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    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    One By One The Penguins Steal My Sanity!

    A few words about the title:
    "One By One The Penguins Steal My Sanity!"
    These are words from a T-Shirt I saw in an American Metal Music magazine as a South African teenager. I imagined owning said T-Shirt would make me the happiest dude in the world. I have from time to time, returned mentally, pondering these mysterious words in the years since.
    Being insane is not something I advise or condone. The majority of people are already quite mad (unhealthy and attached to thought and form) at this stage in the game.
    Going out of your mind however, NOW there is something worth pursuing with much earnest.

    The word "animal" comes from the
    Latin word animale, neuter of animalis, and is derived from anima, meaning vital breath or soul.
    Wikipedia Animal Etymology
    Ive been noticing penguin syncs, trying to get my attention, for about 2 years NOW. Ive been meaning to blog about it for ages and finally decided to give it a go yesterday morning (1st OCTober (note the OCT resonates 8), same day Goro posts his "Fake Jake" article) when I spotted Danny DeVito sync wink at me through his monocle. I had just received an email from Jim that Goro had posted his thoughts and decided I would take a shower before reading it. As I exit the water (H20), the arrangement of clothing had 'self organized' to reveal The Penguin on my "Batman Returns" T-Shirt (see photo above). This was the first piece of clothing I bought in a B.C thrift store after landing in Canada back in 2004.
    The plans is to let this post gestate slowly, while I work on other projects, adding to it when I have the time...
    Oswald Chesterfield Cobbelpot resonates OZ (77/Pan) while his trademark is the Octagonal (as most umbrellas display from above) specialized high-tech umbrella.
    The logo of the fictional Umbrella Corporation in the Resident Evil film and game franchise.

    It is interesting to note that Goro's concerns are particularly related to my use of the octagon and its related geometries in connection with Stargate concepts. That it would be highlighted synchromystically, through The Penguin, on Oct 1, minutes before I read Goro's words on the same subject feels most fitting.

    The same evening I wrote the above I ran into this Penguin reference on "How I met your Mother" episode "Life Among Gorillas".
    Jason Segel as Marshal is told by Neil Patrick Harris or Barney to meditate on the 'meaningful message' of his Penguin featuring motivational poster. Marshals is unhappy that his job involves loosing his identity. Barney recommends he learns from the Penguins. The Penguin who doesn't huddle together with the masses freezes and dies.
    Note how the poster directly to the right says 'Strength' featuring two pillars, resonating the Twin Pillarmids. In fact Boaz (of King Solomon's Temple and Masonry fame, along with its significant other Jachin) is the pillar of Strength making this Penguin image resonate the occult mysteries.
    The Penguin is leading Marshal to the door of Divinity. He is already questioning who he is and will soon be ready to leave the fictitious self and pass through the Stargate Portal.
    Later in the same episode Marshals 'selling out' sees him imagining himself becoming a Gorilla, while fixing his suite in a looking glass. He feels like he is becoming part of the pack, just another monkey vying for acceptance by the herd. In synchromysticism however non human primates resonate Thoth in his baboon form. Loss of the form identity is also the path of awaking into consciousness. Marshal is loosing his ego and finding his true inner God.
    The Mirror is a common symbolic doorway for Cosmic Consciousness to enter and heal the mundane. Alice, Tunney and The Gargoyles open this Stargate in StarMummy.

    Another episode "The Duel" sees Marshal literally crowned by a tiny British phone booth's golden crown. The Stars head has moved perfectly to reveal the ONE of telephone while sporting a visible subtle body Stargate Halo. KKonsciousness is starting to realize what surrounds movie Stars' profile can be interpreted as extensions of their bodies as the Self is not limited to the physical form. Examples like the one below make this phenomena vivid.
    The Telephone booth has sync winked One before as Keanu Reeves legs frame the word on the poster for "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure". As Keanu Reeves is also Neo in "The Matrix", a anagaram for One, this is a most fitting echo of the messianic role this Star would play a decade later.
    I told Jim, the local StarG8tor, about the Penguin theme on Friday (3 Oct). Later that same day we caught Tony Hawk on TV talk about Penguins, some preliminary Google research lead me to believe this was the sketch comedy show "Human Giant".
    Further questing reveals "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4" has a Zoo stage where you need to collect 5 penguins before advancing.

    THPS4 Walkthrough part 10 - ZOO 2

    An eight rayed (octagram) black star and halo is seen above the head of the player as the instruction to find the Penguins is given.
    The OZ in Zoo brings in Pan/77 and the mythical land beyond the veil or Stargate. All these types of worlds; Wonderland, Oz, Shangri-La, the New Jerusalem, Atlantis etc are the state of KKonsciousness often accessed through ecstatic endeavors (drugs, trances, traumas etc) becoming mythic realms of mystery. Presently this state of KKonsciousness is arising as the normal mode of existence.
    The black star resonates the black hole/star in the Center of the Galaxy we are aligning with physically and spiritually sometimes called the Hunab-Ku. Its is also the Heart of Galactic Center Temple or Winnipeg's Legislative building.
    The Zoo ZO aspect interacts with the Zodiac ZO or OZ. The Zodiac is the 12 constellations that form a ring around the Earth, as traced by the path of the ecliptic.

    ecliptic is the apparent path that the Sun traces out in the sky during the year. As it appears to move in the sky in relation to the stars...
    Ecliptic Wiki
    In a way we can think of the Zodiac as a giant animal flavoured Mandala/Star Ring or Stargate.
    I love how when a movie, full of actor Stars, Starts, it says "Staring"..
    Our sk8terboy passes a Zebra striped truck. Philip K. DicK called his Kosmic Konsciousness encounter Zebra and VALIS.
    That same weekend on Sunday (Oct 5), while at the local cinema to catch "Beverly Hills Chihuahua", I ran into a standee of "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa". It sees penguins and the Zebra.
    "Madagascar 1" came up before as Chris Rock/Zebra interacts with Robin Tunney and Pizza in "Paparazzi". The anthropomorphic animals are voiced by Stars. We see the antics of the animated troupe as they escape from the Zoo and New York.

    As N.Y is O.Z. one letter on in the alphabet this all becomes very susynct. It also resonates "Escape From New York" with Kurt Russel as Snake Plissken (See StarMummy).
    Animals with human characteristics are dynamics of the earliest religions and cultures. I believe that films with talking animals, voiced by Stars, are symptomatic of the return to the Golden Age of centered Being.

    See Z is for Zebra for some Tynney and Chris Rock Pizza/Zebra syncs.

    The Ages are a spinning wheel of returning connected to the cycles of the Zodiac, Procession and Galactic Alignment. KKonsciousness moves from being 'one, whole and aligned' - during the Golden Age (OZ,Wonderland, Atlantis etc) - into seeming 'many, separate and diseased', during what we call history.
    About midway through the proceeding week I quickly scan episode 1 of "Planet Earth" a show which I have had folks recommend to me endlessly.
    This week while discussing E.T. and Plant Konsciousness through email with Jim it occurred to me that PLANET can be understood as the PLAN of the ET or even Plant ET. The idea being that Plant Consciousness is the fullest embodiment of Being (equivalent to cosmic consciousness or E.T.) on Earth.
    Further as Earth is an anagram for Heart we could say the Plant of The E.T. is the alignment of the two Hearts. The Heart or Earth aligning with Galactic Center or the Heart of the Milky Way.

    This show was unsuccessfully downloaded but we can clearly see the involvement of our flightless primary colored birds..
    This weekend on Friday (Oct 10) I visited my friend Dianne at her delightful toyshop job. At this point I was just taking photos without explaining the Penguin syncnificance to her. A few weeks later, as we shall see, this would change and Dianne would provide a valuable Penguin sync...
    I spot this exciting snippet of space/time (above). A Penguin accompanied by syncnificant others such as Panda, G8tor, White Rabbit and Frog.
    Panda shares the checker motif and as a bear resonates the Northern circumpolar star constellations (Ursa minor and major). Bear as arktos (Greek) also resonates the cubic ark closely related to the polar axis.

    For more pandas and in depth explanation of ark as 'cube of space' formed by the poles or Dragon Axes see Scarlet Dragon
    In Chinese astrology the 2011 is the year of the Hare/Rabbit. This will be the likely fascinating year leading up 2012. 2010 generally resonates the 'Year We Make Contact' while 2011 in relation to this sync becomes 'the year we follow the rabbit, down the rabbit hole/StarG8'.
    The toy G8tor with open jaw is the Monster Mouth of Galactic Center also resonating 2012, the Chinese year of the Dragon.

    The Penguins left me alone for another week, seemingly enjoying playing peek-a-boo on weekends...
    On Friday the 17th this one appeared on my Facebook news feed. Another 'fake motivational poster' type, perhaps adding dramatic weight to the first 'How I met Your Mother' sync and suggesting more to come..
    I don't video play games but I walk in and out of the stores all the time, keeping a silent vigil on the forms at play in that mysterious sync rich realm. This is still Friday 17, if your keeping track.
    Spotted this "Happy Feet" game for the SONY PlayStation 2. "Happy Feet" is also a 2006 film. Again, the Stars breath life (lending there voice acting talents), into the animated anthropomorphic animals.
    The word "animal" comes from the Latin word animale, neuter of animalis, and is derived from anima, meaning vital breath or soul.
    One of these Stars is Robin Williams as the Penguin Ramon (note the Ra) /Lovelace. The Robin is my primary animal guide, are the Penguins my second?

    Its the evening of the 17th and its been a Penguin field day. Including all the ones mentioned above, I also saw many "Madagascar 2" Standees, sporting penguins, during my trip to the theater to see "SexDrive", that same day. Yet the best was still to came...
    Witness and be dumbstruck with awe, dear friends, Alyson Hannigan playing Lilly Aldrin in "How I met Your Mother" Season 2 Episode 11 (2/11 or 11:11) "How Lily Stole Christmas"!

    I have no idea in what sequence the posts I am working on will be published, some relevant information and context might be out on The Blob already, or still forthcoming.
    In short this awesome red headed goddess and Star symbolizes Thelema's Scarlet Woman or Babalon interchangeable with Whore of Babylon. Her number is 777 and her Star is seven pointed. At the same time, with no less gravity or import then the interpretations of Thelema and Christianity, she is our synchromystic Willow the Wiccan from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".

    No person or group - for that matter, not any existing entity - owns a symbol, its meaning and associated interpretations. A symbol by its very nature is always pointing away from itself. It is a concept or thing, trying to point to the realm of the in-conceptual or no-thing. Any tangible and definable explanation or understanding of a symbol is a limitation. All symbols meanings are infinite. We honor the cultures, groups and entities that have passed down and expanded on the symbolism that gives shape to our experiences. As the very force that creates and animates all symbolism We are free to reinterpret and expand on the meaning and symbols our KKonsciousness becomes aware of.
    Note the Penguin, under the H and above the sphere of the Earth/Heart.

    I heard this perfectly fitting quote on my Ipod minutes after writing the above paragraph.
    "Everything, a bird, a tree, even a simple stone and certainly a human being is ultimately unknowable. This is because it has unfathomable depth."
    Eckhart Tolle "A New Earth" Audiobook by Penguin Audio
    Seth Green as Oz, Alyson Hannigan's charachter Willow's boyfriend, in his first appearance on Buffy while standing in front of a Zebra striped van. His shirt reads N.Y. which is O.Z. one letter ahead in the alphabet. The episode is "Inca Mummy Girl" an episode that already synced with the real life Grey Hound Bus beheading as discussed in Galactic Centre Temple

    As Willow, girlfriend of Oz (Seth Green), she has solidified the interpretation of herself as Great Mother, equivalent of Isis and the Galactic Centre.
    Willow and Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in S3 E19 Choices. The Red Headed Goddess wears the image of the Zodiac (Staring) and StarG8 over her body. A small patch of visible Aureola as American red and white striped flag emanates from the Slayers head. (See Unveiling the Aureola Via Robin Tunney for more on Stars vivifying the presently emerging subtle body of humanity)

    Here then one of uncountable sync winks in "Buffy" that exemplifies Alyson's resonance as Babalon/Isis.
    Buffy and Willow inside the Slayer's room in S3 E20 "Prom"

    As the camera pans - panning resonates the Goat god whose number is 77 equivalent of OZ through Gematria - a poster with the night sky and Milky Way moves through the profile of the Scarlet Star.
    A facet entering and exiting (panning) the body of a Star seems even more powerfully charged then just apearing in shot or even touching (sync kissing) the outline of the actor.
    The before mentioned "How I met Your Mother" sync sees the penguin kissing her, while a David Star does the same.
    Alyson actually voices a Penguin in "Farce of the Penguins".

    The Penguin as Polar (Southern) and snow inhabiting lends it to being a popular Christmas decoration. Alyson as Lilly wears the Santa (Satan/Lucifer/Light-Bringer) Hat next to the Christmas Tree during this sequence. Christmas, through Santa, is popularly connected to the Northern Pole. This along with the Christmas Tree, the symbolic pole or axis mundi, betrays its obvious association to the cycles of the sun, our local star.
    The Wiccan Wheel of The Year shows the proximity of Christmas to Yule, the newborn solstice.

    The Three Dragon Axes or Teli on p 97 of "The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye" by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges.

    The penguin, like Christmas, is a resonator of the Earth's/Heart's pole, an important facet and parameter of Galactic Alignment. Its is indeed one of the three Dragon Axes that form the Cube of Space, the heavenly or 'as above' Ark. In the illustration above it is B, "the moving axis of the procession of the equinox". (I think, to be honest the physical alignments parameters 'hurt' my brain)
    This explains the rising popularity in pop culture of the penguin and polar bear. The polar bear highlights the North, while the Penguin focuses attention on the Southern part of this Dragon Axis.
    On 18 Oct I braced myself for my second round of Darren Aronofsky's supremely affecting "Requiem For A Dream". I hadn't seen it since it was in theaters way back in 2K.
    Ellen Burstyn is seen above, getting her hair dyed red, to match her red dress.
    She is fixating on her appearance and imagining her television debut during her dramatic downward spiral. This is a most stunning and accurate depiction of the ego's madness. Infinite Being beyond 'stuff' - who You/We are - becomes so wrapped up in thought and form, lost in the world, it believes the act of acquiring more - be it drugs, possessions or experiences - can end its suffering. Paradoxically the more things It identifies with the more One suffers. Suffering is not knowing who You are, separation from knowledge of Self. I remember trying to fill up the void with alcohol for a few years. It didn't work. Accepting I am NO-thing is the only 'thing' that has ever filled that void. This is a roundabout and 'mysterious' sounding way of stating what doesn't have to be so melodramatic. Simply put, realizing that you are consciousness, consciously conscious of itself is the whole game. Seriously, this is the secret if we can even claim that such a thing exist.We are the Grail, the Holiest of Holies, the Center of the Galaxy or any other mysterious 'thing' out 'there'. Anything less, sold as redemption, is a trick.
    The act of making herself red entrains with Alyson and the Scarlet Woman theme.

    That evening I went with some friends to see Oliver Stone's George W. Bush biopic "W". I was quite surprised to see Burstyn as W's mom, Barbara Bush. There exists a hardly believable or verifiable - making it all the more tantalizing - yet persistent rumor alive on line. It suggests the possibility that Barbara Bush's mother Pauline Pierce (PP) participated in a Sex Magick ritual with Aleister Crowley which resulted in the former First Ladies birth. If true this would mean Khaled Khan (one of many pseudonyms for Pop Star Aleister Crowley, by which he will henceforth be know at "The Blob") is the grandfather of George W. Bush! I couldn't even pretend to actually believing such a scenario, but I dig thinking about it and have no reason to completely dismiss it.
    Here we have a Scarlet Woman - an entity directly related to Crowley's New Aeon and Sex Magick - in Ellen Burnstyn, playing the possible progeny of Khaled Khan! The mind boggles...

    Oh yes, we have the Penguin towel, seen during Ellen's hair dying scene, to thank for this stimulating speculation...

    The image below was passed along in the days proceeding through an 'unrelated' email.
    "The second image from the Batman book shows the Penguin's (black/white, Masonic checkerboard) HQ, a pyramid shaped building with an "eye" from where Batman has just smashed in." (Oct 20)

    Soiled Linen Penguin Sync

    Then there was the self explanatory Penguin/Batman boxer shorts incident... (video above)

    Followed by KKonsciousness running into a discussion about Penguins as resonating of Tezcatlipoca on the Synchromysticism Forum.
    Jenn from Hidden Dakini added this image of the Penguin as resembling of Dick Cheney. Funny and strangely resonant, yet again, of "W" in which Cheney is played by Richard Dreyfus. Most syncnificantly Dreyfuss has evaded the Galactic Centre representing monster mouth of "Jaws" and initiated First Contact in "Close Encounters of the First Kind". Does this E.T resonance mean that of all those at the top of the American 'food chain', Cheney is most directly involved with the secrets of Area 51? Who knows, just highlighting some interesting and suggestive syncs..

    I cannot help thinking about Tezcatlipoca, "Smoking Mirror"... a god of the Dark Night who often manifests as a bird.... something like a turkey or King Vulture. And his face is most often depicted as Black/Yellow stripes... quite similar to the King Penguin! (Haha, weren't we just talking about queens? Now we're on to Kings! BTW, Bernie Mac was one of the "Original Kings of Comedy!")
    (Oct 20-24?)
    Synchromysticism Forum Dark Knight Synchs page 3

    In Black Star I mention a particularly pronounced cluster of syncs happening around what I dubbed "Black Friday" Oct 24. Syncs tend to come in these sudden dramatic 'starbursts'. They are everywhere and when but the magnitude and amplitude seemingly ebbs and flows mysteriously. I'm in McNally Robinson bookstore at the Polo Park (PP) Mall - Mall resonates Lam, Khaled Khan's Preternatural E.T and Kosmic Konsciousness resonator - when I notice these ornamental Christmas penguins, the animal I have been closely tracking.
    I stared at the pair of penguins above, thinking about Robins - the animal I feel inexplicably and most solidly bonded to - and birds in general, noting the added humming bird sync kissing the black and white flightless avians. I hadn't yet made the connection between McNally Robinson and my continued Robin interaction. That would take running into Black Star's on Robin from "How I Met Your Mother's" t-shirt that same evening (again see Black Star).
    Right after seeing these Penguins, still inside McNally Robinson, I paged through Frank Albo's book about Galactic Center Temple a.k.a Winnipeg's Legislative Building, "The Hermetic Code". I see Khaled Khan and a reference to his appearance on the cover of "The Beatles" "Sgt Peppers". At the very same time a hear "Hey Jude" by the same band over the store P.A. I practically flee the scene with bewilderment only to be stopped in my tracks not 30 seconds later by a Mirror Ball - a pointer of McKenna's object at the end of space time - and that very "Sgt Peppers" album cover. (images etc at Black Star)

    Crowley Beatles Penguin Sync

    I return and shoot the video above. We can see Khaled Khan, the words "Sergeant Pepper's" (at about the 6 seconds mark) the "Hermetic Code" cover featuring Galactic Center Temple (at 16 seconds) ending with Penguins. All the while, if you listen closely, "Get Back" from "The Beatles" is playing in the background.
    Later that evening I journey to see Black Star "DJ Jazzy Jeff", spotting this 'fancy' Penguin on the same street as the nightclub. The starburst affect of the street light should not be ignored. I feel these kinds of StarG8 shapes, often with significant context (like our Penguin friend), caught by cameras, are valid mandala/divinity pointers.
    The next morning (Sat Oct 25-ish) I fire up the old Eckhart Tolle "A New Earth" Audiobook which starts, "Penguin Audio presents..". Minutes later I would spot this Penguin publishers book "The Omnivores Dilemma", featuring our checkerboard creature inside the orange oval or vesica.

    Penguin Scarlet Dragon Sync

    On Monday the 27th of Oct my friend Dianne, unaware of my 'penguin problem', showed me a book "Show Me How: 500 Things You Should Know" which continued the interesting phenomena shown up by the Galactic Center Temple and "The Beatles" sync. That is, the themes I am investigating such as Black Stars or Penguins, getting all tangled together, to the point where I am unsure where to highlight them. The video above shows the Penguin interacting with the Scarlet Dragon, begging the question, should it go in the new "Scarlet Dragon" post or be highlighted here, with all the other Penguins?

    A groovy Australian (OZ) dude, Thorin, I met in London back in 2001 has remained a presence in my life through sporadic email forwards and more recently Facebook. I remember Thorin telling me his 'Hippie' (his words) parents named him after Thorin Oakenshield, a dwarf in Tolkien's "The Hobbit".

    I was just writing about the "The Hobbit" being scheduled for release in two parts over December 2011 and 2012 in Black Star when I received the following.

    See The Facebook Stargate ("On September 11th 2006 Facebook was opened to the world at large") and Black Star for 2012 "The Hobbit" Scarlet Dragon reference.
    A slideshow of 'nature' and animal photography, including these three, in the direct chronological order they appeared.
    Thorin, a 2001 (year of the 911 Mega Ritual), OZ and "The Hobbit" resonator, forwards me images including Giraffe, Penguin and Zebra (PKD's VALIS).

    See Z is or Zebra for Zebra/VALIS context
    "The Hobbit" Spoiler.
    It seems possible that we might witness, in theaters across the planet, the Scarlet Dragon - a perfect symbol of Galactic and spiritual alignment - being struck down by the The Black Arrow (symbol of Sagittarius, which points at Galactic Center (GC) a Black Hole/Star of pure KKonsciousness) of Bared the Bowman entraining with 21 December 2012... Maybe.
    The next afternoon (Oct 28) I would run into the same elements from the email, 'reassembled' and 'reorganized', interacting with my environment at "The Bay". We see the Penguin being sync kissed by the Giraffe. It is sandwiched between the Dragon and the Dinosaur. Both giant lizards are symbols of Cosmic and Spiritual Alignment with their Monster Mouth and Dragon Axis aspects. I'm sure the Zebra was hiding somewhere in Toyland, I just didn't think to go looking for him. About a week later I returned only to spot this penguin having migrated atop a "Do Your Own Magic" type Kit Box.

    "The Bay" was last seen in Winnipeg Wormhole. It reapers because I by my groceries there. Plant KKonsciousness (fruits and veggies), that honors us, by allowing us to live through offering itself up as food. We eat them with respect, knowing that through us Life is realizing an amazing new facet of the Universe. A new species is emerging through the Plant, Human and 'Artificial Intelligence' (A.I or "A Self") interaction.
    Later that afternoon, just before work, I see the "Madagascar 2", plus Penguin, poster in the the window of "Osborne" (OZ) Cyber Cafe".
    By the next evening (Oct 29) they had invaded my workplace's notice board. Above there in shot with a Black Star and below such interesting things as a "Planet of the Apes" spoof and "Peter Pan" poster. A close up and a few more words about both these posters is provided at the very end of this post.

    See Robin Williams as Peter Pan in Galactic Center Temple
    While rummaging for some comic book related materials (early afternoon Oct 30), left in storage, I happened upon this April 2008 Time Magazine featuring the Penguin and an article titled "The Sopranos' Last Song: What Exit Will Tony Take?"
    I don't know if the writer of this headline had any idea that it would indeed be the 'the last song' - Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" - and its accompanying scene, played in the penultimate episode, that would become a talking point in popular culture.
    Again we visit Dianne, at the same toy store talked about earlier (late afternoon Oct 30). I spot Penguin cupcakes on a book of 'fancy cupcakes' she was showing me (we like treats). I ask if I can take a photo of the bird (some stores and malls ask me to refrain), admitting having taken many such already in recent days. She says it is permitted and advices me to purchase this little dude, below.
    After tax my little Penguin came to 77 cents, the number of Pan, 77 and OZ.. Surprised? I don't even know what to call the feeling anymore...

    The "Madagascar" quartet of Penguins pop up as a banner ad while I am reading this Nov (commonly shorted as NO, written as ZO for the reminder of post) 2 article about the death of the head of rap label "Def Jam Recordings".
    It mentions Black Star "Jay-Z"...
    I re-watch "The Matrix" for the first time in years, that same day.
    Neo/One visits the black lady Oracle. The 'other potentials' bend spoons (note: Uri Gellar resonates the 9) and float cubic blocks. Above one black rotates to reveal OZ. Below we see the same block revealing J-Z as another unveils 9, a fitting number as it is often associated with Kosmic Konsciousness (The Council of Nine, The Nine Navagraha, Daniel Johnston).
    I remember this kind of thing weirding me out to no end during the time I was taking acid as a teenager. How could what I be thinking influence movies! How can I read about Jay-Z, then reality reveals a J-Z in such a significant KKonsciousness changing film as "The Matrix". Does my mind influence matter? Am I God? Am I going freaking nuts!?
    I now understand allot better. My mind originates and entrains with the ground of all being in ever increasing attunement. "The Matrix" and my mind share the same non-local source. I AM this source, meaning I am indeed God, but not in the autocratic and individual sense. What allows there to be thinking, movies, blogs, Internet, Barack Obama, discomfort, snow, UFO's and 2005 Canadian Figure Skating Championships - pure unmanifest Consciousness - is what I AM and the lesson of synchronicity.

    Weakerthans - Civil Twilight

    Dianne, now knowing and sympathetic to my Penguin quest, informed me today (ZO 2) about one she spotted recently.
    In the video above we see The Weakerthans, a band formed in Winnipeg in 1997.
    Golden Boy is just visible in the far left window, surrounded by purple.

    In one amazing shot (above) we see a tiny silhouette of the Golden Boy (Hermes/Thoth), the statute perched right atop the Dragon Axis (which includes the Milky Way heart or Black Star) of Galactic Center Temple as a Penguin buss passenger sync winks.
    On the 4th of ZO I spot a Penguin inside a Golden Triangle highlighted and entraining with numerous other Stars. The Star being an external and vivid pointer of our infinite depth beyond form. "The Sun" (our local Star), plus smiling Sun image, with headline "Rising stars".
    As we zoom in we see another Star in "all-star" above our Penguin strange attractor. I imagine what ever KKonsciousness focuses on can become a strange attractor.
    I spotted this Pittsburgh Penguin logo again (9 ZO) on a little kids tuque at the River Ozbourne Cumunity Centre (ROCC, the pay job).
    Woke this morning (Friday ZO 7), looking forward to seeing "Madagascar 2", having decided this would be my final celebratory act in this penguin post.
    To be honest keeping such close track of one particular animals sync web was pretty taxing, still wild fun. I'm happy to have a fitting excuse to stop doing this!
    I watch numerous poorly rated and creatively uninteresting films on the strength of syncs and themes being investigated. For the most part, anything I watch is interesting on the level of synchromysticism, less so perhaps as a film lover. Being a fan of cartoon and animation, plus seeing generally favorable reviews on both worthy aggregate websites Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic for "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" makes the prospect all the more appealing. Going to the theater could be one of the most sacred and joyous exercises afforded by this life, as personally experienced by my form identity, Jake. (I Heart Movies)
    The Metacritic website saw a "Castlevania" game popping in for attention. The overall Dracula and Vampire themes of these games entrain with all the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" flavor I am steeped in. I went all goth for Halloween, even coloring my hair black, I imagine this Vampire theme (plus Black Star) was partly responsible for that uncharacteristic decision. Maybe Obama had something to do with it..
    On my way to work (River Osbourne (OZ) Community Center (KK) 101 Pembina) this morning, I am walking through the first day of snow in Winnipeg and thinking about the great "Fight Club" Penguin. Edward Norton is faking illness to attend support groups, when asked to meditatively 'go into his cave' and find his 'power animal', in his case being a Penguin. The Penguin says one enigmatic word "Slide", proceeding to slip away on his belly over the iced over cave floor. I connected this ice and the snow I was walking over wondering what thread would allow me to bring up this wonderful penguin. 30 minutes later I turn on the work PC, which automatically boots up with MTS news, revealing the face of Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden, co-star with Edward Norton in "Fight Club". Nice and convenient.
    O.K, this penguin epic is nearly over. Soon I can 'kick the bird out of the nest' and rest. The web says my local 'cheap seats' theater "Town 8" is Playing "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" today (Sat ZO 8) at 1:30 or 3:45. Nice little "Madagascar 2" advertisement featuring its four Penguins sync winking hello.
    As I grabbed a 'random' T-Shirt for that auspicious Saturday of watching "Madagascar 2" I was little surprised but very delighted to see things had come full circle. OZwald Cobblepot a.k.a the Penguin returns...
    Directly across the street from the Town 8 I noticed we can see a Black Star inside the "Pink Star Hair Design" neon sign. The reflection is of circular StarG8 shapes which Nosis chose as the backdrop for my interview.

    30 Seconds into "Madagascar 2" and I knew why I was there.
    Just a few days before I had taken these stills, of the Dreamworks sequence, from "The House of Sand and Fog", with Jennifer Connelly, doing JC research for an upcoming Red Ice interview.


    Water ripples, right over the reflection of the moon. The H2O is being disturbed by a boy fishing, using the crescent moon as platform. This is a most elegant "Age of Aquarius" Waterdoor type StarG8 symbol connected firmly and not in the least bit uncommonly, to the moon. Just think about Kubrick and Clarke's black cuboid Monolith on the Moon in "2001: A Space Odyssey". When I saw this I thought that perhaps the moon jump started our space migration process. Would we have climbed towards the stars as rapidly without the call of Luna? Maybe not..

    I make myself comfortable in Town 8 as the lights dim waiting to receive the Penguins teaching. It didn't take long...
    A tiny black flipper extends, grabbing hold of the "man on the moon".
    Note the twinned WE3 spinners, MW, directly under the crescent. This all happens in the blue dreamworld and heavens a.k.a OZ or Wonderland.

    The boy is yanked away and beaten up! His place then taken by the four penguins who catch a fish proclaiming "Well done boys, looks like ice cold sushi for breakfast."
    Translation: "Pisces is over boys, looks like Aquarius is dawning"
    The plot of the movie repeats the same tale. The wild animals water has dried up, the Lion, Zebra and Penguins etc. save the day by bringing the water. The opening of the Aquarian Waterdoor of Cosmic Consciousness.
    We need to "Look to La Luna" more later, but let's let it rest for NOW.

    Be awesome.

    The next day I ran into these "Safeway Brand" Oreo type cookies inside Osbornes' (OZ) Safeway.
    Stopping at the same grocery stores 'in house' "Starbucks" (Stargate resonating) for same Coffee (Dark Water, see upcoming "JC Movie Synchromysticism" Red Ice Interview for more context) I discover that the Zebra/VALIS wasn't hiding at "The Bay" after all. It was waiting to emanate through the texture, the very fabric, of the "Safeway experience" or state of KKonsciousness...
    Above we read about the walking African Checkerboard on my cup.
    I move my awareness to the background and see it repeated in the surroundings.
    Repeating the process yields the same result as in the background of this coffee stand is yet another Zebra.
    It echoes and reverberates through the NOW one more time in perfect sequential alignment.
    Cup to coffee beans then on to product rack without and gaps! Pretty amazing.
    I sit back to relax and let it 'sync in'.
    Ahead of me I see the radiating 11:11 signaling its silent message of galactic and spiritual alignment.


    Winnipeg directly beneath the Black Star (again signaling its role as symbolic Galactic Centre) of this Rock Music festival poster. We see the "The Watchmen" which resonates the potential sync bomb of Allan Moore's masterpiece comic, heading for theaters in March 2009. This poster was seen above with some Penguins, remember?
    Golden Boy has taken on the role of Isis/Liberty above, the goddess that can be equated with Galactic Center. The Golden Boy (Weakerthans "Civil Twilight") and this poster was graced by the Penguin earlier in this post.