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    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    Robin "11:11 Time For Ascension" Part 2

    In Robin 11:11 Time for Ascension Part 1 we saw the appearance of a Robin on the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper for 2/11 (11:11) 2009.
    Later in Pots and Pans I discovered that Robin Tunney was interviewed by Ellen on that very same day.
    Crowned by the sun as she enters.
    Framed by the 11 11 of two e11ens.
    It so happens that this evening 2/11/2010 sees a Mentalist episode premier called Blood In, Blood Out, very interesting. Maybe I can get Jim to watch it with me before we do the Ayahuasca ceremony tonight.
    2010: The Year We Make Contact sees Jupiter, the Second Sun, associated to the birthing baby. We find two stars, Jupiter and the star/sun between baby and Jupiter, on the image.
    The poster for End Of Days sees the Twins represented by the Towers with the Baby/Robin Tunney/Consciousness below.

    Both films were directed by Peter Hyams

    "These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth." Revelations 11:4

    Keep these themes in mind when viewing this recent clip with Radio8Ball.

    Radio8Ball ~ Jennifer Jupiter from the archiver on Vimeo.
    We are referring to this video that Jim Sanders made at the start of the above Radio8Ball clip.

    We'll meet you on the other side.


    Christopher Knowles said...

    Here's one for you, Jake- have you ever seen this video? I don't know if anyone else has brought it up before but it seems like there might be some synchery afoot.

    The Quark Observer said...

    2 girls with green eyes are better then one.

    M said...

    i've been reading your blog on and off for awhile now. interesting stuff. i've been plagued with noticing syncs my whole life, but can't be bothered to put in the effort to document (outside of some notebooks). nice to read from someone who does.

    el scriptad0r said...

    ScienceDaily (Feb. 11, 2010) — At this very moment, tens of thousands of home computers around the world are quietly working together to solve the largest and most basic mysteries of our galaxy.

    Chris said...

    Roll the wheel...

    aaaaaaand number 3!

    el scriptad0r said...

    Revealed: Face of prehistoric man who walked the Earth 4,000 years ago

    Read more:

    StrangEye said...


    Time of the ge-min~O~taur.

    Re: Wolf / floW

    see the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olypic Games on my blog.