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    Sunday, August 17, 2008


    "The Matrix" a 1999 Mega Ritual film that changed cinema and global consciousness through its reality bending themes sports this amazing sync wink.

    Ascension was marked by the 2000 or 2K Millennium Mega Ritual and "The Matrix" was part of what prepared global consciousness for this shift.
    The date this rapid ascension of mankind was really kick started, September 11th 2001, is exactly highlighted by Neo's I.D.
    As a Messiah figure in "The Matrix" this makes complete sense when we realize the 911 Mega Ritual was the innitiation of the entire species into Godhead or Cosmic Consciousness. Christ Consciousness (equal to becoming a Buddha) moving into the species.
    Seen on the poster for Bill & Ted's, flying through space on the cuboid Stargate, is movie Star Keanu Reeves. Movie Stars are ‘as below’ resonators of the skies above. Their Earthly movements through the silver screen reflect the drama told by the heavens. It is therefore no surprise that synchromysticism increasingly finds these Stars aligning with the Stargate or Galactic Center.
    Note how Ted's legs frame ONE on the poster echoing his role in "The Matrix" 10 years later.
    The Stargate cuboid descends from the skies while our Movie Star Buddha sits outside the Double K of the Circle-K.

    See one of my last sync videos "Strange Things Afoot at the Circle-K" for more context.
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    The Double K resonates the K2 pillarmount, the 2K Millennium, the 911 Mega Ritual (11th day and Twin Pillar buildings) and the 2012 , 21 December at 11:11, solstice sun alignment with Galactic Center. K being the 11th letter of the alphabet. This suggest 11:11/KK as some kind of omni embedded fractal symbol of consciousness.
    I close look at the I.D reveals what looks like the Black Isis topped Capitol dome rising out of Neo's head. Surrounding this symbol of Galactic Center and his head like a Halo or Crown Chakra is the olive wreath. Consciousness of the true Center (our awareness of consciousness) rising out of mind through the subtle body Stargate.

    For Olive sync winks see World Trade Galactic (Anti) Center
    For Isis (and Capitol Building) as Galactic Center see Gemini
    Below is another I.D sync. This is Stargate Queen Robin Tunney in "End of Days".
    She plays Christine York, the one foretold by prophecy and celestial signs to bear the child of Satan, the anti-Christ. Her name again echoes the theme of Christ Consciousness born in New York.
    The seal of New York can be slightly discerned on the I.D. The seal sees twin goddesses resonating Isis, yet again, Galactic Center. The personified sun rises over the pyramount Stargate. An eagle interchangeable with Scorpio stretches its wings above the celestial sphere. Scorpio's stinger points towards the location of Galactic Center.

    But Jake, you think everything resonates Galactic Center and the Stargate!


    Below the 2K kisses her head on the subway chariot , more thoughts on this scene, in the next big post.
    Thanks to Bubblefish for the email and Vinay for the message about this sync wink.