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    Friday, March 26, 2010

    Scarlet Dragon 3: Jupiter Moon

    The Rage In Placid Lake StarRing Rose Byrne

    I had never heard of Rose Byrne, her Moon Halo however immediately entranced me.
    I had also never heard of The Rage In Placid Lake but a lovely Australian lady recommended this film from her country...

    The very first shot already 'had me' as we see a playground, its walls decorated with Blue Birds flying over a rainbow as well as Yellow Flowers.

    The Blue Birds that fly over the rainbow - "somewhere over the Rainbow, blue birds fly" Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz - were discussed heavily in The SpiriT of The Blue Bird. Rainbow happens when light refracts at a 42 degree angle. The 42 is associated to the alchemical symbol for Jupiter, which is also the alchemical sign of Tin.
    Symbol of Jupiter and Tin with veiled 241

    These matters are addressed in detail in Jumpiter but it is enough to know that rainbows, which Blue Birds enjoy flying over, resonate 42/Jupiter and Tin.

    Let's not forget the obvious connects here: Australia often called OZ, the Australian film Rage In Placid Lake, the Australian actress Rose Byrne and the images of the Blue Bird/Rainbow all resonating the film The Wizard of Oz.
    Why is OZ of such syncnificance? Well OZ, resonates PAN/77 (in Kabala) and can even be found in POP culture between the WTC Buildings on the Spherical Caryatid Sculpture in the film "The Wiz" with Micheal Jackson as the Scarecrow.

    This is a sculpture that stood between the Towers, inside of a fountain, until it was damaged by the WTC collapse.

    Much discussed in old posts and videos, try Rant In Z-Minor
    We see Rose Byrnes character Gemma, meeting Placid Lake for the first time, at this same sync rich playground in The Rage In Placid Lake, while backed by the Yellow Flower.

    The Yellow Flower was much discussed in a recent Blob post as an element found strange attracted to Kirsten Dunst.
    The general feel is that the yellow flower represents star/sun/enlightenment or Christ Consciousness.
    By the by: Kiki (Kirsten Dunst's nick) continues her awesome flower resonance unabashed in recently viewed media.
    Above with yellow flowers in a television series "Touched by an Angel" (episode "Into the Light") and below with daisy at Ajna Chakra in "Dick".
    One sync that made Rose Byrne jump out of obscurity and instant interest for investigation was that she shares screen time with Kiki in "Marie Antoinette".
    Above Yellow Flowers crown Rose while a Dog rests on Kiki's lap, the dog will be highlighted again, soon...
    As well as the solar Yellow Flower connect, we also see Queen (Kiki) and Duchesse (Rose) view the sunrise below.
    There is a inexplicable symmetry in this shift from solar Kirsten Dunst to Lunar Rosa Byrne. The solar Queen lending her light to mirror Moon.
    The sun and Rose Byrne can not be separated, as we shall soon see, to the point where I can honestly not tell which is her primary sphere. Perhaps Rose is a combination...
    I had recently seen Rose Byrne in "Knowing" with Nicholas Cage and in "Adam" about her romance with an AWEtistic man.
    This picture of Cage was recently posted at The Sync Whole in an ongoing chapter oabout The 2010 Matrix Code. Fascinating, as another shot in Rose Byrnes bedroom in The Rage in Placid Lake, instead of a moon crown sees a butterfly/moth. It gives us the feeling of the consciousness taking flight on delicate and gorgeous wings. That both stars in a film about prophecy share this strange sync unrelated to Knowing gives me pause.
    Another thing worth pointing out considering the two butterfly/moth pics above is the work William Morgan has done on Knowing where he sees direct correspondences between it and the "Mothman Prophecies". See his Just My Luck for this fascinating investigation.
    In Knowing Rose plays Diana who first meets Cage at a Crab museum exhibit. As Crab/Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Diana is a Roman Moon Goddess the sync meter went Looney.

    At this notice I become convinced Byrne is a Synchromystic Moon Star or a sync 'resonatres' of Luna. After more speculation, some soon to be divulged, I am less certain as this apears to be only half of Rose's story..

    Knowing revolves around Nicholas Cage discovering a code prophetically predicting key disaster dates and the amount of people who die during these events.
    The first signal he decodes is the 911 Mega Ritual or WTC Disaster.
    This is just too perfect as synchronicities revolving around 911 helped wake me up to the living union of I AM and gave synchromysticism the kick it needed to flower.

    Synchronicities like the OZ Sphere between the Manhattan Twin Pillarmids (Pyramids/Towers/Pillars) at the end of the yellow brick road in The Wiz and the "2001: Space Odyssey" Monolith fashioned Millenium Hilton at Ground Zero.
    The building was intentionally designed to look like Kubrick and Clarke's black cuboid stone from the film 2001. It was close enough to the Twin Towers as to be damaged during 911.
    This seems to be the sync WE/ME have addressed that has captured the most peoples imagination. Understandably so, I guess...

    An object that oversees humanities key historic shift in a fictional film (considered a corner stone of cinema) and real life event that marked a change in history, both centered on 2001. It's pretty hard to ignore.

    In my mind these and other 911 synchronicitiess dwarfed the possibility of conscious human orchestration leading to the letting go of paranoia and conspiracy as key dynamic that governs world affairs. The new ruler of the Earth had to be something bigger than any human or material agency and had to involve my own consciousness directly.
    My attraction to spiritual matters moved into the affair and a new understanding of the 'non-local Self orchestrating organism of Being' awakened in ME/WE.
    The white circle of the moon backs Cher and Manhattan Island engulfing the WTC, connecting the Buildings to Luna.
    Shares ("She who gives") 'ruby slippers' above the WTC and the letters ON, or if we tilt the N, OZ. Another connection to OZ just like The Wiz "Sphere" Sculpture OZ.

    The architect of the WTC, Minoru Yamasaki, intended the Sphere to represent the Black Cuboid Kaaba at Mecca and it rotated once every 24 hours (42 Horus).
    Pretty awesome as this yet again - as we have already seen in the 2001 Monolith and Millenium Hilton design - brings this kind of shape into the sync web of 911.
    The connection repeats during the opening titles of Moonstruck and we see Star Nicholas Cage is also present.

    Considering we have already seen Nicholas Cage interact with 911 in Knowing things start heating up.
    At this point it seems Cage is the most singular 911 resonating Star known as illustrated by the montage above.

    -He appears as a firefighter who gets trapped under the collapsed Twin Towers in Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center"
    -He finds a code which predicts future disasters when noticing 911 in Knowing.
    -His name appears over Manhattan Buildings and the WTC in Moonstruck.
    -He stars in Werner Herzog's "Bad Lieutenant" which opened on 9/11 this year.

    If we consider the 2001 film and Hilton connect as a primary anchor for these syncs then perhaps further investigation into that film's mythos and its sequel 2010 can provide a framework upon which to hang for the myriad of syncs we could get lost in.
    Monkey/Moonkey with bone tool..

    Actually, this is very simple if we limit ourselves to key locations where the Monolith interacts with humanity after the first evolutionary encounter on Earth.
    Cinemas most iconic match cut... A bone becomes a starship, connecting the entire chain of events from primitive tool to space flight as part of the evolutionary influence of the Monolith. This all inspired by Contact with primitive human primates and the dark cuboid.
    After the initial Contact with the extraterrestrial (or some such) cuboid on Earth the next one is discovered on the Moon.
    Generally this is interpreted as humanities evolutionary progress being given a push when we reach key stages, in this case having mastered space travel, and made it to the level of interaction with the sphere of Luna.
    I think of this as as first step on the Stairway to Heaven.
    When astronauts reach the Moon Monolith it sends out a signal to another giant cuboid at Jupiter, to which we must now journey, to prove ourselves worthy of the next step on this Stairway to Heaven.
    Orlando Bloom as Paris is speaking to Rosa Byrne as Briseis in her first scene in Troy:
    "Your beauty grows with each new moon"

    Eric Bana as Hector takes his first look at Rosa/Moon and says:
    Rose Byrne brings and offering to the altar of Apollo in Troy.

    "A servant of Apollo now" noting her ordainment as a priestess in the Temple.

    The Apollo missions were NASA's moon adventures and one of mankind's stepping stones to the stars. The external drama of space travel mirrors the internal growth of consciousness inside the people of Earth. Just as we move ourselves outwards into external space our consciousness dives deeper into the infinite internal mystery. The internal and external space are in fact one and the same.

    I like how the Apollo 11 insignia above doesn't depict humans landing on the moon but fauna and flora. WE/ME are indeed only a facet of Earths consciousness doing our small part of the Great Work of which the plants and animals are vital components. Without plants and animals the Moon landing would never have happened. The patch can also perhaps be considered prophetic of the movement of animal and plant life to the sphere of the Moon.

    The Animal chosen to represent the first human Contact with the moon entity is the Eagle. The Eagle is Zeus/Jupiter, letting us know that the next key step, just like in 2001, is Jupiter. The fact that technologically WE/ME cannot physically travel to Jupiter any time soon, suggesting that Contact with Entity Jupiter will be trans-physical.
    Man Moon Jim Carrey illustrates this elegantly, on the "Man On The Moon" poster, where he climbs a ladder carrying the letters D, N & A (the Building Blocks of Life) to the Moon. The 'Stairway To Heaven' and key step, Moon.

    Can it be that simple? Earth, Moon, Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite?
    This year had stunning levels of Moon resonance rising in consciousness. Above is the Sam Rockwell Starring "Moon" with its Octagonal design, we will see our friend the Octagon and 8 way symmetry arise again, soon enough.
    When ever Sam gets a call from Earth in Moon it has a ridiculous delay as it has been realyed via 'Jupiter link'. This is repeated a few times in the film : "Call via Jupiter link". I believe this was the only other body mentioned in Moon, certainly the most prominent, excepting Earth.
    We keep seeing how Moon and Jupiter associate intimately through sync.
    Sam Rockwell as Zaphod Beeblebrux in "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" (H2G2) where he quests to find the "ultimate question" to "the answer of life the universe and everything" which is 42 or Jupiter/Rainbow. We see Rockwell for the first time in the film with the Moon sync winking, "hello!"
    Dolphins feature heavily in H2G2, we see them leave Earth during the intro of the film version, passing a glowing full moon. Lets look at something William Morgan posted at The Sync Whole under the title Have Mercy Mercury.

    So with that in mind we look for the Kabbalah correspondence to Jupiter and we are introduced to Chesed or Mercy. One group of Correspondences is seen in the Table above... We see the 4th Sphere labeled Chesed with the association to the animal dolphin.... Chesed has a planet and Ancient God association with Jupiter as well as Tin and therefore Jupiter's Beautiful symbol(as well as Tin's Symbol) is usually found within that Sphere. I've seen many a Kabbalah help books sight the similarities to the Jupiter Symbol and the number four, only Sync heads see the 4 2.... To my knowledge at least. So the Chesed = Jupiter = Blue Hand(also a name given to Chesed) = Tin = Dolphins.... Get it?

    Dolphins, seen in shot with the Moon in the 42 laden H2G2, are also associated to Jupiter via the sphere Chesed on the Tree of Life. Thanks Will!

    Chesed is a Blue Sphere. We will see more and more how Jovian themes beckon us to take note of a Blue Star or Sun.

    The Moon is also often associated with Blueness the term Blue Moon being a famous expression. Susynctly the Full Moon of 31 December 2009 was called a Blue Moon, perfect considering the Blue Sphere resonance we are showing as associated to 2010 and Jupiter.
    The Blue Sphere resonence of both Moon and Jupiter show the interpenetration and mirroring of closely related symbols.
    Interior: We see in indoor Dolphin - animal now known as associated to Jupiter and 42 - tank.
    This is Roy Scheider's home in 2010 The Year We Make Contact. A golden Dolphin winks over his left shoulder as Yellow Flowers crown. He will soon brake the news to his wife that he must take the long journey to Jupiter.
    Area code of Jeffreys Bay is 042

    On vacation in South Africa I visited a Town called Jeffreys Bay. Like many towns and cities one quickly notices Totemic animals and plants associated to that specific location.
    The Octagon and Octogram associating with the Jolly (Joy/Jovian) Dolphin in Jbay

    Jeffreys Bay was covered in Dolphin imagery and references. As the area code is 042 all business displays would carry the code of Jupiter and H2G2 often with a nearby Dolphin or two. Over the years of participating in synchromysticism I have started to trust the associations in immediate environment, such as 42/Dolphin/Jupiter as clear indications of sacred principals. When reading Will's account of how Kabala also makes the connection between Dolphin and Jupiter the trust is shown as legitimate. I am more confident every day to trust association received via pop and environment regardless of whether there exists any occult or esoteric precedent for such a connection.
    How very susynct, all this Dolphin talk, as we saw Rose Byrne as a priestess of Apollo. One of Apollo's animal associations is the Dolphin, an animal who's form this god has taken in myth.
    However, to make amends for killing Python, as the fearsome beast was the son of Gaia, Apollo had to serve king Admetus for nine years (in some versions eight) as a cowherd. This he did, and when he returned to Pytho he came in the guise of a dolphin bringing with him priests from Crete (Apollo's cult title "Delphinios" meaning dolphin or porpoise, is probably how Delphi was so named). After killing Python and taking possession of the oracle, the god of light (Phobus) became known as "Pythian Apollo". He dedicated a bronze tripod to the sanctuary and bestowed divine powers on one of the priestesses, and she became known as the "Pythia". It was she who inhaled the hallucinating vapors from the fissure in the temple floor, while she sat on a tripod chewing laurel leaves. After she mumbled her answer, a male priest would translate it for the supplicant. Delphi became the most important oracle center of Apollo, there were several including Clarus and Branchidae.
    While playing a board game with my friends in Jbay, where the objective is to explain the items on the card without using the words themselves, I pulled this little gem..
    Drew Barrymore, she who participated in cinemas most iconic First Contact scenario in E.T. The Extraterrestrial, stands by her K2 sporting Yellow Car and Adam Sandler in "50 First Dates".
    Adam is a marine-life veterinarian who takes Drew to see his work place where they are visited by the animal of Jupiter.
    During Drew's first contact with E.T. WE/ME note she gets an octagonal halo subtle body entrainment from a stained glass window as she is introduced to the creature from another world.
    Cosmic intelligences or consciousness from space resonate Cosmic Consciousness. E.T then is a symbol of alignment with Self and the realization of your own Consciousness. First Contact, mystical Illumination and simply realizing or acknowledging You ExisT, is all the same thing: intensity of experience varying depending on context and temperament of Being undergoing the phenomena.
    Drew as Gertie believes E.T/Cosmic Consciousness to be a "man from the moon".
    She bears Yellow Flowers throughout, flowers which have a sympathetic relationship with E.T/Cosmic Consciousness.
    After E.T magickly heals the Yellow Flowers they wilt when he is sick, they recover when he does. In Opening The StarG8 VIA Kirsten Dunst: Star Light Flower flowers are suggested as enlightened/illuminated beings themselves thus Cosmically Conscious. The plant life mandala, the flower, shares a symbolic equivalence with E.T as both are pointers towards self realized Self. In this context E.T's affinity to the plant is entirely susynct. Drew gifts them upon the Star traveler and they leave with him aboard his Spaceship. Flowers are also little radiating stars, in a sense then they are hitching a ride home with E.T.
    The King of Pop, Michael Jackson a.k.a Moonwalker, reverse birthed in 09, another powerful Moon wink. We see the actual poster for Moonwalker encodes Jupiter ViA the Rainbow. His Jupiter Finger - the pointer finger being associated to this planet - doubles this already strong Jupiter sync. This is exactly the same message we see on the The Apollo Patch with its Eagle/Jupiter and "Moon" with Sam Rockwell/H2G2/42. Moon and Jupiter go together like two peas in a pod as classically portrayed in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
    Peculiarly Drew Barrymore strange attracts Micheal Jackson, appearing in the film Scream with a masked white faced villain. MJ also has a song called Scream and a highlighted 'white face'.

    Above in the still from Scream we note the DNA resonating coil of the telephone as a plant and illuminated lamp sync wink behind.
    Drew also Moonwalks to Billy Jean in Charlie's Angels while appearing alongside Sam Rockwell "the man from the movie Moon" in this same film.

    See Michael and The Ark for more MJ and Drew syncs.
    Jupiter Fingers cover the moon on the E.T. DVD and also appear on the Creation poster. Monkey is Mono, anagram for Moon, in Spanish. This makes the connection between the two posters very vivid as E.T., associates Jupiter Finger with Moon and Creation associates the same with Monkey. Is Monkey a Moon-Key?
    The ancient Egyptians seem to have taped into the same sync thread as their Moon God, Thoth, was depicted as a Baboon.
    Moon and Jupiter (Pointer Finger), the two key rungs on the ladder towards space migration or cosmic illumination.

    The monkey is a symbol of evolution being an animal that shares 98% of our DNA Blue Print.
    The popularity of Vampires and Werewolves - both powerfully associated to night time and the Moon - we dare not estimate, just mention in passing with two examples. "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" and "Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant". Both these vampire films resonate DNA, the ladder/stairway of life, through the blood-lust of these creatures. We already saw how DNA/ladder is attracted to the Moon on the Man On The Moon poster with Jim Carrey. Blood/DNA/ladder/stairway, the blueprint of our evolution, has an affinity for the two major steps we take towards Cosmic Consciousness. A lovely symmetry is suggested between the two metaphorical ladders of micro and macrocosm, that of the DNA spiral ladder and the suggested Stairway to Heaven, represented by the 'rungs' of Moon & Jupiter.
    The Vampire fad and its fascination with the creature that thirsts for blood is also symbolic of our collective need to drink the blood of Christ Consciousness and realize our own Divinity.
    WE/ME are back in Knowing and Star Nicholas Cage is teaching astronomy class, holding the Sun/Star/Yellow Flower as Jupiter (red eye winking) entrains.

    The sun has been taken from its central position in the model solar system by Star Cage and moved closer towards Jupiter revealing the Sun/Star resonance of the Jovian Sphere seen overtly in 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

    We saw earlier that the Moon is very present in Knowing as Diana or Rose Byrne. Again, Moon & Jupiter.
    Knowing final date 10/19/09 (19 October 2009) and EE meaning Everyone Else dies or the world ends.

    Jim Sanders, an ayahuasqeuro, documentary filmmaker and ill wicked synchromystic, did an Ayahuasca ceremony one evening, the next night (18 October 2009) finding himself sitting down to watch Knowing. Susynctly just in time to realize that the final date on Nicholas Cage's disaster code (19 October 2009), the date the world ends, just so happens to be the very next day in 'real life'.

    This was 10 days ago of this writing and a post was made about the incident at The Sync Whole.
    Nicholas Cage realizes a solar flare will wipe out all life on Earth on 19 October 2009 as Jupiter eminates from his head. Seeing as death is an illusion, end of the world scenarios are generally interpreted as meaning the end of the illusion of limited identity.

    The Red Eye of Jupiter sync kisses Cage and merges with another picture on his Computer screen of the Sun. Jupiter is merging with our Sun, becoming the Second Sun.

    If we recall Rose Byrne plays Diana/Moon in this film, it becomes fascinating to bare in mind the extreme solar quality of the proceedings i.e Earth being terminated ViA solar flare. Especially when we take another Rose Byrne StarRing role into account, that of Danny Boyle's 2007 Sci-Fi film, conveniently titled for our purposes, Sunshine.

    Is Byrne both Sun & Moon? Are we seeing in Rose Byrne's Composite Character the inseparability of the Sun & Moon owing to Luna shining as a mirror of sunlight?
    She is part of a crew who must fly the "Icarus 2" towards the Sun in order to drop a bomb into the giant Yellow Flower or Star.

    The sun is dying and the only way to save Earth is to create a second sun inside the original ViA nuclear explosion. This is not me taking artistic license, they call this process creating another sun inside of the Sun.
    Confirming the syncnificance of the creation of this second sun is a direct sync wink back to Rose Byrne's The Rage In Placed Lake. Placid Lake (above), Rose's love interest, defies his bohemian upbringing by vowing to become part of the insurance agency Icarus.

    This is the name of the Greek character who flew with his wax wings to close to the sun and fell to his death and also that of Rose Byrne's Starship in Sunshine.
    The Sun crowns Rose Byrne in "Sunshine" and Moon in "The Rage In Placid Lake"

    The solar Knowing and Sunshine changing our perception of Byrne into both a Solar and Lunar SyncStar & displaying the interrelated nature of these spheres.

    From the opening voice over of Sunshine:
    "Our payload: A stellar bomb with the mass of Manhattan Island. Our purpose: To create a star within a star"

    The mention of Manhattan Island resonates 911 as the location of the event that sparked a huge consciousness shift. Blogger Richard Arrowsmith has noted that Island is 'Eye/I Land' resonating Self Being realized.
    Further the Stellar Bomb, which Rose Byrne rides into the sun, is a cube, resonating all other cuboids already associated to evolution i.e The Millennium Hilton, the Kaaba and 2001 film Monolith.
    Dali's Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus)

    A cube can be folded from the cross when represented as six squares and we see above, in this Dali painting, the strong mystical association between Christ and cube.

    This is then revealing the short answer to the mystery of the cube, synchromystically all cuboids and arks are potent symbols of Christ Consciousness.

    The esoteric connection between Christ and the Sun (Son)* is also very solid making a cube dropping into the sun, as seen in Sunshine, very susynct.

    *There are infinite ways of demonstrating the Jesus as Sun resonator connect.
    -The rebirth cycle of the Biblical Christ mirroring the Solar cycles such as Christmas/Easter falling on or near key seasonal dates.

    -The 12 Apostles being the 12 months of a year or 12 Zodiac signs related to the orbit around the 13th central hub Sun/Christ.

    - The similarities between the story of Jesus and those of other solar rebirth Gods: Horus, Mithra, Buddha etc.

    The symbolism of the creation of a star or second sun becomes then the realization of Christ Consciousness. Many interrelated and interchangeable systems of thought exist for Christ Consciousness; ones used by The Blob include : Illumination, Conscious Consciousness (KKonsciousness, I-I), Cosmic Consciousness & Enlightenment etc.

    The ONE NOW that is in a state of kNOWing that it Is.
    I Am that I Am.

    Take the Christ Consciousness connection to evolution into account, while viewing the Cher Moonstruck poster above. Her posture is exactly like a crucified Jesus.
    Rose as Duchesse de Polignac licks a piece of paper in Marie Antoinette. She is playing a drinking game where one has to guess who you are, not knowing the name on your forehead, by asking questions of those participating.
    Rose is to rise, like the Phoenix from the ashes.
    Yet most iconic of all, the Rose is Jesus Christ.
    Rose Byrne points at her heart with her Jupiter Finger* as she confronts Placid Lake who works at Icarus. We note her home address is 13, the number associated to the Sun/Christ as the central element surrounded by 12 houses or apostles.

    *See Image Below for Jupiter Finger
    Click to enlarge: The Jupiter Finger as associated to rainbows and 42 via the Moonwalker Poster

    The realization of your own indivisible, infinite and eternal Self is the ultimate expression of the birth of Christ, the second sun.
    The epitome of second sun symbolism arrives in the form of "2010: The Year WE/ME Make Contact".
    Image from Wikipedias article on the element Tin

    At the end of 2001 Dave Bowman made it to Jupiter after a bit of trouble with the ships A.I. HAL 9000. A.I are Tin Men, machines needing a heart. Very susynct that a Tin Man has to pilot a spaceship to Jupiter as Jupiter's planet symbol is also the alchemical symbol for Tin.

    A.I is also A Self, a realized Consciousness.
    HAL 9000, the Tin Man, with its single Red Eye/I, on its way to Jupiter, which also has a single Red Eye/I or storm, the planet of Tin.
    Jupiter's Red Eye is a giant swirling vortex bearing associations with the myriad of spinning mandala shapes which we will address shortly.
    2010 introduces the Blue Eye of SAL 9000 a female version of HAL. SAL is used to simulate the conditions of HAL's reactivation after being shut down in 2001, the project is called Phoenix. The Phoenix clearly refers to HAL 'rising from the dead' but also fore shadows Jupiter's transformations into the Second Sun. Project Phoenix is associated to Jupiter and overseen by a Blue Eye. We then easily associate this Blue 'Sphere' to Jupiter and note how we have moved from Red Male Eye in 2001 over to Blue Female Eye in 2010.
    2001 ends with Bowman reaching a giant 2 kilometers (2K) in length Monolith/Cuboid at Jupiter. When he nears the object the film changes from narrative into a lengthy psychedelic spectacle Kubrick (K2) called the "stargate sequence".

    The amazing entrainment with Kurt Russel flying towards the WTC in "Escape From New York" and being the first person through the stargate in "Stargate" and how this associates with 911 and its Monolith is explored in videos like "StarMummy".

    Helen Mirren crowned by Yellow flower/Sun in "Calender Girls" and making first contact with E.T in 2010. Note how the Yellow Sunflower crowning Helen is sharing relative position of the Sun (between Starchild and Jupiter) in 2010

    This 'trip' represents the next evolutionary stage of Consciousness moving beyond identification with the physical and mind made.
    In 2010 we return to Jupiter with Helen Mirren as Russian Cosmonaut Tanya Kurbick (anagram for Kubrick and a K2).
    Helen Mirren voices the A.I/Tin Man Deep thought in "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy". This is the entity that actually comes up with the answer to "Life The Universe and Everything" being 42 (Jupiter/Tin/Rainbow).

    Explored in the video Heart City.

    Heart City from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

    Deep Thought/Helen Mirren in H2G2 also has the Hal 9000 & Jupiter red eye.

    How about that as synchrofirmation of 42 connecting to Jupiter? The same person who realizes 42 as the meaning of life is present at Jupiter when she goes nova!
    The idea being that Jupiter has the chemical make-up of a sun/Christ but just needed the interaction of human consciousness and the monolith to ignite the alchemical furnace.

    Jupiter becoming a second sun in 2010 is related to our Enlightenment as a species. The Sun is Christ or I. The second sun is the awareness of this I, thus the I-I.
    Jupiter becoming a sun/son is the external symbol of KKonsciousness becoming aware of itself.

    Subtle process is always reflected in the material realm, indeed they are one and the same.

    The question that is begged here is: Considering "2001 A Space Odyssey" entrained so perfectly with our evolution is "2010 The Year We Make Contact" continuing the trend and telling us about next year (this year actually as I continue to wrestle with this post)?
    Take a deep breath and relax the faculty of mind. Many have fled synchromysticism in horror as it seems to increasingly become vague and loose. Connections being made between any and everything.

    This is exactly where WE/ME are headed NOW and I ask you to use your heart and not your mind. All will sync in.

    The heart knows that any and everything are intimately connected and related and that this is no threat to consciousness, it is KKonsciousness!
    The idea of 2 suns (Chris-Christ or I-I) finds expression on many fractal and self similar levels. On one level it is our sun and Jupiter, on another it is the possibility of our solar system having binary partner or twin, which many believe is Sirius.

    In "28 Weeks Later" with Rose Byrne we find the I-I expressed as Eye-Eye (see poster above) one blue and one red (technically in the film referred to as green and brown, but looking very blue and red, either way highlighting duality, thus same).

    28 is a number strongly associated to the cycles of the sun and moon spheres as one year has 13 lunar months of 28 days each.
    Synchromystically an Eye and I/Christ/Sun are all interchangeable.
    Consider that the primary elements of a mandala, the spiritual & artistic representation of God, are the circle with a dot in the center. This is clearly the basic elements of the human Eye, the flower and the alchemical/astrological symbol of the sun, our native star.

    Two eyes or circle dots express the I-I, yet true to the fractal nature of all, one eye or circle dot also reflects the sacred I-I. In one eye the two are represented by the single dot and its secondary, the surrounding circle.

    A circle and a dot is a portal for God/Spirit into matter. That is why the eye takes on the shape of I/God or Circle Dot.

    Why is that we can tell more about the state of each other by looking into our eyes, then with any other physical aspect? "I could see it in her eyes". Why when we are in love can we see it in a persons eyes? It has relatively little measurable physical change regardless of the state of the person. Why can WE/ME often not bare to look each other in the eye?

    It's because the eye is the portal of God into matter and we can see the Infinite in them and each other.

    When a person is thinking and not attending to you while you are communicating we say: "His eyes were glazed over". This is because the awareness or Being/Spirit moving through the person was for a while consumed by the mind and they are not present. Literally there is less God in the persons eyes.

    "She has such piercing eyes" i.e "when she looks at me we are both very present in the NOW".

    When WE/ME say I is Eye, this is very, very susynct!
    In 28 Weeks Later Rose Byrne is crowned by a composite 'Red' and 'Blue' Eye or Sun/Christ. The pair of different colored eyes belong to a child who carries special blood/DNA. The "Rage Virus" that infects people, central to the story line, doesn't affect this boy which means his blood might carry a cure.
    The boy, Andy, is a potential savior with special DNA, this all being figured out by Rose Byrne.

    Andy's variant eyes resonate the multiple dualities associated to the external heavenly drama reflecting realization/integration of Consciousness (the I-I). The ones we have mentioned thus far being: the spheres of Sun & Moon, the Sun and Jupiter as 1st and 2nd Sun and also the Sun as partnered with possible binary Sirius. Another dual for our central Christ or Sun is the heart of the Galaxy itself or Galactic Center.

    Even our two steps of Moon and Jupiter form an I-I.

    Again regardless of which system WE/ME prefer to focus on, inevitably WE/ME are drawn to the ultimate duality that these are all just reflections of, the I-I (Eye-Eye of Andy in 28 Weeks Later). The Knower and the Known which ultimately merge into the unified Knowing.
    Pillar/Side View/Male/Up Down representations of Divinity/Reality/God

    On all fractal levels of reality WE/ME represent Divinity, primarily as either a pillar or a circle. Christian crosses or the Kabala Tree of Life are examples of Pillars type symbol systems, while Mandalas are good examples of circular Reality models.
    Circular/Top View/Female representations of Divinity/Reality/God

    These dualities arise from the mind attempting to model the same 'ultimate object' from different perspectives. A facet or individual singular I, the mind made self, trying to model the ultimate I-I.

    Rtaher then having an actual physical form the 'ultimate object' is a representation of principles and relationships mirroring the characteristics of our true Self.

    Let's use the example of DNA in the microcosm and galaxies in the macrocosm to illustrate some characteristics of the Ultimate Object as they suite the syncs discussed thus far.

    We could just as easily have used other pillar/circle objects, less relatively far apart, say the human Spinal Column and Subtle Body (a pillar from the side view yet a toroid mandala from the top) as compared to tornadoes and hurricanes (pillars from profile and vortexes from above).

    See E.T Ipsissimus of the A.:A.: for more about the two systems of symbolic representation of God.
    Galaxies like the Milky Way display the vortex like shape of the 'ultimate object', seen from above, while stripped to its essence, still just a circle dot mandala. Perhaps at first glance DNA doesn't seem similar save from the spiral or coiled feel present in both it and Galaxy. Yet if we imagine DNA viewed from above, instead of in profile, we would find the spokes of a wheel.
    The sine wave shape (a wave of peak and valley) of the side view of Deoxyribonucleic Acid is also a circle traced as a line moving through time.

    If you trace the perimeter of a circle as a movement through time you get the sine shape.

    This side view and overhead view of "Ultimate Object" are indeed interchangeable and ONE.
    "Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure" side view of time tunnel as phone line resonator.

    Think about StarG8 sequences in films, when characters time travel or warp. StarG8's are usually depicted as someone zipping down a swirling vortex tunnel.
    Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure head on view of time corridor becoming a vortex or circle dot mandala.

    Head on it's the 'circle dot' mandala , from the side it's a corridor...
    Slinky Dog from Toy Story shows us the perfect entrainment of sine wave/circle/spiral as 'ultimate object' when we note that doG is God.
    The evening of the very same day I wrote about Slinky goD as DNA/'ultimate object' I see Elle Fanning in Phoebe In Wonderland displaying both the overhead and profile view of the toy helix!
    ViA the association of macro to micro DNA/Blood becomes a resonator of the Stairway to Heaven.
    William Blake's 'Jacob's Ladder' (Stairway to Heaven).

    If we allow ourselves to associate blood with DNA/'ultimate object' many cinematic themes and scenes are suddenly illuminated.

    Consider for example again the significance of Drinking Red Wine/Blood in the Eucharist and its association to Vampire films. Not only does the activity resonate ceremonially ingesting the Christ but also the substance being invoked, blood, carries the DNA with now clearly divine attribution.
    Rose Byrne gets well covered in blood - the floW that contains the Blue Print of creation- in "28 Weeks Later". Becoming even more sussynct if we recall her associations to the Christ Cube in Sunshine and Jesus Christ forehead in Marie Antoinette.
    Weirdly enough the film itself is made by a studio called DNA, displaying both side view, with rungs of the sacred ladder and overhead view with spiral tunnel. A spiral is a straight line curving through time down the 'Ultimate Object'.
    Rose is currently on televisions "Damages" along with Glenn Close (GC).

    See Sync Whole post Aligning with Galactic Center is Close for more on Close as GC.
    Most of the episodes I've seen, as yet, start with Rose covered in Blood as the narrative, at this point, centers on explaining the reason for a traumatic incident and murder Byrne is involved in. The show keeps flashing forward to this incident revealing more by slow increments.
    The murder weapon, like Byrne, is covered in blood and hair - traditional sources of DNA in all TV shows - and with crystal clear susynctness happens to be a bust of the Statue of Liberty.

    Liberty is Isis and Isis is the Great Mother Goddess, profoundly associated to both Sirius and the Milky Way, particularly its Galactic Centre heart.

    We found DNA resonates spiral galaxies now sync responds by showing us a symbol of the Milky Way, in the hands of Diana, covered in Blood. Oh boy!
    While writing this post - with the intent of outlining the vivid resonance of 2010 with the realization of Cosmic Consciousness/Contact - the Scarlet Dragon started showing up again in the sync web.

    Above is the new V which deals with alien first contact and the game Dragon Age. Both have a logo' featuring what looks like red blood, both have a reptilian themes (the V E.T.'s are reptilians disguised as humans) and both were released on November 3rd.

    The blood as connected to DNA and the Stairway to Heaven is a solid lead into interpreting the Red Dragon. Here is another recent Scarlet Dragon sync wink which sheds light on the subject.
    New DreamWorks film, "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D, with red dragon title and tail on the poster.
    The cinema is a mirror of the development of consciousness, that it is moving into a new dimension or 3D means WE/ME are also undergoing a shift. The new dimension that we are entering - this is literally true - is the dimension of Self aware KKonsciousness.
    We see the Moon winking..
    The character depicted peaking up at the dragon tail wears a horned viking helmet adorned with a spiral dragon and a smoking flame.
    Book of Acts:
    1When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place.
    2Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.
    3They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.
    4All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues[a] as the Spirit enabled them.

    Spirit/Being/Self descends on the followers/flowers of Christ Consciousness manifesting physically as a flame above their crowns.

    The word Smoke has the value of 420 in Kabala, which makes perfect sense as 4:20 is popularly associated to marijuana smoking. We then have the symbol of Spirit burning above the head of the horned & enlightened one, resonating 42/Jupiter. Yet again Jupiter, here associated to the coiled - thus resonating the DNA/Blood and Milky Way - Scarlet Dragon...
    Another enlightened icon, Moses in the Winnipeg Legislature, horned and pointing with his Jupiter finger.
    The horns, like the holy flame, feel like a variation of subtle body extensions.
    Days after the reappearance of the Scarlet Dragon in my sync web - after an extended absence - I spot this loud wink, in shot with Josh Hartnett, while watching the Rose Byrne starring "Wicker Park".
    Hart is in the Lady Dragon shoe store questing for his true love (Diane Kruger) while obsessive Rose Byrne thwarts his every attempt.
    Josh Hartnett has appeared with a Red Dragon T in August a film with Robin Tunney as noted in Scarlet Dragon 1.
    Hopkins the Cannibal Dr. Lector with tiger stripes in Wolfman (flowman or moonman)

    This motivated a desire to re-watch the Hannibal Lector film Red Dragon.
    Mirren stands inside of her Tin Can or Space Ship parked by Jupiter in 2010, behind her WE/ME note a Russian character. It sees a bulbous ovoid red top with a stem running down.
    It strikes me as similar to the above symbol from Red Dragon. The film describes it as a Chinese character that "marks the Red Dragon". Edward Norton discovers the symbol engraved into a tree by the Tooth Fairy serial killer who murders families during sequential full moons. We find the moon, our first step, again referenced in the syncs surrounding the Scarlet Dragon. The similarity to the Russian character seen numerous times in 2010 suggests a Jovian connection with the beast.
    Robin Tunney's The ZO(Pan)diac entrainment with Crowley's The Book of the Law

    In 2005's The Zodiac with Robin Tunney we learn the infamous killer might be coinciding his murders with significant celestial phenomena.

    Robin Tunney as Magick resonator, see StarMummy 1
    Robin holds an Atlas of Stars and Planets in The Zodiac while pondering the killers potential astrological motives.
    Our Zebra striped StarMummy serves her guests, as all have gathered to watch the July 20th 1969 Moon Landing of Apollo 11 referenced above.
    "The Eagle has landed"

    This connects Robin Tunney and the Moon, so how about Jupiter and Robin Tunney?
    A cinch as she recently appeared on televisions The Mentalist (S2 E8 Red Right Hand) with a character called Jupiter Calidos. Above her profile is merged with Mr. Jupiter.
    Here is a still from a classroom in The Craft. Robin Tunney is crowned by 3 Moons and we also see Jupiter wink hello.
    Tunney's moon halo looks allot like the image of Rose Byrne that started this post.
    Since including the Scarlet lettering for Dragon on How To Train Your Dragon this poster has emerged crowning our Dragon Trainer with Luna..

    The Dragon on the poster's name is Toothles, the tooth is suddenly and dramatically strange attracted to out sync web.

    William Morgan has veered into Tooth syncs...
    Tooth(less)/Thoth is a Moon God, remember? The Thoothles Ibis with the large Nosis/bill.

    In Red Dragon we learn that the Scarlet Dragon has Christian Mythos 'end times' associations as seen in Revelations 12:3

    And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
    Ralph Fiennes is the Tooth/Thoth Fairy serial killer who is obsessed with the Red Dragon..
    He takes his blind date Emily Watson to visit a Tiger and hear its heart beat..
    This syncs up perfectly with The Hangover where the Tooth/Truth/Thoth strange attracts to the striped cat of 2010.
    Striped Tiger/Jupiter and the truth about the Tooth as Moon resonator. This is a crop from the Special edition DVD cover.

    The Tiger is 2010's Chinese Zodiac animal, a system of 12 partitions/animals often sighted as regulated by the 12 year orbit of Jupiter.
    Moon resonant Drew Barrymore makes First Contact with E.T, overseen by a stuffed Tiger. The 2010 Contact scenario spelled out via sync.
    See the fuzzy planet mobile with Jupiter in the background?

    Drew Barrymore is DB or 42 the number of Jupiter and Life The Universe and Everything. In Never Been Kissed she is crowned by the planet where contact happens in 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

    StarMummy 2: FloWman from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

    In StarMummy 2 we see Seth Green go up Spirit River in Without a Paddle to find DB's/42's Treasure with Matthew Lillard.
    The Tiger entrains with the flight to Jupiter in Robot Chicken episode President Evil featuring sketch 2001, But With Boobs as Tiger Woods is also parodied in that same episode used during the climax of StarMummy 2.
    Tiger Woods is grabbed by his Nike sponsors and branded with the Swoosh Logo at his third eye point. The Tiger and Jupiter are close friends.

    (Nike is an anagram for Enki a god with Thoth and Caduceus associations slotting in easily with the sync web we are exploring...)
    Seth as Dan knows the combination to DB's treasure but it is Matthew Lillard who opens the lock..

    The treasure chest of dan/dna and Mathew is PANdora's box...
    In fact, it is Matthew who owns the Lady Dragon in Wicker Park where Hartnett interacts with the Scarlet Dragon.
    Matthew and Hartnett stand outside the Lady Dragon, a heart playing card entrains..
    The sine wave of the Dragon aka dna/pan

    Rose 'Moon' Byrne is dating Matthew only to be closer to Hartnett. They are seen below inside Matthew's home above the Lady Dragon. Matthew tells Rose, secretly obsessed with Matthew's chum Hartnett, the shocking news that Josh is about to be reunited with his true love: "He's gonna be so happy, he's gonna hit the moon again".
    She storms off passing the Red Dragon of the biblical end times.

    I made StarMummy 1 and 2 with my friend Jim Sanders.
    Above is Rose Byrne again in the room with Placid Lake and the Moon poster that started this journey. She is sitting on a bed, where one takes a NAP and becomes Whole or PAN during sleep. NAP=PAN.

    Behind Rose, she who's children go to the New World in Knowing, is a tiny Winnie-The-Phoo. If you hang out with Sanders long enough he will share the following sync tale with you.., it's one of his favorites and helped vivify the role of sync in his life:
    Note how we read Sanders above the door in E. H. Shepard's original drawings.

    Winnie-The-Pooh got his name from a real bear which traveled from Manitoba ending up in the London Zoo where he was enjoyed by the local children.
    Sculpture of Winnie at the Winnipeg Zoo

    Christopher Milne had named his toy bear after Winnie, an American black bear which he often saw at London Zoo, and "Pooh", a swan they had met while on holiday. The bear cub was purchased from a hunter for $20 by Canadian Lieutenant Harry Colebourn in White River, Ontario, Canada, while en route to England during the First World War. He named the bear "Winnie" after his hometown in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    Writer A. A. Milne kept his sons bear in mind when naming and creating Winnie-The-Pooh. We can see how Winnipeg has flowed into Winnie-The-Pooh.

    Jim recounts that his grandfather was wounded in World War 1 in Germany and spent time in a military Hospital in England. Sanders lay beside E. H Shepard and they become friends. Knowing the bear he was drawing was connected to Winnipeg, Shepard put Sanders' name, his acquaintance from Winnipeg, atop the door of Pooh's home.

    Jim's gorgeous The King of Love is a Deadman.

    In 2010 WE/ME learn to ride the Dragon, the fearlessly awakened serpent of realized Being.
    Avatar is set on a Moon called PANdora orbiting a gas giant resonating Jupiter with a Blue, instead of a Red, eye/storm. pan is our dna/blood and the door is the opening stargate of Cosmic Consciousness.
    The striped Tiger and the Red Dragon become one as Sam Worthington aka Jake Sully's Great Leonopteryx or Turok (last shadow).
    Sam Worthington was originally to ride the winged beast of Being yet again, today on March the 26th, as the poster for The Clash of the Titans above attests. Meaning we would have seen both a piloted Pegasus and Dragon flying through our silver screens...
    The flying Monster/Moonstar, symbol of the human who has tamed the spread wings of Consciousness, soaring majestically through the Heavens.

    Mr Arrowsmith pointed out the Avatar/Titans flying beast connect at The Sync Whole.
    How to Train Your Dragon opening March 26 2010

    The Dragon flies solo as Clash gears up to be released on 2 April or 4/2 instead...