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    Friday, September 26, 2008

    E.T. Ipsissimus of the A.: A.:

    "Movie Stars are ‘as below’ resonators of the skies above. Their Earthly movements through the silver screen reflect the drama told by the heavens. It is therefore no surprise that synchromysticism increasingly finds these Stars aligning with the Stargate or Galactic Center."

    Stars Nicholas Brendon (Xander) and Alyson Hannigan (Willow) from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" episode "Lovers Walk". The image appeared in Konsciousness while writing this post, perfectly entraining with the themes Being explored..

    On 911 this year I met with the Harvest Moon (timed to coincide as close as possible with the September full moon) Festival's insurers. I was invited to give a workshop about synchromysticism which didn't groove very well with the orthodox Christian beliefs of the local Crystal City couple who do business with the Fest. Me and the gracious organizers met with the concerned party and had a rather intense but polite conversation about beliefs and spirituality. In the end the undeniable esoteric and occult leanings of synchromysticism were found as incompatible with the moral outlook of the husband and wife team who take care of backing the festival's risk management. As the festival's flavor is more about building bridges between rural and urban communities then "Opening the Stargate of Kosmic Illumination" it made sense to acquiesce. Well, in truth I see these goals as compatible and unavoidably intertwined, perhaps it is appropriate to allow some attachments to dissolve when they are ready. Honoring the Moment can be tricky that way..

    Its weird and maybe counter intuitive to the mind, but as your 'spiritual muscle' grows you realize that the path of enlightenment and non-attachment/resistance isn't actually 'difficult or challenging'. Being unkonscious, run by the ego and identified with the mind is the real 'hard' path that requires vast amounts of determination. Funny and peculiar then that the majority of humans, at this point, choose to separate themselves from the source and fight life all day long. Walking the path of Being is 'easy', akin to water flowing downhill towards the ocean. It's just that the common path followed by humanity, like water having to be pumped uphill, has so much momentum and participants it seems the obvious course.
    The same day the first ever synchromystic live talk is Being canceled, the 7th anniversary of the 911 Mega Ritual, this article hits the newsstands. The "Winnipeg Free Press" newspaper of September 11 2008 with front page headline entitled "Ahoy Port Winnipeg"

    Recent posts like Galactic Center Temple and Scarlet Dragon have explored the idea that Winnipeg and its Legislature are earthly pointers of Galactic Center or localized Holiest of Holies (HH). The local 'organizers' of Earthly affairs, what we inaccurately call government and their probable and implied associated interlocking secret society networks would seem to be sniffing the same lead as "The Blob".
    As common sense statement of fact lets just remember that all serves and aligns with Being. Implying that the true 'Illuminati' and 'Ruling Elite' (what ever that 'is'?) can only ever be your own Konsciousness, this is unavoidably implied by the 'power of NOW'. The Center of the universal mandala, the Eye/I and fountainhead from which all - directly equitable the Ark, Holy Grail, Galactic Center and Holiest of Holies - springs, is always Your pure Konsciousness.
    This would mean that any form arises from and serves Being. In a strange but entirely su'sync't way then the 'New World Order' (what ever that 'is'?), whether they know it or not works for and serves Us, directly. Regardless of what nefarious or unkonscious ego driven goals might be localized in the minds of men, the ultimate is always Being served by all movement. Alignment makes this Konscious thus dissolving attachment or pain.
    The September 11th article showing Winnipeg as the Black Dot center of the North American continent and explanation of Us as the Heart.

    In my current, yet ever changing view, statements made on 911 such as "What does that mean? Instead of Being the gateway to the west this city will be the gateway to everywhere" entrains perfectly with the position of "The Blob".

    Winnipeg as geographic and symbolic heart has taken on the role of (a or the?) Stargate during the final stages of rapid ascension. The mechanics of how exactly this fits together with the rest of the planets story of spiritual evolution is something that I imagine will take shape as we flux towards Kosmic illumination.

    In Scarlet Dragon we equate the Dark Star inside Winnipegs Legislative Building with the Heart of the Milky Way.
    The idea of a Black Star or Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy unveils beautiful intuitive relationship between macro- and microkosm. The black hole or pupil of the eye allows the spectrum of light to create all the visual forms we inhabit. Perhaps the Black Hole/Star, in the center of the giant spiraling Kosmic mandala of the Milky Way has a similar function in the creating of perception/reality.
    During a recent guided tour we even synchromystically encountered this symbol, of the Heart, coincident with the formation of these concepts becoming konscious in Konsciousness.
    The Heart was fashioned after a Union Jack, the British Flag with its red and white octagram Star. We see it above sharing both the symbolic octagonal Heart of the North American continent and the Milky Way.
    The festival continued and I was still welcome to stay and enjoy the atmosphere of Clearwater, a town surrounded by sacred burial mounds and other ancient native American intrigue.
    Stargate Queen Robin Tunney halving an apple while Schwarzenegger (note the zen egg tucked away in there) explains the Masonic pierced Heart symbol to our synchromystic Isis.

    On the morning of September 12 after the obligatory Java hunt - one of my most powerful attachments - I was eating an apple while warming myself at a bonfire amongst the tents of us festival goers.
    I remembered explaining to Jim an idea involving the make-up of the apple the day before at lunch, right after meeting with the insurers.
    An apple halved in one way displays the pillar or almond shaped eye of the vertical core. The flesh radiates out from the top and bottom in a toroid shape.
    Tunney holds the red Heart shaped fruit. See me and Jim's short StarMummy video for more valuable context.

    This echoes the human subtle body, so beautifully made visible in many Alex Grey paintings.
    The Core of a fruit and the subtle energy system of the human body share the torus shape. A star/sun and planets magnetic field also resonates with these shapes.
    I tell Jim that I think there are two primary ways we as a species tend to represent the Divine. Ones from the 'side' or profile, like the tracing board, showing Konsciousness as an up-down system...
    The pillar systems are associated with cultures that tend to organize society into strict top to bottom movements of wealth and power.

    and ones from the 'top' or 'overhead'.... Like this apple below.
    When we view the Divine, in its many fractal incarnations, like apples in the micro or planets and stars in the macrokosm, from above, we see a totally different kind of symbol system for the same physical aspect of No-thing.
    Ones that show circles, spirals and like the apple above STARS. In a sense the divine, downloaded into three dimensions and seen from above tends to show itself as mandala or Stargate shapes.

    From the side IT/US seems like pillars, trees, mountains and pyramids etc..

    This duality even shows itself in the overarching male/pillar psyche of the west and female/cup of the east, made vivid by their favorite symbols for the divine. Christians and capitalist dig crosses and $ while the rest gravitate to more circular Star and mandala flavored systems. Because of the imbalance towards the side or profile centric view of God I personally resonate with the above or 'whirl type' view but its obvious that peace and balance lies in accepting and integrating both.
    The halved apple and other fruit aligning with Star Sarah Michelle Gellar or "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" Crown. This image entrained with my realization of the apple as symbol of the divine.
    Movie Stars - at least on the silver screen - are attracting syncnificant symbols towards there Crown Chakra that entrain with the investigation of the corresponding Konsciousness of the viewer, in this case the synchromystic. This effect appears to be non-local, as my personal questing seems to realize the symbols I am looking for, yet at the same time the media Being investigated is pre-existing. As there is no contradiction here we must be looking at aspects of higher dimensionality.
    Another practical result of this line of reasoning is that the subtle bodies of movie stars are becoming visible to the trained eye. The make-up of the emanations, from the consensus view, would appear to be coincidental set decoration design and wardrobe, allowing for this elegant process to blend seamlessly into multiple reality tunnels.
    The emanations from these subtle bodies tend to have associated context that help Illuminate the viewer. There is a subtle feedback system here, the mechanics of which are starting to crystallize.
    In a way it seems trivial what you are investigating synchromystically, be it a classic masterpiece like "2001: A Space Odyssey" or cult "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". The key ingredient to making it syncnificant is the Konsciousness of the observer.
    Aleister Crowley and Robin Tunney climbed K2 while author Ralph Ellis notes the Great Pyramid is a time capsule left to point the way to this Himalayan peak in "K2 Quest of the Gods"...

    As these thoughts and memories play around in my mind I notice a tent (a Tipi and Pyramid resonator) up ahead. From my specific perspective it looks like a kk mountain brand tent logo!
    I am already imagining asking this company for sponsorship if I ever get to climb K2, when moving in closer I realize its actually only the last part of the Trekk outdoor gear brand.
    Lets also briefly focus on the magick of Circle R or the copyright symbol. This mysterious symbol is believed by consensus to offer protection against theft!
    This is quite literally a talisman companies use to mark their territory and protect against infringement by others. However, this is symbol can be found on another syncnificant location that I feel reveals some of the roots of its power.
    Circle R is the symbol of what I now interpret as my animal guide or familiar, the robin. Above we see the powerful copyright 'protection talisman' on the Heart of Batman's sidekick. I have 'deliberately' photographed a morning glory behind my toy giving him a Plant Konsciousness Halo or Crown. Echart (note the Hart/Heart) Tolle (note the E.T. resonating Kosmic Konsciousness) explains flowers as aspects of plants Being evolved to the point where there subtle bodies have become visible, this facet of the plant intelligence we call flowers. Often stunned by there beauty we give them to our sick and loved ones, intuitive knowing there awesome silent power. A courting human male will often try and Woo Woo Woo with such.

    For further multiple personal Robin correlations to my life narrative see Galactic Center Temple and Scarlet Dragon. Better yet, ignore my media familiar and find your own...
    Character Poster of Chris O'Donnel as Robin (sporting 4 sync winking octagons) for "Batman and Robin"

    The Robin connects and points powerfully towards K2 in resonance with the 'kk Circle R' sync wink at Clearwater. Robin Tunney climbs K2 in "Vertical Limit" alongside Chris O'Donnel, Robin from "Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin". Thus "Vertical Limit" sees cinematic brother and sister plus double Robin's scaling the giant number 2 (Everest Being numero uno). In my mind K2 was one of the earliest Holiest of Holies, Earthly representations of Galactic Center or Kosmic Konsciousness.
    I found time during rain to do some 'research' on my Ipod, all cozy and cocooned in my tent.
    Black Star's like Oprah resonate the heart of the Milky Way.

    The bright tiny screen in the dark tent with its heavy contrast was playing the final Episode 10 of the epic Echart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey A New Earth Webinar. This was when I saw the final unveiling of what I had started to suspect through synchromystic clues.
    By becoming very aware of and interested in what 'touches' or 'sync kisses' movie Stars, in frame, I had started to develop a sense I couldn't yet put into words.

    To read more about my sync relationship with Oprah, including her opening a school in South Africa 15min drive from where I grew up see Following Hugh Jackman Through The Atlantean Stargate. Or better yet go interact with joy in your own narrative...
    Still from the Pilot episode of new series "The Mentalist".

    The image of Robin Tunney above was discussed in Scarlet Dragon. The Zebra had been associated to her many times before this image even existed, the theme repeating through the synchronicty of a passing striped T-Shirt, giving her part of a radiating crown. This Zebra halo also reminds me of the white and black Sphinx pulling the Rider-Waite Tarot Chariot card.
    Given this line of reasoning I now feel the nemes is an attempt by the Ancient Egyptians to highlight the subtle body of the Pharaoh.
    Compare the visible serpents, wings and radiating halo of the exiting Golden Age King's artworks and the entering Golden Age works by Alex Grey.

    Tunney is seen with the Zebra stripes emitting from her Crown Chakra in the pilot episode of "The Mentalist", her latest TV gig. We see the Golden Boy, Pharaoh Tutankhamen, with his striped nemes radiating and vivifying his subtle body. The Ancient Egyptians, it would seem, were an intermediate culture bridging the gap between a Golden Age of realized consciousness and history. In that sense they are much like us, custodians of the shift, only in reverse as we are moving into knowledge of Self, while they were moving out.

    Scarlet Dragon

    When we look at the second coffin of Tutankhamen (above) it is possible we are looking at an attempt by the artist to portray the actual reality of the experience of seeing the Ancient Sun Kings. Certainly it shows the 'spiritual' reality - as does images like Alex Grey's (note how the Grey resonates the popular E.T. another symbol of Kosmic Konsciousness) "Holy Fire Panel 1" below - but maybe, cultures near the previous Golden Age, like a flower, had their ethereal selves visible! Perhaps this is starting to happen again, not just with the Sun Kings, but all of Us. The movie Stars by aggregating so much attention is only where Konsciousness starts noticing it first.

    “every man and woman is a star”

    Aleister Crowley
    I love the non-local and local (Being one, in the end) winged eye and triangle often associated with the Illuminati. Revealing the true identity of the 'Controlling Elite' inseparable from who We are. In essence the goal of the mummy coffin and Alex Grey painting is the same, making visible the subtle body.

    Arguably the most powerful human Black Star on the planet Oprah Winfrey Illuminates thusly..
    The Black Star holds up the book by E.T., she unveils that EcharT TollE has the E.T first letters mirrored as T.E in the last letters of his name.

    As Echart is opening my third Eye through his constant evoking of my true Self, I start to recognize his corresponding subtle body emanating visible.
    Echart Tolle's "A New Earth" Webinar. Earth is an anagram for Heart.

    The studio lights entrain with the needs of the NOW creating a play of light on his forehead. A circular spot and S shaped light playfully flickers and realizes his third eye in the visible realm.
    The WE3 spinner as E keeps bobbing in and out of E.T's physical body from the vantage of the observer. The E crowns symbol systems like the Masonic Tracing Boards. See The Stygian Port WE3Marys for new observations related to this mystery.

    The Crown further 'attracts' themes associated to the realization of Kosmic Konsciousness on Earth. The rising sunlight above the curve of the Earth touches his profile while the A A designates him as a realized Earthly Buddha type, in my mind at least. Crowley's order the A.:A.:'s highest attainment is called the Ipsissimus.
    Just noticed a third white A which along with the 2 blue A's surround his head. The A or Alpha circling the head of the teacher.


    (10°=1): Beyond the comprehension of the lower degrees. An Ipsissimus is free from limitations and necessity and lives in perfect balance with the manifest universe. Essentially, the highest mode of attainment.
    Wikipedia A.: A.:

    This sounds exactly like fully embracing the NOW and realizing your inseparability from the Divine.

    I don't have 'proof' and might be wrong but I am doubtful that the current situation in the fraternal societies allows for the true orthodox attainment of this degree, if it ever did.

    As in my mind the highest attainment in human form - what the A.:A.: calls Ipsissimus - is Being a Buddha, and Eckhart as master teacher of enlightenment qualifies, he is also an Ipsissimus. Certainly the double A and visible light body attest to this in my current B.S. (belief system or bull shit).

    There is a great deal of inelegance in comparing these systems so haphazardly and drawing such brazen conclusions. Yet, here we are..

    A new video by Jim and Nosis - that's the same Jim who invited me out to Clearwater for tent Illumination and 911 mystery - that entrains seamlessly with all themes discussed here.

    HEART of the KOSMIC KHRIST with Alex Grey

    We see Grey (resonating the almond eye shaped Kosmic Konsciousness signifier) with a tiny circular Halo emanating from his Crown in the video. A Buddha on the curved ground of the painting behind the artists replicates the sunlight rising behind Eckhart's "A New Earth" backdrop.

    We see the third eye opening on the Alex Grey designed cover of Tool's "10 000 Days". Compare the almond shaped slit with the flickering light on/from Eckhart's Ajna and the core of the apple.
    The 2K/K2/KK sync kisses or emanates from the Star Robin Tunney's Crown. A classic sync that helped realize the notion of how the subtle body entrains with the surrounding.
    The Crowned Double K of Krispy Kreme in the Futurama Atlantis (the probable popular name for the previous Golden Age) parody episode "The Deep South".

    In Following Hugh Jackman Through The Atlantean Stargate we saw how the toroid Krispy Kreme displays the double K. Remember that the torus shape is associated with the human subtle body, the apple and planets, Being then a solid resonator of the Divine.

    Jenn from Hidden Dakini passed on the following golden goodie we can NOW fully appreciate with all the above context.

    Tool's song Rosetta Stoned, track 8 from "10 000 Days" is 11 minutes and 11 seconds in duration. 11:11 is KK as K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. 11:11 is the exact moment of the solstice alignment on 2012.

    Tool - Rosetta Stoned

    Alrighty, then ... picture this if you will.

    10 to 2 AM, X, Yogi DMT, and a box of Krispy Kremes,
    in my "need to know" pose, just outside of Area 51
    Contemplating the whole "chosen people" thingy
    when a flaming stealth banana split the sky
    like one would hope but never really expect
    to see in a place like this.
    Cutting right angle donuts on a dime
    and stopping right at my Birkenstocks,
    and me yelping...

    Holy f**king shit!

    Then the X-Files being,
    Looking like some kind of blue-green Jackie Chan
    with Isabella Rossellini lips, and breath that reeked of
    vanilla Chig Champa
    Did a slow-mo Matrix descent
    Outta the butt end of the banana vessel
    And hovered above my bug-eyes, my gaping jaw,
    and my sweaty L. Ron Hubbard upper lip,
    and all I could think was:
    "I hope Uncle Martin here doesn't notice
    that I pissed my f**kin' pants."

    So light in his way,
    Like an apparition, [that]
    He had me crying out,
    "F**k me
    It's gotta be
    the Deadhead Chemistry
    The blotter got [right] on top of me
    Got me seein' E-motherf**kin'-T!"

    And after calming me down
    with some orange slices
    and some fetal spooning,
    E.T. revealed to me his singular purpose.
    He said, "You are the Chosen One,
    the One who will deliver the message.
    A message of hope for those who choose to hear it
    and a warning for those who do not."
    Me. The Chosen One?
    They chose me!!!
    And I didn't even graduate from f**kin' high school.

    You'd better...
    You'd better...
    You'd better...
    You'd better listen.

    Then he looked right through me
    With somniferous almond eyes
    Don't even know what that means
    Must remember to write it down
    This is so real
    Like the time Dave floated away
    See, my heart is pounding
    'Cause this shit never happens to me

    I can't breathe right now!

    It was so real,
    Like I woke up in Wonderland.
    All sorta terrifying
    I don't wanna be all alone
    While I tell this story.
    And can anyone tell me why
    Y'all sound like Peanuts parents?
    Will I ever be coming down?
    This is so real
    Finally, it's my lucky day
    See, my heart is racing
    'Cause this shit never happens to me

    I can't breathe right now!

    You believe me, don't you?
    Please believe what I've just said!
    See the Dead ain't touring
    And this wasn't all in my head.
    See, they took me by the hand
    And invited me right in.
    Then they showed me something
    I don't even know where to begin.

    Strapped down [to] my bed
    Feet cold [and] eyes red
    I'm outa my head
    Am I alive? Am I dead?
    Can't remember what they said
    God damn, shit the bed.


    Overwhelmed as one would be, placed in my position.
    Such a heavy burden now to be the One
    Born to bear and bring to all the details of our ending,
    To write it down for all the world to see.

    But I forgot my pen
    Shit the bed again ...

    Strapped down [to] my bed
    Feet cold and eyes red
    I'm outa my head
    Am I alive? Am I dead?
    Sunkist and Sudafed *
    Gyroscopes and infrared
    Won't help, I'm brain dead
    Can't remember what they said
    God damn, shit the bed

    I can't remember what they said to me
    Can't remember what they said to make me out to be a hero
    Can't remember what they said
    Bob help me!
    Can't remember what they said

    [We] don't know, [and we] won't know (x12)

    God damn, shit the bed!

    Nicholas Brendon (Xander) and Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia Chase) in episode "Killed by Death" with Krispy Kreme donuts. I first heard of the Krispy Kreme synk wink through an email by Jim.

    Xander the Star that opened our post eats his KK torus candy in another "Buffy" episode.


    Jenn said...

    Today I really do feel like the blotter's gotten on top of me, confusing and a little overwhelming. Now after reading this I am starting to feel better. Thanks for writing this brilliant post, Jake. You are a gifted guide :)

    Occult Mosaic said...

    excellent post again, winnipeg is just fascinating.

    Ben said...

    jake....Thank You!

    your "slightly" rare outlook explains a lot i can't explain myself.

    namaste to you as well

    Ed said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Ed said...

    I loved that last pic, Gangesh and Robin! The Dick Gray-Son version.

    In Stephen King's Dark Tower Series, you share a name with one of the main characters,(as do I) and one of the names for god is "Gan".

    Great post!

    Chris said...

    I am enjoying the timing of Rosetta Stoned lyrics considering this very recent gem that has been getting a bit of attention. Notice how close these quotes are:

    Chris said...

    Let me also point out the similarity between the torus and the interlocking lingam-yoni (tetrahedron). The yoni representing the donut while the lingam would be the central spine/column which provides the opposing force which gives the torus its shape.

    Shiva- pater (father) pattern/space
    Shakti- mater (mother) matter

    You continue to inspire, Jake. Many thanks.

    Anonymous said...

    In traditional Japanese Theater the stage is placed at an angle to the audience so as to incorporate the profile and front view of the performers equally. Just like with Eastern Philosphoy and as in Eastern Music's tradition of dissonance (Stravinsky), the simultaneous holding together of opposites. A Professor of mine, Fred Beihle used the word "ecstatic" to describe the fragile thread that holds unlike things together. Frank Lloyd Wright had a bunch of designs with a 45 degree field and orthogonal field combined, which makes an octagon. The combing really makes it easy to disassociate your sense of direction. When its done with the floor plates occupants will get dizzy, confused and have a similar effect as an Escher painting or seeing Davide Bowie walk on the walls and ceiling in Labyrinth. Hadrian's Villa is a good example of ecstatic Architecture. A King traveled the World and came home to build a masterpiece that would infuse his many sights, a micro of the macro. Haresh Lalvani an Architect-morphologist showed me that a square plane will hold a pyramid of sand and extended as a rectangle the plane holds the form of a Basilica.

    That principle of enlightenment to me is related to morphology, which really shows the working mechanism of the Golden Section, the Fibonacci sequence and prime numbers; about how this pattern weaves and overlaps isomorphically. The Quantum flip came up a bunch times within the descriptions of the ultimate form generators. They are determined on extremely complicated curving surfaces.

    Anonymous said...

    just watched Dave Chappelle on Inside the Actors Studio, posted on Dedroidify. Check out this Black Star.

    Immortel said...

    "OH MY GOD... it's full of stars!"

    Jake Kotze said...


    soundlessdawn said...

    Very cool analysis of the relationship between the geometries of the heart of an apple with the torus shape and the star/sun/planet magnetic field. How perfect is that!
    Pythagoras is smiling. ;D

    Atareye said...

    WoWWy! 10/10 or 9/9!
    Tool supposedly incorporates the golden section into their music. That album (10,000) is a prime example. Try to air drum to that craziness.

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    A little bit more info about what happened at the Harvest Moon Festvial: The Festival and the Society that organizes it is an attempt to bring together both rural and urban cultures in a bid to give birth to a sustainable, visionary and peaceful co-existence. The people and groups that have come together for this initiative are of an incredible wide ranging point of view and experience. But the times are calling for new ways to move forward -rural Canadian communities are dying out due to the grind of industrial agriculture while urban folk are sick of the alienation of the city and the disconnect from Nature and community. Right from the start the Harvest Moon Society (which I belong to) has had an uphill battle to win over people to this new vision. After almost 8 years a real movement has sprung up and many projects are underway to realize the vision of an integrated rural - urban eco-village concept. We have always felt if we could pull this off in a place like Clearwater, Manitoba then it could happen anywhere. Traditionally the area is a of very conservative and christian persuasion. Many of those from the city that are part of the Society and that come to the festival are of a anarchist, ecologist or mystical orientation. Last year I had Frank Albo give a workshop on Hermeticism. This year was to be Jakes turn on Synchromysticism. For a certain christian contingent (who are not involved with festival but who were going to provide our insurance) once they saw the word mysticism and they researched the blogosphere they became scared that we were sheep in wolves clothing, as they put it. The discussion that Jake and I had with them could have been had hundreds years ago easily, but at least this time we will not be burnt at the stake. I made the decision to cancel jakes workshop as confrontation is not our strategy. I told them that we are not going away but that we will build peace and tolerance through our humanity and there is no reason why we cant all co-exist together. The last thing they expected for us was to cancel the workshop and they were delighted. I believe this act of ours had incredible power as now they must negotiate the reality that for them we are perhaps devil worshippers, yet we are full of love, kind and sensitive to their needs. And unlike them we proved that we believe in an All powerful God in which we have no fear, something they said but clearly dont believe as they are wracked with fear.
    I am proud of Jake for going with the flow in such a rare way. A live synchromysticism workshop will have its day soon, and in due time it will be at the festival, and hopefully in the future their will even be Christians learning its ways. Because if galactic alignment is not about peace and compassion with all then its not the real thing.

    Interestingly, the Manitoba Legislature is a Temple in honour of Hermes - God of Commerce and the City, and Aphrodite - Goddess of Nature and the Rural hinterland. The balance of the two is their child. The Hermaphrodite that is being born is a harmonius existence between both rural and urban life. I believe that is the ultimate goal of the Harvest Moon Festival and the exactly what the Galactic Centre Temple is pointing us towards.

    As always I am in awe of Jakes work and all the work of the synchromystics. You are a special bunch of people leading the way as consciousness awakens to new levels at this time of becoming aligned to Galactic Centre.



    aferrismoon said...

    Fine 'earthing' of Winnipeg.
    Also cclicked with 'proof' , it reminded me of things as Waterproof, childproof, soundproof - impermeable, inaccessible, inaudible.
    The burden of proof = the never-ending search for the key. Searching implies avoiding the 'now'.

    Oh my stars, it's full of god

    aferrismoon said...

    Also AHOY spelt AHOJ = the general , realaxed greeting and g'bye

    tak ahoj [ so ahoy]

    Chris said...

    1- black
    1- and
    2- white are
    3- all I see
    5- in my in-fan-cy
    8- red and yel-low then came to me
    (reaching out to me lets me see)

    Newspaceman said...

    Yeah, you have cleared things up for me too Jake man - you sure talk and write some amount of new-age bollocks - what troubles me more is that you actually believe it and, if I understand you properly, that you are actually at the centre of it/things.

    You are having a laugh, no ?


    Newspaceman said...

    "as now they must negotiate the reality that for them we are perhaps devil worshippers, yet we are full of love, kind and sensitive to their needs."

    Aye right Jim - maybe they see you for what you are?


    Anonymous said...

    What is the deal with Pu**ycat dolls?


    Jake Kotze said...

    What do you mean? Chicks on bikes rock!

    I jest. The one is wearing the Zebra stripes. The middle girl (a black star, not sure?) has star earrings with a Circle-N or OZ/77/Pan (over her crotch!) on her bike. There logo is a black heart a perfect Galactic Center symbol. The heart of the Galaxy is likely partly a black hole... Then there's the cat and vagina thing.. There is allot more...
    Really its pretty awesome symbolism, looks like crazy unconscious stuff but that's the point of my blog. Making the unconscious conscious, following the syncs...

    Be wonderful

    Chris said...

    Very nice Jake. I also find it interesting how 'corbeau'
    curiously omits the 'ss', which I say should certainly resonate aquarius (flip 90 degrees for wave symbol), and replaces it with stars. Talk about answering your own question.

    Jake Kotze said...

    The Pussycat Dolls' Black Heart also resonates the new film Inkheart (Eckhart).

    Mental exercise: Find a trivial connection between 2 things.
    Or make a connection that seems loose. Then come back to it from time to time.

    In my experience any possible connection is profound or meaningful. It might take time to see the gravity of a connection as we might lack context.

    I have often read connects on other sync blogs and felt (in moments of weakness) like rolling my eyes because I feel "Now thats taking it a bit far" or "That's just silly". Usually it only takes a short while before I am totally thankful for the seemingly trivial connection.

    Our minds are learning how consciousness bleeds in and out of everything and everywhen. What makes a connection that brings joy and insight is not the mind.

    Its tricky for the conditioned mind and ego to let go of the old pattern.

    Synchromysticism is not a belief system, idea, philosophy or interesting concept. It is a small facet of a new state of human consciousness.

    It is fringe and dynamic now but in the future it will be no more than common sense. I suspect in some cultures this kind of thinking is already common sense.

    Be well folks.

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Jake.... Who is searching for the center, finds himself within it. Some who are not searching for a center, have problems seeing it when it is right in front of their face.

    If you want to find yourself at the center of things..... Well who do you think will find that first. Someone like Jake who's looking for it, or someone who thinks it does not even exist?

    Syncromystism does not show you things that are not there... It's a study of what is there.

    Dennis/87 said...

    Dude from the festival, No Jake? What a foolish idea. What a syncromystic joyride. Who knew Win a peg as the portal? The syncros are just getting easier for you. Dennis H Igou from Oregon. Shine forth brave souls!

    Peggy Carter said...

    You will see the figure of Hermes/Mercury on the corner of the Federal Building, adjacent to the 'Big Lie Hole" I should've zoomed in at the end, but you can see it:

    Mercury Feder

    it's on the ~NW corner of the intersection at the ~NE corner of the "Big Lie Hole." Catty-Corner from St. Paul's Chapel.

    9/11 7th Anniversary Late Mourning Review

    Best to you,
    "Conceptual Peg" ;)

    Atareye said...

    What an honor! Thank you for the Syncstar link! I hope to drop more posts and help with the 'Great work'! I'm saving up for a laptop so I can work on the road.

    Your galactic center syncs got me thinking about Arcs, arches, hearts, eve, apples etc. How many licks does it take to get to the galactic center of a Tootsie Pop? Which made me unfortunately think of Sisqo - How Many Licks Does It Take? The song featuring lil kim. The lyrics of the song are a little much to drop here so I suggest a quick scan of the lyrics to any syncronaut.
    "A white dude his name was John
    He had a Queen Bee Rules tattoo on his arm, uh
    He asked me if I'd be his date for the prom
    And he'd buy me a horse, a Porsche and a farm"
    Also further weaving the process I noticed Sisqo's logo(bling) when he first broke out was a Dragon in front of a pyramid. I will stop there as I am not a fan of that whole genre but Lil Kim's easy to look at.

    Wax on wax off 'K'arate 'K'ids

    Unknown said...

    11:11 x 11:11 is 1234321, a step Pyramid! This was discovered by a guy called Rick Clay, he has a lot of other interesting things to say about 2012 as well.

    David Shearer said...

    Hey Jake I really liked your post. I read the Goro thing too and I dont really understand why hes all bent out of shape for some idea exchange. I think its perfectly fine too. I mean thats how it works, like a drop of water on a pond.

    I really do like this post though, you said so many great things about the shift we are experiencing, i sit back and watch it happen. I see people day to day go through the changes and battle their own understanding. It really is easy to sit back and watch that but most people want to fight. I think they want it for their own growth and they dont even know it.

    Its like the monk who rides through towns on his donkey and the next towns people ask him what hes look for and he says "im looking for my donkey". This is the same way we look for god, reality, and all. If we are the great creator gods like in the nines then sometimes we just take things a little too seriously. bill hicks rollercoaster comes to mind haha.

    Kuldeep said...

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