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    Saturday, February 21, 2009

    floWer Power

    wolF is Flow.
    The consciousness that allows (al owls).
    Allows what is already in this moment to be.
    Then, at the same time, allowing change to happen.
    A being that has mastered floW.
    The time to refloW is NOW.


    Opening The StarG8 Via Johnny Depp: Cut!

    Johnny Depth's first appearance on film was in 1984's horror classic, "A Nightmare On Elm Street".

    The villain of the movie, infamous Freddy Krueger, has trademark razor sharp metal claws with which he cuts and kills his victims, including JD.
    Weird then that Depth would become the iconic Edward Scissorhands, yet again intimately interacting with hands as sharp cutting instruments. This time the blades are his own hands.
    As the poster above attests to, Depth uses his scissor hands to give people haircuts..
    More recently Johnny returns to hair styling as the singing barber in "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street". He cuts clients hair as well as their throats...
    A stylized bloody cut passes over Depth's face on the poster for Jack the Ripper film "From Hell".
    His most famous character to date, pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, often brandishes a sword.

    I intend to go into JD with great depth, Flux permitting.

    Me and Jim have talked about developing a synchromystic movie/documentary StarRing Johnny Depp.

    Many future blog posts will serve as a development canvas for this idea.