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    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Thompson Turvy: Amended: Now With Added Rainbow Power!

    Jim and Jake, the 'Thompson Twins', at the ZOo. A day filled with much "Wonderful Wizard of OZ/ZO"...
    Thomson and Thompson (in red and white Zebra's), the detectives from Tintin (Jupiterjumpiter)
    The "Thompson Twins" (resonating Gemini, one of the astrological signs that flank Galactic Anti-Center) on the "Thompson Chamber of Commerce" logo.
    The alchemical symbol for Tin and astrological Jupiter is the same..

    Jupiter is, to my mind, the most StarG8 resonant of local spheres (think the '2001' and '2010' films..)
    Even the new video being birthed, inside the "Days Inn" (Sun/StarG8 Inn) is incredibly heavy on the OZ syncs...
    At night while looking at the hotels neighbor, "Boston Pizza", WE/ME notice the pizzeria is entraining with OZ.
    The Pizza slice forms an arrow shape. The 'on' (ON/OZ) of 'Boston' is framed by the neon 'arrow'.
    Even more overtly, the tapering tip is most centralized over the 'o' of 'Boston' and 'z' of 'Pizza'.
    This isn't even unique in the sync web as Will Smith has interacted with a pizza slice arrow in "Men In Black 2"!

    See World Trade Galactic (Anti)Center for pizza as cross-quartered, aligned with the Great Sphinx and the Will 2K connections...
    It is literally a clue for our 2 'detectives'. The 'Pizza arrow' points at Liberty/Isis, Goddess of the Milky Way. The Star above can be both Sirius or Galactic Center (GC).
    Remember that Sagittarius' arrow points at GC, GC points at the true Self or Conscious Awareness of Existing to begin with.

    Later G8tors
    After posting this, over waffles in the hotels breakfast room, offering a beautiful sNOW view of the "Boston Pizza" mentioned earlier, an Icebow forms around the structure!
    OZ, the true Self, "Somewhere over the rainbow".

    Over the rainbow - Judy Garland