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    Thursday, December 20, 2007

    K2 Candy 3

    Shirley Temple - On The Good Ship Lollipop

    Looks like there is at least one more post to be had in the "K2 Candy" series as Michael from Gosporn ads this sync (Not to mention questioning my sexuality!) to the tasty synchromystic sugary desert forming around the lollipop McGuffin. Child star (kinda creepy concept) Shirley Temple sings "On the Good Ship Lollipop" (which is actually a plane in the 1934 film "Bright Eyes") her trademark song.

    A friend of mine would often quote this scene from a 1st season "Next Generation" episode, it being his favourite. Mine usually involve Picard or Data, but to each his own...

    Star Trek: Next Generation - Arsenal of Freedom - Lollipop

    How does this sync up to the K2 Candy theme, explored at length in the previous 2 posts? I'm sure there are many inventive ways, but this one came up 'organically' just recently while viewing Kit Kat commercials.

    'Thunderbirds ARE GO' - Nestle Kit Kat

    The connection to the Star Trek clip being that actor/director Jonathan Frakes (Riker) directed the recent live action film of Thunderbirds. Confirming this K2 (as Kit Kat resonates K2, dig?) sync wink through Thunderbird star Bill Paxton a, get this, K2 mountaineer along side Robin Tunney (didn't I confirm my hetero status with my tribute?) in "Vertical Limit"

    Thunderbirds (2004)

    Steve's back with a new swanky site and video.

    Tesla, The Black Cat, and The Doors of Perception

    Two things highlighted in his new material become very relevant to the work being done here. Both candy related, the first is his observation of the 2001 monolith being substituted for a Wonka Bar in the new "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" movie.

    The Monolith obviously connects with the millennium (2001 being the film title and date setting) and resonates 2k (2000) or K2. The 2000 vs 2001 debate as 'real true millennium date' being flat ignored here as it is just plain silly. The monolith is probably also the most iconic and elegant stargate metaphor extant today. But there is also the peculiar Millenium Hilton (intentionally designed to look like Kubrick's brick placed flush with the WTC Pillarmids) affair.. (see the "Why 2K","Al-Noah" videos and Mark LeClairs genuis new post Nothing Ever Happens: Understanding Kubrick's '2001' )
    In Steve's groovy pay video we learn about Mountain Dew (which he recognizes as K2 resonant) and their mascots, Spy vs. Spy (White and Black checker resonators).

    This is something which I had been chewing on as well and can take this opportunity to expand on, given the candy nature of 'The Dew'. Peter Kuper's excellent artwork and hilarious autobiographical "Stop Forgetting to Remember" helps us sychromystically connect the dots. On the cover we already see the Twin Pillarmids and the stop sign Octagon.
    The graphic novel of our real life current Spy vs. Spy (checker resonating) artist recounts intimately this New Yorkers fascinating experience of 911.

    Kupers' alter ego Walter Kurts is actually illustrating Spy vs. Spy, thinly veiled as Ebony and Ivory, the very moment the stargate ritual takes place!

    Spy vs. Spy lends its name to an entire series of commercials for Mountain Dew, the most relevant of which is the helicopter version.

    Spy vs Spy - Mountain Dew Commercial - Helicopter

    Mysterious helicopters were seen above the Pillarmids moments before they collapsed (See 911 Eyewitness documentary).
    We now have the liquid candy Mountain Dew resonating mountains, 911 and Helicopters. Another K2 candy sync wink. (See the sync-vids like "Illuminati Propellerheads" and "Al-Noah" for more heli high weirdness)

    Amazing documentary "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" shows again, as was seen in Peter Kuper's case, how artists who open the personal stargate of illumination (through drugs and creative pursuits) can entrain with the bigger society altering gates/rituals like 911.
    Unfortunately Mr Johnston's personal attachments (religious dogma, consensus morals etc) and environment (friends, family) left him vulnerable and ill prepared for the experience resulting in a rather dramatic downward spiral. I say that sympathetically, it very nearly happened to me.

    Daniels art is smothered with the sacred symbols that animate the human psyche. Then poured into the psychedelic blender of a pop-culture kaleidescopic funhouse...
    People who personally entrain with the stargate will further its collective fruition through which ever belief systems they have inculcated.

    The anti-Christ and 666, all symbols of cosmic/space illumination (becoming conscious of consciousness) turned on their head. Many follow the 'dark side' into the stargate. 'Dark' and 'Light', the checker floor. All different sides of the same coin. I try not to be biased to which way folks are inclined. I do think the light, or even better yet the balanced (both light and dark) path is more hip, but its a style opinion. Like chocolate vs vanilla, Kirk vs. Picard, Trek vs. Wars, Spy vs Spy...

    Daniel has, like many mini Messiah's, expressed all the stargate events of history through his resonance with the Godhead. We see the ancient Giza pyramid capstone stargate event... (above)
    The recent 911 Mega-ritual stargate... (The Twin Pillarmids (WTC) of NY in image above)

    The not uncommon presence of fascination with 9 and Beatles (more mini musician Messiahs). Daniels internal architecture shows resonance with other 'stargate openers' who became overwhelmed, like Andrija Puharich and Charles Manson.
    Below are some of Mr Kupers' (again from the wonderful "Stop Forgetting to Remember"), far more controlled and elegant journeys through the gate...Pyramids, checker floors.. the usual stuff. Ill try and remember how nonchalantly I said that the next time this happens to me!

    Most relevant however to this investigation is Daniel Johnston's obsession with Mountain Dew. Giving us even a K2 gate entrainment. Wow, what an amazing doorway this guy became!

    The Devil And Daniel Johnston - Mountain Dew Song

    (A great little song as well!)

    Rounding up part 3 here is one more amazing candy/holy mountain sync from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Please note how (could it be otherwise?) synchronous the three major stargate events of history (thus far) are. K2/Giza/911 Mega-Ritual all mountain/pyramid(pillar)/tower interchangeable. An obvious fractal self-similar repeating of themes and metaphor.

    The Great Glass elevator zips past an iced capped fudge Candy Mountain with little Oompa-Loompas mountaineers!The traditional candy Lollipop swirl (see Micheal and ViolatR's comments in Part2) are stargate symbols. All levels of magnification of material existence display the self similar vortex as galaxy, cyclone, whirl pool etc.

    The candy related stargate in "Charlie and the Chocolate" factory above and "Cherish" with Stargate Queen (see I am all man, right?) Robin Tunney below.
    As ViolatoR points out we see a swirl at ground zero Oz, right where the Munchkins (note the Oompa-Loompa resonance) and Lollipop guild induct Dorothy.
    The six armed swirl and dessert nature of the Cake Master logo which passes behind Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, seen from inside the checkered chariot, makes this great sync wink yet again relevant and expands its contextual syncnificance.Shucks this could go on forever, but lets stop for now and enjoy the sugary solstice celebrations!



    Unknown said...

    Wow just when it seems like you've gone waaay off tangent, you somehow link it all together. Or rather it all links together on it's own, but you can see the secret web. Like the poster for The Devil and Daniel Johnston, you have cut off the top of gods skull so we can all peek inside.

    Unknown said...

    you make some every interesting observations, mr. kotze.

    also, tell us what you think of this delta commercial?

    besides the obvious twin pyramids extant in its own logo, there's something very interesting in the last shot of the clip that I think will tickle your synchromystic funny bones!


    here is a united airlines commercial that rings with obvious arthurian references as well as a stargate or two and a really surprising tarot reference at the very end.

    Hope some of this might help at least a little.

    Unknown said...

    whoops, here's that second commercial!

    Michael said...

    Justing kidding about the gay thing. Sheesh. :-)

    Mountain Dew = Dew of Hermon.

    It is as if the dew of Hermon
    were falling on Mount Zion.
    For there the LORD bestows his blessing,
    even life forevermore.
    -Psalm 133:3

    Mt. Hermon is the source of the River Jordan, and the place where the gods came down from heaven. a very, very ancient stargate.

    Unknown said...

    No question as to which Lodge Curly Top belongs to. She's been Shirley Temple Black since the early 50s. Her signature curls were very purposeful, her mother ensured there were exactly 52 for every take, I suppose one for each week of the year. Shirley campaigned hard for the role of Dorothy Gale. The cairn terrier in "Bright Eyes" is the very same dog that played Toto. The strange "The Blue Bird" (highly significant title) was the Fox response to "The Wizard of Oz". For a light version of "Lolita" check out the classic "The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer" with a teen aged Temple and Cary Grant, who was undoubtedly tripping through the entire production.

    A Shirley Temple cocktail is of course non-alcoholic, but tasty, truly liquid candy, and the cherry (for Ceres) is essential.

    aferrismoon said...

    Dew , which =' Ros' in Czech, is cited by F.E Yates as possibly the original word affixed in RosiCrucian. Makes me think of some dew-glossed rose. The herb Ros Marin , the Dew of the Sea , English translates as RoseMary.
    The Dew , possibly to do with some kind of post-tantric sweating, or physical emanation of a meditative state.
    In Hebrew it = TL [39] which strikes me as strange due to the Nazis and Ultima Thule [ Roman name for Iceland]. I have no idea whether the sound = the same.
    In Older English the word used is DAG, the dripping dew on a leaf-tip. The Hebrew word for 'clitoris' is Dagdagl , and of course DG is a fish. We also get Dagger as an allusion to the leaf-tip dew

    Jake Kotze said...

    Hi folks, again, much joy from reading these thoughtful remarks. Thanks.

    I left a response to Michael here...


    JB said...

    Have you noticed the OZ 77 "Z" within the circle symbol on the first page of that comic book? The woman sleeping in New York...

    kevin lewis said...

    "the dew" also correlates strongly with "manna" or the sacred mushroom. as the morning "dew" which fills the "cup" or "grail", thus filling it with the blood of god.
    young danny johnston indeed did drink the "mountain dew", in a couple of forms.

    on a k2 note; yesterday, my girlfriend, who is a telephone operator (and (not-so) coincidentally has a tattoo of johnston's "hi how are you?" being) had a woman on the line who's daughter "k.k." was watching the wizard of oz on television.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Jb- Yes

    Kevin - (K2 note.) Brilliant, thanks!

    Hoodanity said...

    Willy Wonka, Chocolate Factory owner.. , WW, upside down makes MM, 2000 in roman numerals.

    M&M's, is candy, and means 2000 in roman numerals, thus connects with K2 too.

    Also a funny fact is that the Wonka Bars are now made for real and are produced by Nestle, Nestle also makes Kit Kat.

    also, Johnny Depp which plays Willy Wonka also played in the film: Chocolat, made in 2000. Just again a connection to candy and 2k + johnny, his filmography is rather interesting..

    kevin lewis said...

    by the way, jake, check out the film "you're gonna miss me" about another austin, texas band with a frontman who couldn't cope with his awakened third eye, the thirteenth floor elevator's roky erikson. their logo was even a pyramid with all seeing eye.

    soundlessdawn said...

    The elevator/Tardis/Phonebooth again passing right in front of the K2 "powdered sugar" Wonka mountain - The candy stuff seems never ending - My new X-Mas video ends with the symbolism behind the Ferrero Rocher candies - If your not familiar just type in "Ferrero Gods" in youtube - They are covered in gold foil and are stacked in pyramids - The commercial goes on to say that they are the food of the gods that fell from heaven for man to learn it's secrets - A reference to Monoatomic gold amongst other things.

    Editor said...

    Pass along Der Piramiden:

    aferrismoon said...

    Distant Early Warning Line stretched or still stretches along the Aleuts, across Canada, Arctic, Faroe[Pharoah] Islands, essentially 'guarding' Thule and various other Inuit-patrolled Secret Underground doorways to Thule
    Happy Sun-standing-still - a festival opened and closed Anubis and Anpu [ maybe Anpu = Anubis]

    Editor said...

    A random Mountain Dew Post:

    frooty said...

    I never drink soft drinks anymore but purchased a Mountain Dew for the Christmas trip today and talking about K2/2K high weirdness pointed out to my wife that the side of the 20 FL OZ bottle had a large Z on the side to which she said that Mountain Dew was written inside an oval forming the O.
    20 OZ indeed.

    on the front the logo is framed by mirrored 7s which can be seen by image searching "mountain dew"

    Same Dew / New View says the bottle!

    frooty said...

    I hesitate to follow up a 1st post but I just realized that the bottles themselves resonate strongly with the towers of the Emerald City.

    The Dew is the beverage of choice in the capital of OZ.

    Just Me said...

    What I find interesting is that Mt. Dew has over the years changed its original logo to one that fits inside an oval angled upward at the right. Other companies have done the same thing with their logos. See, for instance, MGD, Intel, A&W, the Science Channel, Disney DVD, internet Explorer, and on and on and on, including less-known corporations like this one. I have pages of these, and the motif is everywhere, including the graphics that play on news and sports shows (like this). Is it just a stylistic thing, or does this angled oval mean something?

    Greg Tramel said...

    I want candy!!!

    jake,since you are a fan of white chocolate you gotta try this:

    Weisse Schokolade Milka White Chocolate Confection

    synchrobrarian said...

    yep, i used to be addicted to mountain dew but still have not broken my sweet candyfreak addiction