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    Sunday, March 9, 2008

    The World War 3 Stargate Mega Ritual

    My past week has been entirely taken up by a new big post (out soon) and reading this great book by Alastair Reynolds "Century Rain". Time travel, alternate realities, dizzying technology (fascinating musings on nanotechnology) and Stargates, everything you could wish from grandiose 'Space Opera'.

    A particular plot point in this novel involves tampering with an alternate Earth's timeline. A pivotal early Nazi strike is snubbed resulting in no WW2. No WW2 means no extreme push for computer development needed help the war effort, like cracking the Enigma. This majorly stumps the development of technology on 'E2', the alternate Earth in "Century Rain" accessed beyond a wormhole or stargate.

    Musing on the morbid affair of benefits allowed by technology evolved through wars, think about the rocket power needed to to travel to the moon developed originally to kill, made me realize that WW1 and WW2 were, like 911, nothing short of consciousness focusing Stargate Mega Rituals.

    I don't envision a shadowy cabal or alien parasitic entities orchestrating every facet of these bloody mega rituals, I see us. Not that what constitutes 'us' isn't full of mystery or the odd shadowy cabal...

    Further mental tinkering on WW1 and WW2, their 3 part acronym rhythm and the momentum of planetary belief systems seems to point towards the inevitability of a WW3.

    There is however something which already satisfies this pattern, synchromystically. It has accelerated technological development and can certainly be considered a war of converging belief systems (aren't all wars?).

    Is it possible that WW3 sneaked up on the entire planet posing as World Wide Web? Are we already engaged the the last WW, right here and now?

    Wii (W2/WW/MM/2000/2K) or even Wii (WE (E being W, M or 3 (See comments, thanks Aferrismoon))/MM/2K)

    WW is also MM upside down which in its turn can become 2000 interpreted as roman numerals. 2000 is 2K/K2 a current contender along with ZO/OZ for major Stargate signifier.

    See Why 2K and Island of Atum for 2K/K2 info, read Rant In Z-Minor and Opening the Stargate Via Adam Sandler for more about ZO/OZ.
    We3 by Stargate realizor (artist) Grant Morrison

    New post a.s.a.p.