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    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    Unveiling the Aureola Via Robin Tunney (Amended with Cake!)

    An aureola or aureole (diminutive of Latin aurea, "golden") is the radiance of luminous cloud which, in paintings of sacred personages, surrounds the whole figure. In the earliest periods of Christian art this splendour was confined to the figures of the persons of the Christian Godhead, but it was afterwards extended to the Virgin Mary and to several of the saints.
    Aureola Wikipedia
    Our Lady of Guadeloupe with the Zebra type radiating energy lines or Aureola.

    The idea has been introduced in these pages that the subtle bodies of our movie stars are becoming visible when a shift in Konsciousness is allowed.
    Let's explore the idea further with examples from the new series featuring Robin Tunney, "The Mentalist".

    See E.T. Ipsissimus of the A.:A.: for details.
    Robin Tunney is seen with Zebra type stripes radiating from her upper body (above) and head (below). The context creating this phenomena, from the usual perspective, is the wardrobe of actors moving behind her person.
    Star shapes, like the numerous ones below, are often seen bobbing up and down around the Stars... I love how the CBS Eye logo and network watermark playfully interacts with this seven pointed star.
    In the image below one Star is seen 'emanating' from her head.
    Below we see a bright solar flare, caused by the interaction of our nearest star and the camera lens, while the sheriff's star and the CBS eye move in front of our synchromystic Isis and actress Star. I have often seen lens flares create hexagons and octagons over the silver screen.
    New here? Lost? Wandering what the &%$!! is all this sync and Robin Tunney talk? You've arrived at the deep end but no worries just try:
    Z is for Zebra
    Tunney Trilogy
    Galactic Center Temple
    or just turn of your 'thinking mind' and follow along with your 'knowing heart'.

    A rainbow colored heart shaped necklace hits the border of Tunney's physical aspect, sync kissing hello.
    If we look closely (below) we note about 4 stars virtually swirling around the Stargate Queen as the 'light spectrum heart' enters the scene.

    See StarMummy for the Tunney as Isis and the Heart as Galactic Center exploration
    Also Scarlet Dragon
    The heart and the eye in shot with Tunney's head filling the left half of the screen.
    In the following the sequence we note the eye tracing horizontally the human spirit pillar.
    The core of the subtle body, with the all seeing eye moving in alignment.
    It hits various chakras or energy centers as the camera moves.
    A lovely double Circle H, single Circle M (We3 Spinner) with a tiny satellite Circle R.
    She moves into frame, the arrow penetrating her profile while Circle M briefly forms a halo.
    Circle H has taken over as vivifying crown, an arrow exits the left side of her temple.
    Circle R has moved in for the kiss, fitting and hilariously susynct. Circle R was much discussed as the copyright talisman and Batman sidekick symbol, also a Robin in E.T. Ipsissimus of the A.:A.:

    Cake HH and Robin Tunney Sync Wink

    Micheal from Gosporn birthday post with HH sync wink. Micheal was the first STARG8TOR to blog about the HH.

    Me and Steve's latest collaboration (video below), featuring the Merovingian (Lambert Wilson in The Matrix Reloaded) eating a slice of Matrix cake..

    Babylon A.D, Jericho, and the Last Zion

    O.K look carefully, below...
    A star is about to kiss Tunney.
    As the star touches her, the eye has come into perfect alignment with her subtle body pillar.
    Don't get a fright, just stay calm..
    A light emanating vortex with associated wisps of blue dancing and swooshing energy beams opens over lead actor Simon Baker (Patrick Jane a.k.a "The Mentalist") in the still image below.
    At the same time two balls of energy have formed over Tunney's head, a strange blue purple one and a subtle but perfectly round yellow one. The yellow one has chosen to appear directly in front of a window with sunlight pouring through blinds accentuating the starlight effect and vivifying Tunney's Aureola.
    From the regular awareness this is nothing but the network placing a stylized reminder of what show we are watching, should we have tuned in late and an announcement of the next show.
    Our balls of light appear one more time directly above Robin's head as the "tear in the space time fabric" opens inside the interrogation room..
    Another fine example of the radiating Zebra type energy lines, as seen in portrayals of Our Lady of Guadeloupe.
    Try and imagine time removed in these frames of the purple stripes radiating from Tunney. If we could impose all these images, or overlay them on top of each other, what would we see?
    I imagine a sudden burst of stripes waxing and waning, ebbing and flowing like flames around her body. Want to see this mental image realized? I sure do.
    The technology and Konsciousness exits to turn this vision into reality. We have only scratched the surface of what can be done with synchromysticism.
    Imagine Kurt Russel as Snake Plissken flying towards the WTC then stepping through the Stargate, still as Snake. We could do it, animate and integrate. Tunney stepping through the looking glass in "The Craft", exiting atop the Pillarmids in "Gargoyles". Who knows?
    Explore, reinterpret, adapt and create your own vision.
    This realization, the environment as part of the subtle body or visible 'organism-environment-field' (an Alan Watts term) is not limited to cinema.
    I have recently sat in awe as a big photograph of a blossoming lotus flower moved into alignment with the crown of my friend Jim inside a coffee shop. We were talking about the growing Konsciousness on the planet when I noticed a real life flowering, right in front of my eyes.

    See his new post OZ BORN and blog CentrePortal for insight and exploration of the mystery of what is happening with Konsciousness in these times.
    I wonder about that myself, all the time...
    I imagine this kind of insight will increase and be noticed by many more exponentially as Konsciousness syncs in deeper and aligns.

    I acknowledge the God inside you.
    Muse - Starlight

    "Our hopes and expectations
    Black holes and revelations"