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    Saturday, February 21, 2009

    Opening The StarG8 Via Johnny Depp: Cut!

    Johnny Depth's first appearance on film was in 1984's horror classic, "A Nightmare On Elm Street".

    The villain of the movie, infamous Freddy Krueger, has trademark razor sharp metal claws with which he cuts and kills his victims, including JD.
    Weird then that Depth would become the iconic Edward Scissorhands, yet again intimately interacting with hands as sharp cutting instruments. This time the blades are his own hands.
    As the poster above attests to, Depth uses his scissor hands to give people haircuts..
    More recently Johnny returns to hair styling as the singing barber in "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street". He cuts clients hair as well as their throats...
    A stylized bloody cut passes over Depth's face on the poster for Jack the Ripper film "From Hell".
    His most famous character to date, pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, often brandishes a sword.

    I intend to go into JD with great depth, Flux permitting.

    Me and Jim have talked about developing a synchromystic movie/documentary StarRing Johnny Depp.

    Many future blog posts will serve as a development canvas for this idea.


    aferrismoon said...

    Eye Eye , said the Sparrow, with his bow and arrow


    Jake Kotze said...

    Dig those post with the lights in "Lost".
    Challenges perception of subject and environment as separate.
    Dissolving boundaries yet again Mr. Moon.
    Wondering out loud also what mystery lies behind your choice of banner photos.
    Mystery is good.

    B gr8

    aferrismoon said...

    Photo I took from the Tram, in the centre of Prague, liked the movement and blur
    Various elemnets on reflection, pillars and checkers, the figure engrossed within the landscape
    Watching Lost at present. still playing with the lights.

    Atareye said...

    Awesome connections Jake. Bravo man!

    Atareye said...

    I looked at these images again. I'm really excited to see what you guys distill. Looks like there might be allot to it. I thought of the scene in Fear and loathing where Dr Gonzo is waving a razor sharp HUNTing blade in front of HUNTer's face.

    Let's go up there and castrate that

    GONZO pauses -- A MAD THOUGHT -- turns to DUKE.

    (squinting suspiciously)
    Have you made a deal with him?
    Did you put him on to her?

    (backing slowly towards the door)
    Look you better put that blade away
    and get your head straight. I have
    to go wash the car.

    DUKE (V/O)
    One of the things you learn, after
    years of dealing with drug people,
    is that you can turn your back on a
    person, but never turn your back on
    a drug. Especially when it's
    waving a razor-sharp hunting knife
    in your eyes.

    WVeri in blue "sickelli"

    skrambo said...

    A raZOr for cutting/editing the flimsy film and viewing the Depth of the abyss.

    Death would mean a severing of the etheric cord konnekting the physical body to the astral body, crossing said abyss rather than bungee-jumping it.

    Word Verification: inative (I, native)

    StrangEye said...

    Hello Jake,

    stop by and check out some more OSCARs StarG8 info at my blog

    Strange Eye

    I'd love to get your particular viewpoint.


    PS- I know Frank as well (sion mb)

    Ed said...

    Depp's portrayal of crossdressing fimmaker Ed Wood is probably my favorite Depp performance.

    The scene in "At World's End" where Jack runs into different versions of himself in the afterlife made perfect sense to me.

    StrangEye said...


    take a look at "The Ninth Gate"
    in light of that Johnny Depth analysis.

    It is very fitting with him finding the code and bringing forth the baby with that Green-eyed angel.

    Poor Edward Scissorhands!

    He just can't help but "cut apart", dissect (interpret) everything he Touches (sees).

    I mentioned dear Edward Scissorhands on Thursday 2/19 on my Blog.
    In the Michelle Obama Celebrates the Festival of MIN article.

    Michael JACKson has put his Neverland Ranch articles up for auction.

    Among his prized collection is Edward Scissorhands' Scissor Hands!


    StrangEye said...

    is also quite a character in ES.


    Eunus Noe said...

    Hey Jake,
    I've been thinking about Jackman a lot lately. I've been watching The Fountain over and over, and then he was the host of the Oscars last night. But what I'm finding intriguing is the call of Australia. We have a core of people who have come from down under and their connections are intricate and fascinating.

    Australia is trying to say something. I guess the film Australia will have to be next.

    Anyway, what I wanted to share had to do with your thought of Brad Pitt being Cronus/Saturn. I just read that Aronofsky had Pitt and Blanchett as the stars of The Fountain originally in 2002, but Pitt quit and the film stalled. Here is a film deeply about the nature of time, and youth and Pitt was to be the star. Amazing.

    I haven't seen Ben Button yet either. I guess it will have to be on my list. Fascinating.

    I look forward to your synchromystic film projects.
    take care.

    Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

    Voila! Another wonderful synchromystical post, Jake. The very day that you published this arch-tickle, I picked up the 2003 DVD The Saddest Music In The World, a stylishly bizarre musical tragi-comedy revolving around Great Depression era Winnipeg.

    Rather than the fulcrum bonum for the alignment betwixt Galactic Centre & that of our star, Sol, this film portrays Winnipeg as the world capital of sorrow, the whole gist of this surreal fantasy film. Ever seen it?

    Also, I attended art college & for a time was in a Punk/Art Rock band founded by Japanese special effects master, Screaming Mad George, who'd actually devised the sequence in which one of the victimised denizens in the nightmare world commandeered by Freddie Kreuger transforms from a young woman into a giant cock roach in the third installment of the franchise, Dream Warriors, which I understand was ALSO the name of a Canadian Hip Hop band, whose work I'm sure that you must be aware of.

    Ya Gno, Jake, as someone who gave up overindulgence in potent potables because they took over everything in my life, too, I'm glad that you finally saw the Light overcoming the shadows & have done something so commendably constructive with that triumph as you are doing.

    Keep fighting the Good Fight, Son,
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro Von Thüringen

    Editor said...

    I linked your post Opening the StarG8 via Jennifer Connelly in my new sync post on Crossworlds. I'd love you to take a look and leave your comments and insights.

    Just Me said...

    I've done pages and pages of research on this, with great additions by a lot of other people, over at the Synchromystic forum, focusing more on Feddy Kruger but also connecting to Depp. It might be very helpful in your focus on Depp.

    Just Me said...

    A search of the archives at the forum for "Depp" in the "Synchromysticism general" section will also turn up a number of great bits about him and how he ties in to a lot of current events and sybolism.

    admin said...

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