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    Monday, September 28, 2009

    Opening The StarG8 ViA Kirsten Dunst: Part 1: Star Light FloWer

    Movie Stars are Earth bound reflections of their intimately related heavenly counterparts. That both the humans that hypnotize our culture on the Silver Screen and the infinite spectacle of lights which take away our breath in the void at night share name is profoundly nonarbitrary.

    What creates awe inside us results in an opening through which Divine Spirit moves. Anything that closely resonates the pure Bliss of Being - say the beauty or talent of a Movie Star - causes more Joy to arise like a steadily spreading fire.
    All art and carefully hewn craft has at its core the purpose of realizing the true Self ViA the portal of awe. When the witnessing mind is silenced by the talent of a Master at work in their particular field the shared ONE and true essence inherent in both observer and observed shine through, celebrating the dissolution as Joy/Awe/Bliss.

    Really watching Micheal Jackson dance or allowing oneself to get lost in Micheal Jordan shooting hoops has exactly this process - no less then the realization of God - as its core purpose. This is true whether the witness is conscious of the depth of what is happening or not.

    It is in this Spirit that I say "Opening the StarG8 ViA Kirsten Dunst", where the StarG8 is this same doorway or portal of Joy/Awe/Bliss.

    Realizing the Self by witnessing at a facet of Being that is Shining brilliantly with the fire of talent emanating from the source of all that is. The light of this fire, because it is still so pregnant with the Source, attracts mystery and synchronicity, the tools of the synchromystic, with which we will NOW concern ourselves for the remainder of this post.

    Namaste/I acknowledge the God inside you.
    It all started* upon renting directress Sofia Coppola's "The Virgin Suicides" because I had just seen and loved her "Lost In Translation". I was less interested in the film for possible syncs then the pleasure of watching the craft of cinema.

    *No events are separate from anything else in Being, but WE/ME* creatively play with form and speech in order to build this sacred narrative of Life to be engaged with.

    *WE are ME intuitively and practically ONE as W, E, M and 3 are all the same object simply rotated, WE/ME call this the WE3 Spinner.
    I had noticed and posted an emerging trend of yellow floWers arising in consciousness, over a period of a few days, which culminated in the image above. That of Kirsten Dunst as Lux, picking the petals off of a yellow flower in "The Virgin Suicides".

    As Lux, Star (a Sun) Kirsten Dunst resonates light of which the most powerful local source is the Sun. As one of the 'virgins' referenced in the title she resonates the female Goddess in her Virgin Mary aspect. The Virgin Mary gave birth to Christ "the light of the world" and Son/Sun of God. All perfectly tying back to her real name Kirsten, a variant of Christine, originally Christian, thus a follower of Christ.

    Kirsten, of Christ 'the light of the world' and Sun/Son of God, playing Lux/Light and resonating Mary Mother of God. WOW MOM!

    A few days hence and I sit down to watch "Jumanji" because it seemed a potential sync bom.
    The Robin, a powerful sync strange attractor and animal familiar, is present in Star Robin Williams. Richard Arrowsmith makes the fascinating observation that the numbers 2 and 3 are highlighted on "Jumanji's" poster in his post The Robin Has Hatched.
    The "enlightened" and more visible parts of the dice together form 23..
    An extra bonus and incentive to catch "Jumanji" was that a young Kirsten Dunst is also present. We see her above, towards the end of the film, with many flowers, including yellow ones.

    It wasn't just that I had recently posted about Kirsten and a yellow flowers together that seemed remarkable, it was the intensity of the very next yellow flower/Kirsten Dunst sync that demanded attention.
    After every dice role of the board game Jumanji, dramatic events and creatures materialize that do battle with the protagonists. On one such round vines and flowers sprout all over a room and Robin Williams actually warns us to be on the lookout for the yellow flower.
    The Robin, a powerful sync signifier highlighting the yellow flower, which makes an impressive entrance, filling the entire screen with its gaping carnivorous Monster Mouth.

    Some thoughts on Monster Mouths as symbolic of Galactic Center in World Trade Galactic Centre
    Kirsten and the Robin battle the giant yellow flower.

    It's a gr8 feeling when the light bulb of 'syncspiration' goes on in your head and you notice bright and shining new pattern. "Kirsten Dunst and Yellow Flowers!?"
    Note the light/lux crowning our Star in "Wimbledon" while wearing her flower print dress.

    After this incident I started catching as many Dunst films as I could, finding yellow floWers in practically all of them so far.., with the exception of "Wimbledon" (above) where she does however wear a daisy print shirt.
    The Tagline for the bright "Wimbledon" poster reads "She's the golden girl. He's the longshot. It's a match made in...". This golden referral solidifies Dunst as a light/solar resonator while the quoted sentence also invokes Heaven, the realm of the Stars and Deities.
    Daisies - the iconic variety having a bright yellow centre with white petals - themselves reappear with frequency around Dunst.
    Jesse Bradford offers Kirsten Dunst flowers while being crowned by light in "Bring It On". That men traditionally give woman flowers as an expression of love is very telling about the essence of plants which we are trying to penetrate here by opening the StarG8 ViA Kirsten Dunst.
    In the third Crow film, "The Crow: Salvation", Kiki* as Erin is told by the recently returned from the dead Alex/The Crow that he will prove his intimate familiarity with her murdered sister.

    Kiki is a character Dunst voices in "Kiki's Delivery Service", wildly it is also her real life nickname (according to IMDB and fan sites). Kiki is a strong K2 and as such a good shorthand for Kirsten Dunst here at The Blob.
    The Crow, with little regard for subtlety, carves Erin's nickname "Daisy", known only by herself, her sister and those close to her, into one of her sister's murderers forehead. Proving that The Crow is familiar with Erin and her sister, while also cluing her to the fact that this mysterious stranger is indeed her sisters boyfriend, returned from the dead.
    This all being cleared up late at night while Kiki wears her flower (including yellow!) embroidered nighties.

    To see a collection of mostly yellow flowers and Kirsten Dunst, I have made a video and put up many stills in the post Kirsten Dunst Yellow FloWer Star.

    From that post:

    "New York Stories" (a collection of 3 shorts) Woody Allen segment "Oedipus Wrecks" 1989
    This is Kirsten Dunst's first ever scene in a film, as Lisa's (Mia Farrow) Daughter, uncredited. I imagine Dunst is the bigger girl on the far left. Either way we see her very first appearance was overseen by her plant spirit.
    We also note the lights circling the trees bringing the plant and light theme together from the very get go of Kirsten Dunst's film career.

    There are Blue Worm designs on the chairs but we must keep on point and return to this matter later.

    Another such an early example, of strong plant themes associated to Kiki, was mentioned at The Sync Whole post Fauna and Flora:

    Our Golden Girl appears in "Star Trek The Next Generation" S7 E7 "Dark Page" (77/OZ/PAN) 1993. She spends most of her screen time in the Enterprises arboretum.
    "Flowers of all hue, and without thorn the rose" Deanna Troi quotes John Milton as Dunst enters the arboretum, her profile meanwhile surrounded by various flora.

    How curious that upon finding yellow floWers* strange attracted to Dunst, and continuing the investigation with this in mind, I would be greeted by this overtly botanical scene.

    *floWers are sometimes written with a capital W in sync work to highlight Jim Sanders' observation that Flow (which I associate to Joy and Tao) is Wolf backwards and key ourselves into the flow/wolf aspect of floWers. Fascinatingly Kiki interacts with a wolf in this very same Star Trek episode, as noted at the relevant Sync Whole post. We are skipping over the fauna here however, in order to keep the focus on flora.
    Clearly Kirsten Dunst has demanded to be unveiled as a Star Goddess who resonates the plant and floWer consciousness.

    The yellow floWer theme feels like a vivid marker or doorway that drew attention to Dunst more general Plant Consciousness resonance, most vividly typified, in my experience thus far, by her role as Marie Antoinette in another Sofia Coppola film of the same name as the French Queen famed for being executed ViA* guillotine.

    *I write ViA with a capitol V and A to highlight the similarity in form of A and V and enjoy the symmetry in the word. Words are often capitalized here to vivify there sync potential. One is often rather ONE to increase its potency as resonant of WON, EON, NOW etc (ViA the WE3 spinner).
    Practically every shot in "Marie Antoinette" has floral motifs or plants present. Above we see Golden Girl Kiki role the dice, just like she does in "Jumanji", while candle light dances above her head and a yellow rose sync winks, hello!

    The last 2 minutes of the video Yellow FloWer (below) tries to get this total Dunst immersion in plants, which takes place in "Marie Antoinette", across.

    Yellow FloWer from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

    The consistency of witnessing Kirsten Dunst plant/flower syncs, with yellow as the highlight, continues unabated as I watch films after the making of this video. The embroidered Crow nighties was one example, the following "Small Soldiers" scene is another.

    Kirsten plays Christy (Christ like) who moves towards a cluster of decorative paper floWers, or should we say the flowers move towards her? It's relative, right?

    You say either and I say eyether,
    You say neither and I say nyther;
    Either, eyether, neether, nyther,
    Let's call the whole thing off!

    Note how there are many colors of flowers in the "Small Soldiers" scene, but the yellow one is the biggest of all.
    A few minutes earlier in the film we saw her telling a boy her favorite band is Led Zeppelin, who's Hermit image from Led Zeppelin IV, POPs up right as the yellow flower exits her profile.

    The lamp Light of the hermit is a perfect yellow Star/Sun and FloWer!

    The following syncs, from "Mona Lisa Smile", are in the video Yellow Flowers but would benefit from some explanation as it was for me the most loud confirmation of the pattern being investigated.
    Many incidents of yellow flowers - such as the bouquet behind her head - entrain with Kiki as Betty.
    One that stands out is Julia Roberts using probably the most iconic yellow flowers in all of civilization, van Gogh's Sunflowers, to enlighten her art students, including Dunst.
    Yet the most impressive sync happens when golden flowers sprout forth from Kirsten Dunst's name during the end credits!

    This one had me in tears as It was simply overwhelming to see a sync so powerfully confirming the pattern. From a simple yellow flower being held in one hand, then having a suspicion that it's part of a pattern connecting Kirsten Dunst to these plants, finding the pattern to be legit, to a yellow blossoming from her very name.. Too much.

    After the "Mona Lisa" end credit sync, my second favorite yellow floWer sync comes from the film "Elizabethtown".
    This one being special because Kiki actually stops to interact and handle the plant, a single gorgeous yellow rose.
    The first time a highlighted yellow flower is actively engaged in the narrative, since the original "Virgin Suicides" sync that started this beezwax.

    I am curious to see if future Kirtsten Dunst films will see the Star interact with plants with even more intensity.

    A golden chandelier Crowns Kiki during her breakout role as the Vampire Claudia in "Interview With The Vampire" while backed by the plants.
    Another similar example as Marie Antoinette, standing in a Forrest, upon leaves, as a chandelier Crowns. Way too similar actually as in both scenes she is interacting with clothes, being fitted with her new blue dress as emissary to France in "Marie" and being measured by a tailor while in a blue dress in "Vampire".

    A very clear relationship exists here, between Star (Sun) Kirsten (Christian/Son/Sun), Light and Flora.
    A sunrise and solar lens flare playing upon KD as Marie Antoinette. A subtle example which we will see grow in intensity as we proceed.

    Plants are in a relationship with Sun/Star Light, both being an integral part of what makes life and human consciousness - that which reads these words right NOW - possible. At the same time the humans self reflective awareness allows the omni-interrelated universe to experience itSelf, us NOW being Conscious of such things as plants and stars. It's a seamless feedback loop where WE/ME are all vital components of Being and suchness.

    No human nervous system, no universe; no universe, no human nervous system.

    We then have the solution to the oldest question in the book:
    What came first the chicken or the egg?
    Clearly, the question itself creates the problem as both are part of a relationship where one does not exist without the other.

    Everything in the world of phenomenal existence works this way. A thing and a witness of the thing which are inseparable and ultimately ONE.
    As Claudia Dunst displays her intimate relationship with light by the vampires nocturnal existence and aversion to sunlight.
    Indeed above and below we see her demise in the film as the sun encroaches upon her, stuck in a pit.
    The yellow flower helps us connect these tantalizing self reflective elements, Stars (Suns)/Flowers/Light all together, visually, in one object.
    The radiating yellow petals around a central core of a flower - like that crowning Kiki in "Crazy/Beautiful" above - resemble a sun/star, the source of visible light.
    We see Alex Grey's painting "Namaste" with a woman sporting a many petaled golden/yellow lotus flower, it being her Crown. Synchromystically the flower and the radiating sun/star are clearly interchangeable being used by the artist to depict the mandalic shapes associated to enlightenment or Cosmic Consciousness.
    This association, of flower shape and the organism itself to enlightenment, couldn't be more susynct and is by no means arbitrary. The flower is enlightened - has become a Christ/Buddha - and takes this shape as a natural function of being an Illuminated Being.
    The flower or enlightened shape unveils plants as being a species that has achieved Cosmic Consciousness. The shape NOW becoming associated to the crowned and flowering human reveals the same process happening in certain individuals - traditionally the haloed Saint/Christ and Buddhas - and potentially, at this key phase, all humanity.

    Simply put we are becoming flowers/stars - Beings that are enlightened on the physical plain - and display this state phenomenally as circular themed radiating brilliance.
    A bouquet of yellow flowers along with a card imaged with a tiny smiling yellow sun in "Bring It On". Behind Kiki, in the same frame no less, a banner reading "Good Luck" along with yellow stars. Basically everything I'm trying to say, in way to many words and examples, all neatly summarized in one still. Star (Those heavenly lights we see at night) Star (Movie Stars like Kirsten Dunst) and Star (Flowers), all self reflective, self similar and interchangeable pointers of enlightenment.

    We can with this context appreciate just how singular and awesome a resonator Kirsten Dunst really is. She is at once a movie Star, that powerfully resonates Light and Flowers, all staples of Cosmic Consciousness.
    Above she picks up a shoe by a blanket seeing embroidered yellow flowers in "Little Women".
    Later she is reading from The Holy Book of Heaven while yellow flowers sprout from her head.

    Kiki as Younger Amy March: "And he profaned not my sanctuarys, for I the Lord do sanctify them. And Moses told it unto Aaron and to his sons and to all the children of Isreal.... And the Lord spake unto Moses saying.."

    Moses - the O.G monotheist who was kicked out of Egypt for following ONE God and probably an Egyptian Pharaoh or Priest - invoked in "Little Women" as at the same time as a symbol of Sun/Ra/Rey/Light, the yellow flower, emanates from the Stars Crown. Sheesh!

    Clearly the biblical dialogue, read out loud by the Golden Girl as yellow flowers Crown her, involves the events of the Exodus of the Israelites (potentially an Egyptian migration owing to religious schism*) from Egypt.

    Moses and his people would wander the desert with there portable temple The Tabernacle, housing the cubic ark of the covenant until the structure evolves into the Temple of Solomon many years hence.

    If Monotheist Moses and his followers were indeed a faction of Egyptian society, separated from the original body, the Tabernacle/Ark and thus Solomon's Temple would have direct ties to the Egyptian temples and architecture**. In fact the Pillars, Ark and Holy of Holies in Solomon's Temple can convincingly be suggested as resonating the Pyramids of Giza with their mysteries interior spaces and measurements.

    To associate Light/Re/Sun/Ra, the message of yellow flowers to the ancient Crowned Egyptian Pharaohs, there art and religion is a no brainer.

    *, ** My thinking is influenced here by the alternate historical interpretations posited by Ralph Ellis in books like "Jesus: Last Of The Pharaohs", "Eden in Egypt" etc.

    This sync in the medical television series ER/RE reflects this light theme emanating from Kirsten Dunst, the Golden Flower Star, very well.
    Kiki appears in 6 episodes of "ER", an easy synchromystic RE/RA/Light. In Season 3 Episode 12 "Post Mortem" her title credit appears right as the onscreen drama sees a doctor give a nurse a red rose.
    Strange syncs get caught in our ever widening sync web as half way through "Little Woman" the role played Kirsten Dunst is taken over by Samantha Mathis as we have skipped ahead four years in the narrative and now need an Older Amy March.

    Kirsten Dunst becomes synchromystically interchangeable with Samantha Mathis.
    A Golden opportunity to see confirmation of the reliability of synchromysticism as we would rightly expect Samantha Mathis' previously noted sync winks to resonate with these newer Kirsten Dunst ones, right?

    See these posts for Samantha Mathis at The Blob and The Sync Whole

    Right of the bat we see the yellow flowers entrain with SM, as seen in the image above from "Little Women".

    Let's further have a look at what we commonly repeat about Samantha at The Blob and see if things line up.
    She play's Princess Daisy in 1993's "Super Mario Bros.", who is captured and imprisoned in King Kupa's alternate dimension WTC lair, this version of the buildings being partly destroyed mimicking 911.

    The WTC's twin pillars or pillarmids (towers symbolic of pillars and pyramids) are potent resonators of King Solomon's temple always associated to dual pillars.
    Daisy is a flower strange attracted to Kirsten Dunst as we have already seen, being nicknamed the same in "The Crow: Salvation".
    Kiki being gifted Daisies in "Marie Antoinette"...
    Another plant name associated to Samantha Mathis as teacher Olivia in "Lost" episode "The Man Behind The Curtain".

    What we generally like highlighting about this scene from "Lost", as with this show in general, is the octagonal "Dharma Initiative" logo, sewn onto SM's uniform, near her heart.

    A yellow sun educates from behind teacher Olivia again showing how Kirsten Dunst yellow floWer/Star flavor is present in Samantha Mathis.

    WE/ME could not be blamed for assuming that the reverse should apply or that what's good for Samantha Mathis is also good for the Kirsten Dunst.
    Then we would expect "The Wizards of Oz", WTC and octagonal type resonance to surface in the sync web surrounding Kirsten Dunst.
    Indeed this is exactly what we find and we shall address the WTC and octagonal associations to Kiki before the post is out but OZ and Dunst will have to wait for another post.

    That Young Amy March (Kirsten Dunst in "Little Women") quotes biblical passages from Exodus, resonating the Holy Temple and that Older Amy Adams (Samantha Mathis in "Little Women" and "Mario") spends time inside the Holy Temple resonating WTC is already very exciting.
    If WE/ME take another look at "Namaste" we can see a Rainbow affect surrounding the Golden Crown.
    The Golden Girl is passed out from alcohol - overindulgence of spirit - in "Crazy/Beautiful"; a film in which we saw her Crowned by the yellow floWer.
    The cops (pigs/boys in blue/jakes) have pulled her and her boyfriend over and take Kiki into custody.
    The Rainbow is the entire spectrum of light, unveiled when light refracts at an angle of 42 degrees.

    For 42 syncs see Jumpiter and the video Heart City
    The synchromystic perspective sees this Rainbow entraining with the profile of our Christ/Lux resonatres as an example of the subtle/spirit body made visible. The Halo and other facets of the Aureola* can now be seen by any human, not ViA a peculiar and difficult to master mystical technique, but by anyone ready to change their perspective on what is already present and plainly visible.

    *An aureola or aureole (diminutive of Latin aurea, "golden") is the radiance of luminous cloud which, in paintings of sacred personages, surrounds the whole figure. Wiki on Aureola
    All elements of flower/light/star and the subtle body come together in "Drop Dead Gorgeous" where Dunst plays a beauty contestant.

    Above we see a Halo, formed by a emblem wall hanging behind our Christess as at the same time a yellow table cloth, featuring flowers and bees, emanate and entrain.
    Above and below light plays with Her her outline, flowering from her visible self and unveiling the make-up of her extended Self.
    The example of light growing out of KD below is further accentuated by the Stars on her cap and a Blue Palm or Spirit Palm, another mark of Christ.
    In the context of the film the girls were forced to dance with freshly painted stage props, resulting in there hands - including Kirsten's - becoming blue.
    A great example of a highlighted SpiriT Palm, this PKD one susynctly utilizing flowers. A light bulb shines its yellow flow into the sync stream.

    In The SpiriT of The Blue Bird WE/ME learn how highlighted palms - like the nails penetrating Christs hands on the cross or depictions of Buddhas with eye type markings on there hands - are pointers of Christ Consciousness (Cosmic Consciousness/Enlightenment/Illumination etc).
    The Blue color is particularly recurrent and syncnificant in this regard and Richard Arrowsmith has delved into the theme extensively in posts like Blue Flowers.

    See the video Original GangStar for connections between Christ, highlighted palm and WTC. The idea being the the WTC disaster marked the ascension of humanity potentially collectively into Christ Consciousness.

    Q: Will everyone on the planET* be allowed into heaven i.e realize there own inseparability from Divinity?
    A:Realize your own and find out.

    Sage Ramana Maharshi would put it something like this: "If you wake up from your dream, does it matter that the individuals in your dream themselves did not wake also?"

    *PlanET highlights the E.T or Extra Terrestrial/Cosmic Consciousness aspect of existence on Earth/Heart. We are the plan of the ET. The word plant also hides inside planet.
    WE/ME note then a relationship between the syncs charted by Mr Smith, the Blue and Yellow Flower in this post. Blue & Gold are yet another powerful theme often discussed in varying contexts but tellingly exemplified by the Nemes (Iconic Headdress) of King Tut.
    The radiating gold(yellow)/blue lines emanating from Tut's head does for us exactly what the images of light entraining with Kirsten Dunst did above; makes visual what is generally invisible or considered incidental as related to the spiritual reality of the person.
    The snake at the boy kings third eye in this example further highlights the subtle body as Kundalini working its way through the chakras and the body pillar.

    See The Fires Of Nemisis and the Nemes of God for a complimentary interpretation of the Nemes as representational of the veil in the Holy Temple.
    The Golden Girl's room in "Drop Dead Gorgeous" features the combination of Blue & Yellow Flowers as wallpaper, meanwhile a lamp on the left and another set above, Crown and entrain, yelling the flower/light/Star connection.
    Seconds pass, the Star moves into seated position, yellow centered flowers with lilac petals Crown, at the same time MOM enters bearing flower print.
    One of the most iconic examples of the radiating subtle body, in a religious context, is the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe; a 16th century depiction of an apparition of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.
    We saw how Kiki resonates the Virgin Mary (Virgin Suicides) and Christ (Kristen) and how light enjoys playing around her profile, often crowning her.
    Mary's, with her radiating Aureola, as Our Lady, also bears a Golden Crown, while her blue/gold dress sparkles with yellow stars.
    Examples of Stars dancing around and entraining with Kirsten Dunst in "Drop Dead Gorgeous". Below a pentagram hits her crown. Compare her blue dress, light radiating entrainment and stellar affinity with iconic Virgin Mary.
    Another dead on target Mary Mother of God sync involving our Golden Star is seen in the video below.

    Kirsten Dunst & Jimmy Fallon parody Madonna's - another name for the Virgin Mary - "Don't Tell Me" song and music video at the 2001 (99% sure..) MTV Music Awards, which they also hosted.

    Kirsten - Lux ("Virgin Suicides") and Golden Girl ("Wimbledon") - is named Amber Atkins in "Drop Dead Gorgeous".
    Amber Atkins resonates A.:A.: - a secret society started by Aleister Crowley a.k.a Khaled Khan - of which one interpretation is Argenteum Astrum or Silver Star, complementing KD's stellar rez. The substance and color amber is a slightly orange yellow one, again entraining with the bright lux rez of this Golden Girl.
    She works with the dead, those who have moved beyond form and become SpiriT*.

    *Spirit sometimes gets a capital T as the T shape is wind/breath (of God) to the Maya and acknowledges Christ Consciousness as Tau Cross.
    Amber has another highlighted palm - she dabs make-up on her hand while decorating the deceased - invoking Christ, while standing over a flower patterned woman called Stella.
    That's correct, Star Kirsten (Christian) Dunst a.k.a Amber/Golden Girl/Lux with a SpiriT Palm stooped over a flower (Star/Enlightened Being) printed dead woman (shell of a spirit) called Stella (Heavens/Stars).

    Ahem, moving on..
    A cross, the symbol of the son/sun, moves towards Kirsten/Christian as actress Allison Janney gestures in her yellow Las Vegas T-Shirt (Tau Cross resonating).
    While the cross passes through her dome let's highlight that Las Vegas resonates the 5th brightest star/sun in the night sky, Vega.

    A sort of 'sync redundancy' is being reached but WE/ME must press on..
    Amber dances on the left as a flower bouquet topped by a cross sync winks on the right.
    Do we dare believe our Star will move into alignment with these elements?
    Of course Amber wins the beauty contests and is literally crowned numerous times.
    Compare the golden hat/crown above with Alex Grey's "Namaste" and the yellow flower halo from "Crazy/Beautiful" etc.
    A lovely dissolve happens towards the end of "Drop Dead Gorgeous" as our crowned symbolic Mary merges with the next scene featuring a rose.

    This repeated connection between Mary, Stars and Flowers helps explain the extreme flower presence in ""Marie/Mary Antoinette". Kirsten Dunst is the crowned Queen of France, who's name resonates the Mother of Jesus, Christ and Son/Sun.
    Symbols of Christ Consciousness strange attract each other by their proximity to the centre of Being.
    Dunst's Mary affinity repeats as she plays Mary in the susynctly named "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind". It is in fact appropriately Mary that quotes Alexander Pope's "Eloisa to Abelard" in which the line and name for the film can be found.
    Kirsten Dunst, the Star who resonates light and yellow floWers, speaking of "Eternal Sunshine...".
    Lying on a striped blanket Mary smokes pot a.k.a Marijuana or Mary Jane, ingesting the consciousness altering plant SpiriT.
    Stellar Mary proceeds to dance as a lamps(palms) light becomes her Aureola.

    See Black Dog Star's The Robin Has Hatched for Lamp/Palm
    Stoned and wearing stripes/sprites our composite yet omni self similar 'Amber/Lux/Christ/Mary' lifts her palm in alignment with a lamp.

    In "The Cat's Meow" we see Kirsten again smoking Mary Jane with Charlie Chaplin as Marion.
    Marion is a variation of Mary, which some sources say means "Star of the Sea", fitting considering Kiki's stellar associations and as this drama takes place at sea.
    Perfect entrainment above as Joanna Lumley partakes of SpiriT wearing embroidered golden flowers as Dunst and CC light up.
    Her most POPular role is another Mary - Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man films, commonly referred to as "MJ" - a name that in one fell swoop covers all we have addressed.

    M=13 + J=10 is 23. 23 is the O.G sync wink from proto synchromystic times and the number found highlighted by light on dice in "Jumanji"
    Mary, mother of God/Son/Sun/Star/Light/Christ.
    Mary Jane or MJ, Plant SpiriT KKonsciousnesses.
    Back in "Jumanji" we see an octogramic halo form above the crown of Kiki (note the twin braids, coiled hair), a shape which resonates the octagon and has close ties to our Solar cycles, as the Wheel Of The Year.
    We see that the major fazes of a solar year as being divided into 8, thus the Sun/Son/Christ being intimately associated to 8 way geometry.
    A spider passes over this 8 rayed mandalic window, its 8 legs highlighting this number and unveiling the non-local spider resonance of Kirsten Dunst, which would fully flower 7 years later in "Spider-Man".
    We see the 911 Pillarmids reflected in the Eye/I of the "Spider-Man" or Peter Parker, played by Toby Maguire. The Twin Guardians of Humanities StarG8 which upon opening during September 11 2001 have lead 'awareness in form' towards the current and ever increasing United States of Kosmic Konsciousness.

    The Self, realizing it is indeed a conscious Self, inside this waking and material world can be viewed accurately as entering into new dimension. Length, Width, Depth & NOW back into the centre.

    It is not to say that the WTCentre's destruction lead or started this process. 911 was just an external visual result of the underlying growth of consciousness away from identification with form and into awareness of SpiriT. All physical phenomena are mere reflections of the state or mood of KKonsciousness.
    All spiritual prophecies are being fulfilled as at the same time rational scientific realities mirror the more subtle affects of KKonsciousness realization.

    Above Peter Parker's (in "Spider-Man 1") hand emanates the DNA coil.
    Like light waves the DNA Helix is play on cosmic form and is likely undergoing a radical transformation ViA the solar system and human consciousness, galactic and spiritual alignment.
    Again, just form reflections of underlying radical spiriTual developments.
    Star Kirsten Dunst plays Star Mary Jane Watson "Starring" - resonating Zodiac, Halo and other Heavenly cycles - in the play below in "Spider-Man 3".
    Crowning her name in the yellow "Starring" image above is 'Solomon' or 'SunMoon'. The yellow Starring and Solomon sync is a good fore-sync to some preceding Holy Temple syncs soon to be addressed in this post.
    Mary descends the spiral stairway/DNA/ayahuasca to heaven.
    She has flowers/stars on Her crown and a vast blanket of stars/flowers surrounding Her.
    After the performance we see MJ's name in a Star, while embracing the DNA altered Spider-Man; she immediately turns around to acknowledge her yellow flowers.
    Kiki: "I love my flowers"

    See the video Yellow FloWer for this dialogue and clip.
    Peter Parker - PP which resonates yellow urine - plans to 'POP the question' and make MJ his wife at no less a syncnificant venue then the "Restaurant Constellation".
    Golden octogram stars decorate the entrance while yellow flowers brighten up the room.
    Mary Jane enters the "Restaurant Constellation" backed by golden stars and yellow flowers. The Yellow Flower Star Kirsten Dunst and the Heavens with their shining lights, all in one shot, our sync pattern is resonating soundly.
    As per usual we could seemingly leave it there, breathtakingly all tied up in one shot, Star (Kirsten Dunst), Star (Yellow Flower) and Star (Sun/Light)..

    Kirsten Tresmegistus is the Star Star Star, thrice great.

    But wait! There's yet another sync that might even top that lot.

    WE/ME jump back one sequel to "Spider Man 2" where Alfred Molina plays the villainous Doc Ock/Dr. Otto Octavius or Doctor Octopus. Clearly a solar 8 resonator in a film already abundantly 8 resonating ViA the Spider.
    Alfred Molina covered in spiders in "Indian Jones" only to be later famed as the 8 limbed Doc Ock in "Spider-Man". A peculiar variation on the highlighted palm as we see a 'red eye tentacle palm'.

    Of personal interest a sync between "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Spider-Man 2" was one of the first ever charted at the Brave New World Order many moons ago.
    Dr 8 arms clearly resonates the Hindu Deity pantheon, who are often displayed with multiple sets of arms, symbolizing the many limbs of all US individuals that make up The Body of Christ.
    In SM2 PP is a delivery boy who's subtly body radiates an octagon at his Pizza headquarters. Pizza is commonly cut into 8 slices.
    The 8 armed Doc susynctly experiments with fusion, a process naturally occurring in Stars that US* humans are still trying to replicate and control.

    *The United State of KKonsciousness
    An 8 resonator building Stars/Suns!
    His experiment is unstable, dangerous and Spider (8) Man shuts him down.
    Driven mad, seeking revenge and a second shot at Star making, Dr 8 arms abducts Star Star Star Kirsten Dunst.
    He ties up our fiery red head, in chains, symbol of ladders and DNA.
    Once Mary - Star familiar of ludicrous proportion - is in place, the Gr8 work can commence. The Dr 8 building a Sun on Earth is the symbolic process of bringing Heaven to Earth, or birthing the Sun/Son/Horus into material flesh.

    A Few Shots to Shaman on Chains
    Blobbin Tunney in Chains
    This second alchemical sun, built atop a giant octagonal platform, starts magnetically attracting all metal, becoming ever larger and threatening to destroy NY (OZ one letter over in the alphabet) city.
    Kirsten Dunst's Star strange attraction couldn't hit us over the head and spell things out any clearer then this, as the Sun/Star tries to eat the Golden Girl!
    Star Star Star

    A day or two after posting the Yellow Flower video I took a trip down to WinniPEG's LEGislative Building, unavoidably noting yellow flowers surrounding the structure. This structure was envisioned by its Masonic Architects as a new Solomon's Temple, situated in the heart of the North American continent.
    I had been at the Peg Leg recently with fellow sync bloggers Jim Sanders and Jon Kidd and surely would have noticed these yellow flowers inside the actual building, leading me to believe they must have been more recent additions entraining with the release of the Kirsten Dunst video about the flower.
    Surrounding the circular balustrade, through which pears the 8 rayed octogram and Black Star at the buildings heart, are four lamps all featuring yellow flowers.
    The lamps see a circle of twelve lights surrounding a bigger central 13th ONE. A symbol of Jesus/Christ/Son surrounded by his 12 disciples. Or interchangeably and complimentary the 12 signs of the Zodiac with the central sun/star.
    These are very fitting symbols choosing to associate with the yellow flower considering the Star/Sun/Christ resonance discussed in the post above.
    The building is made of local lime stone from an ancient seabed and many fossils punctuate the walls.

    Above is a common sight inside the building, a sunflower corral, resonating the most brilliant of all bright yellow flowers.

    Fascinating, the very fabric of the living Holy Temple is in place made out of yellow flowers!
    The circular dark spot on the left wall above is this same sunflower corral. The door on the right hand side of the photo is the Lieutenant Governors room, sandwiched between Twin Pillars, one of which we also see.

    This room, which the public may not enter, is the Holy of Holies, complete with Veil and hidden Ark.

    See Frank Albo's Masonic Parlante in a Canadian Temple of Democracy for details about the room as Holy of Holies.
    On the previous visit with sync blogger Jon Kidd (to the right in the photo above), I saw to my amazement that the blue & gold interior carpeting of this room features big 8 rayed yellow flowers, one right at the threshold.
    The yellow flower, a teacher of enlightenment, living Buddha and Star, is also a feature of the Holy Temple and its Holy of Holies.

    The Holy Temple is a reflection of mans spiritual evolution - our journey as WE/ME reach for, and become, the Stars.
    The Human Body and The Temple are interchangeable and both are microcosms of the entire universe.

    Shaman Juan Flores from Peru visited the Legislative Building during his month long visit in Manitoba this summer. He and understudy Jim Sanders held numerous Ayahuasca ceremonies with the people of Winnipeg and visitors from around the globe. I was one of these and could plainly see the actuality of the Plant SpiriT entering into human consciousness to help heal and enlighten the world.

    In the video above we see Juan Flores singing an Icaro through the balustrade while standing on the 8 rayed Black Star at the heart of the building.
    The 8 rayed star was seen as a halo above Kiki in "Jumanji" and is synchromystically associated to the Sun/Star.
    Juan Flores is himself a Black Star and a Yellow Flower.
    Yellow in French is Jaune, an easy and clear resonator of Juan, while Flores is Flower.
    Shaman Yellow Flower (resonating Sun/Star/Light) standing in the center of Solomon's Temple, itself at the heart of North America, sending Light To The World.


    Whoops, false ending:

    Hang on a second before you leave. I saw something last night that has to be included here.
    An enlightened Egyptian Pharaoh behind Charlie Chaplin (actor Eddie Izzard) in "The Cats Meow".
    Without a clearer image we cant know for sure but my first reaction was "Thutmoses"! Above is a sculpture of Thutmoses 3.

    There were a few of Pharaohs called Thutmoses, they are particularly syncnificant for 2 reasons.

    Firstly: The Moses part of the name clearly suggests a connection between the identity of the leader of the Exodus and these Pharaohs. In fact Ralph Ellis fingers Thutmoses 1, brother of Akhenaton, as the likely biblical character. It seems Moses was a title rather then a name. What ever the real identity or meaning of Moses the connection between the Exodus and the 'Moses' Pharaohs, is obvious. Certainly synchromystically Thutmoses resonates Moses regardless of any practical considerations.

    Secondly: Atop the main north entrance of the Winnipeg Legislature sit twin large Sphinx, one facing west and another looking east.
    It was these cats that beckoned Frank Albo to have a closer look at the building leading to the discovery of it being Solomon's Temple.

    He would end up on the roof and find an inscription and also an accompanying Cartouche, where no member of the public could possibly see them, on these Sphinx. The inscription reads: "the everlasting manifestation of the sun god Ra, the good God who gives life".
    The cartouche is that of Thutmoses 3, sometimes sighted as the founder of the O.G secret society.

    This exchange, between me (Seallion) and Jim Sanders (Syncwinnipeg) was posted on Twitter yesterday, the same day I see the Pharaoh in "The Cat's Meow".

    Seallion Chanced upon a memorial service on the south of the Peg Leg aka Solomon Temple. Bowed heads of public and mounties. Bagpipes, Amazing Grace.

    Syncwinnipeg@Seallion Today is Yom Kippur. The one day I which the Holy of Holies would be entered by the High Priest to pray. Good day for the Temple.

    The fact that I had been writing about Solomon's Temple and the Holy of Holies - obliviously on Yom Kippur! - visiting the building and finding a Pharaoh sync, all in one day, could not be dismissed.

    I had to go back and see if Kirsten Dunst appears in shot with the sculpture.

    Pharaoh, Flowers, Lights and a bizarre winged headdress, all in shot with our Golden Girl; who we must remember, quotes Exodus as yellow floWers Crown in "Little Women".

    Confirmation from God that the biblical patriarchs who's traditions and rituals became the three major religions on the planet were in fact historical Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt ViA flower synchronicities in Kirsten Dunst movies?

    Sure.. why not?

    Peace In

    In Part 2 we explore Kiki's relationship to the Red C, OZ and discover new facets of the Blue Worm plus much much more, flux willing.


    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    Awesome. Thanks for the head trip.

    StrangEye said...

    Excellent post Jake. I'm curious if you've ever looked beyond "The Virgin Mary" to her mother, "Saint Anne" (Hannah)?
    A deeper look into Sancta Anna takes us to the Queen of Heaven essentially the "Krst'ed An".

    Which as I'm writing this reminds me of the Golden An


    Unknown said...

    in spiderman 1 dunst before peter gets bit she corrects the scientist in saying that there are only 14 super spiders not the total 15.
    14th card of tarot is temperance/art it's planet is Jupiter!

    Jonny B said...

    Amber Atkins. Atkins = Saint K

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks Jim

    Thanks Strange.
    I know nothing about Saint Anne but it sounds like good stuff.
    Spike Lee just made a film called the Miracle of Saint Anna.

    I met an Australian miracle called Anna this summer.

    Good syncs Stephen and Panda!

    A Figure Eight said...

    The Samantha Mathis transformation blew my mind a bit. They are figuratively growing into each other as sync characters. Wild.

    Also, Amy March as May/Amy March reminds me of the Spring Flow-er theme you got. April is the only month missing.

    And of course, MJ as "MJ." Anything there?

    Chris said...

    We are definitely surfing the same wave here, dude.
    My new post should be out in a couple of days.

    Great post!

    Atareye said...

    Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is with thee.

    Razor sharp work Kotze.

    Love the Robin Williams highlighting yellow floWer.


    aferrismoon said...

    ALEF - red Molina
    gets double exposure


    aferrismoon said...

    When younger I lived in Nigeria. One day rented The Ballad of Cable Hogue, but with subtitles in Afrikaans

    Jason Robards played Cable Hogue

    He playd too in Mag-gnolia


    vinay said...

    hi jake, check these videos out they point out a lot of interesting symbolism

    paul said...
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    E. T. Hansen said...

    This is a nice turn.

    Somewhat ironic that blondie is guillotined in Marie Antoinette: The downfall of the sun-king (i.e. the pharao) and his bride. The notion of intimacy with sunlight (truth) and how it unfolds is particular facinating - how Egypt was a sunworshipping culture but essentially with a focus on death and the (symbolic) afterlife. The cross e.g. used to be universal symbol of death. Now it is used by fundamental Christians (and I'm tempted to say - crazy symbol hunters) to symbolise life (i.e. the sun). It's not so much what everything can signify. All language and profound experience is essentially symbols. It's what the intellect does to these symbols?

    Its all one. Just gotta repeat that, see it and realise it.

    Yacarete said...

    New Kirsten Dunst with flowers.

    Nexus said...

    hey jake,

    have you ever thoght about writing a book? Thoughts and experience written down might last longer than a virtual presentation. I'd be the first to buy it :-)

    Jake Kotze said...

    A Book?

    Maybe any day now I'll sit down and see what happens.

    Synchromysticism is all about being gay or full of joy.

    Arrowsmith said...

    Came back today to revisit this post only to find an avalanche of brilliant new additions.
    That was a great read. I feel rejuvinated.

    wv: knomni
    i know u

    JGallagher said...

    There is also a 3 triangle star motif that is repeated at MJ's feet and head. His arms and head serve as the first appearance of the shape. It is immediately repeated in the fold of his pants where the ankle meets the shoes. There's a strong As Above so Below resonance there.

    Nexus said...

    "Synchromysticism is all about being gay or full of joy.

    October 25, 2009 11:22 AM"

    Hehe, love that statement.
    Nice time of that reply indeed: 11:22.

    Did you note the worm in the background of your interview?

    Jake Kotze said...

    Wow yeah (worms), haven't thought of it that way.

    I know those concentric circles are the work of a well know local (?) artist as someone was showing me prints of his work (all variations of that same theme) not long after that interview.

    At the same time as the worms are in shot a sign above my shoulder reads CUMMI, for Burton Cummings Theater.

    Awesome be well

    Chris said...

    I like your Tiger(/Lion) and Wheel watch.

    D7 said...

    Marigold: The name Calendula stems from the Latin kalendae, meaning first day of the month, presumably because pot marigolds are in bloom at the start of most months of the year. The common name marigold probably refers to the Virgin Mary. Claims that its old Saxon or Anglo-Saxon name is 'ymbglidegold' are unsubstantiated, as is the claim that this means 'it turns with the sun'.
    The most commonly cultivated and used member of the genus is the pot marigold (Calendula officinalis).