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    Tuesday, December 22, 2009


    Iron Man 2 released on May 7 2010

    On the plane to South Africa I tweeted the observation that 2 looks like it also contains an upside down and mirrored 7.
    Almost instantaneously upon arriving in the country I started being inundated with 27 resonant syncs.
    My mom’s favorite radio station, the preeminent talk radio of South Africa is 702. The 702, both encoded in the 2 symbol, was on the radio display after she picked me up at the airport.
    Weeks of 27/72/702 syncs in SA made me feel that the 27 is a number emanating from the localized South African sync field.

    I was in Pretoria this past weekend with my friends and mentioned this observation guardedly, knowing my synchronicity talk doesn’t always fly with everyone. Arriving at a restaurant we witness a person with a T-Shirt displaying the number 27. At the table I repeat the 2 as 27 idea, the reoccurring viewing of 27’s all over SA and the "702 talk radio" as further evidence of the idea that this is suggesting a localized sync phenomena. One friend suddenly yelps out “His correct, 27 is the country code for calling South Africa!”
    72 can be seen as a variant of 7/11 the ratio of the great pyramid.
    27 can become two sevens or 77. 77 is GG (traditionally Pan/Oz).
    The G star is the symbol of the God Star, symbol of Freemasonry and recent sync strange attractor.
    Stars are Gods.
    Above we see the G-Star on a T-Shirts in a window display in Pretoria. T-Shirts are symbol of the Tau cross upon which Christ dies.
    Right next to the G-Star is the 2010 Tiger - 2010 being the year of the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac ruled by the orbit of Jupiter - with Blue Flowers and a peacock.

    The Blue Flowers are variants of the Blue Star discussed in the previous post and interpreted as the Second Sun.

    27, GG or two G-Stars become the 2nd or Blue Sun/Star.

    Charlie Sheen calls Micheal Douglas GG, Gorden Gekko, the owner of Bluestar airlines in "Wall Street".

    Whether the Second Sun is Jupiter or Sirius is a bit of a joke. Both are our interrelated duals depending on your perspective.
    Daryl Hannah naked on Liberty/Isis Island with the Twins in the background in "Splash".

    2 is the Twins, the cosmic drama of ONE realizing itself and thus becoming two and two realizing their mutuality over and over...

    Sunday, December 20, 2009

    Blue Earth Star

    I saw the above Christmas - Celebration of the birth of Christ Consciousness - ornament in the Amsterdam terminal en route to South Africa and immediately thought, Blue Sun.

    Pretty perfect as the Blue Sun or '2nd Sun/Son' is a symbol of the birth of Christ Consciousness, the meaning of Christmas.

    The Blue Sun made its way into consciousness while doing a sync walk with Jim Sanders. We saw multiple Blue Cross/Star syncs in short order as we were discussing Jupiter.

    Below is a bit I wrote recently for a potential book about synchromysticism explaining the idea 'sync web' including and a new facet of that web, Blue Star.

    Sync Web

    All the as yet connected points of data or ‘syncs’, collected together and considered as a whole, is the ‘sync web’. I see this as a giant network or web through which reality can be perceived. When something arises in consciousness that has already been charted in the ever growing sync web, this is a sync hit or wink. The context associated to the previously noted similar syncs can then be brought into bearing as connected to the freshly found sync wink to help illuminate the meaning of the new data.

    The sync web grows when a new pattern of syncs is noticed.

    Corporate raider Michael Douglas' unscrupulous involvement with Bluestar Airlines is a key plot device in Wall Street. Martin and Charlie Sheen are seen in frame with the company logo, while the major stars repeat the word Blue Star numerous times throughout.


    Recently I saw “Wall Street” with father and son in real life as well as in the film, Charlie and Martin Sheen. Father Martin Sheen works for Bluestar airlines. I had briefly noted the Blue Sun before as a pattern intuitively associated to Jupiter, the second sun in “2010: The Year We Make Contact”. I had no good reason for this connection but the mystic learns over time to hone the faculty of insight and must trust this beyond rational reasoning. Blue Sun and Blue Star sync up perfectly as a sun and a star are one and the same thing, resonating each other loudly. A few days later (yesterday morning 19 December 2009 of this writing) I have a vivid dream where a Blue God sees me suffering from some kind of discomfort. The being asks me: “What is the matter?” I reply that I am very lonely, upon which The Blue God blesses and blows healing energy into me, in the same fashion as I have experienced Shamans doing during traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies.

    Sam Worthington, the Blue Star/Sun of Avatar (made by the directer of Titanic as explicitly noted on most variants of the poster) also to appear in 2010's Clash of the Titans.

    I wake up in bed pondering the meaning of the dream vission when I remember Blue Star in “Wall Street” and the Blue Aliens in “Avatar” which I had been planning to watch that very afternoon. The sun has been personified as a Deity or God in many cultures making Blue God and Blue Star fine resonators. Further as I lie with these strange thoughts moving though me, I also realize that Blue Actors, like those in “Avatar”, are Blue movie Stars. Thus the Blue Star, Blue Sun, Blue God and Blue Aliens (Blue Movie Stars/Suns dig?) are all interchangeable.

    A make it over to “Avatar” enjoying the fact that Jake, my own name, is the hero of the story, interacting with the Blue Aliens who live on a moon called Pandora, orbiting a gas giant looking like Jupiter, complete with giant storm eye. In the case of the gas giant in “Avatar”, its storm eye is Blue instead of Jupiter’s giant Red whorl, again suggesting the Blue as related to the evolving perception of Jupiter.

    The Avatars in the film are the Blue genetically engineered bodies - half human half alien - human scientists clone in order to survive and interact with the similarly blue natives of Pandora.

    After many adventures with plant spirits, Jake, taking on an alien Avatar and becoming a Blue Star, also becomes a Blue Alien himself.

    Jupiter Consciousness and the second sun are symbols of the realization of Cosmic Consciousness.

    The Blue Sun is another variant of Jupiter and the Second Sun; this is what the sync cluster above is clearly screaming.

    In this way Blue Star as Second Sun is noted and added to the sync web and we have a new data point with which to investigate reality.

    Blue Star/Sun Mel Gibson in "Braveheart"

    Later yesterday evening, still reeling from the amazing syncs in “Avatar” and the Blue God dream of the morning, I see movie Star Mel Gibson as William Wallace in “Brave Heart”. He is painted Blue and will a later be crucified for trying to save his people.


    Tweeted about the Blue Star yesterday and it just started immediately arising in my environment, the extended body of Christ.

    Here is a shot from Splash where Daryl Hannah, the mermaid, runs past an Israel flag with its Blue David Star.

    Daryl Hannah in Wall Street and Splash both films with multiple shots of the NY skyline and Twins.

    This also entrains beyond personal intent with the viewing of Wall Street where Charlie Sheens love interests is Hannah.

    An hour later we see my moms dishwashing liquid is Sunlight in Blue font.

    One or two other ways of seeing the Blue Star...

    When outstretched the five fingered Blue Hand, is revealed as a star shape.
    That hands, the tools via which we shape and create, are star shapes, is a mystery worth further pondering.
    The Blue Flower, a theme specifically blogged about by Richard Arrowsmith, are also Blue Star shapes. Flowers and stars are all mandalic forms, pointing towards the divine harmony of centered consciousnesses.

    2 weeks ago I had a dream where Shaman Juan Flores visited, telling me to watch "Badlands", a cult classic I have never viewed by Terence Malick.

    After waking I realize BAD is 214 when each letter is taken alphabetically, 214 being the number of Jupiter.

    Having limited internet in SA I had to leave it there as I couldn't download or research the matter further.

    Having now some limited capabilities I pull up IMDB and realize its Star is Martin Sheen, the man who works for Blue Star in "Wall Street"!?

    Outro 2:
    Brittany Murphy as Blue Star alongside Michael Douglas in "Don't Say A Word".

    Just saw that Brittany Murphy reverse birthed yesterday, marking the solstice with the setting of this star.
    Kirsten Dunst as a Blue Star (blue hued skin) crowned by a Blue Star in "Drop Dead Gorgeous" alongside Brittany Murphy.

    Checked out my stills from a recent film I saw with her, owing to the Kirsten Dunst strange attraction a few months ago, "Drop Dead Gorgeous".
    Crowned by Stars Murphy shows her blue Spirit palm.
    Another Blue Star wink with Brittany in "Clueless" alongside Paul Rudd. He is dressed in blue and wearing the circle dot on his T. Circle Spot is the primary shape of the mandala and the astrological symbol of the sun.

    She now joins the infinite, the winking home of all US future stars.

    The Two Cents of Jakob 2Two:

    Around a month ago I was in a kid's toy store when I noticed this product below called PLUTO PUTTY. It was the blueness that caught my eye. As I further inspected it I noticed it said JUPITER JUICE on it as well. Being into everything Jovian, I bought it.

    Then a week ago I gave it to my daughter to play with. She played with it for around 1/2 hour and then she returned it to my desk in my studio. It felt really gross and she had enough with it. There it sat on my desk on top of a cloth of Peruvian Shipibo design. An Ayahuasca influenced design which actually is a language.

    Being the lazy irrational person that I am, I let it sit there and within a day it melted into a flat blue circle that was crusted onto the table cloth.

    I just left it there.

    I tried to clean it off this past weekend.

    To no avail.

    The sync of the Blue Sun is here to stay.

    Now as I was downloading the above picture I noticed a couple of pictures my wife would have recently shot of my two girls. Notice how the globe of the Earth in the back shelf looks like a Blue Sun.

    We are the Blue Sun. An enlightened Earth is the blue star kachina. Perfectly succinct my daughter's T-shirt is the same blue as the earth star above her head. The T-shirt is a Vancouver Olympics 2010 T-shirt. That would be the sporting event that honours Jupiter.

    This next picture must have been taken a different day than the last one, but notice that my other daughter is now wearing Orange and the Blue Earth Star is still present.

    Orange is the complement of Blue.

    Jupiter looks orange.

    Orange Heaven and Blue Earth.

    Bring them together and what do we get?

    Tuesday, December 8, 2009

    2010: World Cup Contact

    214 the numbers of Jupiter on our cars pass to enter Soccer City.
    Soccer City, the Joburg UFO mother ship shaped stadium of the 2010 World Cup. Largest stadium in Africa.
    The company my mom works for supplied steel for the structure and I got a tour through the amazing place.
    94 700 seats.

    Manitou resonating Manitoba...

    Peace In