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    Thursday, January 14, 2010


    Interested in the number 27 (72, 77 (two 7's dig?), G(7)G(7), B(2)G(7) etc) lately.. The trip to SA - whos country code is 27 - seems to have awakened the number in my sync awareness.

    Jared Leto is in the film "Chapter 27" wich is about JL playing Mark David Chapman (note for soonish relevance: Mark is a variant of the name Mars) aka the killer of Beatle John Lennon/JL.

    John Lennon JL/Jared Leto JL

    The name is inspired by the fact that Chapman carried a copy of "The Catcher In The Rye" on him when slaying Lennon. The book has 26 Chapters. "The Catcher In the Rye" is often asociated with high weirdness. Mel Gibson has a collection of them in "Conspiracy Theory".
    Gibson is a Blue Star (painted blue) in "Braveheart". Julia Roberts has been following me like a Duck to water also. More on this thread soonish...

    Further Lennon was obsessed with 9 and its multiples, 27 being "the triple 9".

    Musician Daniel Johnston was also obsessed with 9...

    Anyway, Jared Leto has this singular eye strange attraction.
    WE/ME see his poster line-up below.
    The united eye/I of all seeing Conciousness.
    Another "All Seeing" singular eye in pyramid, asociating with Leto at the OZtralian Music Awards in 2007 (again 27!).
    Just like Planets and Gods, Movie Stars have cosmic number associations and other signifiers. Leto, as we have shown, resonates with 27 and singular eye.
    Our Conciousness makes and notes these associations. Trust what you see and make your own. Sometimes valuable connections are found in the old school essoteric and occult litterature but by no means should such knowledge be considered primary or necessary. Occult is pop and you are NOW the master who makes the grass green.
    What does it mean when what is out of the ordinary is pop or commonplace? Witness the time of miracles!
    His new film, to be released in 2010, continues Leto's singular eye/I rez.

    Other relevant picks that come up for an image Google of "Mr Nobody".
    A yellow flower, recent pivotal sync strange attractor (See all the Kirsten Dunst material).
    Susynctly this image is 72k.
    Another Mr Nobody pic has the Jupiter finger pionting towards WE/ME.

    Leto's popular band "30 Seconds to Mars" latest album cover sees the 2010 tiger, "growl"!

    Tiger is the Chinese Zodiac animal for this year. I have seen Tigers every day since the start of 2010.

    Love the word Mars.
    MARS is the WARS planet as well as having the sign of the RAMS. The M rotates to form words all clearly related, displaying the underlying elegant intelligence in nature*.

    Happy New Year & welcome to 2010!

    *Nature: All that exists in Conciousness.