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    Tuesday, January 13, 2009

    Brad Pitt and the Death of Death

    On Christmas day I went and watched "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" with Brad Pitt.

    Father Time (Greek Chronos) none other then Death is a central theme in this film as Brad Pitt ages backwards relating to the movements of a giant clock.
    Brad Pitt's synchromystic resonance couldn't be spelled out more clearly then in "Meet Joe Black" where no interpretation is needed. He is literally the Angel of Death...
    Time, Death and the ego dance together in a seamless unity. The Observer beyond form, your true Self, lives in a place beyond time. The mind made limited self craves fervently and desires more Time. Time gives the ego an escape from realization of NOW or SELF. Salvation, heaven and end of suffering, to the mind, is always in the future. It could never be NOW. The mind and Ego says, "If I were whole and complete NOW I would die!"

    The mind made self or identity that believes it is the thoughts and forms of the phenomenal world imagines without more Time, all would die and the world would end. It is correct but only so far as that its death would signify the end of the illusion of the limited self. You cant tell this to the self that still believes it is the mind. It can only hear through the filter of the mind made self. If you have a sense at all of what these words are pointing towards, then you have already started to wake up from the mind made self. If not your mind is reading these lines, trying to outsmart them.

    Synchromysticism is not designed for your mind. Indeed the mind does not like such funny business.
    It is aimed at your Self.

    WE/ME are the indefinable essence of the present moment. The KKonsciousness that allows awareness of Self to be.

    Realization of NOW and the awakening of the species means the Death of Time.
    The Death of Death.

    Still, it seemed more time resonance was needed before the Pitt association became rock solid for ME.
    Last night while walking home from work -IPod on random - I heard a "Velvet Acid Christ" song using samples from the Brad Pitt StarRing "12 Monkeys". The angle my mind was taking on interpreting the film involved 12/21 being related to 42, the number of Jumpiter.

    'End of world' films give shape to the Self's desire to rid It from the illusion of form. If we understand the message of such narratives we can avert the clumsy actuality of having to live out such silly melodrama in the theater of the 'real world'. Although I love such things as entertainment, wouldn't it be rather disappointing if the story of humanity and PlanET Heart (Earth) turns out to have an ending like a Hollywood disaster film?
    If WE don't upstage our own films with a more inventive and original ending, I would feel ashamed at our lack of creativity.

    Last night I dreamed of this same "12 Monkeys" poster above, it demanding more attention in KKonsciousness.
    It was as if I had missed something very obvious...
    So many numbers.. "Se7en".. "Seven Years In Tibet"..."Oceans" this and that...

    I log on to IMPAwards to get a visual overview of Pitts' work for potential clues as to what "12 Monkeys" is trying to yell at me.
    Another big scarlet 12 jumps out sync winking, hello! "Oceans 12".

    Still not 'getting it' I decide to watch the new Steve Wilner vid (featuring Christopher Knowles), as I knew that it features Brad Pitt. Perhaps it would help shed some light on matters...

    Atenism, The Dog Star, Fallout, and The Birds of Paradise

    Once I see the Aqaurian waters reach the giant "Benjamin Button" clock, topped by 12, the penny drops.

    The 12 is another clear sync that signifies Pitts resonance with Chronos/Death/Time.

    The giant clock design of the "12 Monkeys" poster should have been more then enough, yet I was sleeping...
    So the infinitely patient and resourceful universe sends me on a mini tail chase this morning to discover what was already obvious.

    A fractal tale of the story of Awakening.

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