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    Sunday, February 21, 2010

    Phoenix Dawn with REsponse from Rae Dawn herself.

    Phoenix Dawn from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

    Ill update, arrange and explain the stills and video a bit over the next few days, so check back in if you want to learn more...
    This video was requested by Andras Jones to accompany his Radio8Ball show and guest appearance with Rae Dawn Chong.

    Here is the Facebook events page for this particular show.

    And here is Rae Dawns warm REsponse. Such kind words.

    Radio8Ball - Rae Dawn Chong pt. 1 from the archiver on Vimeo.

    Radio8Ball - Rae Dawn Chong pt. 2 from the archiver on Vimeo.

    When I made the Phoenix Dawn video I imagined I was talking directly to her. I feel like the part of me that creates - the silent mystery - was heard by the part inside her that creates.
    Julie Andrews runs through a patch of Yellow Flowers a personal sync favorite and strange attractor to themes of Jupiter.

    Julie is a form of Julius meaning youthful and Son of Jupiter/Jove. Jupiter is the Jovian sphere thus the planet of Joy.
    We see a breakdancer doing a backspin on the Twin Towers on the poster for Beat Street. The WTC is significant as their destruction - the symbolic collapse of the external Holy Temple - mark the beginning of our rapid transformation into Conscious facets of the greater Being WE/ME are. The collapse of the Twins or 2 (I-I) signifies the destruction of duality and collective movement towards unified awareness.
    That the WTC structure strange attracts a dancer shows how the tragedy is also a reason to party. Just like any death, it veils a rebirth. In this case the Phoenix that rises from the WTC's ashes worth dancing/celebrating is Your own awareness of existing a.k.a Cosmic Consciousness.
    This transformation of unconscious violent act of destruction into the very substance of awareness is a miracle if I could ever point at one.
    Rae Dawn stars in another WTC featuring film The Squeeze. It's poster is fascinating to say the least. We see Batman Micheal Keaton being compressed between the holy of holies of the cracking Twin Pillars by a giant hand. I have ran across this image before but as I can't find a torrent online, nor a DVD in stores (possibly no such thing has been pressed yet..) its mysteries remain sealed to us, for now..
    In Beat Street we meet Breakdancer Lee Kirkland and his older brother DJ Kenny 'Double K' Kirkland.
    Lee looks at himself in the mirror and sees the Tiger, animal of 2010 and similarly striped resonator of Jupiter. This is the union of Jupiter and Moon as mirrors are resonators of the moon.
    Jupiter Moon to be explored at length in the next 'biggish' post Scarlet Dragon 3.
    That this is happening in the room of Double K shows how the Jupiter/Tiger is central to the realization of K2 (11:11) or Kosmic Konsciousness.
    Above is Double K performing at his tragically deceased friend Ramo's wake party. The WTC crowns 'Double K' as a birthday cake with sparklers moves into shot. Perfectly susynct as 911 was WE/ME's Birthday, intimately connected with Death. The real death is the change in collective identity. Moving away from being just a limited individual self into the greater Being of I AM.
    We have seen the symbol of Kosmic Konsciousness, Double K, strange attracted to the Twins before. This is the neon lightning bolt - bolts are from Zeus/Jupiter, same story over and over, dig? - K's of King Kupa being held by blue hands decorating the side of one of the Twin Towers in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie.
    Note the sprayed Double K

    Lee and Double K live in the the mid eighties South Bronx where blossoming Hip-Hop, DJ, Graffiti and Breakdancing culture is the order of the day.

    The below syncs from Commando I just forgot to put in the video. Its a shame as they are strong.
    Schwarzenegger gets a clue, a key the the Sunspot hotel.
    He and Rae Dawn arrive at the Sunspot in a beat up yellow Porsche. Yellow cars are resonators of the sun gods chariot. I had to surrender a bit to not be upset at neglecting to include this one.

    Tales From The Dark Side: The Movie

    Rae Dawn passes five Rider Waite Tarot cards, stuck up on the wall of an artists studio. The're tiny but if you look carefully you can just make out The High Priestess at the top. Eventually this work will be done with higher rez material..
    Later at an art gallery the camera has jast panned from left, where stands Rae Dawn, to this dude who moves just so that the words AR or RA, the sun god, appears. A good one but tricky to justify putting in the video as other Rae Dawn sun syncs are so overt and many folks are still worming to this sync logic we take for granted.

    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    The Found Tin

    O.K, so check it..

    Lost S6 E1 LA X 2 February 2010
    Lost started up again for its 6th and final season here in 2010. The first and second episode has featured this spring/fountain thingy which brings Sayid back to life.
    I thought this was pretty neat as the weekend before the first episode of Lost with its fountain...

    When In Rome 29 January 2010
    was the weekend when When In Rome was released it making heavy use of a wishing fountain theme.
    Further I watched Crazy Heart the weekend following the Lost season premier (6 February) noting Jeff Bridges also interacting with a fountain (and coins, if I remember correctly..?)
    Chronologically I'm not even sure about this one anymore, but somewhere amongst the above syncs I was reading Sandman: Endless Nights by Neil Gaiman and noticed this time traveling Abraham Lincoln penny.
    Jim had realized that The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC was a replica of the Temple of Zeus which meant that Abraham Lincoln becomes himself a Zeus/Jupiter resonator.

    See The Matrix Code
    I'm watching Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master because of an interest in Andras Jones who plays Rick in this.
    Andras with radiating red third eye.

    Andras is the host of a show called Radio8Ball where audience members and guests celebrities phone in and ask questions to which Andras responds by spinning a wheel, randomly selecting a song and interpreting said song as answer to the question. He had me ask a question recently and wants me further to make videos featuring upcoming guests.
    Mr Jones with Red Spot Halo

    I think its a wonderful opportunity to explore new depths of synchromysticism. Actually engaging the Stars and seeing what results from feedback.
    While watching Freddy Krueger kill dreaming teens I have the thought that Freddy is a Tiger owing to his distinctive striped red/green sweater. I dismiss it as too vague and loose when 10 seconds later this image below pops up..
    A poster in the next victims room with a sexy lady atop a tiger. A little golden boy/Hermes statuette entrains.

    This often happens when a second guess intuition, the intelligence of the greater organism I am part of, in this case the environment, gives me a second chance to make the connection by confronting me with evidence for what I just dismissed.

    "Freddy resonates tiger? Nha.. Oh I see, yes he does..."
    As our boy falls asleep the girl from the poster moves into his dream appearing inside his waterbed.
    We see she has moved from her original place in the poster.
    Freddey/Tiger brakes through the waterdoor/StarG8 and kills the boy while making jokes about wet dreams.
    This actually fits perfectly with Shamanic and Jovian themes. The striped Tiger is also the Striped Jupiter both being the Dream Master Freddy Krueger. The goal of Jupiter and the Shaman is to kill the identification we have with our conceptualized identities. To the mind identified with its thoughts and beliefs there is no difference between this process and literal death/murder. I have had my ego torn from me during ceremony and been literally convinced I am dead and/or dying.
    Thus the Tiger/Jupiter/Freddy as BAD killer is perfectly in keeping with the reality finding joy/God.
    Further our dreams are key areas where great healing and spiritual work is done.

    See Jim's new video The King of Love is a Dead Man for a perfect illustration of the process of dying as doorway into eternity.

    Jupiter/Joy can be seen as the "land of the dead". This is the place WE/ME go once we have left our attachments to our limited perception of ourselves behind; once we have forgiven ourselves and everybody else for anything we perceive as wrong. The total truth is even weirder as WE/ME have in fact always been on Jupiter and are dead already.
    Blue 'Dream Door' 1428 In the O.G. Wes Craven A Nightmare on Elm Street

    The syncs help us accept this by making it vivid as we learn the address on Elm Street in question is 1428.
    The alchemical symbol of Jupiter veils 142

    142 are the numbers of Jupiter.
    Above is Andras at the same door, red in Nightmare 4. The 8 syncing with his show, Radio8Ball.
    Amazing that this all ends at a Wishing Fountain as our victorious couple enjoy leisure time after beating Freddy.
    The coin hits the water and we see the reflection of our Dead Man and Jupiter/Tiger in the rippling water.
    Shiva the destroyer of attachments.
    Our Blue God with the Red Spot at third eye (the red door) sits atop the Tiger/Jupiter as the fountain spurts out of his head. Note the yellow flowers and trident.

    Clearly the fountain is the floWing release of gushing consciousness from the Divine. It is the NOW.

    This past Thursday, 11 February, me and Jim readied ourselves for an experiment to engage with sync on a new level. This was 42 days into the year as well as resonating 11:11 as 11 Feb is 11/2.

    We did Ayahuasca that evening as sync suggested this weekend as being singularly momentous. The Friday saw the start of the winter Olympics which entrains perfectly with Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief both having overt Zeus/Jupiter resonance and being the birthday of Abraham Lincoln.

    We want to greater incorporate the visionary and ceremonial aspects of Ayahuasca Ceremony into Synchromysticism.

    I noted some fascinating syncs about 11 February in the post Robin "11:11 Time for Ascension"involving sync strange attractor and familiar Robins and Robin Tunney.

    Entraining with the start of this fascinating weekend and Thursday night ceremony was a new episode of The Mentalist.

    The Mentalist S2 E14 11 February 2010
    The first shot is this overhead view of George Washington's head on a quarter coming straight at us.

    Jane is flipping a coin. It lands heads up 20 times in a row baffling his coworkers including Robin Tunney.
    I think to myself: "Coins (coins again?!) have two heads or faces, making them all Janus resonators, no? Nha.."
    Right then onlooker Rigsby says: "Its a two headed coin!". At which Jane flicks it over to him and Tunney.
    Robin: "Looks normal to me!". Again I am reminded to let the connections flow. Coins have two faces, yes they do!
    Rigsby, still baffled by Jane's recurring heads up coin trick, holds up the quarter as Tunney's star title entrains.

    Later the idea that a coin has two-faces is made unmistakable as Jane explains that the coin did indeed have a heads on both sides all along. He exchanged it for a regular one via slight of hand.
    A double headed coin, like Jane's trick coin above, is a perfect Janus, the two faced God explained as a variant of Jupiter in Janus.
    That this is sound - to connect Janus to Jupiter, that is - is doubly reinforced by seeing it in this particular episode S2 E14. 214 is BAD alphabetically, a synchro standard for Jupiter, owing again to the uncanny veiled numbers in the Jovian astrological glyph seen above on the Elm Street 'Dream Door'.

    As already stated all coins, even ones that don't have two heads like Jane's in S2 E14 of The Mentalist, can be said to have 'two faces' and thus resonate Janus.
    Which all becomes redundant anyway when we realize Juno Moneta or Jupiter in one of its female forms is where money comes from in anyway. Thus either way you cut it coins, indeed all money, resonate Jupiter.

    We are forgiven if we should start to suspect this is all quite ridiculous as everything seems to resonate Jupiter when you start looking hard enough.
    The trick is unveiled when you realize Joy/Jupiter is everything and everywhere, the point of it all and even the meaning of life. Why bother continue syncing anything then having reached this point, one might ask? I don't know, I just do..
    I love how both films released on 12 February have the wolF/Flow theme. The Wolfman as personified wolf, Percy Jackson as the man who controls the floW. Even the stance of both floWers on these posters resonate nicely.

    The relationship between Jupiter 42 and Moon 27 is also again perfectly reflected by these two posters.
    Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon and he can control water-flow while wielding a Trident. The Tri is 3 which is also the letter C which sounds like sea. The Tri is the C and 3 and syncs to the sea or ocean (I'm just repeating myself, so that amazing cluster syncs in)
    Percy is played by actor Logan Lerman, which just so happens to be the name of the most famous wolF/Flow man Wolverine. To help us a swallow all this the Wolverine aka Logan has the trident growing out of his hand.

    Scroll back up and contemplate that Shiva sits atop the Tiger, fronted by Yellow Flowers and backed by the trident.
    The other major release this weekend is Valentine's Day, starring everybody. We saw in hEARt how the twin lobe shape of the heart itself resonates Janus an must NOW note how this Feb 14 or 214/BAD is also the first day of the Chinese Year of the Tiger.
    Amazing sync up with Percy Jackson as we see Anne Hathaway with trident..
    And Jessica Biel with a tiger while chomping on chocolate. The sweet heart tale of the coming of the 'love cats'.
    The Wolfman was also covered in Tiger syncs like Anthony Hopkins in trendy tiger print.

    Both Percy Jackson and The Wolfman has fountain moments (Lighting Thief's fountain involving coins central to the story..) but alas I don't enjoy downloading camed torrents for stills unless I feel obliged.
    Inside the hEARt above is the face of Taylor Lautner love interest in Valentine's Day of country singer Taylor Swift (winner of Grammys this year for her song White Horse) and the 'Wolfman' from New Moon.
    Evidence of more wolF/Flow bleed through between all 3 major releases this week.
    'Moon' Janus on the cover of Pushing Ice

    After Valentine's Day (the film not the actual celebration day, that's today silly) yesterday I headed over the the library to look for a book by Alastair Reynolds.

    See how Alastair Reynolds influenced the idea that World War 3 (WW3) is actually the World Wide Web (WWW) in post The World War 3 Stargate Mega Ritual.

    I saw one called Redemption Ark at the bookstore a few days ago and thought I could save a few bucks by rather getting it at the library. The library had three of his books, two which I had already read and a third which was not Redemption Ark but Pushing Ice. So I grab it, flipping it over, reading the word Janus on the back page, nodding, this must be the one...

    Boy is it ever, the entrainment is so wild right now, phew. Love it!

    In Pushing Ice a crew of comet miners must divert from there current mission to intercept the Moon of Saturn called Janus. Janus, which appears to have never been a moon to begin with, has broken orbit and is heading out of the solar system. Being the only ship anywhere near enough the Rockhopper must intercept and investigate before Janus leaves for deep space and becomes out of reach.

    As I currently read Janus was last heading roughly in the direction of Jupiter. Oh boy..

    Note how potently the themes of Jupiter/Janus and Moon have strange attracted via this sync.

    "something about Janus. Mythical and Roman, she thought. The two-faced god of ... what? And the name of one of Saturn's moons."

    "Janus stopped orbiting Saturn"..."Janus changed direction again, this time turning in the rough direction of Jupiter"

    'The simple fact is that it very much looks as if Janus was never a moon in the first place. 'A ship', Svetlana said"

    'Janus is about the last place in the system we'd have thought to look for signs of alien intelligence.'

    So many of these syncs have been noted by Jim and the other boys at The Sync Whole I would loose count trying to account for all the invaluable help. I think of my fellow G8ors as my other Janus head.

    Love to you all.