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    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    SpiriT Palm In The Sky

    Cosmic Hand Reaches For The Light
    Highlighted SpiriT Palm used as warning sign for High Voltage.
    Robin Tunney electrified (Jupitered) on the poster for "The Craft".

    StarMummy a.k.a Robin Tunney with vivified SpiriT Palm - the CBS network watermark eye/I hits the center of Her open hand - in "The Mentalist" S1 E18 "Russet Potatoes".

    Buddhas and Hindu deities are often depicted this way. It is a mark of SpririT moving into the human form.
    Jupiter/Joy/Being surrendered to the NOW/EON/ZOE/ONE/WON
    StarMummy with words "High Voltage" emitting from her head right after realized SpiriT Palm incident.
    "He was dead... But he got better". The story of Jesus/Phoenix rising. Khrist Konsciousness Being realized.

    "Krank: High Voltage" In theaters April 17 (See Jim's KranK Heart).
    Note the repeating gun and High Voltage elements, as already winked in the Tunney SpiriT palm event.
    The image also unveils N/Z as a lightning bolt resonator.

    Time to get ready for the High Volt Age!