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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    The Soul of a Saint

    Our super hero savior, Iron Man, displays the highlighted/vivified SpiriT Palm (just like Shiva below) and heart Chakra.

    C Black Dog Stars' SlumDog-Star for more Iron Man hand observations.
    WE/ME are starting to notice how WE/ME have been accentuating the subtle body - claimed by mystics and gurus all along - in our popular media all along.

    C the video All Saints for many examples the phenomena.
    A brief look into Robert Downey Jr.'s - most recently famed as Iron Man - sync web unveils that he is a solid resonator of the Holy Man or Saint.
    A Halo crowning Anton Yelchin (the father of JC John Conner a.k.a Kyle Reese in the upcoming "Terminator Salvation") also sync kisses Downey's face on the poster for "Charlie Bartlett".
    Downey is Seeing Red through his one lens, a Stargate or Kosmic Konsciousness signifier recently explored in C-Ing Red.
    The Halo on the left is balanced by the NO Symbol a veiled OZ (C post NO) on his right. OZ emanating and entraining with our Saintly Tin Man.
    Interesting that The Terminator would come up again in proximity to the C-ing Red theme as it too has the Red eyes...

    Halo's are a fashion iconically associated with Saints (those who embody/externalize SpiriT).
    The word Saint crosses Downey on the poster for the appropriately titled "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints".
    The heavenly light shines down upon our Star as another Halo sync winks hello.
    The title itself endows Downey with SpiriT "Heart And Souls".
    Bonus Soul Sync:

    The word Soul is very interesting and versatile..
    As Sole or Solo it resonates oneness and unity...
    As Soul it resonates Ghost or SpiriT. SpiriT is a pointer to your true Being beyond form and thought.
    The Sole of the foot or shoe is what WE/ME stand upon. The Soul rooted through the Sole in the eternal and infinite NOW.
    Sol our local Star is the externalized resonator of the light, power and majesty of SpiriT.
    Atlantean Ariel's best friend is the blue and yellow Flounder. Some types of Flounders are called Sole, according to Wiki.
    Sole are fish, like Jesus the human embodied Khrist Konsciousness.
    Soul is a type of music pioneered by Black Stars.


    Later G8ors!