers. There are nice highlighted palms in the movie Demon Knight and Tool's videos Vicarious. Good to see you're energized.

    Anonymous said...

    Oh & here's another reason why NYC is the Emerald City.

    Tigno323 said...

    haha the same time i open ur page ,i had the same plate with me,its a bit different,the ohter layers r in diff place.same exact place tho.WEIRD.not weird jus a cosmic sync.

    Anonymous said...

    you know, palms, foot and hand, alike have unique identity imprints and they are hairless

    aferrismoon said...

    JASPAL - used to have the Portsmouth FC logo on the sidebar at my blog until they won the FACup.
    8 pointed star hovering over a crescent/smile/mouth.
    I think Richard I won it from an Emir of Cyprus and granted it to the city.
    IT = the main Naval base in UK, physically and culturally . Ships = waterborne forms of transport, so ship = spaceship/timeship
    The Port's Mouth seems to reflect the idea of StarGate
    Port = a centre, hub and the Mouth its ability to open.
    Anyhow , this weeks Lost Sawyer says his wecked shio = The Blackrock out of Portsmouth, England. Will post soon

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    Funny you mentioned Jeff Bridges. I was watching the movie Surf's Up this morning with my daughter. Its penguins surfing, and the young penguin surfer has a necklace that is a sea shell with a Z in it. It was given to him by Big Z (who is voiced by Jeff Bridges).

    The necklace looks like an OZ, and extra nice because of the shell's connection to the pearl, venus etc...

    Synchromysticism is like surfing as well. We are just all riding the wave.

    Jake Kotze said...

    "Surfs Up" also features the voices of ZOE Deschanel and Shia LaBeouf.

    I watched it, but that was before the Penguin thing, I had not yet heard about ZOE and Crystal Skull had not been released...

    NOW, Oh dear Lord NOW its just too much.

    Peace Jim

    Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

    Ah, yes, Shia LaBeouf, but don't forget, Iakobos, the serial killer chiller diller thriller, Disturbia that revolved around him being a teen with anger management issues, slapped with home detention & an anklet tracking device, a situation that catapults him to hero, foiling an unapprehended next-door neighbour human monster.

    Also, the eye-in-hand (or key, winky wink) is a very powerful cosmic motif that reappears in my life experience, too, along with the third eye, or pineal gland symbol.

    Just last month, at the Nashville Parthenon, I had befriended another Alison, whose girl Husky, Saffron Sable, had a marking on her coat of a third eye right on her pate, as well as a dually-coloured left eye.

    Trees, trees... don't forget, the brain cells call'd dendrites (from the Hellenic dendrités, of or pertaining to a tree) positively resemble our arboreal friends, and many are the esoteric tradition based on their form.

    There's also an ancient bardic system of hand gestures as they relate to trees, too, rather well documented in this book. Thanks for all the great synchs, everyone!

    Never tiring of climbing,
    Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

    Liz Moss said...

    WOW! Love your blogpost! =)

    A Figure Eight said...

    Came across this post accidentally.

    The T symbol emerged strong for me this week, as I learned it to be the representation of the Forked Tree in Native American culture. It symbolizes the duality that emerges from the same trunk as it were. Inherent and illusory at the same time. Paradox. Perfection.

    Also, the T is well recognized here at the Florida Gate-tors with the canonization of Tim Tebow (TT). We constantly joke about his stellar status.

    Interesting Marriage synch, especially with Dorthea Gale/Zoe Deschanel's recent film, 500 days, which ends in a marriage, and her own recent engagement.
    Unsure the synchnificance, but TIN is the TENTH anniversary symbol. TT resonates again

    dzdncnfzd3 said...

    great post found it so randomly, it was the picture of krishna while i was searching for tool pics. funny how tool is at the beginning of my path, mjk really had an influence on me.

    well the main thing i wanted to say is i see the blue bird. hes visited me twice. both times i was practicing yoga :) ive seen him a sign that im on the right path. so ur blog really intrigued me.

    also ive been seeing a wandering black chow around my current neighborhood. and in between the two times ive seen him i read about another black chow like dog wandering as a loner. i feel like ive opened my up to just embrace the signs and follow my intuition. is the blue bird krishna? am i to be the black dog? sincrinicty is so strange when you are thinking of something and a song plays that tells you to do it. oh these divine sights. these are not the only ones they come to me almost daily. even stronger now that were in the pisces house, my personal sign. peace to you friend i hope you find your answers.
    - Lacey

    Remixomitosis said...
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    Roger said...

    Roger here in London,Ontario Canada.I had some chakra activity in the summer and during this experience i was not able to clear my throat chakra.I tried volunatrily three time.My daughter had a spiritual party a while after this and i was invited.I was asked if i remember a blue bird.The lady cupped her hands and said little tiny thing ,would fit right in the palm of your hand.I could not recall and had asked a couple older family memebers and noone could recall.I went over in my head what i was thinking and feeling during this reading and i wanted to ask about my Kundalini experience.I looked further into the chaakras and found out the throat chakra is also known as the blue bird...Thought I would share story and i typed in little blue bird that fits in the palm of your hand and i Found You....Roger

    Roger said...

    I was 42 years at time of bluebird story....Roger

    Marg Verite said...

    Marg Verite said...

    "Bluebirds singing a song. Nothing but blue birds from now on"

    Unknown said...

    It is amazing and wonderful to visit your site. I've learn many things from your site.
    pisces sign