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    Wednesday, July 2, 2008

    The Coup inside 'The Pyramid'

    Above is the great "Party Music" album cover "The Coup" 911 sync. The image was designed before 911 and shows the Pillarmids being exploded in distinct resonance with 911.

    What are Pillarmids?
    Three distinct pyramids at Giza, having over time evolved and been incorporated into the symbolism of the three pillars of Masonry seen on tracing boards. The 2 greater Pyramids have become the Twin Pillars of Solomons Temple also reflected by the Twin Towers of 911. Meaning the Twin Towers can be considered symbolic pyramids or "Pillarmids".

    See the books of Ralph Ellis such as "Eden in Egypt" for details of Pyramid/Pillar/Tower interchangeability.

    The poster notes a performer named Hot Dogg. See Personal Stargate for Hot Dog related syncs. Dog is god backwards, connects to Sirius the Dog Star and K9 (resonating K2). K is 11th letter of alphabet thus K9 becomes 119 or 911 backwards, thanks Bigevil.

    Jim Sanders - another local of my hometown Winnipeg - one of the creators of the Nosis "Inside Job" interview clip (the clip used this same "The Coup" album cover) sent me an email on June 24 asking me if I had noted the red pentagram logo on the album cover?
    The pentagram is veiled by the other 911 landmark the Pentagon. In the previous post I suggested the pentagram - thus also the Pentagon - as a symbol of Isis and Sirius makes it a pointer of Galactic Center. We then have all major 911 Mega Ritual symbols, as well as Galactic Center, present on this precognitive piece of 911 Hip Hop (HH) art. (For more 911 Hip Hop)
    I replied to Jim, telling him I had never made the wonderful connection with red pentagram. I then wondered if he was aware that "The Coup" was performing that very same evening (one week ago) in our home town at the "Pyramid Cabaret"? He did not, he was simply entraining - coming into resonance - with synchronicty.
    Delighted at this sync I went down to have a look for myself.

    Ride The Fence (Live (Short Clip)) - The Coup

    I took this quick movie with my digital camera to give you a sense of the vivid nature of this real life synchromystic experience. We see front man "Boots" Riley, last seen at the exploding Twin Towers, performing "Ride The Fence" inside "The Pyramid". This connects the WTC and 911 with Giza, made vivid by the sync web, yet again.
    "Boots" Riley of "The Coup" between Tut and Pyramid.

    Two Sphinx and a giant Mural of King Tut (a.k.a RoboTut) flank the band as a brick backdrop with Pyramid design frame the Stargate entraining artists singing a song from the same 911 sync album.
    Right ahead of me (picture above) in the crowd was some dude wearing a sports jersey with the name KHAN present on the back.

    Both Kublia (Xanadu builder) and Genghis Khan keep popping up synchromystically when we research the Stargate. Syncnificantly they owned the land on which K2 sits.
    Winnipeg theaters in entrainment with these events just started running the Academy Award Nominated foreign language film "Mongol" (Ghengis Khan bio-pic), The Blob intends to slither over to the cinema and assimilate the experience...

    See the Why 2K videos for more on K2, Xanadu and Khan.

    Why 2K? - Part1 - Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle-K

    Why 2K? - Part2 - K For Khan

    Giza mural outside "Pyramid Cabaret" as "The Coup" play inside.

    Some extra thoughts on "The Coup" and "Ride The Fence" in the post Grey's Anatomy.