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    Thursday, January 31, 2008

    Wedding Weirdness

    This film poster sees yet another current disembodied sexless (somewhat mermaid resonating) torso out in the global mind. Confirming an as jet un-understood pattern (see Tricky Torso for more (its probably some Freudian sex thing, any psych students out there? What gives here? It feels kinda creepy)). Anyway, this film "27 Dresses" is about 'tying the knot'. Ralph Ellis speculates in "Eden in Egypt" (p162) that both symbolism of the Christian marriage, where the priest ties the hands of the couple with a decorative ribbon and the Greek Gordian knot, find their origin in the ancient Egyptian symbolism of the Semai Taui.
    The Semai Taui (below), a symbol that just like the combined Red Crown of Lower Egypt and White Crown of Upper Egypt into the United Crown, represents the unity of the two nations, which Ellis believes is a symbol depicting the binding of a trachea extending from a pair of lungs. The symbolism is said to be evoking the idea that the shared language of both nations ties them together. This forms part of the book's later discussion of the confounding of languages involving Giza later becoming the biblical narrative of the Babel Tower (or The Great Pyramid).
    The trailer for the film informs us that 'the wedding is all Set'. Confirming synchromystically the Egyptian resonance of 'tying the knot'.
    The font even becoming black when invoking the similarly black skinned aardvark/jackal and Horus enemy, Set.The films production company is Fox 2000 (or 2K) Pictures (image below). Ralph Ellis believes the Great Pyramid is a map pointing towards the mountain K2 (I think he is on to something (Did Crowley or Alexander know something consciously or otherwise when questing in the Himalayas?)).
    A pivotal enough scene to make the trailer and Wikipedia entry involves the synchromystic favourite, the Taxi. As near as I can figure the taxi is closely associated to 'The Chariot'. More on that subject, maybe a little later, I have a cold...We see Edward Burns in the trailer with a screen displaying a pyramidal shape with white capstone and the letters UE (thanks for the lead rsz33). I am told this is the logo for a company in the movie called Urban Everest (our tallest Himalayan Peak second only to K2).
    Dodgy films are often the most sync rich of all. I think consciousness (the Being or no-thing in and beyond all form and thought) likes to move in mysterious ways through the unconscious mind...

    27 Dresses Movie Trailer

    More on things that really matter, like Tunney, soon...

    Tuesday, January 29, 2008

    "A robin feathering his nest"

    The double pillarmids (modern towering pillar or mountains (like any building)) of Manhatum (The concretized Island of Atum) with the South Tower (often favoured in these pre 911 syncs) destroyed in a precognitive scene from 1993's "Super Mario Bros."
    As the film moves in for a close-up we see the North Tower with the King Kupa Double K! (Thanks Tigno323 for lead). These particular cinematic pillarmids are located in another dimension on the other side of a Stargate.

    The double K (KK/2K/K2) 'sync wink' theme was discovered by following up synchromystically on Ralph Ellis' theory that the Great Pyramid decodes as a map of the second tallest mountain on earth, K2 (see his book "K2: Quest of the Gods"). By synchromystically decoding Aleister Crowley's (the first dude to try and scale K2) "Grid Page" from the "Book of the Law" as partly a map pointing towards Robin Tunney (a K2 Mountaineer in film "Vertical Limit") the Y2K Millennium celebrations was included in the double K sync web. (See Tunney Trilogy)The pattern has been proven relentlessly rock solid and supremely vivid, time after time, entertaining with (if not explaining!) the 11:11 phenomena (K being 11th letter of the alphabet), Jac(K K)irby (see here, and here) and syncs like ones seen in "Stay Tuned". In another 'hellish' dimension as always accessed through the Stargate the character Crowley 'jumps' channels (symbols of 'weird' consciousness, which is actually just your normal consciousness unobstructed by thought or things and rooted in the present moment) while the Knables couple, sporting K's, retell the same double letter theme, elements just somewhat rearranged. John Ritter makes the sync blatant by realizing he relinquished his temporary human form on 11 September 2003. If you look at the "Super Mario Bros" North Tower KK again comparing it to the Knables still, you might realize consciousness digs telling the same tale when following patterns and disregarding time/space and consensus context limitations.
    Almost superfluous, but lets do it anyway... We see Keanu Reeves or Neo (the 'One'/Messiah from the mass consciousness impacting "Matrix" film) sitting outside the double K of the Circle K in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". This scene happens mere moments before a Stargate (consciousness growing in mankind) opens..... Below we see the double H inside twin octagons on a Manhatum pillarmid in "The Hudsucker Proxy", the film is temporally placed near new years (resonating 2K). As H is the 8th letter of the alphabet plus the number of sides of the Freedom Tower and Great Pyramid, all becomes self reflective of all else...
    So, H resonates 8 and octagon. (Octagonal theme from the work of Goro Adachi)
    The often sighted H (the twins reaching to become one) as synchromystically connected to the O.G. NY pillarmids (see for example the Simpson's parody poster of Woody Allen's "Manhattan" (the original films Manhattan skyline font is the same)) makes even more sense including this octagonal (8 sided Great Pyramid/Freedom Tower) insight. (H theme from the work of Micheal Gosporn)
    Confirming and solidifying the pattern, we view the alternate reality of OZ (NY one letter 'back' in the alphabet, thanks Aferrismoon) in "The Wiz", where Manhatum is OZ and the yellow brick road ends right at the connected 'H pillarmids' of ground zero and the Kaaba representing Sphere sculpture. The Sphere and Kaaba are both Great Pyramid resonators (see here for details).
    The 77/Pan or Oz motif is seen imposed over the Sphere with pyramid shapes surrounding and adding more emphasis.
    Our K2 mountaineer and Stargate Queen, Robin Tunney, who has played the character of Zoe 3 times (see previous post) has all Aleister Crowley "Grid Page" elements (diagonal line, target/cross and grid) converging on her name including the ZO on the "Zodiac" film poster.

    Yummy Tunney (our ZO resonator) seen in "Cherish" next to 2000's (K2) "O Brother, Where Art Thou's?" Tim Blake Nelson, playing lovebirds.
    The semiotic elements simply reorganize and "Hey Presto!", Tim Blake Nelson framed by the OZ of ZomCon in the Zombie comedy film "Fido", groovy.
    The headquarters of ZomCon displays a double OZ/Pan/77/NY 'thingemagick' between a connected WTC resonating H style pillarmount.
    More on Z and lovely Tunney a.s.a.p.
    You all be well and come back now, ya hear?

    Sunday, January 27, 2008

    11:11 Stargate Sync

    I had no particular interest in the 11:11 phenomena, but I believe the 'true synchromsytic' (what ever that 'is'..) follows the syncs, above all else. In recent work (see Why 2K) KK was connected to the K2 pyramount (mountain/pyramid) and the 2K ritual (the new years celebrations 2000), both intimately tied to the 911 mega ritual (WTC disaster), thusly the double K theme was discovered (see Tunney Trilogy). As the eleventh letter of the alphabet is K, 11:11 can also be viewed as KK. This allowed 11:11 to enter my awareness, promptly followed by my notice of it on watches and in films (see Island of Atum and still from "The Number 23" above).

    Still above from the intro to "The Number 23"

    Like the William Burroughs/Robert Anton Wilson/Discordian '23 phenomena', 11:11 like all synchronicities focus awareness on the present moment which allows consciousness to grow inside the species. The synchronicities fill the 'moments' between the mega rituals (mass consciousness focusing events) with increasing intensity leading up to the Escahton or Mega Mega Ritual (most likely the 2012 solstice), the transcendental Stargate object at the end of history through which humanity becomes fully conscious and enters the galactic community (insert own idealistic metaphysical projection here (or role eyes in contempt)). The synchronicties by nature and function entrain (synchronize) with the mega rituals giving them the quality of leading awareness towards the Stargate, indeed they help realize the Stargate. If you identify the Stargate with a thing/object such as group/conspiracy theory/aliens the syncronicities will lead your mind to view them as part of a giant paranoid time/space transcending mindfuck. As the Stargate is the physical aspect of what allows the nonphysical consciousness into humanity, identifying any time/space source as the fountainhead of the Stargate (formless/timeless consciousness being its true source) is a road to neurosis (ego/identification with form). I can say that over and over, yet the mind attached to its perceptions/identity will struggle to let go and we will have to deal with the Bavarian Illuminati (and its associated mythos i.e reptilians etc) and its usurping of the Stargate meme for a little longer. No worries, "A fool who persists in its folly will become wise." I had to run the Illuminati maze myself to realize consciousness/divinity, probably exactly what Crowley/Jesus and there kind had in mind...

    Jim Carrey, the green man Osiris resonator holds up a book in director Joel Schumacher's "The Number 23". Its cover sees the word Z00. Al ZO or OZ titles interest me as the letters have been found on the Kaaba symbolising ground zero Sphere sculpture in "The Wiz" film (a Joel Schumacher script!). The ZO/Oz is also 77/Pan in some numerical Kabbalah fashion, Crowley wrote "Liber OZ" (see The 911 Stargate). Zo was also spotted in Oliver Stone's "WTC" film as a "Zoolander" billboard. The syncstar Aferrismoon notes NY becomes OZ when we move it one letter 'ahead' in the alphabet combining beautifully with the "Lost" island having been symbolically shown as interchangeable with Manhatum (See Comic Book Cycle 5 A and B and Island of Atum).
    The Stargate Queen Robin Tunney settles all internal debate about the syncnificance of the ZO theme, having played Zoe 3 times in her acting career thus far and seeing all Crowley "Grid Page" elements converge on her name and ZO on the poster for Zodiac (See Tunney Trilogy and K2 Candy Part 1). More on ZO and Tunney in the next post, I believe. I wanted to put this new Tunney and ZO stuff into a video but I am through messing with Windows/PC and putting my videos on hold until I cross paths with a Mac and a better editor...
    In "30 Rock" episode "The Source Awards" we see comedian Wayne Brady share screen time with 11:11. 30 Rockefeller Plaza is probably the current 'key pillarmid' (Towering pillar/pyramid symbol) on the island of Manhatum pending the completion of the Freedom Tower. It has also been intimately tied to the island's Mega Rituals and Stargates (see Island of Atum). As the pyramid shaped golden mound of the Prometheus sculpture at 30 Rock attests to, we also have a strong pillarmount thus K2 theme. This all fitting very snugly indeed with Wayne Brady's 11:11/K2 sync wink.
    This becomes pure gold when more context is introduced, witness Wayne Brady in Stargate SG-1 "It's Good to Be King", stepping through the Stargate, the symbol of consciousness aware of itself. (See Atlantean Times for more Stargate show exploration and a simply amazing Aten find in "The Day After Tomorrow") There is no disconnect between observer and observed. All space/time phenomena are consciousness, even your awareness of phenomena. All can be understood as symbolic (no need for believing it's a dream or matrix). Space and time itself function well when viewed as metaphor (they are very real just understood as reflections of consciousness, dig?). Space and time symbolising the level of perceived disconnect between 'things'. The stars are distant, your lover is near...

    Through your lover however you can access the stars (by union and opening of the ecstatic 'physical' boundary dissolving Stargate of sex, for example).

    Space/time allow for the drama of separation conversely however also the joy of possible union (love).
    Even a physical space ship or Stargate is only a temporary concretization of consciousness.

    Image above from Atlantean Times article "Christ Quaid & The Heliopocopter Towers". I believe this is Dennis Quiad uncovering the word (part of a bigger word under the ice) on a signboard on Manhattan? Will try check it out in the future...

    Tuesday, January 22, 2008

    The Living Monolith

    The monolith's, from both the "2001" film (lately also the Kirby comic book) and the 911 Mega Ritual (as the Millenuim Hilton Hotel), elements rearrange, but acquire some telling new context in "Revenge of the Living Monolith" a 1985 Marvel graphic novel. See Illuminati Propeller Heads for its first synchromystic mention.
    The Monolith has entered the sync web in other fascinating ways, one such being the cloaked hideout of a Khan in the Alec Baldwin starring "The Shadow". A cloaked New York Art Deco building called the Monolith ties in very well with the 911 Mega Ritual as basically all space/time anomalies are Stargate resonators in this bloggers mind. Much more context about this sync in videos "Why 2K:2" and "Island of Atum". .
    In "Revenge of the Living Monolith" the Pharaonic Monolith's henchmen abduct the Fantastic Four (created by Jac(K K)irby) with a pyramid shaped teleporting Stargate who's 'capstone' penetrates the structure.
    The Monolith tears out of a jet (below), having freshly arrived from Egypt. As I currently consider the 911 event to be a reenactment of historic events connected to ancient Egypt and beyond, going so far as to dub the Towers pillarmids (pillar/pyramid symbols), the ultimate goal of which is to initiate the final stage of consciousness realization (the ultimate collective Stargate opening) the event itself being dubbed the 911 Mega Ritual, these depictions sync up flawlessly. We have thus far seen a Pharaonic Monolith (a Stargate symbol) arriving by plane and teleporting pyramids atop Manhattan skyscrapers!
    Like so many beasties before (King Kong) and after (Cloverfield) the Monolith reenacts 911 by destroying Manhattum (see Aferrismoon's "Eye Can Dee" and the video "Island of Atum" for more on Manhattum) landmarks including the WTC pillarmids.
    Our A.W.O.L. island defenders (FF 4) leave a vacum that has to be filled by...

    Captain America (co Jac(K K)irby created) is called in to assemble the heroes to save the city and the FF 4. The only panel inside the book (apart from the cover) showing the Twin Pillarmids sees a speech bubble yelling over the skyline "And That's it in a nutshell, Cap". The nut refrence is its own important subject, needing to be explored more shortly, for some context read "Nuts".

    The possible 'Kirby King Kong sync' pictured above.

    Captain America has been connected to the Towers and Stargates in numerous amazing Kirby related syncs this past week at "The Blog" (here and here) and at "The Secret Sun" (Mindbomb 1, 2 ,3). My favourite Christopher Knowles finds being his Zero Street panels from Kirbys "Captain America Night Poeple" (a story arc directly following "Madbomb" (possible WTC King Kong pose) I believe).
    You see, the Night People had their own Mega Ritual, transporting their asylum on Zero Street to another dimension, along with a healthy chunk of Manhattan's bedrock. Zero Street is now a fenced-in Ground Zero, its native soil replaced with alien atoms. (The Secret Sun Mindbomb 3)
    And another great Secret Sun Sync, Captain America emerging from a Stargate (above) mirroring the 'Madbomb WTC pose' seen on the advertisement on the left (close up below). Considering this Stargate/911 context connected to Cap, how cool and concise then, to see him battling a giant Pharaoh called the monolith, in Manhattum?Both Captain America and Thor display there connection to the deities of ancient Egypt through the wings on the side of their heads, just like Thoth descended Mercury (think of the wings on Flash's feet). Sculptures like the seated Khafra (below) show the protective wings of Horus on the sides of the 'god on earth' the Pharaoh. It is easy to see how this symbolism has worked its way into our current deities, super heroes (and the closely associated movie 'star' actors).

    Thor (co Jac(K K)irby created) is also involved with WTC pillarmid destroying the Pharaoh Monolith. His connection to ancient Egypt and Thoth made possibly even stronger through his hammer.
    In Ralph Ellis' "Tempest and Exodus" we learn of three ways of writing Djeheuti (Thoth).

    One variation includes what Ellis believes is the Axe, displaying quite probably the deities often attributed association to Metrology.

    "In affect, the axe symbology of the Minoan and Egyptian gods was most probably derived from the concept of the divine being cutting the perfectly proportioned stone block from a rough ashlar; which is yet another masonic metaphor." p131 Tempest and Exodus

    The visual and 'masonry shaping' connections between both Axe and Hammer feels obvious.
    Thor has been spotted interacting with WTC pillarmid destruction themes in another comic context, "Damage Control".
    Yet again a giant monster (of transforming robot variety) attacks Manhattum, coming to rest and damaging the Twin Towers. A character called Robin is referred to on the same panel as this precognitive pre-911 scene. If you assume I believe this is entraining with the K2 mountaineer, bride of Christnegger and Stargate Queen, the lovely Robin Tunney, you would be correct. (See Tunney Trilogy and Comic Book Cycle for more context)

    The mighty thunder god gets a visit from Isis, Osiris and Horus in a 1975 Thor comic. They simply pop out from underneath the city streets in a giant pyramid, now (in sync with the pillarmid theme) sitting amongst the buildings of New York.
    Helicopters fly around its summit much like the real life pyramid destruction event of 911. (See Illuminati Propeller Heads)
    After sorting out this pyramid disturbance, Thor flies of past the real life equivalent of what would be witnessed (elements just slightly rearranged) during the 911 Mega Ritual.
    Warning major "Marvel 1602" spoilers to follow:

    In Neil Gaiman's 'vibrating with syncnificance' "1602" we learn that Thor is no less then the legendary treasure of the Knights Templar. This makes even more sense now, given the masonic (Djeheuti/Thoth flavoured) influence connected to his hammer.
    Not to be syncrhomystically outdone by Thor, Captain America (in 1602 as Rojhaz (below)) is unveiled as a time traveller (Stargate jumper) from the future.
    Captain America thusly gains even more heavyweight syncnificance, as a Jac(K K)irby World Trade Centre disaster precognitive juggernaut, now in close proximity to Templar/Masonic themes and Stargates (not to mention being a Mercury/Thoth resonator himself!).

    Warning, major rant alert!

    As masonic themes (and Freemasonry) are closely interlinked with the Stargate (consciouses becoming aware of itself), being in many cases custodians of access to such knowledge (and its historical development/growth) it should seem no surprise to see traces of masonry in ones environment and pop-culture when dealing with esoteric issues. Secret societies and fraternal orders by there very occult nature and interaction with the 'birthing consciousness' (the Stargate) will entrain with symbols and themes ever present in the process of realization of consciousness beyond mind/matter. To see these symbols and themes as pointing towards the orders themselves (and individual members or groups of members inside these groups) and their often petty goals is "putting the cart in front of the horse". Believing a conspiracy embedded in media and culture because of the presence of the symbols of the Stargate (a potentially healthier pointer towards the guiding force behind everything, including fraternal orders) seems to be a fear based attachment to thought or form (ego). I have myself been firmly hypnotized by such fear based paranoid B.S (belief systems or bullshit), convinced 911 was a Freemasonic conspiracy to enslave our minds while contacting there alien creator space god (all workable metaphors or pointers towards the 'truth'). Now I believe the intelligence at work behind 911, no matter who the actual perpetrator, is the same intelligence that grows an apple and animates every moment of the mysterious adventure called 'this infinite moment' or 'space/time' (NOW). Don't take my word for it, just follow synchronicity and listen to its message, beyond your personal desire to interpret its meaning... Namaste