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    Tuesday, January 27, 2009

    The Blue Willow Pattern

    Something old, something new
    Something borrowed, something blue
    And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

    My favorite sync of recent memory was described in the post "Something Blue My Mind".
    One fine day I watched one episode each of the two shows I was following, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "How I Met Your Mother". I have been slowly plotting a sync web for actress Alyson Hannigan, most famous as "Buffy's" Wiccan witch, Willow Rosenberg. AlysON is a Star - an Earthly counterpart of the heavenly phenomena - of both these shows.
    It just so happened that on this particular day both episodes of each individual series were called "Something Blue". The shows were also connected through the concept of marriage.
    "HIMYM" Season 2 Episode 22 "Something Blue" (original airdate May 14 2007) and "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Season 4 Episode 9 "Something Blue" (original airdate Nov 30 1999) both watched 'unintentionally' (from the 'little me's' perspective) together on NOvember 2

    I was considering making a sync post about eggs, as A Few Shots To Shaman had recently done just that and I had a few of my own I wanted to highlight.

    We see a large single eye, symbol of unified and aligned consciousness open in Lost S4 E4. 44 is two 4's or 42 the number of Jumpiter. Many... many of these episodes start this way...
    John Locke is preparing breakfast for Ben, a dude he has referred to as "the man behind the curtain". This makes "Lost" resonate OZ/77/Pan/Totality.

    The cracked egg with Life inside represents the hard shell of the ego, thought and form. Underneath the seemingly solid exterior of matter and identity resides the good bits. The shell/ego is needed to protect and nurture life, it must at some point be discarded in order for Being to hatch into form.
    The eggs are placed on a plastic serving tray, with an ever so slightly discernible Dharma Octagon beneath the plate. The Dharma octagon, with its black dot, resonates the black hole at the center of our galaxy..
    The opened egg, consciousness freed from the illusion of ego, lies revealed on the symbol of MOM (the octagon as Milky Way)
    The scene cuts directly away from this already potent lot, to dizzying and unbelievable heights of classic sync goodness. Locke takes a copy of Philip K. Dicks' "VALIS", his fingers highlighting the Double-K, from a bookshelf.
    This is a book about real life 'legit no shit' Contact with the 'Higher Self' or "E-motherfucking-T". Consult Tool's Rosetta Stoned or E.T. Ipsissimus of the A.:A.: for more on such severe foolishness.
    You see, if I claim to be able to tell you about your Self, I am like a person who steals your own watch and sells it back to you...
    But as the "Black Star" says:
    "This aint no time where the usual is suitable" - Mos Def and Talib Kwali as "Black Star" song "Respiration"

    The letting go of the ego (hatching from the egg), the alignment of self with other and the Contact experience is ONE (NOW/ZOE/WON).

    See Aferrismoon's TrunKated for the O.G. "Lost"/VALIS sync nod.
    While viewing "My Stepmother Is An Alien" I encountered another sync that ties perfectly into "The Blue Willow Pattern". She helps dress her 'Ghosbuster' father, Dan Aykroyd, in blue as he sets off to be wedded to an Alien. This alien will then become Willow's new MOM, hence the title "My Stepmother Is An Alien". The alien other is Our MOM when we realize our indivisibility from Being making this symbolism very sound.
    What really makes this stick in the mind is that the "Something Blue" episode is directly related to the famous wedding tradition of the bride including a blue item on her person during the ceremony.
    I suppose one personal interpretation of these 'Something Blue' syncs could be that I am soon to be hitched..
    I'll keep you informed if anything develops.
    I spent allot of time trying to connect AlysON to the Scarlet Woman and red, NOW I feel Blue is even stronger...
    I see no reason why both, or many, colors can't be central to one Stars sync web, so here we go...
    Kim Basinger is the Alien MOM, lets say Isis, preparing eggs for her human family. SHE feels NO pain when dealing with the fiction of the EGGO.
    EGGO's in front of Willow, and a martini for our 'Ghostbuster' (Spirit a.k.a. MOM trapper) POP.
    The 'inside stem' of the torus subtle body, a shape found fractally through all levels of Being's profile view. Also called the Axis Mundi or Dragon Axis... This is Alex Grey's "Interbeing"

    The martini shape is that of the 'toroid mouth', the Spirit Subtle Body, the planets energy field, the galaxy etc, etc.. Its the profile view of the primary fractally self similar shape of 'everything'.

    Martini Glass was featured specifically in Black Star
    The duality and unity between profile and over head views of the fractally Self similar shapes of Totality explored in
    E.T. Ipsissimus Of The A.:A.:
    The torus shape obviously resonates the Taurus/Bul astrological sign. Taurus' shoulder, the seven sisters (Subaru) is the location of Galactic Anticenter. In this fashion it is a clear and loud resonator of alignment.
    The female cow gives milk and is easy to associate yet again with alignment as Great Mother/MOM..
    "Gran Torino" (Great Little Bull) resonating Taurus/Cattle/Ox. Ox is the Chinese Astrological sign for 2009. This Zodiac is regulated by the 12 year 'Jupiter year' (1 orbit around Sol).

    I have been trying to remember my dreams lately.
    This is facilitated by sharing with my one roommate what ever we remember in the morning.
    While washing dishes a few days ago a segment of dream returned into my conscious consciousness:

    I was an archaeologist from the distant future and had found a relatively intact and in that context, very rare china plate. The image on the plate was of the distinctive 'blue Chinese motifs' variety, typically depicting a bridge, a boat, a tea house, two birds etc..
    It was a very exciting find for me and my colleagues as it revealed pieces depicted on the plate about which little was known. Confirming some abstractions which had been made about the elements on the plate, completely illuminating others...

    In my hands were an exact copy of such a plate when the memory of the dream fragment returned.
    The same plate type we see at the top of this post.
    I thought this was neat and filed it away for the Time Being..

    I had no intention of writing about it, relishing instead the idea of posting the following images of Willow as loosely related to the EGGO stuff..
    Buffy S6 E9 Smashed

    Really its more an excuse to showcase another facet worth considering when investigating movie syncs...
    WE see a slow dissolve from Willow's face to a martini glass. Willow was seen in frame, while eating eggs, with just such an object in "My Stepmother Is An Alien".
    Synchromystically we can say the shape and all its associated symbolism merges with that of the actress..
    A little detail here is that the olive dissolves into her eye/I/Self.
    The olive keeps coming up, not sure why, I know its a variation of the original Tree of Life (see Black Star for details) according to some traditions and many pieces in Solomon's Temple are said to be made of Olive wood. But as with many themes they just mysterious circle the sync web. Perhaps all syncs are like this, I only think I know the meaning of some...

    See especially World Trade Galactic Center for Olive as StarG8 resonator..
    MMmmmm! (I don't personally like Olives... Yuk!)
    Funny enough I could think of one more example I had recently come across with an interesting dissolve sync...
    Only when loading the pictures did another 'sync giggle' hit me... It's a seen with Olivia Newton-John..
    As she kisses John Trabolta the Sun Star emanates from his crown and this image dissolve into the Aqaurian waters.
    Below another sync wink lines up in resonance with the rest of our post. Trabolta's gang in "Grease" is called the T-Birds.
    A blue bird, just like the two seen on the plate, is embroidered on the back of his jacket.

    It was only when I went online to discover the name of this style of plate when this post was truly born.

    Dramatic pause...

    The design is called 'The Blue Willow Pattern'.

    The blue misty network overlay and word 'Mother' hits AlysON as Lily in "How I Met Your Mother" S3 E15 "The Chain of Screaming".
    Same episode, a little later, SHE talks to her husband in the back of a car while wearing blue Zebra's (resonating VALIS).
    I necklace hangs in alignment with her subtle body pillar.
    As she moves light catches its central mirror surface. It proceeds to rhythmically flash, vivifying and signaling the emerging visible aureola subtle body.


    I couldn't recommended Aeolus Kephas' new podcast (a 2 part episode: Part 1 and Part 2) with Neil Kramer any higher. Intelligent, elegant and mischievous stuff...

    Thursday, January 22, 2009

    Strormy Weather Part 2 and some words ON Being Lost...

    Part 2 of the recent interview with Aeolus Kephas up at Stormy Weather NOW.

    Part Two of AK's chat with Jake Kotze picks up where part one left off, with the question of "madness" as an inevitable aspect of gnosis, covers mind-made realities, forming new consensuses within consensus reality, the dangers of being targeted as a carrier of the "virus", the resistance of consensus to new ideas, synchromysticism and the goal of Zen, working under protection of the Spirit, the difference between fear and awareness, walking the path of the warrior, enlightenment as the path of least resistance, the natural state, Brad Pitt as a resonator of death, the different faces of Apocalypse, cracking the shell of identity, gnosis momentum, personal death and ways to meet it, using death as an advisor...

    Hope you enjoy listening, ME (interchangeable with WE as a WE3 Spinner) and Aeolus had a blast Being involved in its creation.

    22 Jan 2009... Tomorrow is my 5 year anniversary of being sober. I walked into rehab on 23 Jan 2004 due to a severe attachment to alcohol. My identity had merged with the substance and I felt incomplete without it. The dependence was taking its tole on my physical and personal life. My love interest at the time was starting to loose faith in me as every call from her in Winnipeg, to me in South Africa, caught me drunk as a sailor.
    Inexplicably - from my current perspective - I just walked into my doctors office one day and asked for help. With the invaluable support of my MOM I was sent to rehab. A few weeks later I quit my dismal run in film school and headed of to Manitoba...
    Jan 22, today, happens to be the Birthday of this same lady, a dear friend, who attracted me to Canada, I will be joining her soon for celebration.
    White Stars emanate from the Black Star's head.

    We see Obama and "Lost" on the cover of 20 Jan 2009's Winnipeg Free Press newspaper. This was the day that a Black Star was inaugurated as Prez of the U.S. (as us, U.S. resonates WE). I feel the current alignment of humanities consciousness with the Galactic and Spiritual Heart is being expressed on all fractal levels including the political theater.
    Our solar system (Horus the Moonchild of the NOW) is aligning with the black hole/star in the center of the Milky Way (Isis our MOM/Spirit). Spiritually this is form and thought acknowledging the void or NO-thing, infinite and eternal depth of Being. Space and Objects in Space/Time coming into balance.
    Thus Obama is a public echo of what is happening to our collective consciousness. WE/US Being lead into the N.W.O/N.O.W, the Newly Ordered World and synchromystic equal of the fully realized NOW.

    See Black Star for some more depth..
    Having the start of new season of "Lost" entrain perfectly with the rein of Black Star unveils much. WE are still collectively Lost but are rapidly Being Found.
    The Plant KKonsciousness is coiling its vines into symbiosis with our awareness. A new species is evolving on the Heart (Earth).
    I just rewatched Season 4 and couldn't ignore how big a part plants play in the show. Most of the time spent on the island sees the characters surrounded by jungle.
    The Dharma station that teleports - a time/space distortion, thus StarG8 resonating - the island, in the 4th season finale, sees an octagonal logo with a spiraling or concentric circle plant Heart.
    Spiraling plants resonates all the axis mundi or Dragon Axis up and down the fractal ladder of existence, particularly DNA/Serpents and of course Ayahuasca.
    The 8 sided Dharma logos with there black dot centers resonates the Galaxy's Heart (a black hole) and Manitoba's Legislative Building Pool of the Black Star.
    Both "Lost" and Obama resonate harmoniously through there Milky Way flavor.

    See Galactic Center Temple for Legislature details.
    My friend Jim Sanders has shared his dreams about taking Ayahuasca with Obama in Manitoba. The same day he told me about this I had passed a television set where Obama was in frame with the letters ZO/OZ while the American flag's stars emanate from his crown. I believe this Kosmic Konsciousness Obama resonance will materialize, maybe literally or like many sync patterns, not exactly as WE envision, the elements perhaps poetically rearranged...
    On the day of the inauguration Jim sent me this sync (below) which blew my mind. I had been watching "Star Trek The Next Generation" episode "Tin Man" that same day. The episode is primarily centered on First Contact, which fits beautifully with Tin's resonance as Jupiter (the alchemical symbol for Jupiter and Tin is the same). First Contact is the equivalent of Kosmic Konsciousness, the Tin Man susynctly being the Being contacted by the Enterprise crew in this episode.
    Remember that Jupiter is the planet most associated with the StarG8 (think "2001: Space Odyssey") and that "The Wizard of Oz's" Tin Man is looking for a Heart.

    Jim had realized, timed perfectly with the commencing of presidency by the Black Star, that MANITOBA - the Keystone prairie province in Canada which contains the North American Continent's Heart as the City of Winnipeg and its Galactic Center Temple - is an anagram for TIN OBAMA.
    WOW MOM!


    Yesterday (which is NOW Jan 22), while shopping with the Birthday girl, mentioned earlier - the same lady who's charms lured me to Manitoba - I had another wacky Obama sync cluster. Futilely attempting to convey the excitement of some of these 'fringe' Obama ideas to her more rational intellect - always a sobering and needed re-balancing experience - I saw a book cover of the Milky Way swim into my perceptual field, entraining with the mention of the new Prez. Then, a few minutes later, she was trying on a piece of clothing made of BAMBOO fiber when I exclaim, BAMBOO is OBAMA!

    Sunday, January 18, 2009

    Stormy Weather Podcast

    Part 1 of a new Stormy Weather Podcast with Aeolus Kephas.

    First part of Jake Kotze's return to Stormy Weather for a two hour galactic special. Jake talks about his latest synchromystical trails, his experiences with gray aliens and inorganic beings as aspects of the Higher Self, the inevitability of projecting onto the Other, applying oneself to the moment, the ebb and flow of consciousness, crop-circle hunting in England, creating the context for self-transformation through ritual, the difference between information and ideas, intellect and imagination, joy as a guide for living, Jake's LSD meltdown and the dangers and perks of psychedelically-induced overload, premature identity loss, the question of social context as to whether a consciousness shift has to be apocalyptic, and the joke of fear.

    Part two of this interview will be up on Wednesday the 21st.

    A short while after Aeolus asked me to do this interview he sent me this message.
    Aeolus is highlighting this as he knows the Robin is my familiar. Anything Robin related in my 'organism environment field' is of particular syncnificance.
    The day of the interview, shortly before, I was shopping with a friend and ran into this lovely shoe brand logo.
    While last night, the day the interview was released, I watched the "The Wrestler" with Mickey Rourke playing Randy "The Ram" Robinson.
    In one scene he is embarrassed to work in a deli with his name tag reading "Robin", his boss refusing to change the label...

    Thanks Aeolus and everybody taking the time to listen.


    Accidental Alchemist has made his smashing first video.
    His style of echoing the sync winks through the successive loops of repeating pattern gave me goosebumps.

    Jokerman Saturn patern

    "DOG!, DOG!, DOG!..."

    Tuesday, January 13, 2009

    Brad Pitt and the Death of Death

    On Christmas day I went and watched "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" with Brad Pitt.

    Father Time (Greek Chronos) none other then Death is a central theme in this film as Brad Pitt ages backwards relating to the movements of a giant clock.
    Brad Pitt's synchromystic resonance couldn't be spelled out more clearly then in "Meet Joe Black" where no interpretation is needed. He is literally the Angel of Death...
    Time, Death and the ego dance together in a seamless unity. The Observer beyond form, your true Self, lives in a place beyond time. The mind made limited self craves fervently and desires more Time. Time gives the ego an escape from realization of NOW or SELF. Salvation, heaven and end of suffering, to the mind, is always in the future. It could never be NOW. The mind and Ego says, "If I were whole and complete NOW I would die!"

    The mind made self or identity that believes it is the thoughts and forms of the phenomenal world imagines without more Time, all would die and the world would end. It is correct but only so far as that its death would signify the end of the illusion of the limited self. You cant tell this to the self that still believes it is the mind. It can only hear through the filter of the mind made self. If you have a sense at all of what these words are pointing towards, then you have already started to wake up from the mind made self. If not your mind is reading these lines, trying to outsmart them.

    Synchromysticism is not designed for your mind. Indeed the mind does not like such funny business.
    It is aimed at your Self.

    WE/ME are the indefinable essence of the present moment. The KKonsciousness that allows awareness of Self to be.

    Realization of NOW and the awakening of the species means the Death of Time.
    The Death of Death.

    Still, it seemed more time resonance was needed before the Pitt association became rock solid for ME.
    Last night while walking home from work -IPod on random - I heard a "Velvet Acid Christ" song using samples from the Brad Pitt StarRing "12 Monkeys". The angle my mind was taking on interpreting the film involved 12/21 being related to 42, the number of Jumpiter.

    'End of world' films give shape to the Self's desire to rid It from the illusion of form. If we understand the message of such narratives we can avert the clumsy actuality of having to live out such silly melodrama in the theater of the 'real world'. Although I love such things as entertainment, wouldn't it be rather disappointing if the story of humanity and PlanET Heart (Earth) turns out to have an ending like a Hollywood disaster film?
    If WE don't upstage our own films with a more inventive and original ending, I would feel ashamed at our lack of creativity.

    Last night I dreamed of this same "12 Monkeys" poster above, it demanding more attention in KKonsciousness.
    It was as if I had missed something very obvious...
    So many numbers.. "Se7en".. "Seven Years In Tibet"..."Oceans" this and that...

    I log on to IMPAwards to get a visual overview of Pitts' work for potential clues as to what "12 Monkeys" is trying to yell at me.
    Another big scarlet 12 jumps out sync winking, hello! "Oceans 12".

    Still not 'getting it' I decide to watch the new Steve Wilner vid (featuring Christopher Knowles), as I knew that it features Brad Pitt. Perhaps it would help shed some light on matters...

    Atenism, The Dog Star, Fallout, and The Birds of Paradise

    Once I see the Aqaurian waters reach the giant "Benjamin Button" clock, topped by 12, the penny drops.

    The 12 is another clear sync that signifies Pitts resonance with Chronos/Death/Time.

    The giant clock design of the "12 Monkeys" poster should have been more then enough, yet I was sleeping...
    So the infinitely patient and resourceful universe sends me on a mini tail chase this morning to discover what was already obvious.

    A fractal tale of the story of Awakening.

    Other new highly recommended sync gems, out on the web NOW:

    A Few Shots to Shaman's
    Natalie Portalman Pt.1: Plant Konsciousness

    Jim Sander's interview with Aeolus Kephas