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    Saturday, June 21, 2008

    Nosis Interview Clip


    I was recently interviewed for a future documentary called "Nosis - A Cinematic Vision Quest". Above is a sample of the results.

    Nosis Website
    NosisTV Youtube Page

    I think they have done a great job of representing what I was talking about.

    A first for me, all very exciting.

    Thank you Andre and Jim.


    More on how these events interact, creating feedback with my personal Stargate and home base Winnipeg, in the future. Flux willing.


    Terry said...

    awesome. laid out very well.

    Joshua said...

    I concur with terry.

    Michael said...

    I like it. Well presented, on both your part and the producers.

    Z said...

    bang up job all around.

    soundlessdawn said...

    This is certainly a good format to include people who are still naive to these subjects. Well Done.

    Bigevil said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Bigevil said...

    The March 14th, 2004 WWE mega event Wrestlemania XX (as every ten years Wrestlemania
    is held at MSG in New York annually) I think you might find
    interesting because the opening of the Big Apple PPV involved
    (after the collective singing of the national anthem)
    the unveiling of an image of the octagonal Freedom Tower. (I cant yet find a video of that part)
    The major PPV event also showcased the return of the companies
    dying & resurrecting God character the Undertaker who battled his
    evil brother the big red Machine Kane. It also included the surprise return of his former manager Paul Bearer whose trademark is that he holds a light emiting urn which is the source of the Undertaker's power. I arbitrarily interpret Paul Bearer as Aquarius-the water Bearer or the man with the water
    pitcher or Urn that the Bible references to look 4 2 search for Christ in the
    new age. The opening of the Undertaker's theme music is a "gong" sound.
    I arbitrarily interpret this as possibly the last trump/bell/tone/vibration
    that William Henry cites from Paul's letter to the Corinthians in the New Testament which is supposed 2 occur after the son of man's resurrection due to the fact that the Undertaker's whole saturnian laced storyline centers around the resurrection theme. When the Undertaker figuratively defeats the darkness and raises the lights by raising his hands in a christ-like manner he roles his eyes back into his head which I
    interpret as grey-like eyes. His symbol is a burning variation
    of the cross/tree of life/tower. Serpents around this cross and
    a throne are also in his entrance video and on his merchandise.
    In his original uniform prior to the indigo/purple one he had grey gloves. Note: in a similar 1994 storyline he died and resurrected by being
    defeated in a casket match and put in an Octagonal Casket which
    appeared on a crowley grid-page like screen from which he gave a
    paradoxical speech prophesying his own resurrection. In this storyline green smoke came out of his octagonal casket and his possible Aquarius urn. His resurrection occured in this storyline after Bearer took the golden urn out of the Octagonal Casket and opened the lid in a strange ritual releasing a beam of light from it which made the character appear resurrected in a hexagonal doorway to defeat a evil false anti-christ incarnation of the character who was managed by ted dibiase whose symbol is the collapsed caduceus/isis money sigil.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks allot.

    Check out the Jeremy Narby and Alex Grey clips also at the Nosis youtube website.

    Working on that Hudson Hawk post..

    Ed said...

    Nice interview.

    Is the "source" that you talk about is a recurring theme in Jack Kirby's New Gods, it is known as "the Force" in the Star Wars movies, and I think when you get right down to it, is an aspect of god that most people do not understand.

    The Sister's Son said...

    It looks like a very well done documentary, I look forward to seeing more. You presented yourself well as Michael said, and you were able to contain your information in a well organized way. Congrats.

    Jon Kidd said...

    The 'O' in Nosis on their website is a bullseye. SYNCHRONICITY is a more digestible term to use rather than Syncromystisism. Most people I find, are turned off by the whole Mystisism thing. But thats what this is.

    Well done Jake

    Ps Everyone we should raise some money and get Jake a computer so we can have some more videos or a book. Maybe Steve can handle the account? Maybe some Blob T shirts? Just wishful thinking I guess.

    luis said...

    Whoa... Watching the video made me realize that we are all connected. What was explained about the events of 9/11 being an "awakening" is very true to what I've felt. Dope, The Blob is definitely getting the bookmark treatment, and biggups Red Ice Creations for leading me to this and other great ideas and like minded people.