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    Thursday, March 20, 2008

    Following Hugh Jackman Through the Atlantean Stargate

    Futurama episode "The Deep South" opens our synchromystic watergate thusly (thanks Michael from The Hidden Agendas for the screen shots and heads up!).
    The show's distant future crew of characters end up, under the sea, in the Atlantis mythos lampooning southern American sunken city of Atlanta.
    Rant Warning!
    A quick overview of my take on Atlantis:
    I feel the Atlantis story first unveiled by Plato, vie Egyptian priests, is primarily obfuscated Giza knowledge.
    The likely pre-Pharaohnic Giza pyramids with their distinctive seasonal alignment, seemed to regulate the flow of the Nile, from the perspective of the current indigenous culture and become intimately associated with water. Whether the priest class knew better but used the ruse of the pyramids as magickal sun and water manifesting to manipulate the masses is something worth pondering... (I borrow heavily from Ralph Ellis in these matters..)
    Mound/Pyramid of Atum. The water connected Egyptian creation story, is probably closely associated with Atlantis, no? Don't forget 911 and the Manhattan Island completely entrain with these themes.

    Another whimsical scenario sees the pyramids submerged during the melting of the end of the last Ice Age.

    Because it seems likely any Egypto-connected occult pillar/mountain/tower reference is referring to our Twin Pillars or Breasts (from which flows the fertile Nile) of Egypt, it logically follows that Thoth/Enki/Noah's (as ark is pyramid) inscribed pillars (emerald tablets?) and Atlantian pillars are indeed one and the same thing. At the very least we can certainly say Giza and Atlantis, synchromystically, resonate each other very strongly indeed.

    Other facets worth keeping in play while considering Atlantis is the speculated pre-historical harmonious entheogenic/shamanic societies posited by the likes of Terrence McKenna, modern ego (object/thing obsessed) mans precursors. The Stargate resonant themes associated with psychedelics offer another not necessarily incompatible model working alongside with the Giza interpretation. How they comfortably slot together is an issue for future posts...

    The name Atlantis refers to its first King, Atlas, who's father Poseidon gave him sway over the mythical Island. Another Atlas is often depicted as the human pillar holding aloft the Earth and an Atlas is also a map. Both Earth pillar and Earth map connect comfortably to Giza as pyramids are pillars and Giza's alignments with the cardinal points denote uncomfortably early geodetic knowledge. The great pyramid itself -I am lead to believe - in some size/ratio dynamic is in direct sync with the planet Earth. Ralph Ellis in "Thoth" posits the Great Pyramid rather convincingly as a map (Atlas) of the Earth. In "K2" he tells us exactly where this map points towards...
    Note the checker design on the Krispy Kream (K2) store. The checkered floor is found on Masonic lodge floors and First Degree Tracing Boards all evolved from the layout of Giza. (See Ralph Ellis' "Eden in Egypt" for tracing board Giza symbolism or The 911 Stargate video for more info)

    Lead character and time traveler -thus Stargate resonator - Philip J. Fry exits a Krispy Kream donut store in our synchromystic cartoon world Atlantis.
    Finding the double K in Atlantis is completely consistent with the concept of Giza as interchangeable with Atlantis. Ralph Ellis explains in "K2: Quest of the Gods" that the Great Pyramid decodes as a map pointing towards K2, the second tallest mountain on Earth. Having a Stargate traveler exiting a KK/K2 in Atlantis connects Atlantis to Giza synchromystically.... beautifully. It also suggest the K2 mountain as connceted to the Atlantis story.
    Coca-Cola is also present and highlighted in the underwater Atlanta of Futurama. Both the CC of Coca-Cola and KK of Krispy Kream were investigated as part of the K2 sync web in The JFK Stargate Mega-Ritual
    In the "Futurama" film "Benders Big Score" bender time travels, to steal precious historical artifacts, in a spherical Stargate. Stargate are symbols of the realization of consciousness or penetrating the mis perception of separation between object and subject or time and space.
    His very first stop, once through the Stargate, is of course ancient Egypt and the pyramids.

    The year 2000 millennium celebrations are considered part of the consciousness focusing events dubbed here, Mega Rituals. Any large scale public events bring people's minds together in space and time, concentrating the attention on the present and dissolving conditioned mind activity. 911, JFK and Y2K all condensed awareness on the NOW resulting in a euphoric global ecstasy, collapsing the 'illusion' of the time bound mind. It can be postulated, if the 2012 theme keeps building in popularity and some truth lies in the McKenna/Maya threads associated with it, 2012 could become the ultimate consciousness focusing Mega Ritual. 2012 the pivotal Maya (Illusion) dissolving, consciousness inculcating event? Perhaps...

    Pleas keep in mind that, considering NOW is all that truly exists, 2012 can be a very unhealthy neurosis. If we imagine redemption from the mind made self in future instead of the present moment we will never achieve joy, the realization of divinity. In fact we are all totally whole and complete as we sit here, no matter how much mental noise or discomfort the mind generates at present. It seemingly takes time for us to come into full realization of being pure Being already. In this manner 2012 as potential planetary spiritual eschaton, if taken as symbolic human narrative fulfillment is a beautiful story, the end of the drama of history. If you, however, try and hinge your spiritual awakening on 2012 or find fulfillment in anything - God, 2012, UFOs - you are sure to be disappointed as no-thing can fulfill you. Again, you already are the no-thing and fully fulfilled.
    The 2000 Millennium or 2K Mega Ritual is the scene of Fry's cryogenic freezing and another setting of Benders Stargate jumping in "Bender's Big Score". Synchromystically we now also have Bender (and our Atlantis/KK adventuring Fry), who has already visited Giza (with its Great Pyramid/K2 Map), tied to Y(2K) and Stargates.
    Space and Time collapsing Bender steals many historic artifacts, a few like the giant Olmec colossal head (above) and the Aztec sun stone (below) entraining him along with Giza and Y(2K) now also with the Maya 2012 consciousness focusing theme. The 2012 themed Aztec calender sun stone, in the presence of the ark of the covenant (a transportable pyramid symbol) and Egyptian obelisk (all in image below), bring these related multicultural Stargate devices neatly together. The Aztec sun stone was seen on Elvis' (died in 19(77)/Pan/Oz) final jumpsuit appearance in the video Al Noah.

    Hugh Jackman walks on water entraining with the Biblical Christ. Fitting as he is about to become one with consciousness atop a Mayan Temple/Pyramid.

    Stargate King Hugh Jackman interacts with the Mayan 2012 Stargate themes in the modern 2001: Space Odyssey, Darren Aronofsky's masterpiece "The Fountain".
    As a Spanish conquistador Hugh Jackman finds a Mayan Temple/Pyramid, climbs it, while Orion winks in the background.

    The Mayan theme is represented by Xibalba and a Temple/Pyramid Jackman climbs while questing for the Tree of Life.

    "The Fountain" elegantly illustrates the journey of realization of ones own divinity - frequently described in these pages as opening the Stargate - calling it "the road to awe".
    The Stargate circle is constantly placed at the center of the frame throughout the entire film. Showing divinity to be present in all 'times and places'. Before the climax when the Stargate is finally opened Jackman assumes the meditative posture of the Buddha, the human pyramid. In another fractally self similar reality at the same moment he is standing atop the Mayan pyramid eating semen from the Tree of Life.

    Hugh has to overcome his attachment to objects in space/things (pursuit of a cure for his wife/immortality) and its interrelated partner 'illusion' time (the rate at which things change) . Only then, purged of the desire to find or fulfill himself in anything does he become whole while the resulting ecstatic Stargate collapses form and change, time and space.

    The Stargate opens for our hero who has found the joy of consciousness beyond time and space. The Stargate circle currently being a halo (image above) around the third eye pivot of consciousness in the human form.
    Synchromystically we can see a gradual but vivid progression, ever increasing in clarity, of Hugh Jackman's Stargate King role, starting in earlier films. The intense spiritual enlightenment portrayed in "The Fountain" can be shown to be the culmination of years of development through his actor self in successive Stargate connectible roles. This suggest, in my view, a non-local intelligence guiding the affairs of the universe rather than conscious tomfoolery on the part of a human agencies such as conspiring Hollywood magickians. The embedding of symbolism is too well orchestrated, subtle and concise. The noisy plotting and scheming of the human mind doesn't directly create the phenomena charted by synchromysticism. The patterns found emanate from the same force that organizes uncountable numbers of snowflakes into unique (all being appreciably different) but certainly not individual (all comprising six way geometry) forms. The same force that animates this very moment you read this sentence, the moment of present awareness that is inseparable from who you are.
    The 2001 (911 Mega Ritual year) "Kate Leopold" sees Hugh jumping through Stargates located in space at the Brooklyn Bridge , New York (911 Mega Ritual location). Time traveling from the late 1800's to the present he - as is all our destinies - finds his true love beyond the Stargate.
    2000's (2K/K2) X-Men poster silently and elegantly says more about the 911 Mega Ritual I could ever hope to with words....
    Note the highlighted radiating light imposed over the WTC.

    But this is my job, no?.., so here are some more words about the image. We see the Twin Towers or Pillarmids inside the Stargate circle with target cross hair of the 2000 (K2) X-Men film logo, sharing this setup is Stargate King Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine.Inside the film the Pillarmids can be seen as Wolverine and arch-enemy Sabertooth knock each other around atop the head of the giant Isis colossus of the Island of ManhAtum (Manhattan), 'lady' liberty.

    In the post Saber-Thoth Saber-Tooth cats were connected to the Stargate in general and Thoth (Enki, Noah etc) specifically as Thoth/Tooth are interchangeable synchromystically (see Sweet Thooth).
    Synchromystically we could say we are seeing a Saber-Thoth battling the Stargate King and super hero (all Horus resonators) atop the spiked crown/sun halo (Stargate) of Isis with the Twin pyramid resonating Towers of 911 sucsynctly completing the symbolism. Simply put the ushering in of consciousness into humanity. Humanity becoming Horus, in the age of mankind as its own superhero.

    Does the placement of a Thoth resonating Saber-Tooth tiger on this poster ad sync wink weight to Giza as extent in 'prehistory'? The "White Spear" our prehistoric man is holding is topped with a spinal column/back bone making it a Caduceus and Jed pillar resonator, adding even more succynct Thoth resonance.

    "10 000 BC" continues the Saber-Thoth theme as the film has these extinct animals interacting anachronistically with humans. But are the pyramids, here being built way before dynastic Egypt and there general 'straight dope' interpretation as dating from 2500 BC ish also anachronistic?

    Major rant alert!
    The scale and alignments of Giza put the totally un-hieroglyphed pyramids, in my current belief system, far beyond the know how of the Pharaohs. That said I have a distinct aversion for alien or ancient technologically advanced societies as explanation for their 'construction'. So how then do we explain structures who's pure existence seem a contradiction? I can only venture some synchromystically influenced guesses.
    Considering the pyramids (and the intimately associated inseparable Twin Towers) are the strongest artifact** Stargate resonators I have know while doing this type of research (the intimately related Sun/Star being the natural** world top Stargate resonator), the solution must simply be that what ever built them came through the Stargate.
    Since the Stargate is the symbolic doorway for consciousness it follows to assume that Being coming through the Stargate made the pyramids.

    The only issue is to download that statement into something that fits the situation in a practical manner, if not we have to revert back to sci-fi (Aliens/Atlantis), which has always felt too Deus ex machina for my money.
    Since the most likely candidates for the physical, matter manipulating (in this case the art of stone masonry), aspect are obviously still humans we could ad that consciousness flowing through humans built the pyramids.
    If these humans were prehistoric the ever increasing mental noise that has generated history would not be present and the voice of consciousness/Being beyond thought and form would be louder and probably the dominating operating force in said humans. Thus being had a clear channel through prehistoric man to create the structures. In the same manner as the silent snowflake, sunflower and nautilus shell, the geometries would originate straight from the source of all, consciousness moving through the Stargate (the third eye) vie prehistoric man.

    Shucks, if Atlantis really is prehistoric man who lived in harmony with its surroundings, not separating themselves through thought into experience and experiensor (subject and object), you could in a strange way say Atlantis/Giza was built by Atlanteans.

    How prehistoric man manipulated the raw materials with such dexterity is not yet understood by this humble synchromystic...

    **Separating objects like our sun and pyramids into man made artifacts vs. natural phenomena is a convenience of language and mind, not reflective of the true situation. A pyramid is essentially as much a natural phenomena as the sun. Consciousness emanates the universe which grows man which builds pyramids, meaning pyramids and all artifacts are natural processes originating originally from consciousness. Conversely it is perfectly reasonable to call both sun and pyramid artifacts emanating from the true maker of all form, consciousness. We can for the sake of discussion separate between nature and man made if we need as long as we know in essence all really arises from Being/no-thing. This statement can help you move beyond trying to figure out if Martian features like giant faces or pyramid shaped mountains are natural or made by intelligent agencies. All is made through the intelligence of Being, the separation of K2, Giza and Cydonia into definite categories of mountain vs. pyramid is an identification with form worth penetrating deeper and moving beyond.
    Hugh opens the Stargate in "The Prestige" through a teleportation machine invented by Tesla and neatly packaged in a capstoneless pyramid shaped crate.
    As the Great pyramid might have had a platform for sacrifice and observation at its peak, the capstoneless pyramid possibly represents this most Stargate resonant edifice, itself a likely Stargate (consciousness focusing) device.
    The unfinished pyramid is also the Illuminati symbol.
    Let's define the Illuminati as those who pursue or have been Illuminated, which seems most reasonable and logical. Being, using the 911 Mega Ritual, has initiated the entire planet through the symbolic destruction of the Twin Pillarmids, into consciousness. It stands to reason then we are all Illuminati.
    The third X-Men film or X3 resonates 2012. The 2012 Olympics in London is officially known as the Games of the XXX Olympiad.
    The personified Stargate deity or anthropomorphic facet of Godhead i.e what we call Gods in general, comes in many flavors. Most frequently we uncover Thoth/Enki builder or scribe types associated with the Stargate Mega Rituals sync web. A very close second would be the darker disposed Pan/Beast thingamagick. In keeping with The Blob's tradition of extreme reductionism any animal (Batman, Wolverine), evil (Satan, Set) or earthly characters can synchromystically be considered a Pan/77/Oz resonator. In the end all the Gods are just the Stargate in human shape. They guide, through religion and mythology - in modern times expresed in comics, movies, television and video games (all media) - humans back to the source of all consciousness, Being beyond thought and form.
    The Beast (Kelsey Grammer) and Wolverine, both Pan resonators, adding the Oz/77 Stargate resonance to the Stargate king in X3 (still above).
    Patrick Stewart is the wheelchair bound Professor X in X3. The X as target shaped resonates the Stargate in general.
    The Stargate facet or Greek God Hephaestus according to Wikipedia: "was a Greek god whose Roman equivalent was Vulcan; he was the god of technology, blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals and metallurgy, and fire"

    Hephaestus also crafted much of the other magnificent equipment of the gods, and almost any finely-wrought metalwork imbued with powers that appears in Greek myth is said to have been forged by Hephaestus: Hermes's winged helmet and sandals, the Aegis breastplate, Aphrodite's famed girdle, Agamemnon's staff of office,[2] Achilles' armor, Heracles' bronze clappers, Helios' chariot, the shoulder of Pelops, Eros' bow and arrows. Hephaestus worked with the help of the chthonic Cyclopes, his assistants in the forge. He also built automatons of metal to work for him. He gave to blinded Orion his apprentice Cedalion as a guide. In one version of the myth, Prometheus stole the fire that he gave to man from Hephaestus's forge. Hephaestus also created the gift that the gods gave man, the woman Pandora and her pithos.

    Hephaestus made (Pan)dora - bearing in mind her famous Stargate box -, Hermes' (Thoth) winged helmet (resonating the caduceus staff) and Helios' chariot. Helios (our Sun/Star) chariot connects to many ancient depictions of the sun traversing the heavens in a vehicle the more O.G. version being the Solar Barge of Egyptoid deities. The Sun is the most vivid natural** world symbol of the Stargate, closely associated with the pyramid, indeed in a manner the pyramid is the sun on Earth. The sun's vehicle, the chariot, is a Stargate theme which has been investigated here, at length, in the context of the Checkered Chariot Taxi/Cab and the Chariot Tarot card.

    The visual similarity between the chariot and wheelchair is now put forward as a continuation in theme, positing wheelchair as another Chariot of the Gods.
    (Many of the preceding ideas inspired by an email received from Richard in Scotland, thanks!)

    The Chariot tarot betrays pyramid resonance through the four pillars - the O.G. megalithic twins of Giza and Dashur - and the sphinx, pulling the vehicle of the sun/God. The four pillars on The Chariot cards and Megalithic Mystery Egypt resonate the 11:11/HH themes explored in Pairs and 11:11 Stargate Sync.
    Atlantean (Giza) King Triton (Poseidon) from Disney's "The Little Mermaid" with his Solar Chariot, Barge. Is the Chariot of the sun the pyramid itself?

    If the pyramid is closely associated with water - as the mound of Atum, Atlantis/Giza connection and Nile regulating function attest to - then perhaps the solar barge vehicle of the sun is also the pyramid itself. Further I personally agree with Ralph Ellis that the Noah's ark/deluge story is connected to Giza. Can we speculate that Noah's ark is the great Pyramid? The boat that saves twined life (gemini, DNA?) from the flood (ice age, deluge?) coming to rest on the mountain/pyramid (K2/Giza?). We will piece this ancient thing together, yet..
    The Stargate King as a Pan resonating Wolverine kneels before the Chariot (Sun/Pyramid resonator) with the cross hair (Stargate bullseye) wheels.
    Harold Perrineau narrates the television series Oz (Oz is the nickname for the Oswald State Correctional Facility) from his wheelchair.
    Oz is 77 in Hebrew Gematria and has the value of Pan. Aleister Crowley - who was the first mountianeer to attempt summiting the K2 pyramount - wrote Liber 77/Oz and the Hymn to Pan. Oz has been superfluously connected synchronously to the Stargate, over time, in these pages. It is indeed (along with KK/K2/2K) the current, pivitol letter code, sync wink.
    Harold plays Micheal Dawson in "Lost", stranded on an island after a plane crash. The island is considered interchangeable with NY and Manhattan island, the mysteries often interacting with 911, perfectly exemplified by Perrineau seen with the Pillarmids in a flashback on the show. We have now connected the Matrix sequels star - the word star giving away the Stargate's game, played through actors - with Oz (Pan/77), 911 and the wheelchair chariot. See "The Comic Book Cycle" Part 5 A and B plus recent posts for more synchromystic Lost.

    This Lost/Oz/Manhattan syncs have been confirmed in the Season 4 episode "Meet Kevin Johnson" with the line "MANHATTEN, EH! WE LET U LEAVE ONE ISLAND, U JUST GO TO ANOTHER ONE!". This line is referring to Micheal Dawson having left the "Lost" island for his home of Manhattan. (See Aferrismoon's Car-full with that A/X U genes)
    Micheal Dawson (Harold) also our Oz/Pan/77 wheelchair (which resonates pyramid via the chariot) bound inmate, builds his own boat to escape the Lost island, further entraining this composite character with Noah and Giza.

    Of course this all implies that the Lost island can be synchromystically closely associated with Atlantis and Giza.
    Lastly Perrineau is a ships operator in the Matrix films yet another boat/barge/chariot/wheelchair sync wink now complete with added reality bending Matrix flavor.

    The "Lost" plain crashes after departing from Australia, often nicknamed Oz. John Locke, box (sacred cuboid/ark) company employee, is wheelchair/chariot bound until the island's mysterious influence enables him to walk.
    Actor Terry O'Quinn (Locke from "Lost") in "Millennium" (2K) unveils the mysteries of the unfinished pyramid. We will leave his go at Howard Hughes (HH) in "The Rockateer" well alone, for now...
    The twin/Gemini spinal column/Djed Pillar/DNA helix thingemagick of Thoth/Hermes/Noah/Enki/Mercury inside the octagon of "Dharma Initiative" "The Staff Logo".

    Worth noting about the Giza, Dome of the Rock and Freedom Tower overhead layout resonating (see All I want for Christmas and The Freedom Tower and the Octagonal Stargate) "Dharma Initiative" octagon from "Lost" is the eight I Ching trigrams.
    Terrence McKenna contacted thingemagicks on entheogenics which put him on a path investigating the I Ching leading to Timewave Zero and Novelty Theory correlating with a posited, Mayan calender unveiled, eschaton in 2012. This gives the "Dharma Initiative" octagon and "Lost" 2012 resonance.
    (The Octagon as Stargate themed introduced and further explored by Goro Adachi at Etemenanki)
    X3's Kitty Pride played by the (.......) (space provided for personal preferred female appreciative) Ellen Page with "Phasing" ability. Phasing involves passing through matter, unobstructed by 'solid' objects. This is a space altering power which resonates the Stargate as any time or space distortion is a Stargate technology or metaphor.
    Miss Page stars in "Hard Candy" entraining her further with the Stargate. Sugar and candy - for an, as yet, entirely obscure and mysterious reason - entrains swimmingly with the consciousness focusing sync web (See the JFK Stargate Mega Ritual and The K2/Giza Kandy Cane).
    Saturn winks in frame with Ellen in "Hard Candy". Saturn is the planet most often found associated with the Mega Rituals and Stargate. Crowley considered it the key planet in the ever dawning Aeon of Horus while Robert Temple views it as a kind of relay between our planet and the thingemagicks on Sirius. Read the smashing "The Stargate Conspiracy" by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince for some much needed level headed thinking (albeit extremely rationalist/materialist) on these subjects.
    Saturn has recently been confirmed as having a giant stable rotating hexagonal cloud formation over its north pole. Geometry at this scale - usually perceived in smaller natural** objects like sunflowers - points towards the underlying unifying principal of consciousness embedded on all levels of fractal self similarity. The same force that orders Saturn's hexagon and Jupiter's red spot amidst all the surrounding raging chaos creates synchronicity.
    It is not that all is ordered and mathematic. It is that all is both ordered and chaotic, at least as perceived by the implied dual nature of mind. Truly all is beyond order and chaos, thought and form, time and space. No-thing (consciousness, Being, God) exists! (Sheesh. Have I become a theist!?)
    Juno in mythology is the daughter of Saturn (our ruling planet Stargate signifier) and mother of Vulcan (Hephaestus our Chariot maker). Ellen Page plays the pregnant Juno in this tellingly mightily popular film (which a friend aptly described as 2 hours of the "Gilmore Girls"). We see her above, with accentuated belly (as seen on all marketing for the film), sitting atop two interesting rugs. One seems a concentric petaled star burst, much solar Stargate resonating. The other, a tiger, resonating the Saber-tooth tigers connected to Thoth as seen on the "10 000 BC" poster. A pregnant mother goddess placed over extremely vivid consciousness focusing Stargate motifs. Adding the candy and phasing sync winks we have an increasingly clear progression of the symbolism in Ellen Page. Consciousness is being birthed on the planet as you read this, one can only expect to see the symbolism becoming increasingly sucsynct as the NOW deepens.

    For a wonderful unfettered and elegantly simple description of this process I recommend absorbing some Eckhart Tolle (E.T/Extra Terrestrial/Cosmic Consciousness)

    Oprah has, surprisingly, recently added her dramatic level of influence to Eckhart's 'cause'.
    A brief look into Winfrey's sync web shows her concrete alignment with the Stargate.
    In the image above we see that one of her recurring guests is called Dr. Oz (77/Pan), the O even forming a Pineal Stargate Halo around her head.
    In Steven Spielberg's "The Color Purple" we see Oprah retaliate against racism in the presence of Coca-Cola (K2 Candy) and "The Matrix's" Laurence Fishburne.
    Fishburne apart from his role as Morpheus, ads extra heavyweight syncnificance to Oprah noting his encounter with the evil ship "Event Hori(ZO)n" (77/Pan). Opening Stargates around the gas giant Neptune...
    Right after exiting her time square manhole Stargate in "Enchanted" Amy Adams passes a "Color Purple" billboard, itself being passed by a yellow cab Chariot (See JFK Stargate for more "Enchanted").

    On a personal note, my third posts at the "Brave New World Order" blog, nearly 2 years ago was Oprah's Satanic Book Club? Before I started to use the blog to chart synchronicity in pop culture I thought myself a Discordian type prankster and made "Oprah's Book Club" stickers, sticking them on such subversive titles as "The Satanic Bible". The joke caught on and the post made it onto the Disinformation web site getting my blog hundreds of early hits. This was really the point at which I realized the potential of a blog. It took quite a few more posts and the attention of Red Ice Creations to put me on the path of synchromysticsm, but in a strange way the ill intentioned joke, at Oprah's expense, was a big part of what lead me to this moment. NOW, I find myself in the strange position of reading and supporting the same material as the very book club I thought to demean. Indeed do many things come to pass..

    Weirder still, on the morning of the 1st of January 2007 while vacationing in South Africa, I was slowly achieving the challenging and questionably effective operation of nursing a post new years eve ecstasy comedown, in a moving vehicle, on the highway, traveling from Johannesburg, with cocaine. Suddenly I light bulb lit up in my head (along with a few million chemically excited braincells) while passing the slipway for Henley-on-Klip, a small town not 15 minutes away from my home of Vereeniging, this is the location of Winfrey's experimental Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. Out of sheer curiosity me and a friend took the detour to have a look for ourselves.
    There were many luxury cars parked all around the school, I had a digital camera at hand and snapped a few shots of the almost fortified looking building. As we drove of we were pulled over by two security guards, on foot, demanding I yield my camera for inspection. Paranoid from carrying dodgy chemicals in my consciousness and inside our vehicle I relented the device for inspection without question. They lady guard deleted all the photos I took of the building itself leaving me with my new years party pics and this one single image, considered inoffensive enough to pas inspection.
    Only later I would find out that Oprah was right there and then, overseeing the opening ceremony, explaining the slick whips and edgy security...

    In Opening the Stargate via Adam Sandler the Sphinx's alignment with a KFC/Pizza Hut was explored as connected to the Stargate.
    Further entrainment with KFC and the Stargate can be found in both Futurama movie and Atlantis episode, already explored in this post.
    A mermaid parodies Colonel Sanders in Atlanta/Atlantis above. We have connected Giza with Atlantis and KFC, now the universe's non local intelligence connects KFC to Atlantis making the Giza as Atlantis hypothesis vivid, synchromystically.
    In "Bender's Big Score" one valuable historical item he retrieves while traveling through Stargates is a Gutenberg Bible with the Colonel's secret recipe scribbled over its ancient pages (still above).
    The film continues to sync up as a pivotal timeline in the storyline is 2012, a potential looming Stargate Mega Ritual date.
    In fact the major time lines of the feature are both Mega Ritual dates, Y2K and 2012. We see Fry at his Pizza delivery job "Panucci's" during the Y2K Mega Ritual (above) and arriving by Stargate mobile or Checker Chariot of the gods in 2012 (below). The Pan of Pannucci's is highlighted as the intact part of the now defunct Pizza joint. Pan is our 77/OZ Stargate resonator, seen here in 2012, accessed through the time travel Stargate. It would seem the syncs are indeed suggesting a Stargate Mega Ritual in 2012.
    (For heads up on Checker Chariot syncs read The JFK Stargate)
    The mystery lion of Giza, the Sphinx, aligns with a Pizza Hut, connecting again with this Pizza/Pan /2012 sync wink. We have seen Stargate flavored Pizza syncs in connection with Chris Rock and fair Robin Tunney in Z is for Zebra and in Opening the Stargate Via Adam Sandler.
    Returning to our Stargate King, Hugh Jackman, we catch up with him as an anthropomorphic rat in "Flushed Away". As Roddy the rodent he takes on the persona of 007 (below). 007 is sighted in esoteric circles as being inspired by famed occultist John Dee. Dee, like Crowley, were both involved in espionage all kinds of bizaro thingamagicks. Meaning, for our purposes, simply, he was a skilled Stargate fiddler.
    Shifting between worlds by being flushed down a waterdoor (Stargate) resonating toilet he encounters a rodent version of London City.
    The ZO (Pan/77) was spotted no less then three times while watching this, already much Stargate themed, sync goldmine.
    1. Our John Dee Stargate King and the ZO above on a DVD reading "Zombie". (above)
    2. The NO or ZO, top left, on a robotic arm... (above)
    3. The NO or ZO on the pants of love interest Rita (Kate Winslet) as part of the word London and Templar resonating red cross of the Union Jack. (above)
    As the movie climaxes a wave heads for the alternate London, adding deluge themes to the proceedings. Deluge and city flooding, in this sync web, connects with Atlantis.
    The city is saved in the nick of time through the ingenuity of Jackman, freezing the threat with liquid nitrogen. The theme of frozen water and Atlantean resonance seems a repeating one as it was found before in the "Ice Age" films explored in part one of the Robin Tunney Trillogy videos.

    The peak of the Big Ben/Benben obelisk juts out of the frozen wave, in frame, with our Stargate king. The Egyptoid resonating mound, penetrating water, resonates atum, manhattan, Giza and Atlantis. The sync seems to again suggest frozen water, perhaps the last ice age, as intimately connected with these mysteries. Another line of thought pulls consciousness to frozen Himalayan peaks, like the possible original Great Pyramid inspiration, K2.
    One more trip with the Planet Express crew in "Bender's Big A Score" leading us in the direction of the frozen waterdoor....
    Neptune resurfaces in the sync web having already seen the giant gas planetoid as gravitational anchor to the Stargate opening space ship the "Event Hori(ZO)n". In this cartoon version we view the distant blue ball inhabited by Thothmates (Thoth resonating primates). Yeti's are the Himalayan mountaintops crypto(ZO)ological inhabitants. The Thoth resonating guardians of the secrets frozen atop Pyramounts?
    Our last and most current featured Hugh Jackman film is Woody Allen's "Scoop". The poster sees Hugh holding a Thoth deck tarot card designed by Aleister Crowley. Aleister Crowley -K2 mountaineer, Hymn to Pan author and Great pyramid Stargateer - seems to have been the last living or needed, sometimes reluctant, Messiah of the old age, his footprints left vividly in our pop media, leading us into the new age. As consciousness wakes up we can see the sync winks with more clarity. Synchronicities that have entrained with and realized the suchness of now.