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    Sunday, August 17, 2008


    "The Matrix" a 1999 Mega Ritual film that changed cinema and global consciousness through its reality bending themes sports this amazing sync wink.

    Ascension was marked by the 2000 or 2K Millennium Mega Ritual and "The Matrix" was part of what prepared global consciousness for this shift.
    The date this rapid ascension of mankind was really kick started, September 11th 2001, is exactly highlighted by Neo's I.D.
    As a Messiah figure in "The Matrix" this makes complete sense when we realize the 911 Mega Ritual was the innitiation of the entire species into Godhead or Cosmic Consciousness. Christ Consciousness (equal to becoming a Buddha) moving into the species.
    Seen on the poster for Bill & Ted's, flying through space on the cuboid Stargate, is movie Star Keanu Reeves. Movie Stars are ‘as below’ resonators of the skies above. Their Earthly movements through the silver screen reflect the drama told by the heavens. It is therefore no surprise that synchromysticism increasingly finds these Stars aligning with the Stargate or Galactic Center.
    Note how Ted's legs frame ONE on the poster echoing his role in "The Matrix" 10 years later.
    The Stargate cuboid descends from the skies while our Movie Star Buddha sits outside the Double K of the Circle-K.

    See one of my last sync videos "Strange Things Afoot at the Circle-K" for more context.
    If you are willing and able to support these efforts please help realize new videos by clicking the paypal donate button. I am itching to make more..
    The Double K resonates the K2 pillarmount, the 2K Millennium, the 911 Mega Ritual (11th day and Twin Pillar buildings) and the 2012 , 21 December at 11:11, solstice sun alignment with Galactic Center. K being the 11th letter of the alphabet. This suggest 11:11/KK as some kind of omni embedded fractal symbol of consciousness.
    I close look at the I.D reveals what looks like the Black Isis topped Capitol dome rising out of Neo's head. Surrounding this symbol of Galactic Center and his head like a Halo or Crown Chakra is the olive wreath. Consciousness of the true Center (our awareness of consciousness) rising out of mind through the subtle body Stargate.

    For Olive sync winks see World Trade Galactic (Anti) Center
    For Isis (and Capitol Building) as Galactic Center see Gemini
    Below is another I.D sync. This is Stargate Queen Robin Tunney in "End of Days".
    She plays Christine York, the one foretold by prophecy and celestial signs to bear the child of Satan, the anti-Christ. Her name again echoes the theme of Christ Consciousness born in New York.
    The seal of New York can be slightly discerned on the I.D. The seal sees twin goddesses resonating Isis, yet again, Galactic Center. The personified sun rises over the pyramount Stargate. An eagle interchangeable with Scorpio stretches its wings above the celestial sphere. Scorpio's stinger points towards the location of Galactic Center.

    But Jake, you think everything resonates Galactic Center and the Stargate!


    Below the 2K kisses her head on the subway chariot , more thoughts on this scene, in the next big post.
    Thanks to Bubblefish for the email and Vinay for the message about this sync wink.



    Ben said...

    Call me a suicidal pinata because I may spantanously combust

    Ed said...

    Maybe this means the world is going to awaken from the symbolic Matrix we live in very soon.

    Peggy Carter said...

    Glad you're so upbeat.

    Me? The Passport *expires that day?! WTF!


    Bigevil said...

    incredibly impressive, the Neo ID sync winc & the one in you & steve's latest video with the 9/11 on the clock in front of the twin towers are for me among the most impressive syncs yet.

    Z said...

    Christine York resides in the 10012 zip code area. This could be read as 2012 if you are willing to accept that 10 is binary for 2. Numbers!

    Chris said...

    Put an "Ouroboros" into your google and smoke it!

    What you interpreted as a "wreath" around NEO's head looks like the Ouroboros snake/dragon to me.

    It is deeply occult: "Ouroboros is an ancient alchemy symbol depicting a snake or dragon [DNA] swallowing its own tail, constantly creating itself and forming a circle. It is the Wheel of Time - The Alchemy Wheel - 12 Around 1 to manifest grid programs that give the illusion of linear time allowing souls to experience emotions."

    Perfect sync for this foreshadowing piece of evidence.......

    Jon Kidd said...

    I will give money soon and I hope all you other freeloaders(myself included) pick up a chunk of the bill soon too !!!
    On the topic of crossing in front of symbols(Tunney ny2k)I found one I'm sure you noticed.The scene from The Dark Knight where Joker blows up Gotham General Hospital finds him exiting the building wearing a first aid cross pin on his nurses outfit, crossing directly in front of the octagonal caduceus ambulance symbol while, in the background, the walkway connecting the two buildings has two red checker boards, two 'X's, and the word emergency in the middle.

    I can interpret this in my way but I would like to hear what you think of the Joker passing in front of the ambulance symbol? I'm writing a blog on this Joker guy right now and I've made some Thoth connections to our Late Ledger friend.

    Z said...

    Further analyzing the Seal of NY (OZ)- the eagle represents the Phoenix which is relevant and Scorpio as you mentioned but according to MPH it is also associated with the serpent. "The esoteric sign is not the backbiting Scorpion, but the Serpent. Even more than that is the Eagle, Scorpio's ultimate sign. The sign of occult initiation, Scorpio - from the venomous of the earth to the king of the sky." (OoP) The Phrygian cap is held aloft by the Liberty Pole. Notice how this staff has a coiling, spiraling design. I believe this is a stylized version of the Tree of Life, the World Tree and Axis mundi, related to the caduceus of Hermes, the Rod of Aesculapius, the staff of Moses, and Wadjet. She stands atop a serpentine banner and the rope border could be viewed as further coiling this time into a circular ouroboros. Her twin sister holds the scales which of course is related to the serpent skin that is shed. She is blindfolded like an initiate. And wrapping it all up notice the "as above so below" inside the shield which is separated by the Aquarian water.

    Bonus Star Trek reference for extra geek flavor- Excelsior was the name of a starship first seen in 1984's Star Trek III- the Search for Spock. The craft is registered as NX-2000 (2K K2 KK 11:11).

    Hank said...

    on my way to work, strolling past the world trade center, i see this:

    aferrismoon said...

    Thomas comes from Thaumim [ hebrew] which means Twins - I'm pretty sure.
    Also 911 = RAShYTh, while the other date Sept 13 = 913 = BRAShYTh [ first word of Torah]
    Also your last comment at my blog [Nosis] was at 9.11 [ don't know if u saw it]


    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    When Neo gets his enlightenment as Siddhartha in Little Buddha (great movie) he is faced with a version of the Devil. The Devil tempts him away from his meditation in true Christ fashion and a very accurate representation of the Buddha Mythos, in that movie Keanu calls him "architect" and the Devil morphs into his own face. MIRRORed in Devils Advocate as seen in the Geminis Mr. Willner's and Mr. Kotze's new dual video this same motif. The big bad machine boss in the Matrix is also called "architect". Love you man, Thanks.....

    Chris said...

    not another chris...

    101 said...

    I've come to the same conclusion,Magnum Opus is reaching fruition we are being awakened.
    Great work as ever Jake.

    Phiwizard said...

    Great post! I was wondering what you thought of the recent sighting of Paul McCartney at the Clear Lake Circle K Store?


    dedroidify said...

    Great syncs Jake

    Check out this great vid from the series Sept 11 Warning for more 9/11 movie syncs including lots more Matrix stuff.

    Also check out 9/11 Hidden in Hollywood

    Sherab Ra Pel said...

    I totally synched out w/ this one, the same hour i read this post, a friend sent an email with the pic of keanu's face on the i.d. card from the matrix w/ 9/11/01 on it.
    it was synch-tactular!

    A Figure Eight said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Particleion said...

    One thing that I want to point out to you is that if you look at sunspot activity our last solar maximum peaked in 2001. Sure that interesting considering the sun runs on 11-12 year cycle but a further look of the data shows that not only did it peaked in activity in 2001 but the month with the most solar activity was drum roll please

    yes you guessed it September!!

    take a look for your self

    yearly data

    2001 Data

    During the peak of solar activity a sacrifice is done to bring fourth the next cycle i believe.

    There also further syncs with solar activity and human activity ...

    Another observation I find worth looking into are economic cycles solar cycles. During the solar mins us and world economics are record lows. For instance 1913 1929 1980 2008

    all this years are not only marked with low economic periods but also low solar activity.

    The same is said for high solar periods being marked with war and mass death. 911 was just the point we woke up to the cycles but if you want to look into the future you look into the past

    Now at the most basic level economics is just the energy being used in the exchange of products well since energy on earth comes from the sun at some point, low solar activity will eventually translate into low economic cycles.

    So The sacrifice to sun god was done at is peak as a token to keep feeding us more energy hence continue upward economic trends.

    While this is just the tip of the rabbit hole .. Money and the exchange of money were and are the tokens you give gods.

    Seek Truth

    Anonymous said...

    OK, Neo's birth date on the passport is 13 September, 1971, on this date, State police and National Guardsmen stormed New York's Attica Prison bringing a prison riot to an end.

    The Matrix tells us about the prison that we are all residing in and makes frequent references to New York.

    David Shearer said...

    Im curious about the names these characters have. such as thomas anderson for keanu reeves in the matrix. what other people does he share that name with and is there a syncronisity there. i know that PAUL thomas anderson directed there will be blood.

    David Shearer said...

    sorry im posting twice. i just saw that TOM anderson is the founder of myspace. kinda interesting.

    A Figure Eight said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    A Figure Eight said...

    Soooo, what do we get when we have a revelation of a Cosmic Scandal???

    List of scandals with "-gate" suffix:

    As in WATER-Gate, which was perhaps a "watershed" moment in historic consciousness?? Letting the waters of change flow through...

    Well, we might call this kind of "breakthru story" a


    Just stating the obvious.

    A Figure Eight said...

    Sorry to post twice, but I wanted to reply to this:

    "The Passport *expires that day?! WTF!"

    That seems to signify that his previous identity/consciousness of Thomas Anderson will end that day, and after that a rebirth of a new/Neo identity/consciousness will begin.

    Like a snake shedding its skin, or us/U.S. shedding what we no longer need.

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