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    Thursday, January 10, 2008


    While viewing new Simpson Episode "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" (thanks to recent work by Aferrismoon) I noticed the acute visual similarity to Duffman's ff and the H from Mika's "Lollipop" on a stylized Kit Kat bar. A limited cursory synchromystic investigations into Duffman's sync web has one discovering that his first appearance is in the most relevant of 911 Mega Ritual Simpson's sync winks "The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson"
    This episode contains the classic (in these sync circles at least) pre-911 synchronicity, that of Lisa holding up a magazine with the pillarmids (symbolic pillar or pyramid) completing the 911 (note the dollar ISIS or caduceus). My awarness about this came from John Valentini's research.

    The Kit Kat (2K) H from Mika's 'Lollipop' connects with the holy mountain K2 (see K2 Candy posts 1, 2 and 3) and has lead us back to the 911 Mega Ritual through Duffman and the Towers visual similarity to 11. The H also has a somewhat 11 visual nature, connected however with a - (Dash).

    The H was shown in new video "Midnight on the Island of Atum" (see also The Double H Ranch and Connecting The Twins from Gosporn and Will Smith again... from Concrete Junkyard) in connection with new years eve resonating Will Smith ("Will 2K" singer) and "The Hudsucker Proxy". New Years eve connects to the 2000 millennium celebrations (The 2K Ritual) currently being puzzled together as pivotal piece of groundwork leading up to the symbolic age ending 2001 WTC disaster (911 Mega Ritual) and the impending much posited '2012 Mega Ritual'.

    Everything falls into place when we see the stylized Manhattan skyline font of the Woody Allen film, the H being the Twins themselves!

    The intro to "Manhattan" sees black and white montage images of the symbolic 'Island of Atum'. This artistic love affair with the city unveils a correlation with the frequently rediscovered synchromystic entrainment of the cab (often checkered) and the WTC. Following directly in chronological order we see a shot of a checker cab only to cut immediately to our first view of the pillarmids.
    In keeping with the Simpson rhythm of this synchromystic score, it is fitting to take note that the cab theme was discovered through viewing Simpson episode "Simpson's Bible Stories". In which Pharaoh Jesus encounters checker chariot in Pharaoh Solomon's twin pillarmid temple.
    My quick 'off the cuff' interpretation would play like this: The two reached out symbolical from being the separate 11 to become unified, yearning out as a H. In order for 2 to become 1 though, they had to be destroyed (loss of ego or perceived identity). The traditional individual spiritual journey of illumination being visually expressed at large as the entire species is being readied for transcendence or awakening. The freedom tower brings the two squares of the original towers floor plan together in an overhead profile octagon.

    It is interesting to note here that amazing artist Paul Laffoley (stargate (cosmic/space consciousness) entrainer) says in a Radio Orbit interview that he was fired from working on 'The Towers' by Architect Yamasaki after suggesting connecting the pair with a bridge. The true artist, as usual, is entraining with the stargate earlier than the masses... The actual function of the artist in society, come to think of it i.e readying his fellow citizens for evolution. He also makes some interesting, but hard to pin down, comments about explosives being installed in buildings (like Building 7!) during construction.

    Mike Hagan's Radio Orbit - Paul Laffoley Talks About The World Trade Center (MP3 Download) (May 21, 2007) [time code: 22:00 to 53:00]

    The Double H (HH) also seems play with and resonate 11:11. All the double letter syncs being discussed lately feel intuitively to be entraining with the 911 Mega Ritual as a symbol of consciousness being born in humanity. 2 WTC Pillarmids Become the 1 Freedom Tower (the one which is far more and less then 1 as it has no opposite..) after the ego is destroyed, the boundary between self (subject) and other (object) collapse.

    The double H in appears in all variations of the tetragrammaton YHWH, YHVH, JHWH or JHVH, indeed the only 2 letters everybody seems to agree on. Ralph Ellis states in "Tempest & Exodus" (p125) that this, he believes, is derived from a variation of the name for moon god Thoth, Yahew. Note how Thoth (much connected to the 911 Mega Ritual, think Thoth King Kong atop the pillamids, see "The Comic Book Cycle") retains the HH.

    The Twin Towers 'union' representing H of "Manhattan" is seen in the Simpson episode "Rome-old and Juli-eh", where Abraham (the original Pharaoh patriarch) Simpson and Selma Bouvier become a couple. The episode also references the blatantly syncnificant "The Two Towers" "Lord of the Rings" movie.
    We see a wonderful sync wink here ('Rome-old and Juli-eh' shot above) as Homer unloads his mind on bartender Moe.
    Homer: "Don't those two gargoyles know that love is for good looking young people?", with the Duff H peaking in at top left. See the gargoyle relevance to the 911 Mega Ritual in this Homer quote, about 'two coming together', in "Midnight on the Island of Atum".

    Homer parodies the viral video of Noah Kalina in "Eternal Moonshine", Noah being a Thoth resonator as the ark is (when I say 'is' I always mean 'seems to be') Giza and its associated cuboid type symbolism.
    While drinking the 'ff H' Duff beer his empty cans form a pyramid, Taj Mahal (built by Mughal Empire (Persian word for Mongol, thus Khan resonating) ruler Shah Jahan) and New York cityskape including Brooklyn Bridge. "Tempest & Exodus" makes the claim that the four pillars symbolism surrounding Islamic buildings like the Taj Mahal and similar Christian structures such as Hagia Sophia originate from the 'Egyptian' four 'pillars'.
    The Giza Twins (above) and the Dashur Twins (below). Note the 11:11/HH flavour of the four pillarmids.

    These four 'pillar's' or 'mountains' are the, significantly superior in quality and scale, pyramid twins of Giza and Dashur, quite possibly pre-Egyptian mystery objects (think 2001 monolith).
    The New York city imagery makes complete synchromystic sense in this context as the Twin/Paired Towers (pillarmids) are the recent incarnations of the symbolic Giza/Dashur Twins/Pairs.

    The K2/KK/11:11/HH/H/MM (pairs) symbols all seem to be entraining syncromystically with facets of the intimately related 2K (Millennium) and 911 Mega Rituals, while pointing elegantly at its ancient precursors in the Himalayas and Giza (and Dashur).

    The point to all of this being "Where were you when .... happened?". In increasing degrees of intensity (JFK/2K/911) the attention of the species is focused on the same point in space/time causing consciousness to become aware of itself. We can only speculate as to whether the much discussed Maya/McKenna (MM) 21 December 2012 date will be another (the mother of all?) such mass consciousness focusing/manifesting Mega Rituals...