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    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    Heart City

    The amount of influence Jim Sanders had on Heart City is incalculable. The decision to not credit my friend in the video itself was conscious.
    I feel we are moving away from the idea of ownership of ideas and Jim has expressed similar sentiments to me in person.
    I am very happy if anybody uses any idea or concept they have read at "my" blogs in any way "they" see fit.
    Of course not all would agree and I have been accused of plagiarism by a great man of sync.

    Feel free to express your thoughts on these subjects in the comments.

    The nature of sync is negating the concept of ownership itself, nay the very essence of Self is Being challenged!

    I for one no longer feel the need to be sighted when I fellow sync blogger mentions C-Ing Red, 911 StarG8 or whatever unless its needed for the context of the sync at hand.

    What ever feels appropriate in order to best floW.

    Namaste/I acknowledge the God inside You.

    Sunday, August 2, 2009

    Pots & Pans

    Following the Red C shape ViA sync brought about the dynamic interplay of many related elements such as: The Red C being interchangeable with the Red See, Seeing Red and Red Eyes, thus even a Red I.
    The Red Eye becomes even more useful if we allow anything resembling a Red Eye, such as a spot, dot, sphere or ball to connect with C-Ing Red theme.

    Q:How does one justify the ever relaxing and increasingly 'loose' connections being made by synchromystics?
    A:The mind is what cuts reality up into bits and bytes, it is in actuality a seamlessly unified Experience. The mind made laws about what rationally bares comparison are entirely arbitrary and in constant flux. Art, Poetry, Hip Hop and the Dream State reveal the flexibility of making association and delight (the light) realized in doing this with creative flare. Unjustified fear of all perception becoming a psychedelic mish-mash or psychosis - owing to freeing up association (allowing all to sync in) - can be put aside upon realizing where all phenomena and association itself arise from.
    Synchromysticism is this process of relaxing what is to be considered valid for comparison.
    The object of doing this is to realize where all connection and perception come from. The more one relaxes and allows free association between your perception and the objects being witnessed, the greater the depth of experience, clearer the relationship between the two and increased realization of What accounts for both phenomena.
    As seen above some Hindu deities and characters have C and U shaped tilak markings on their foreheads, the most famous type of tilak is the simple Red Spot bindi.
    A C resembles a tilted U, making the Red U also a Seeing Red resonator. U Turn, Dig?

    The talik is placed where traditions claim a third spiritual eye/I. Ramana Maharshi explains that the third eye, where there is no physical eye, is a symbol of Consciousness. Consciousness doesn't see/C as seeing implies an observer and an observed, thus a duality where Consciousness is always non-dual. Consciousness is then a third eye/I where there is no Eye/I.

    The Red C/See, as also seen on the 12-Inch Charlie Brown Pez dispenser above, becomes interchangeable with this third eye of Consciousness via the red talik crescent associations and the interplay observed in the concepts of C and See.
    Above is Jack Frost, Seeing Red, in Grant Morrison's comic "The Invisibles". He is encountering the Red Spot called Barbelith during a visionary episode. Barbelith is an intelligence guiding individuals towards Cosmic Consciousness sharing much similarities with Philip K. Dick's VALIS.

    Red spheres, balls and spots resemble the Red Eye/I and Barbelith becomes a resonator of the C-Ing Red type syncs.

    Here is a sync vid about this topic, including the pattern of finding the Blue Deity and Highlighted Palm in close proximity to C-Ing Red.

    Jacks (like Jack Frost) in particular and J names in general are strong resonators of Jupiter and Cosmic Consciousness. Think "Jumping Jesus/Jack/Jupiter!"

    See Dead Mans Rope for more Jack and J observations, where we also learn the noose is a symbol of Ayahuasca a.k.a the Dead Man's Rope, shown interacting with Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Above is another Jack, one Mr Nicholson, with the Dead Man's Rope.
    The Red Spot Barbelith resembles a big red stoplight, taking note here of how Spot is an anagram for Stop.. Funny that, as another related traffic sign is the Red Octagonal Stop sign.

    We can then say that all Spots resonate Stops and Stops resonate Seeing Red.

    The Octagon is syncnificant in a bajillion ways it is indeed, at this point, the most common shape one finds in key positions of media resonating Cosmic Consciousness.
    Above is the latest example to help illustrate the point/spot. An image of Octagons giving a halo to Drew Barrymore in "E.T" and "Fever Pitch".
    As Drew Barrymore is part of the cinematic family that makes first contact with Kosmic Konsciousness - all E.T's ultimate meaning - in arguably the most iconic piece of media about the subject, she is a potent resonator of Self realized Being.
    Above is an amazing site. Catherine Zeta-Jones bathed in Red (thus Seeing Red (having Red Eyes,dig?)) while dancing under the Red Spot light, forming a Red Stop type circle on the ground.
    Practically everything we have been talking about, up to this point, in one still!
    This is a scene from ChiCago, the very film who's Red C got the Red Ball rolling on the Red C syncs. Another Red C started this particular post - Charlie Brown's Baseball Cap third Eye. Susynctly this Red C, standing for The Chicago Cubs, also references the city of Chicago. Why exactly Chicago is such a powerful presence in the ebb and flow of the sync stream is a mystery to me.

    Again See C-Ing Red for the ChiCago Red C.

    While hanging with Jim a few weeks ago I was telling him about Stops as Spots and Pots, then also mentioning a clip of Robin Tunney on "The EllenDegeneres Show"...

    Robin Tunney on Ellen DeGeneres 02/11/09 (4 of 5)

    This episode of Ellen aired on the 11th of February 2009.
    A Blob post 11:11, Time For Ascension! involved the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper for this same date, 11 February or 11/2 (thus 11:11).
    On the front page WE/ME also noted a Robin, my animal familiar, as the paper was reporting these birds showing up earlier this year then any other.
    The post connected the 11:11 resonating date and earlier arrival of the early bird - Robins being the traditional herald of spring - to the current consciousness shift of Earth.

    We NOW have both a Robin on the cover of the Winnipeg Free Press and Robin Tunney appearing on Ellen, on the same day. A day that also happens to resonate 11:11, the potent sync associated to KK/2K (as K is the 11th letter of the alphabet) all of which clearly yells Kosmic Konsciousness.

    For more info on K2 try K2 and the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual
    In the clip we see Tunney sandwiched between the two ll's of Ellen resonating the 2/11 date.
    She flicks the nose of actor Simon Baker a.k.a The Mentalist.
    Richard Arrowsmith has been exploring the nose/knows at Black Dog Star in posts like Udderly Potty.
    The Blob has been focusing on the Red Eye for a while as The Black Dog Star favors the Blue Hand and Nose.
    What stands out about this is that they are all extremities tied to the senses: sight, touch, smell. These are the tools God has evolved in order for It to experience experience Itself. It seems a matter of time before WE/ME start a mouth/taste and ear/hearing pattern.
    Examples like the SpiriT Palm (a hand with an eye or some kind of marking, like the Gonzo symbol above) help give insight into this 'senses theme'. The hand represents touch and it as been combined with the eye of sight. We have then both touch and sight merging, the senses unified.
    A similar thing happens when we note the general C shape of the ears and symbols associated to hearing like the telephone receiver.
    Again we remember that to See or C is associated to Sight meaning that embedded in the C shape of hearing is the act of seeing.

    There is ultimately ONE Experiencor of all the senses and the mind which regulates them. The senses are Its tools for experiencing experience or knowing that it knows.

    In a sense all the senses are ONE sense.
    It becomes even more Udderly Potty when we continue watching the clip and see it focuses on a pot Tunney bought thinking it was one Ellen also owned.

    Pots are another anagram for Spots and Stops meaning it resonates with the Red Eye of the Master.

    The Spot or Point, center of the mandala/StarG8 and the eye/I of God is also the Pot. Smoking the plant pot tends to give one Red Eye's.

    See Heal The World.Make It A Better Place for info about the Red Eye as that of the Master.
    Tunney points (spots) towards Plants and Pots with her Jupiter fingers.
    In Palmistry the planETs are associated to certain fingers and we can see in the image above that the pointer/spotter finger is attributed to Jupiter.

    During my last Ayahuasca healing on 22/7 (longest solar eclipse this century resonating Pi) I was outside for a bit as a friend, Justin, had gone missing from the circle of participants. We checked his room and eventually had to venture outside under the stars as Justin was nowhere to be found. At one point (spot) another friend stopped (pots) to point out Jupiter.
    I was practically hypnotized by his finger pointing at the bright spot he claimed was Jupiter. The classic Buddhist statement came loudly into mind "The Finger Pointing at The Moon".

    Bruce Lee giving a perfect explanation of the "Finger Pointing At The Moon" in "Enter The Dragon".

    The point/spot is that any concept, idea or thing can only point towards the reality which is always beyond form and thought.

    Upon giving up on finding the missing friend and returning to the circle for the rest of the ceremony he was found safely on his original appointed spot.

    The next day traveling back to Winnipeg with Justin and Jim we talked about him having disappeared and our subsequent search. He had indeed left the circle to lie down on his bed and even remembered voices in the room looking for him. I mused that perhaps he had really physically disappeared and that nobody could see him. Moments later on another tangent he is explaining to Jim that the pointer finger is that of Jupiter.
    The same friend who's disappearance resulted in me looking at a finger pointing towards Jupiter completing the connections needed for the full revelation.
    Both the Finger and Jupiter are ONE.

    Note that this is Jake, listening to Jim and Justin all J's resonating Jupiter.

    Another part of the conversation with Jim about Ellen and Tunney turned to the Big/Great and Little Bear constellations, Ursa Major and Minor.
    Jim noted how they are also the Pots and Pans of the night sky in there more common envisioning as the Big and Little Dipper.
    In Blue Worm we learn that the Aztec symbol symbol XONEcuilli a.k.a Blue Worm is possibly representing the Big or Little Bear/Dipper constellations.

    The Blue Worm would then also be a symbol of the celestial Pots and Pans.

    Above is Danny DeVito dressed in Red inside a Red C shaped circus ring. This still, from "Big Fish", was also seen in the previous post where it was connected to a Seeing Red penguin, DeVito plays the Penguin in "Batman Returns".
    Penguins like Robins are another powerful animal familiar of The Blob.

    See One By One The Penguins Steal My Sanity!
    Here is the Penguin as Owen, riding in a car with Billy Crystal, while a Red Spot/Pot moves into his crown as a passing light. This is a scene from "Throw Momma From The Train".

    OWEN is another name like ZOE that ViA the "WE3 Spinner" concept (W being able to rotate and interchange with 3, M and E) contains the letters of that most dynamic of letter sequences ONE. Thus OWEN/ZOE/ONE/NOW/EON/N.W.O etc.

    I find it very agreeable to compress doubles in words, like the WE in OWEN, to result in the unveiling of ONE. Adding letters to a sequence that already contains the same figure (like ONE becoming OWEN) or compressing (OWEN becoming ONE) seems total fare game.
    Going even further we have seen The Blob and many other a synchromystic take parts of a word, adding what is needed or subtracting what is unnecessary. A good example is Shi(v)a LeBeouf.
    As far as rules for this process go, there are nONE. Any connect that can possibly be made is being made ultimately by Consciousness itself. Let It do what It does.
    Will this process result in sychromysticism eventually becoming a blur or connections no one but the 'in crowd' can follow?
    I believe not as the connections are not coming from the synchromystics themselves but from the ultimate creative ground off all Being, the same source of any consciousness that could possible read these words.
    As the Consciousness of the writer and reader is one WE will always be able to understand each other as WE/ME have the same source. Reflection on the matter pionts towards the insight that this is how we have always understood each other to begin with. The mysterious and ellusive source of symbol recognition and language is the Self.
    Not much later in "Throw Momma From The Train" we see OWEN whack Billy, as Larry, with a fry Pan.
    Through DeVito WE/ME (again the interchangeability and non-reality of separation between you and me revealed ViA WE3 Spinner) have both the Spot/Pots and Pan connected to the ONE (in "Throw Momma From The Train") and the Seeing Red theme (In "Big Fish").

    Pan is OZ/77 in Kabala and also means whole or totality.

    This unveils the lovely interactions of the spot and pan. The spot or point relates to the pan or whole.
    If we think of a mandala we could associate the spot with the center and the pan with the mandala as a whole. Taking into account the spot and pan syncs we realize the center and the whole of the mandala are ONE and the same.

    "God is a circle whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere." Voltaire

    The scrambled eggs present during the DeVito fry pan incident becomes relevant in a little while.
    Does it surprise us then to learn that DeVito, the Red Penguin and ONE who holds the Pan, plays Pan (Philoctetes) in Disney's "Hercules"?
    The celestial Pots and Pans are also the Bear constellations, meaning bear resonates pan.
    Total magic as DeVito is also "Jack The Bear". Finally we see DeVito between the two 911 Pillarmids and Holy of Holies - as the Twin Towers represent Solomon's Temple - on the poster for "Other Peoples Money".

    "Meet Larry The Liquidator" resonating Aquarius and Billy Crystal in "Throw Momma From The Train".

    Finding Pan and ONE in this Spot makes complete sense given that the collapse of the Buildings ushered in the rapid ascension of mankind.
    In "Working Girl" we see Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver enter the lobby of Building 7, the third Pillarmid to collapse on 911.
    Above is Weaver hobnobbing at Ground Zero inside Building 7.

    Worth noting here how the 7 of Building 7 resonates the amount of stars in the Big Dipper constellation and the colors of the rainbow, a Red C rimed arch.

    911 resonates emergency and danger just like the Red Octagonal Stop and Red Stop highlight caution. These are all the reflections of the collective fear of entering into Cosmic Consciousness.
    If we focus on these aspects of the StarG8 we imagine we can delay union with our true Self.
    Weaver, she who weaves and brings together, is also the Hall-9000 inspired Auto in the film "Wall-E". The Red Eye connects with the Red Dress she wears in Building 7 and all the talk of C-Ing Red and Red Spots addressed in this post.
    The evil Red Eyed A.I (a I/Self) is yet again just the Eye of the Master masquerading as ego and fear.

    Fear, like all ecstatic states, are doorways to divinity. What happens when fear is taken to its extreme? One has to surrender your clinging to mortality and identity, leading to the discovery of the infinite and eternal.

    Good examples are people who have been in dangerous or near death situations only to report an extreme sense of peace and serenity when they thought all was lost.
    When we lose all we think we are what remains is the true Self, which is beyond birth and death.
    The I in the blue "ALIENS" title glows brighter and swells, becoming an ovoid or egg shaped portal. The I/Eye/Self is clearly highlighting the true meaning of 'Cosmic Others' like Aliens and E.T's.
    The Blue S reminds us that these critters are XENOmorphs resonating the XONEcuilli or Blue Worm.

    See Blue Worm for XENO/XONE observations including its association to the Aliens.

    I rented "Aliens" after seeing some of these creatures hovering over me while lying down during the 22/7 Ayahuasca ceremony. There faces were near mine and they were sniffing at me. It didn't seem threatening. I had the impression that they were real beings from some plane of existence somehow having been woven into our popular mythology. It didn't feel like I was seeing something from a movie, but that the movies had somehow picked up on them. I can only guess that H.R Giger like all artists was very directly being guided when 'creating' 'his' design. More then that, I am staring to feel the amount of personal or individual influence present during the creation process is something in the the order of nothing.
    We are learning how interrelated or indivisible we are from the totality and how self and other interact in a dynamic play of union.

    Steve Willner left this comment on the Heal The World. Make it a Better Place post:
    On a personal note I experienced the same exact meltdown/rebirth while under an extremely heavy dose of Acid in Walt Disney World in the mid 90's.. the Climax of which occurred during the "Alien Adventure" ride.. where they emulate the aliens from the same franchise jumping on top of your carts and using a form of holophonic sound.. to make it seem as if they were breathing or drooling in your ear. I was completely locked in the "cart" there was no escaping this fate..
    Two synchromystics having intense psychedelic episodes involving the XENOmorphs, hmmm.
    Note how theses creatures have Acid, a popular name for LSD, for blood.
    In the beginning of the film Ripley is found in her shuttle by a salvage crew. The shuttle is marked in a few places, as seen above, with a D-7 (mirrored in still).

    I have been aware of D7 for a long time but have never had a sync necessitating its documentation.

    It must be time (dramatic pause)....
    Khaled Khan's (Aleister Crowley) Grid or Cipher page from the Book Of The Law sees the Circle and Cross inside the Grid Reference at D7.

    This book is a channeled work received in Cairo ViA his wife Rose - her being under the influence of an entity calling itself Aiwass, a herald of Horus, or some such - soon after KK spent a night in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

    The Grid, Diagonal Line and Circle Cross are said to veil some mysterious secret - related perhaps to a new form of Gematria - encoded in the Book of Law.

    I am not familair enough with Thelema to speculate wheter 'the secret' is in any way solved or what it really signifies to the orginazation.

    Synchromystically we have encountered the Grid, Diagonal and Circle Cross before.
    In no less a syncnificant position then on the poster for the Robin Tunney starring "The Zodiac".
    The Zodiac is a ring of stars surrounding the PlanET which resonates the act of a Star, like Tunney, StarRing in a film.
    On "The Zodiac" poster we note that the Diagonal, Grid and Circle Cross entrain with the name Robin Tunney.

    These were explored in K2 and The 2012 Maya Mega Ritual
    One more time from the Top..

    Ralph Ellis writes in "K2: Quest of the Gods" about his interpretation of the Great Pyramid as a Map and 'Man Made' Mountain that mimics and points the way to K2, the second tallest Mountain on Earth.

    Khaled Khan/KK was the part of the first serious attempt to scale this same mountain 2 years before the Cairo incident involving the Great Pyramid.

    The first serious attempt to climb K2 was undertaken in 1902 by Oscar Eckenstein and Aleister Crowley via the Northeast Ridge, but after five serious and costly attempts, the team could only reach up to 6,525 metres (21,407 ft).
    K2 Wikipedia
    Robin Tunney also attempts and fails scaling K2 in the Red C featuring "VertiCal Limit". Bill Paxton (sporting 2 pentagrams on his took) is also present who just so happens to be one of the marines sent to deal with the XENOmorphs (Blue Worms) in "Aliens".

    Below he holds on to the chain in "Aliens", a symbol of DNA and the confinement of the ego or limited identity.

    See Cain Of Events for more chain syncs, many involving Robin Tunney.
    Robin Tunney, who climbs K2 and interacts with all the Grid page ellements enters an occult book store in "The Craft".

    We also see her interact with Blue Worms in this same film and another in Blue Worm
    For a split second we see her in frame with a book called "Magick", the Khaled Khan invented spelling for his system of occult science.
    We NOW have the context to see the full syncnificance of the D7 sync wink in "Aliens" mentioned earlier.
    The Weaver from Building 7 with the Red Eye is found inside a shuttle with the Grid Page number.
    This in 'the' film about Aliens or ET's, an entity clearly pionting towards Kosmic Konsciousness.
    Above she has the chain/DNA and hook, hitting her profile, as she stairs at a K2 mountianeer Bill Paxton.
    The DNA is the evolionary ladder Life climbs on its way to the Stars/Heaven.

    We should be satisfied at this piont as the connections are way to loud and 'in your face' for subtlety or doubt.
    But God the Father has given us himself to marvel at as POP and POP is by no means subtle.
    Seeing then, directly next to K2 mountaineer (in film "Vertical Limit") Paxton, K2 (in film "K2" (poster above)) mountaineer Michael Biehn!
    The K2 mountaineer Michael Biehn and the symbol of Kosmic Konsciousness, together at last.
    Above The Weaver (she who brings together, creates Union) between two 7's or 77/Pan.

    The XENOmorphs resonate the Blue Worm, the celestial Pots and Pans.
    The K2 mountaineer teaches Ellen Ripley (The Weaver) how to use the tools of the Alien killing trade.
    We note how this entrains with the earlier mention of Tunney appearing on Ellen on 2/11 or 11:11/K2.
    The ammo counter reads 42 in red. 42 being "The Answer" to "Life The Universe and Everything" and Jupiter.

    See Jumpiter for more on 42.
    Not much later everyone is Seeing Red - The Weaver, her two K2 mountaineer companions, a Newt and one Paul Reiser included (threads best left alone for sanity's sake!) - as the Aliens (Kosmic Konsciousness) brake through the barricades...

    (Then there is the android Bishop or Lance Henriksen from Millennium - currently attempting to remote pilot a drop ship - who we can but invoke in passing as WE/ME must push ahead with the themes currently in play, avoiding the infinite see of connections and distractions.)

    The Kosmic Konsciousness as monsters or killer beast are the classic Ego intertwined aspect of Being. God coming on as fear and attachment because that's the only way WE/ME are currently ready to handle the pressure of the eternal and infinite mystery of Divine Perfection.

    Seeing as WE/ME can actually see this, perhaps we are healing from this need to C god as Boogeyman.
    Not only are the XENOmorphs the Blue Worm. They are also the Scarlet Dragon, being actually called dragons in "Alien 3". Maybe we will penetrate this mystery in the ill advised potential "Scarlet Dragon 3".
    Kosmic Konsciousness hatches from an Egg, symbol of Life and Ego.
    The Weaver takes offense at this situations and destroys the eggo in the alchemical fire of transformation.
    The Aliens/Pan and the eggs, the same tale told in the DeVito fry pan incident, kaleidoscope of Being rearranged.
    In James Cameron's (JC/Jesus Christ/Khrist Konsciousness) indomitable style, the Ego facet of Kosmic Konsciousness, Currently as Alien Mommy, just keeps dusting itself off, over and over, and returns for another round of battle.
    This is similar to our personal struggle with the Ego beast. I advise to always just keep going regardless of how many times WE/ME fall, eventually (even in a James Cameron film!) the good prevails.
    The Alien Queen with her giant Monster Mouth is Isis and the Milky Way. The gaping mouth is the physical cosmic womb and Galactic Center (GC) or the spiritual heart of I Am.

    I understand that ancient cultures like the Maya envisioned the Dark Rift of the Milky Way, being in alignment with GC, as a Monster Mouth. Sometimes also an animal's mouth like a gaping Toad or Gator was used.
    This echoes the facet of GC as a probable Supermassive Black Hole

    See Galactic Center Temple and World Trade Galactic Center for Monster Mouths as GC
    In Blue Worm we also noted the the XONEcuilli is the Staff of the feathered serpent God Quetzalcoatl.
    The Alien thus resonates Quetzalcoatl as Dragon/Serpent type and ViA both having Blue Worm associations.
    Above is Quetzalcoatl devouring someone with his Monster Mouth, much like the Alien Queen would if she could ever catch The Weaver.
    Fleeing the Queen and alignment with MOM, The Weaver is seen in front of the Double X, symbol of the new Aeon of Horus or this period of mankind's rapid ascension.
    See Circle-M for XX (the Khaled Khan Thoth Tarot 20 or The Aeon, featuring Red Eye/Horus and Milky Way).
    The card has Nut or Isis in Omega shape hovering over a seated Horus between 2 red spots/pots.
    Shock and Awe, as the Double XX cuts to a red K2 sync wink.

    I am now speechless (yet I talk) as a film - watched soon after being visited by the creatures depicted in said movie on Ayahuasca - contains the powerful K2 sync.
    The same film that resonates the Blue Worm and features the Grid number D7!
    Again, subtlety is not currently God/POP's strong point, in this, the final act of history, as WE/ME are french kissed by K2 one more time.
    In no less an awetacular moment as that of when The Weaver delivers the final blow upon misidentified identity, opening the airlock that sucks the Queen into Space.

    I rented Sofia Coppola's "The Virgin Suicides" yesterday, after posting the above, only to be surprised by a short cameo featuring Danny DeVito (DD/44) as the psychiatrist of one of our suicidal virgins.

    He shows her a Rorschach ink blot as a Red I winks at the very bottom of the screen.

    The Red I entrains perfectly with DD standing in a Red C in "Big Fish" and the Red Spot from "Throw Momma From The Train".
    Further weirdness must be acknowledged as I was checking out "The MothMan Prophecies" poster, featuring a Rorschach design, earlier that very day.
    Its fuzzy but the tagline for "The MothMan Prophecies", on the poster above reads "What do you see?" in Red. We have then a Red See/C, fitting as the MothMan itself is often depicted with big Red Eyes.
    Another strange connect here is noting the winged and antennad character called MothMan in "The Watchmen". Above he is standing second from left with the Red M hitting his head while wearing a Red M on his chest (MM/2000/2K).

    See Shaman's epic For The Dead Or Dying for more MothMan and antenna syncs.
    The same comic and film featuring the ultraviolent character Rorschach.