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    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    World Trade Galactic Centre

    Bruce Willis wakes up in Rome, having been kidnapped and shipped via Stargate Cuboid shaped (Osiris coffin/box resonating) crate, after being attacked by the Candy Bars in "Hudson Hawk". One of the 4 Candy Bars is David Caruso a.k.a Kit Kat (KK) who in one scene assumes Hudson's identity, or "Twins" our Hawk.
    Willis as Hudson Hawk has the HH while Caruso as Kit Kat sees the KK. Much doubling resonance even further highlighted by the identity mimicking antics of Kit Kat. Behind Kit Kat we see a phone box, out of which Star Willis has just stepped, another Stargate Cuboid.
    Stargates love to come in cuboids, just reflect briefly on Noah's Ark, the Millenium Hilton Hotel, the Great Pyramid King's Chamber, Osiris Box, Ark of the Covenant, 2001 Monolith, Kaaba, Masonic Ashlar (cubic stone seen on tracing boards) etc etc. The Phone Booth Stargate Cuboid was seen in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure".

    See Gosporn the fountainhead of the HH sync's and his new post with more thoughts on the matter In The Shadow of Giants.
    As was mentioned in Why 2K?: Strange Things Are Afoot at The Circle-K Keanu Reeves - Neo "The One" from the major consciousness altering "Matrix" Mega Ritual film - rides atop the Stargate Cuboid, his legs synchromystically framing 'One' (the last 3 letters of telephone) on the poster art. A precognitive non-local sync bleed through highlighting his future role as movie Star messiah.
    Inside the cuboid we see cult martial arts actor Al Leong as Mongol Ghengis Khan, a previous owner of the Himalayan K2 (as near as I can tell, any Mongolian history buffs out there?). I spotted Khan inside 'The Pyramid' last week, see previous post.
    This particular Stargate device is piloted by the recently deceased (reaching the penultimate personal Stargate) George Carlin and finds the hero's (all resonating Horus, see Christoper Knowles' The Secret Sun) Bill and Ted outside the double K doored (thus resonating K2) Circle-K. Keep this in mind when we look at the Wall-E 'Circle-E' and Mario Bros 'Circle-M' . (The double K 'Circle-K' was featured in the Why 2K video duo)
    We know its Rome Willis has woken up into as his first glimpse of current local reveals the Colosseum.
    Hudson (Horus/Osiris) Hawk wakes up from his cuboid beside the circular Colosseum, a Stargate location in "Jumper".

    Defunct potential master Jedi, the fallen Anakin Skywalker (Lucifer Resonating) a.k.a Dark Lord of Sith or Darth Vader, Actor Hayden Christensen, opens Stargates in "Jumper". When not sunning himself atop the Rahu head of the Giza Sphinx he is jumping through Stargates to sneak his girlfriend into the Colosseum. The Sphinx as giant 'disembodied' head, like Mount Rushmore in the previous Hudson Hawk post echoes Rahu. Rahu is one of the 9 Navagraha in Hindu Mythology and equals the Northern Lunar Node, which it 'just so happens' (yea right, what blog you reading?) shares the sky with the position of Galactic Center.
    The disembodied Galactic Center (GC) Rahu Pharaoh head aligns with a Pizza Hut/KFC franchise. The Sphinx and Pizza Hut/KFC alignment is one of my favorite syncs, it shows how the hight of crazed consumer culture still inevitably points towards God.
    "Pizza the Hut!"

    Bill Pullman as Lone Starr and John Candy playing Barf, lampoon space smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca, in Mel Brooks' "Star Wars" spoof "Spaceballs". In the scene above they encounter Pizza the Hut a play on the giant space slug Jabba the Hutt.

    John Candy resonates the Stargate Candy pattern, he winked at us, his name imposed over Manhattan and the WTC, in the previous post.
    Having a giant serpentine monster head and mouth, Jabba is rather Rahu and GC resonant as all monster mouths can be connected to the great Milky Way Stargate. Synchromystically Jabba already resonates GC through the Pizza the Hut Sphinx alignment, his monster head just adding more weight to the argument. Izapa Stella 11 shows the toad mouth as GC, slug/Toad thingemagick Jabba in this fashion also echoes the Galactic Stargate.

    See Opening The Stargate Via Nicholas Cage for Monster Mouth = GC
    See K2 and the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual for Izapa Toad action
    The Hutt further entrains with Rahu by repeatedly trying to cast smugglers and Jedi's into GC monster mouths.
    Jabba GC Monster Mouth exhibit A, Rancor...
    Hutt GC Monster Mouth exhibit B, Sarlacc...
    A potential victim of the almighty Sarlacc, or synchromystically we could say: "a potential traveler through the Milky Way Portal" is one, Harrison Ford.
    Fascinating as Mr Ford has entered the 911 Mega Ritual's Pillarmids in the film "Working Girl".
    The Ark Raiding (Stargate Cuboid) pilot of the Millennium (resonating 2K) Falcon (resonating Horus) name appears sync smooching Liberty Isis. Isis, following the thoughts of John Major Jenkins in his book "Galactic Alignment" is the Milky Way, more specifically GC.
    Above Ford enters the lobby of the Salomon (resonating Solomon's Temple) Building 7 through a spinning and quartered axis mundi resonating doorway. Sigourney Weaver an Alien (Cosmic Consciousness) slayer in a red dress joins him for the whirl around the spine of Being.
    A Zodiac wheel from "A monument to the End of Time" and "Galactic Alignment" showing the Galactic Alignment and Equinox Cross.

    I currently view the 911 Mega Ritual as the start of a rapid evolutionary phase in planetary realization of consciousness. The period is suggested as beginning with 911, representing Gemini, through the Twin Towers and ending with Galactic Alignment during the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual, located in the sky by the arrow of Sagittarius and the Tail of Scorpio (the Twin Guardians of GC). This correlates with the 'Galactic Alignment and Equinox Cross' traced in the heavens by the 21 December 2012 11:11 solstice sun alignment (see zodiac image above). 911/Gemini is then viewed as the bottom of the Galactic Center-Galactic Anticentre axis of the cross, while 2012/Sagittarius or Scorpio is the top of the same axis. A seamless union can be acknowledged between world events and the state of the collective consciousness.
    Han Solo, like Osiris and Hudson Hawk, travels via Stargate cuboid, 'frozen in carbonite' from the Cloud City of Bespin (UFO shaped Devine Dirigible) to Jabba's palace on Tattooine.
    When not flying his '2K Horus Chariot' a.k.a the Millennium Falcon out of the Galactic Center representing Space Slug Monster Mouth, Han Solo chooses black monolith cuboid as mode of travel (Thanks to Richard from the The Synchromystic Serpent for the Space Slug lead).
    The dark Monolith our ark raider is encased in reveals a secret about the Stargate cuboid. His human form reaches out as if stepping through the mercurial but frozen waterdoor. The veiled meaning being that the human from is one doorway of consciousness moving into matter. A flower in a similar manner is the physical expression of plant consciousness going through the same process. The flower is the equal to the crown chakra of humanity opening to connect the small being to the larger Being of cosmos.
    While Willis stares at his Twin (image below), Kit Kat, a Roman obelisk sync winks in frame with our Cat (K@/K2) burglar. The Twin/Gemini theme connects here to the Twin Guardians of the Galactic Center-Galactic Anticenter axis. We can imagine this axis as a portal or Stargate tunnel starting at Gemini (The Twin Towers of the 911 Mega Ritual) and summiting in Galactic Center guarded by another set of Twins, Sagittarius' Arrow and Scorpios' Stinger (The Galactic Alignment of the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual) . In this way the Galactic Center Stargate Axis is guarded by Twins on both sides, Gemini at the entrance and Sagittarius/Scorpio at its exit. The double theme is well encoded on all levels of the Stargate of Cosmic Illumination synchromystically present as popular sync winks such as the intimately related K2, HH, 11:11, MM etc.
    The most relevant and syncnificantly occult resonant Roman obelisk of all is not neglected as Hawk travels through Vatican City on a reluctant mission to steal the 'da Vinci Codex'.
    Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval note in "Talisman: Sacred Cities, Secret Faith" a bizarro 'coincidence' about this obelisk, smack in the center of an 'octagonal ellipse' at the Piazzo San Pietro in front of the Vatican Basilica of St Peter.
    They marvel at the fact - while not subtly hinting at conspiracy - that the golden cross placed on the apex of the freshly erected obelisk in 1588 completes all the necessary physical symbolism for the hieroglyphic name 'Heliopolis'. The hieroglyph for Heliopolis according to "Talisman" is an obelisk surmounted by a cross 'accompanied by a circle or ellipse divided into eight parts - the standard hieroglyphic indicator of a city' (p305).
    Historians generally agree this obelisk made its way to Rome, removed from Heliopolis in AD 12-41 by order of Caligula, the golden cross atop the pillar and cross quartered courtyard coming into Being in the 16th century. The issue the authors have with a three dimensional hieroglyphic representation of Heliopolis, present in Rome, on and around a Heliopolis obelisk, is that no person alive at the time should have been able to read hieroglyphs, as the art of deciphering these was only achieved in the 18oo's. No doubt this could point towards secret knowledge safeguarded by mystical facets of the Vatican or its architects but there is another possible interpretation.
    Synchromysticism implies that the very fabric of the universe is intelligent. Every facet of Being seems to self organize into natural resonance with the context of its surroundings. You could say the Heliopolis obelisk is intelligent and the non-local mind of no-thing entrains the ancient holy stone's surroundings through synchronization with the resonance of said object. It helps if the artists involved with the project of creating the architecture are occult and esoteric minded as it would allow a sensitive and suggestible pallet for this resonance and entrainment to find expression. Non-separate and non-individual (as are all things, yet they remain beautifully unique and divine!) time-space objects like this obelisk grow out of Being, only to the limited human mind does it seem like things are built with mental plan making.
    This cross quartered plaza with its Italian flavor allows us the opportunity to briefly reflect on the similarly cross quartered standard method of cutting a pizza into 8 tasty slices.

    Pizza - the favorite food of Ninja Turtles - synchromystically, is in resonance with the giant GC Rahu head of Giza, through the Pizza Hut/KFC alignment. This is all very sucsynct if we consider that the 2 greater pyramids at Giza (a.k.a the Twin Pillars, Mountains, Towers or Breasts of Egypt) causeways align with the half solstice or cross quarter.
    In a little while we address popular Pizza topping, the olive...

    Pizza was seen before in connection with Robin Tunney in Z is for Zebra
    Pizza was seen with Adam Sandler (and KFC!) in Opening the Stargate via Adam Sandler
    Micheal Pena is one of the police officers who gets trapped under the Pillarmids alongside Nicholas Cage in "World Trade Center" (note the Galactic Center resonance of the term WTC). His badge number looks like 1117, seen twice in the image above (on hat and chest), giving us a possible double 11.
    The police hat he sports is called an 8-point hat giving us and octagonal sync wink at his Crown Chakra or 'spirit body Stargate', no less.
    Tony Genaro - last seen bus driving Robin Tunney to a pivotal seance in "The Craft" and avoiding being eaten by GC representing 'dirt dragons' in "Tremors" - plays Pena's dad in "World Trade Center" who eats Pizza while aligned to a television set showing the 911 Mega Ritual (below).
    His uniform in the Craft sees the Circle-M (below), this is also the logo of the "The Mario Bros". Genaro further entrains with the Stargate with a smooching double K sync wink in "Tremors" and let's not forget the KK on the destroyed WTC in 1993's "Super Mario Bros".

    For Genaro and Mario KK see Opening the Stargate Via Nicholas Cage.
    Wall-E sees a distinctive red Circle-E in it title, logo and name design. The We3 -that is to say E's ability to become W,M,3 when rotated - theme, allows Circle-E to sync nicely with Circle-M. We have already seen Circle-K in "Bill and Ted's", much connected to Stargates. As a circle is the primary shape and symbol of the Divine, drawing this around a letter ads Stargate resonance to the letter sigil.

    We3 theme explored in The Word War 3 Stargate Mega Ritual and Jesus and Robin Tunney
    A cuboid anthropomorphic artificial intelligence stairs at the stars or heavens (on the left image above) while he and his love (union) interest, Eve (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator), are encircled by the romantic moon (on the right hand poster).
    Eve is one of the naked Twins/Gemini in the garden of Eden, interacting with the World Axis or Tree.
    A.I. is a symbol of consciousness waking up inside matter. This is currently happening to humanity but could also be happening to our technological children as well (see RoboTut for more details). Han Solo stretching the fabric of the mercurial black monolith cuboid is the symbolic equivalent of a humanoid cuboid yearning for the heavens in Wall-E. Man finding his own divinity or opening the Stargate that leads to heaven through Cosmic Illumination.
    Wall-E displays his relationship to divinity in its disguise as the solar orb by needing to soak up its rays to survive. The giant mystery ball of hydrogen is venerated and deified by practically all religions 'consciously' or otherwise.
    Goro Adachi has shown us how we entrain with our Star's cycles, its current low sunspot activity correlating with world events, sol symbolically being in a tomb. Its impending re-awakening and heightening in strength, as symbolic phoenix, entraining with the 2012 time period.
    Apparently the sun goes through an 11 year cycle. The last peak in activity being 2001, currently being in a low activity phase as we are midway through the sun spot cycle, immanently starting to heighten again as we head to 2012.
    This sunspot cycle thus synchronizes perfectly with the 911-2012 or the Galactic Center-Galactic Anticentre alignment axis. The axis with its base in Gemini and top in Sagittarius/Scorpio.
    The sun/star cycles, as is the 911-2012 axis are all metaphors or external pointers for the internal process of consciousness becoming aware of itself in matter. In a way that is only partly true as the internal and external reality are one and the same thing but our minds still use the dichotomy as a helpful pointer to a truth beyond conceptual understanding.

    Goro is also the expert on octagon and all things cross-quarter, his thoughts on the matter being pivotal inspiration for these words.

    Wall-E does us even one better and teaches us one method of how we might go about achieving union with Being...

    Major Wall E spoiler alert
    The central McGuffin axis around which all the characters spin is a simple little plant. It is the far future and the polluted earth has not supported vegetation for 700 years. The discovery of the plant heralds the possible return of humanity who left for the stars in a mass exodus.
    Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth-Class) a lone earthbound robot who continues to compact trash discovers the plant inside a fridge type Stargate cuboid.
    He uses a boot as a pot for his flora discovery. Eve (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) a modern robot from space, on a mission to probe for plant life, retrieves the boot taking it into deep space. The loyal and smitten Wall-E follows.

    The boot resonates a foot, a Galactic Center/Alignment pointer as Ophiuchus' foot shares the sky with the other markers of GC, Sagittarius' arrow and Scorpios stinger. The coiled plant takes on the role of foot, meaning the plant - or more accurately plant consciousness - is our pointer towards the spiritual center of Being and the physical center of the Milky Way.

    The foot as GC pointer (giant "Hudson Hawk" foot, "Ninja Turtle's" Technodrome Foot Clan logo) was seen in the post Opening the Stargate via Nicholas Cage.

    I had my first Ayahuasca - plant medicine - ceremony on a Friday June 27. After this healing or teaching I spent 4 days camping and hiking. The plant entheogenic roller coaster, through the boundary dissolved internal/external pshycosphere, followed by a 4 day nature immersion left me vulnerable to plant consciousness themes. The very evening of my return from the organic Canadian Shield to the excreted object realm of the city I step into the Virtual Disney Computer world of "Wall-E".

    Nature vs Man Made Artifact Mini Rant!
    All is arises from Being in the present. Natural and unnatural are mind made devisions. A plant, a car, a baby, a movie and Giacomo Bologna are 'excreted' from Being beyond form. Form and thought are the temporary crystallized tip of the iceberg in the bottom less ocean of no-thing.
    All perceivable and unperceivable facets of existence are connected to all else and are expressions of the divine. A car usually does however reflect - allow being to move through the object - the totality with far less clarity then say a crystal, a baby, a bird or a flower. These types of objects are in greater harmony with the source and naturally echo the un-manifested. In this manner a traffic jam or news broadcast will tend to bring less joy then a garden or child's laugh, unless full acceptance and presence is brought into the stuck vehicle or violent news program.
    Synchromysticism attempts to take the generally hopelessly egoistic, rational and materialist popular media, which would in most context generate more unconsciousness, and convert it into consciousness. The 'Apotheosis of Pop'. A car, pop-song or movie can also allow consciousness to arise if approached with unattached joy (the only true joy, as opposed to temporary states such as happiness) and an eye for mystery.

    "There's beauty in the cracks of the cement"
    The Coup - "Me And Jesus The Pimp In A '79 Granada Last Night"

    Read or download Echart Tolle books, audio or lectures for the clearest description of joy I have come across, the inspiration for above thoughts.

    The climax of the film sees the giant "Buy n Large" logo (above) - a NWO resonating megacorporation that influences all aspects of human life - activated to make 'a jump to hyperspace' or synchromystically open the Stargate of Cosmic Illumination.
    To return to Earth the automated ship needs the plant placed inside the blue pillar and platform. It will then scan and recognize the vegetation knowing only then to open the Stargate (below). Wall-E, the anthropomorphic Stargate cuboid of consciousness growing inside humanity fights to realize this eventuality.
    The Blue arrow pointing towards the plant symbol on the pillar becomes synchromystically the arrow of Sagittarius, a marker of GC.

    As we see the blue platform topped pillar rise and rotate we realize the N can become a tilted Z and the blue Circle the O of OZ. This is the OZ/77/Pan Stargate motif synchromystically embedded in the pillar that opens the Stargate. The Plant Consciousness is added to the Pillar and the wormhole is opened (image below).
    This is the kundalini serpent waking up at the base of the spine (pillar/staff/tree), traveling up to the third eye, which then opens the crown Stargate.

    See The 911 Stargate video for Crowley OZ/77/Pan and "The Wiz" WTC Sphere sculpture connection.
    Rant in Z Minor is also chock full of OZ, including the great Crowley 'Grid Page'/Robin Tunney "Zodiac" sync.
    A red glowing cyclops eye 'HAL 9000' type A.I. computer, "Auto", tries in vane to thwart the opening of the Stargate. The 2001 reference reminds us of the cuboid black monolith Millenium Hilton hotel present at the 911 Stargate site, another pillar entraining with this affair.

    See Happy Birthday Robin Tunney! (a Gemini!) for more Mellenuim Hilton.
    The ships computer is voiced by Sigourney Weaver - an "Alien" thus Cosmic Consciousness resonator - who was last seen entering Building 7 in "Working Girl" with another Hyperspace jumper Han Solo or Harrison Ford. Above she hobnobs in red with businessmen atop a 911 Pillarmid, Building 7!
    Multiple GC Monster Mouth (Sarlacc, Space Slug) escapees, Han Solo and Chewbacca, with their octagon framed (the cockpit of a Tie-Fighter) Millennium Falcon or 2K Horus, opening Hyperspace Stargate of Cosmic Illumination. Hyperspace was also the name the creators of "Wall-E" chose for there film's Stargate.

    See Thoth-Duck and the Pillarmid Gate (Comic Book Cycle Part 2) for more "Working Girl" and Harrison Ford.
    The captain of the Stargate traveling Axiom (above) looks at video footage from Earth and excitedly tells our synchromystic Hall 9000 : "Auto, Earth is amazing! These are called farms. Humans would put seeds in the ground, pour water on them and they grow food. Like Pizza!"

    The cross-quartered edible mandala, pizza, again winks loudly. Remember its alignment with the Sphinx and Tony Genaro watching the 911 Mega Ritual in "World Trade (Galactic) Center".
    Micheal Pena has just been rescued from underneath the plaza in "World Trade Center" and is reunited, crying tears of joy, with his wife. They had been in disagreement about what to call there soon to be born baby girl, but Will (Pena) is now convinced his wife's choice is the correct name.
    Olivia, the name shared by the roller dancing "Xanadu" nightclub Octagonal Stargate opener, Olivia Newton-John. The historic Xanadu was built by possible K2 owner and KK himself Kublai Khan.
    The film maker of "World Trade (Galactic) Center" Oliver Stone shares and amplifies this 'olive Stargate ' resonance.
    Samantha Mathis plays Princess Daisy in the 911 Mega Ritual sync classic 1993's "Super Mario Bros". Featuring a partly destroyed, September 11th echoing, Pillarmid with the KK imposed on an intact tower (image below).
    Above Samantha can be seen making a volcanic mountain erupt in "Lost". "Lost's" mystical themes, popularity and series run (2004-2010) entrain it with this key period of rapid consciousness realization making it a vital platform and canvass for sync research. Mathis' name on the "Lost" Island is Olivia and she wears the octagonal Dharma logo on her chest.
    The film zooms in from a distant vantage encompassing King Kupas lair, the World Trade Galactic Center. KK grows in the picture as we head in for a window atop the Pillarmid of Consciousness.
    We see Samantha Mathis, our "Lost" Stargate Olivia, standing in a teethed window longing for rescue from bondage. Inside she seals the sync deal with a another KK sync kiss.

    Opening The Stargate Via Adam Sandler
    JFK Stargate Mega Ritual
    Olive wreaths were given to triumphant athletes in Ancient Greek Olympic Games. The wreath shape and placement echoes the Halo and Crown Chakra making it a symbol of the opened human subtle body Stargate. Reflect on Pena's 8-point (Octagonal Stargate) police hat, then naming his daughter Olivia, on surviving the Pillarmid collapse.

    The Olive is related to plant consciousness and its role in opening our Stargate. The acorn and nut syncs we have talked about in the past, and will see again in the near future, tell a similar tale. Still working on the meaning of candy syncs, mind you..

    See Nuts
    See K2/Giza Kandy Cane
    Rasputin opens a Stargate for his Nazi buddies in "Hellboy". The vortex ripples and flows like water, which along with the electrical energy dancing around Rasputin and the gate, connects the Stargate to Aquarius.
    The twin wave type lines of the symbol for Aquarius teaches us the rippling energy and water context associated with the age we are entering.
    Rasputin uses a giant glove to open his Stargate, this echoes the appendage theme introduced by Opiuchus' foot and Wall-E's boot. Note the hands clenching the Twin K's on the "Super Mario Bros" King Kupa WTC.
    We see common Stargate sculptures, Gargoyles, dancing in the lightning. Lightning connects to Zeus/Jupiter and the Aquarian twin energy zig-zags.

    See Island Of Atum and Opening the Stargate Via Nicholas Cage for more Gargoyle syncs.

    Entering our world from the Lovecraftian deep reaches of ancient slumbering tentacle monster space is Hellboy. He is mistaken for an ape betraying this Stargate traveler's Thoth resonance. To entice this horned Pan/OZ/77 being out from hiding you need Stargate candy (image above).
    Above we see Hellboy's (Lucifer/Pan) fondness for cats (Kat, K@, K2, Leo) and his association with Red Bull. As a half man half bull we realize that Hellboy is also the Minotaur.
    Theseus in mythology ties a ball of string to an olive tree to help him traverse the labyrinth and slay the Minotaur. The bull is also Taurus which along with Gemini forms part of Galactic Anticentre, the base of the Milky Way-Equinox cross, thus intimately related to Galactic Center.
    Having seen monster heads and mouths identified as the heart of the Milky Way we could be so bold as to say monsters in general resonate Galactic Center.
    The vilification and portrayal of heaven as hell, Devil as God and Galactic Center as Monster, stems from the egos fear of death. The ego (sense of individual identity) makes 'the light bringer' into a demon as it knows the light of consciousness can destroy it. In this context Theseus travels to Galactic Center using plant consciousness to overcome his ego.
    Our synchromystic Pan-Minotaur stands in a museum the current exhibition titled "Magick: The Ancient Power". This is the Aleister Crowley - K2 mountaineer and writer of Liber OZ/77/Pan - originated way of writing the word. A GC beasty Sammael opens his Milky Way jaws at Hellboy, the word Magick and us, the viewers.
    The film climaxes and Rasputin tries his hand at opening another Stargate to end our world. The end of the world invariably means the realization of cosmic consciousness. The material world is inseparable from infinite consciousness, the idea of its destruction comes from the frustration with our incorrect perception of its true nature beyond though and form. We scratch at the annoying illusion of the material world as separate and immutable through threatening to destroy it in media time and again.
    Nothing more satisfying then threatening the illusion of seemingly solid materiality from the comfort of the theater. The disaster scenarios connected to the future and eschaton (metaphors for mass collective realization of consciousness) are the same misunderstanding of the nature of matter. The destruction of matter is always the symbolic collapse of our illusions about substance, the end of Maya. Its not that substance doesn't exist, rather that its nature is mercurial and inseparable from the infinite depth of who you truly are.

    As you and me are infinity itself the destruction of Earth hardly even remotely threatens who we are. As a dreamer I think it would be far more funky if we realized harmony on this planet.
    Rasputin's Stargate in "Hellboy" happens in the presence of a Black Madonna or Isis. Isis is a strong GC resonator.

    Rasputin's second Stargate opens through a cuboid type marble pillar (above) and the eclipsed moon (aboveerer).

    The Lunar nodes - spots where eclipses occur - were traditionally exalted in Gemini and Sagittarius or Galactic Center and Galactic Anticentre. John Major Jenkin's "Galactic Center" explains how Hindu mythology views the Northern Lunar node as the Giant disembodied Rahu monster or often Dragon head exalted in the same area of the sky as Galactic Center (Sagittarius/Scorpio). The Southern Lunar Node or Ketu (another name for K2!) is depicted as a knotted serpent or dragons tail and is exalted in the sky with Galactic Anticentre (Gemini/Taurus).
    Within this context the eclipsed moon as Stargate makes perfect and profound sense. The moon itself is a powerful Stargate resonator a theme to be further expanded upon in future synchromystic work.
    The scene above needs no explanation at this point as we have seen the same dynamic happen with the Sarlacc and Space Slug. A Stargate traveler is swallowed by the GC representing monster mouth during the final battle.
    Note the Zebra stripes on Micheal Keaton and OZ resonating road leading up to the house surrounded by 3 disproportionately large characters on the "Beetlejuice" poster. Beetles came up in two previous "Hudson Hawk" posts, as "The Beetles" band on a t-shirt in "Hitch" and the word Scarab on a boat in "Face/Off". The yellow brick road ends at the WTC in "The Wiz". See Gosporn post The Ties That Bind for more on "Beetlejuice".

    The decapitated 'monstrous' head of Alec Baldwin (above) resonates and bridges the themes of disembodied giant heads with the occult Johannite tradition. The idea is that John the Baptist - who was decapitated - was the True Christ, not Jesus. The Knights Templar apparently venerated a disembodied skull or head.

    See Christopher Knowles influential The Secret Sun and posts like Ritual Drama: John the Baptist in Space for some synchromystic explorations on themes along these lines.

    Freemasons also have a tradition of iconography involving the skull of Hiram/Solomon/Queen of Sheba on tracing boards (See Ralph Ellis' "Solomon" for details). This is a very tantalizing area for investigation considering films like "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". The skull in question being a freaking Grey Alien or Cosmic Consciousness resonator, no less!

    The disembodied and monster head in my mind are both vivid pointers of the Stargate and Galactic Center.

    Noticed a fresh Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince interview at Red Ice Creations entitled The Masks of Christ and John the Baptist. These cats wrote the book on the Baptists (The Templar Revelation), it should be very insightful about this very subject.

    O.K, one last film that amazingly ties practically all these themes together, then were done..
    I giant white Roman numeral 2 or Gemini emanating blue light floats in space. Imposed over the symbol is Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith). This is "Men In Black 2" or M2B. (MB resonating the Mario Brother 'Twins')
    Right of the bat a giant worm tries to eat Will 2K, the powerful synchromystic sync'star'. A speeding New York subway train or chariot is the setting of this encounter with the Monster Mouth of Galactic Center.
    Scenes from the black Stargate King's M2B music video The Black Suits Comin'. We view Will 2K inside the octagon and a cross-quartered dance floor.

    See videos Island of Atum and post Gemini for much Will 2K 'Star'gate action
    Rosario Dawson enters the picture with her hands full of Mountain Dew. This liquid candy that evokes mountains (shades of K2) is an extra funky soda pop sync wink which portents more to come. She is working at a cross quarter and sphinx resonating Pizzeria, flavor heightened by the presence of hungry alley cats (K@,K2). Seconds later we also see the main antagonist Lara Flynn Boyle, as alien monster Serleena, stroll into the diner with its checkerboard floor.

    Hey, I'm not your mom but just because I often write about 'bad' pop culture and candy doesn't mean I think its cool to sit around stuffing your face with crap and watching junk. Just saying...

    The most amazing thing happening here is that Lara Flynn Boyle and Robin Tunney are intimately related!

    Some snippets from the Bio of these two lovely actresses.
    Grew up in Chicago with Robin Tunney. Lara Flynn Boyle Bio IMDB

    Grew up with Lara Flynn Boyle and attended high school together at the prestigious Chicago Academy for the Arts. Robin Tunney Bio IMDB
    "Jumpers" like Darth Vader (Hayden Christensen) also interact with Mountain Dew. Darth Vader resonates the Stargate of Cosmic Illumination and GC in other fascinating ways. Below we see him in "The Empire Strikes Back" freshly decapitated like the Baptist and possible true Christ. Symbolically we are learning here that the true Christ is GC or Cosmic Consciousness.

    See post K2 Candy 3 for Spy Vs Spy and Daniel Johnston syncs related to Mountain Dew.
    Boyle, like Tunney, seems to be a strange attractor for the black and white motif. We have already seen her on the checker floor, below she is sync kissed by a Zebra sofa cover. Zebra is an alternate name for Philip K. Dick's VALIS. Being the gross reductionist I am all such phenomena become symptoms of Cosmic Consciousness as is all aliens in films like Serleena.

    Robin interacts with Zebra in "Cherish" and the "House M.D" pilot episode
    Try the Tynney Trilogy videos or my new Red Ice Interview for more on the Tunney Zebra connection.
    Will 2K has to stop Serleena from appropriating "The Light Of Zartha", as well as locate said object, before it explodes at midnight on the Island of ManhAtum (Manhattan). The clues lead to the same Pizzeria. Below we see our black Man In Black - based on a legitimate extraterrestrial, thus Cosmic Consciousness, resonating conspiracy theme - get a little carried away with his investigation. He starts seeing meaningful patterns and messages in mundane symbols on pizza boxes believing them to contain clues to finding "The Light of Zartha".

    Try Island Of Atum for more on Manhattan as Atum.
    The green checker pattern sync smooches Agent J's chin while the pizza slice is interpreted by our temporary Metanoia sufferer as an arrow. If I were given to similar bouts of lunacy I might suggest that this arrow resonates Sagittarius' same device which points at Galactic Center. I might even claim that this pizza arrow is pointing at the green Liberty/Isis which is the Milky Way's heart itself, confirming the Sagittarius arrow interpretation. The pentagon atop the illuminating torch is also associated with Isis and Sirius. Sirius is on the same meridian as Galactic Anticentre connecting it also to GC.
    While Agent K stares tolerantly at the spectacle, the Fresh Prince concludes his 'investigation' finding a cupboard chock full of "Crown Prince Flat Fillets of Anchovies In Olive Oil". The gravity of the olive sync has drawn our attention in as if it has more to say. Sending 'The Blob' back to the Internet or concretetized mind of God, created by World War 3.
    Pretty sure that is the olive branch at the summit of the Third Degree Tracing Board (Thanks Jim for lead). All these tracing boards point towards Giza from which evolved the Tabernacle and later Solomon's Temple (See Ralph Ellis such as "Tempest and Exodus").
    The olive branch was brought back to Noah's ark by the dove. Again, Noah's ark is the same sacred cuboid (Kings Chamber, Ark of the Covenant etc) Hudson Hawk travels to Italy inside of and Wall-E is shaped as.
    Further brief on line investigation reveals that Solomon's Temple inner sanctum or holiest of holies, by many accounts, is intimately related to the olive plant. The doors of the 'holiest of holies' were constructed of olive wood, while the ark itself was placed underneath two giant Cheribum made of olive wood covered in gold!
    See Solomon's Temple Description at Wikipedia.

    According to Wikipedia's entry on Solomon above the king's throne was placed a candelabrum and a golden jar of olive-oil.

    I'm sure theres a whole mess of fascinating esoteric connections to be explored here but let's just simplify and say that Solomons Temple and Olives are strong resonators of the Stargate of Cosmic Illumination.

    What I find really amazing is that this information wormed its way into my consciousness through following olive related synchronicities in the 911 Sync Web. Through persisting with Olivia from "Lost" and the "Super Mario Bros" double-K, while noting the Olivia Newton-John "Xanadu" octagon, we have come to learn of the olives intimate connection to Solomons Temple. Seeing as K2, Giza, Solomons Temple and the Twin Towers are all intimately related the olive bleeds into all these areas.
    The olive represents plant consciousness, a key part in the ascension of the human species.
    The 'real' clues are eventually retrieved from the 'Ben's Pizza' leading our Twin Agents to Grand Central Station and a locker containing an entire civilization of tiny aliens. The call Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) the light bringer (Lucifer/Pan/Hellboy) and exclaim "All Hail K, All Hail K". Yes, that's correct, "All Hail K!" twice. The 'holy K2' of both Giza and Himalayan Mountain, plus our current era of ascension or 2K. Surely this is enough to make our jaws drop. But wait!
    A tiny Moses with Alien antenna steps into shot atop a giant - relatively speaking in this case - disembodied Rahu/Baptist or Galactic Center head, inside a Stargate circle, on a "Wooden Nickel".
    Alien means Cosmic Consciousness, as solidified by the feathered Milky Way indigenous American head, while the 'Martian antenna' echo sculptures like Michelangelo's "Moses" with horns.
    The original texts use a word that can both mean "grew horns" or "ray of light" resulting in a dispute amongst theologians and scholars about the true nature of Moses' 'antenna'. What ever the case synchromystically Moses has Alien horns in Men In Black 2 resonating Pan/Lucifer/Hellboy. Moses is probably - amongst other things - Akhenaton, Hyksos (Shepperd) Pharaoh. Akhenaton often depicted himself with elongated limbs and almond shaped eyes making him look like a Grey type alien. I would suggest this is more likely because he encountered preternatural beings like Crowley's Lam during ecstatic magick, or had secret knowledge of such matters, then actual physical anomalies being portrayed (See Ralph Ellis "Eden In Egypt" for more).

    See Wikipedia for more on Moses' horns.
    Ralph Ellis talks about Hyksos Shepperd Kings or Aries worshiping Pharaohs in a new filmed subscriber Red Ice Creations interview. He also spends some time speaking about Jesus at the Mount of Olives! (Thanks Steve Willner for the Mount of Olives sync)

    Our Stargate Cosmic Consciousness Moses points the way to 'The Holy Tablet', another clue the Agents need to find "The Light Of Zartha". 'The Holy Tablet' or a "Tapeworm Video Store" business card, resonating the ten commandments, resides above a can of black olives.
    Considering Moses/Akhenaton (or some such Hyksos element) was instrumental in bringing the Giza rites and symbolism out of Egypt, with the portable Tabernacle, which would evolve into Solomon's Temple, this olive sync makes profound sense.
    The "Tapeworm" video store, amazingly, syncs back up to the olive. As a conspiracy orientated flick dispenser a joke is made of the store being a shrine to cinematic conspiraloon master Oliver Stone. His name appearing on practically every rack.
    Will 2K and Agent Kay land there flying car type chariot on a Manhattan skyscraper. Jay has another bout of Metanoia interpreting the gridded arrow pizza slice of "Ben's (Benben resonating) Pizza" as embedded in the architecture of the building. This rooftop skylight in its turn points at the real life liberty/Isis, our lady of Galactic Center. Perhaps there is something to Will 2K's synchromystic observations after all...
    Laura (Rosario Dawson) is unveiled as "The Light of Zartha" herself, having to leave by spacepod chariot to save the Earth. Serleena makes one last comeback as a giant serpentine monster. Her body becomes the enormous kundalini snake of the Manhattan skyrise, attempting to swallow Will 2K. This is easy enough to decode synchromystically using all we have discussed in this post and the 911 Mega Ritual as template.
    The building is the World Pillar with the activated kundalini serpent or the awakening consciousness of the entire planet. The 911 event saw the Twin Pillars fall, symbolically unveiling Isis or our Milky Way's heart, the truer* Holiest of Holies inside Solomon's Temple.
    The Twin Agents in Men In Black reflect the Twin Towers of 911 and Galactic Anticenter in Gemini. The 'dragon' and its gaping mouth symbolizes Galactic Center in Sagittarius.
    2012 is the year of the Water Dragon (entraining with Aquarius/the Waterdoor) in the Chines Zodiac... (Review "Kung Fu Panda's" dragon inside octagon, reflected in water, given this information)

    *The real Holiest of Holies (HH/Thoth/YHWH) is your infinite nature beyond thought and form, that which you already are in the present moment. The realization of the perfection of the NOW through complete surrender to what is.
    Plant consciousness is also highlighted as Serleena's head appears to be a giant flower - echoing Audrey 2 from "Little Shop of Horrors" - surrounded with leaves. Just the briefest of reminder here that Serleena, our Galactic Center monster, is originally played by Lara Flynn Boyle a person who grew up with the Stargate Queen, Robin Tunney.
    With all the Stargate elements in place "The Light" shoots from the deck of the Manhattan Island Building, towards a star above Liberty/Isis. The effect of which creates firework mandala patterns in the sky.
    Consciousness has become Cosmic, the Immanentization of the Eschaton has achieved liftoff.
    Wikipedia's World Trade Centre in popular culture page states:
    The finale of its 2002 sequel, Men in Black II, was set to take place atop one of the WTC buildings. Due to the fate of the towers, however, this was modified prior to release. The original ending can be seen on the DVD release as the "alternate ending".
    I purchased the Special Edition DVD with the alternate ending and can not verify this claim. At least it resulted in me giving the film a decent look over which I probably wouldn't have done without this incentive.
    Anybody out there with some more information about the alleged "Men In Black 2" WTC appearance please drop me a comment or email.

    Grant Morrison's super sigil Illuminatus style classic "The Invisibles" sees a main character, indeed one of the Invisibles, called Ragged Robin. This character comes with some heavyweight occult and 'eschatollogical' resonance. Most importantly, of course, she resonates the Stargate Queen, Robin Tunney. We will undoubtedly, flux willing, see more of her in future work.
    Below, relevant to this post, she interacts with the decapitated head of John The Baptist. This in no less a syncnificant building then Rennes Le Chateau.
    Some of the Glossolalia the head utters is KK (K2) and Kikk. Tunney plays the Red 'Templar style' Cross wearing Kick Kennedy, JFK's sister, in "JFK Reckless Youth". So it goes..

    The head, in my interpretation of the sync web, is pointing towards the true Templar treasure, Robin Tunney. Put less cryptically, what Tunney points towards...
    Be very well friends.

    Next up we investigate the Winnipeg Legislature Building before hopefully finishing the "Hudson Hawk" series.