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    Sunday, April 27, 2008

    Personal Stargate

    In the previous post we investigated dinosaurs as connected to 911 and these big lizards also being symbols of evolution. As the extinct animals represent dramatic life stage change on the planet and 911 was just that - a pivotal life stage change marker - the dinosaur sync winks connected to the Twin Towers of Manhattan NY fit snug as bug.
    The Twin Towers are symbolically interchangeable with Jachin and Boaz of Freemasonry and Solomons Temple. The portable Tabernacle and its successor Solomons Temple is believed to be modeled after Giza. If all is so, it is sound to view the Twin Towers as symbolically equivalent to the pyramids of Giza. (See 911 Stargate video for details)
    The above statement addresses the WTC/Giza from a logical point of view, its conclusion I feel being sound, WTC as symbolic Giza is sound albeit fringe rational. Further however synchromystically we don't even need argue the point as pillars, mountains, towers and pyramids are in this system equal and the WTC as Giza a shoe in.
    The logic of comparing two systems of symbols both involving twinned buildings that bookend human history need not be explained to the already sensitive, intuitively it resonates loudly enough.
    The two stills above are from the recent Roland Emmerich film "10 000 BC". The film sees Mammoth type dinosaurs help build the pyramids of Giza in 10 000 BC, far earlier than traditional Egyptology would place said buildings construction (circa 2500 BC). We can posit by Emmerich's choice of subject matter in films "Stargate" and "10 000 BC" that he views untraditional explanations for Giza i.e. Atlanteans (ancient civilizations) or Ancient Astronauts - or a combination of both - as likely. Further the circa 10 000 BC construction of Giza correlates with popular authors Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval's alleged astronomically derived dates for Giza layout and possible construction.
    Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince suggest however in "The Stargate Conspiracy" that Hancock and Bauval have potential - conscious or unconscious - bias influencing there work as Edgar Cayce and his affiliated interested parties also roughly correlate this date with Atlantean/Giza themes. My point only being to suggest layered vested interest and innuendo in picking "10 000 BC" as title.
    Currently I myself feel the that Giza's construction seems out of place and anomalous as purely ancient Egyptian. I am however dubious about the traditional alternative explanations (Ancient Astronauts and/or Atlanteans) and specific dates as they suggest unhealthy reliance on outside context and other. I feel Ancient Astronaut and Atlantis implies and unconsciously symbolizes 'other' instead of the spiritually grounded outlook of 'self'. As Atlantis and Ancient Astronaut are strong resonators of the Stargate of cosmic illumination I would suggest that the truth lies more in understanding the ecstatic experience as the force that built Giza. The tendency to attach knowledge of Being and Illumination onto an 'other' form (gods, angels, aliens) is an old problem resulting in all the crazy religions running amok on the planet.
    Giza then becomes a natural object excreted by the universe, more then likely through human hands. It seems to be a prehistorical human ant hill or beehive, its function relating to mankind's decent into history (thought and from) and eventual liberation from the cocoon of time and space.
    The placement of Giza (with its 2 pillars portal) at the start of mankind's divinely necessitated phase called history, which came to a close on 911 (with its 2 pillar portal) reveals a non-local intelligence - but by no means separate! - directing the phases of the human organism as it climbs towards the Stargate of cosmic illumination.

    Is this process our collective liberation from the veil of Maya, symbolized by the 2012 Maya theme? Something worth pondering from time to time...

    I heard or read Echart Tolle talk about how the impermanence of forms or constant flux and change of all that is, is more obvious in natural environments then in man made landscapes like cities. The illusion that objects are solid and permanent is more concrete when you live in buildings and drive on roads all day. Plants and animals come and go at a greater rate then seemingly solid human excreted stuff.
    On 911 this illusion was tested and found wanting in the most vivid fashion imaginable, waking mind up to the fact that even American built giants of commerce and industry can be wiped out in an instant.

    Anyway, we have dinosaurs building Giza in "10 000 BC" and we also saw dinosaurs all over the Twin Towers in the previous post. Suggesting yet again Giza as connected to the WTC and the evolutionary function of these structures.

    Just for fun and as we have started down this road of association lets go over "Escape from New York" and "Stargate" one more time.

    In 1981's "Escape from New York" Kurt Russel flies towards the Pillarmids of the 911 Mega Ritual, he eventually actually lands on top of a Tower.
    In 1994's "Stargate" Russel is the first human ever through the - buried in ancient Egypt, but constructed by Ancient Astronauts - Gate, Portal, Wormhole. All these time and space distortions in media are just simply symbols of awareness of awareness, the Being which animates the present moment becoming - in our case, through humanity - conscious of itself.

    I have been somewhat reluctant to include my personal narrative into the synchromystic work that flows through me. The potential attachment to attention (Ego) received through the growing interest in what I do has tended to make me nervous (just fear, which is also Ego) and showing the connections to my personal life i believed might vivify this dynamic. Yet not doing so might exclude valuable context and could even result in the ego finding a new expression as "humble unassuming me" or "little old me, who could care about me?". Therefore I am letting go of attachment to any form of what constitutes my personal self and relating any and all sync winks whether of a personal or pop-media related nature. The synchromystic finds synchronicities through paying attention, he/she is attention. No attachment should interfere with where attention leads itself.

    Kurt Russel's birthday, as is my own, is 17 March, Saint Patrick's day. Christopher Knowles at the Secret Sun relates that this festival date likely stems from - at the very least synchromystically resonating - veneration of Osiris as:
    "In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was killed on the 17th day of Athyr, the third month of the ancient calendar."
    The (Not-So) Secret History of Saint Patrick's Day

    So we have in Kurt Russel resonator of our 'father in heaven (space)'/Osiris (note in the OS/OZ in Osiris) flying towards the Pillarmids who is at the same time humanities first ambassador through the Stargate.
    Further entrainment with the 911 Mega Ritual - mankind's wake up call (note the 911 emergency call number sync wink to the September 11th event) coming through Stargate - and Kurt 'Osiris' Russel comes in the form of "Executive Decision".
    "The movie is similar to the 9/11 attacks as it depicts a novel idea of aircraft hijacking with the intention to use the hijacked aircraft as a suicide weapon to inflict massive casualties, as opposed to the conventional purposes of taking hostages in return for ransom or other demands. It was released over 5 years prior to 9/11/2001." Wiki on Executive Decision
    A pivotal scene sees the protagonists attempting a novel mid air boarding with an experimental government aircraft. The connecting dock through which Kurt Russel, John Leguizamo (who interacts with a KK sporting Twin Towers and dinosaurs in "Super Mario Bros", see previous post) and Joe Morton (Miles Dyson from T2) board the hijacked 911 resonating 747, connects at a spot under the plane bearing a Double K resonating CK/KC.
    Most interesting is the airline name of the plane. Oceanic Airlines, the disaster prone fictional film and television in joke carrier, as also seen on "Lost". This connects 911 yet again to the "Lost" island (being synchromystic Manhattan and OZ) in a most intriguing manner... (See the Comic Book Cycle Parts 5 A and B for "Lost" details)
    Tunney Time:
    In "Darwin Awards" (resonating evolution) Joseph Fiennes and Winona Ryder investigate untimely deaths.
    They leave Nevada by plane passing the Luxor Hotel complete with pyramid sphinx and obelisk. Literally mere seconds pass of real time and we find them interacting with "Stargate Queen" Robin Tunney! (See Tunney Trilogy and Jesus and Robin Tunney at the Cafe Paparazzi for some context)
    Tunney (a lady friend mocked me the other day saying "Oh, your movie girlfriend") is also wearing green the color of Saint Patties or Osiris.

    Sync winking from the back is a glowing Kris Kringle (KK/2K/K2) spreading its holiday cheer. Christmas is the day, according to tradition, that Jesus was born. Jesus in my current world view is a proto-Freemasonic opener of the Stargate (ecstatic contact with the divine) singled out as major Messiah by Grace. Similar in many respects to Buddha, Crowley and Echart Tolle there function in society is to facilitate and instigate the process of awakening, now in full swing as you hear this. How indeed could you even be reading the message of synchronicity and consciousness if it was not so? I certainly would not be writing this stuff without the influence of these groovy cats.. They were rare flowers heralding the current blooming of the entire forest.
    Another small facet of a Stargate realizer is being a flesh and bone tube with food coming in the one end and shit out the other, lets try to keep perspective...
    The Darwin investigator Ryder eats a hotdog while playing match maker between my 'movie girlfriend' Tunney and Fiennes. I don't currently remember where on the vast concreted mind of God (the net) I found this image (below) but it syncs the Pillarmid portals of Being, Isis Liberty and a bright sun with a hotdog being heated over the Illuminating torch. I believe this is another pre 911 sync wink, anybody reading this with more info or a translation? Hotdogs were noted once before exiting a cornucopia in the Thoth Duck video.
    In 1998 on Christmas eve I showed up in Margate (note the Star(gate) resonance) with school friends for summer vacation. I had been taking LSD practically every weekend for 6 months. Me and one co-space cadet decided to take more then ever before and let the chips fall where they may. Believing ourselves to be seasoned users, the cosmic giggle and all seeing eye was about teach us a valuable lesson about the true depth of the psychedelic experience. Black market drugs... who knows what dosage we really took, maybe even the perceived intensity of my journey was the very shallows of the infinite ocean of Being.
    I was never to be the same individual, my reality splintered and time fractured. At points I was being recruited by what I perceived as non local discarnate Illuminati agents communicating through my friends and environment, selecting and propositioning me for membership. I thought this sheer nefarious madness and proceeded to puke all over myself. It was the best (unimaginable vistas of bliss and joy) and worst (pain, emotional torture, conviction of permanent brain damage) time of my life, spanning through the 24th and 25th December.
    This Particular Circle formed/made 1st August 2007 on Sugar (Candy Stargate theme) Hill. It arrived while I was hunting them and it was the 'freshest' circle I was privileged to enter while investigating.

    Last year I visited Ben Fairhall to investigate crop circles for 5 days. Some of the Crop Circles that year displayed hexagons and cubes, shapes I had been fascinated with and had spent much time, prier to the trip, blogging about (see videos like Contact With Higher Intelligence and the Saturn Hexagon). I imagined the circles were synchromystically entraining with my personal development narrative or individual life story.
    Further I decided I would journey to the environmental complex the Eden Project (read about it at first at Todd's Through The Looking Glass) in Cornwall, after viewing circles, because of an interest in Geodesic Domes (invented by Buckminster Fuller who believed in Contact with Higher Intelligences), Hexagons and noting the attractions opening date of 17 March 2001 (my birthday/ Osiris day and year of the Mega Ritual).
    That night after much speed (only did that once, yikes!) and a little hash, without expecting or consciously encouraging, something spoke to me as I lay in my tent...
    I hardly care whether it was a facet of my mind, extraterrestrial, Egyptian God or super intelligent computer from the future. It was infinitely knowledgeable about my personal life and could highlight at slightest request events obscured by time and ad new and fascinating perspective. Much was discussed but of particular relevance to things already addressed here the voice inside me claimed the symbolic significance of my Christmas Eve Margate experience was related to my Christian background and Jesus. I was born again after experiencing ego death on Christmas day. No doubt, not exactly what my parents had in mind when raising me in their faith.
    The entity (what ever it was, certainly a facet of Being) told me my fear on that day had caused some bugs in the download, it would then be happy to fix the problem. I asked it if it was affiliated with the same Illuminati thingemagicks from the previous encounter, which it confirmed, admitting the vast almost limitless personal interpretations human mind gives entities such as itself. Indeed it seemed to matter little to the voice what it 'is'!
    I was healed and told to continue as I have been up until then, following my bliss and helping realize consciousness... No problem, fine thingemagick, I couldn't fuck up even if I tried. Everything is always in its right place.
    Newish flick "August" staring Josh Hartnett centers on events during the month before 911, hence the title. It's poster sports the 911 Mega Rituals twin Pillarmid portals and the movie is also graced by Robin Tunney...
    More, Grace willing, as things flux.

    Be spectacular!

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    "What a Big Fucking Lizard, Lord!" The 911 Dinosaur Mystery

    I get an email from James (thanks!) yesterday morning while sitting down for my morning coffee and cookie, including image above. Cookies are serious business in my personal life, my Facebook profile lists my interests as : synchronicity, cookies, movies. Cookies are indeed sugary treat 'numero uno' in my book.

    So I am literally biting into my peanut butter cookie when cognizing this image of the "Cookie Monster" taking nibbles out of the Twin Towers on a "Sesame Street Magazine" cover.

    Sugary treats and candy of all kind frequently feature in the Stargate sync web, I will let you know if I come up with a plausible sounding reason for this anomaly... (Something about sugar, as a drug, involved in the evolution of our species? Shucks, I don't know...)

    Other fine Stargate Sugar examples, just to make the point, include:
    -The KK of Kit-Kat bar resonating K2 or 2K. (K2 is the second highest peak on Earth suggested as a location decoded from Great Pyramid by Ralph Ellis. First attempted surmounting of K2 was undertaken by famed thingamagick Aleister Crowley. Funny all that...)

    -Willy Wonka's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" 2001 type monolith chocolate bar and giant candy ice capped mountain. (Remember the Monolith opens humanities Stargate in "2001: Space Odyssey" and the Millenium Hilton hotel intentionally designed to represent the same movie prop was located flush with the Twin Towers. Funny all that...). See Al-Noah video for more on 2001 and Hilton Hotel.

    -Lastly, sweetness itself, 'Stargate Queen' Robin Tunney in frame with a lollipop (resonating the Great Pyramid), Zebra (resonating VALIS) and even what appears to be a green Plesiosaur!
    Another facet of the "Cookie Monster" image, with its WTC destruction, thus 911 Mega Ritual synchronizing themes, resonating with concepts percolating through my awareness, is his gigantic stature. I have been puzzling over some dinosaur sync winks and in a similar fashion to the strangely anomalous candy theme, trying to figure out how they fit into the Stargate or cosmic consciousness sync web.
    All giant monsters, like King Kong (K2/2K) and this Cookie Monster resonate dinosaurs, because they were these crazy big freaking lizards literally roaming the Earth!
    Counting the Godzilla poster above we have already encountered dinosaur resonators atop the Pillarmids (pillar and pyramid) thrice. I feel the WTC Towers are our modern era's Twin Pillars of Solomon's temple in its turn the more modern Giza/Dashur Pyramid pairs.

    Seemingly these giant monsters and the Stargate portal of cosmic consciousness being born inside mankind - as 911 was a pivotal evolutionary quantum leap for humanity - have an interesting affinity for each other.
    King Kupa (a double K resonator and dinosaur himself) helps solidify and confirm our Dino/WTC pattern as his liar in "Super Mario Bros" sees giant neon double K's splashed over the Pillarmids themselves (see image of WTC above). Inside of which we find the captive Princes Daisy, actress Samantha Mathis. The film shows, in sequence, the Princess walking away from a window of the alternate dimension (accessed through the Stargate) partly destroyed Twin Towers, personalized monogrammed King Kupa towels giving us a double K or K2 and finally resting on a chained pet baby dinosaur.
    Samantha Mathis also played a Dharma Initiative (octagonal logo) teacher Olivia, on the "Lost" island.
    In the post Opening the Stargate Via Adam Sandler I suggested a classroom theme as connected to Robin Tunney's appearance in the "House M.D" pilot episode (above) and George W. Bush's invocation - intentional or otherwise, synchromystically human intent amounts to little - of Pan/77/OZ through "The Pet Goat" reading coincident and inseparable from the 911 Mega Ritual.
    Yummy Tunney, diagnosed as a medical Zebra by Dr House (see Tunney Trillogy), is further recognized as interacting with two rows of green and yellow Stegosaurus.

    So what gives with these dino syncs?
    Unlike the candy theme, these sync winks seems instinctively far more discernible. Dinosaurs are dramatically extinct (excuse me Nessie) and thusly represent massive planetary life and evolutionary change. Having these reptiles and there Godzilla/Cookie Monster resonators interact with humanities most vivid evolutionary catalyst - the 911 Mega Ritual - makes in this context perfect sense.
    A telling Sci fi convention has dinosaurs often accessed through the Stargate. Time and space distorting technologies in entertainment media are symbolic of cosmic illumination or the Stargate. Sandwiching this paragraph are stills of Scrooge McDuck's time traveling helicopter the Millennium Shortcut (Ducktales episode Marking Time), much featured in The Comic Book Cycle videos like "The Itsy Bitsy Illuminati Propeller Heads" and "911 Time Lords Across the 4th Dimension". At the point those videos were made I seriously considered the potential that the helicopter sync winks connected to real life choppers flying over the Twin Towers on September 11th might mean actual time travel experimentation. Understanding time travel currently as just another symbol of humanities evolution into awareness of Being this scenario seems quite humorous, none the less telling about the 911 Mega Ritual. Scroll back up and take note of the helicopters on the King Kong and Godzilla poster.
    Even more helicopter Stargate resonance was explored in "Al-Noah and the Committee of 911 Moon Men" (mercifully, my silly titles have improved vastly..) where we learn that a major player in the Committee of 9 saga is Arthur Middleton Young an important figure in aviation history...
    Homer passes through the time tunnel/vortex thingemagick in The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror 5 short "Time and Punishment".
    On arriving in 'dinosaur times' he hopelessly fails not to alter the past, causing the chaos theory/butterfly effect to adversely impact the future.
    It would be rather negligent not to briefly investigate Spielberg's, in his typical blockbuster style - cinematic absurdly high quality silly as sin, still much fun - Jurassic Park.
    Dinosaurs are cloned utilizing DNA extracted from mosquitoes fossilized in amber and placed on an Island zoo (ZO/77/Pan) called Jurassic Park. These magick mystery type islands resonate Manhattan, "Lost" and the mound of Atum/primordial mound of the Egyptian creation story.
    Main players (dino bait) include:
    -Sam Neill (above) a Stargate vet, earning this rep in the film "Event Horizon". Event Hori(ZO)n was featured in a recent post highlighting Laurence Fishburne.
    -Chaos theorist (again 'the butterfly effect' sync winks at us, as seen in the Simpson's Treehouse of Horror 5) Jeff Goldblum a Stargate vet, earning this rep in the film "The Fly". "The Fly" was recently featured in connection with Goldblum's post teleportation sugar/candy fetish and Stargate jumping, Thoth resonating, baboons.
    Our heroes come under threat when park technician Dennis (Wayne Knight, Newman from "Seinfeld") shuts down the security network, including electrified fences to facilitate his escape with valuable dinosaur embryos. His computer workstation used for this caper features a Zebra striped young lass. Philip K. Dick called VALIS, Zebra originally, making Zebra a Stargate (contact with higher intelligence) theme. VALIS was also described as being a super intelligent computer from the future, the computer resonance echoed here in "Jurassic Park".
    Another scene connectible to our current sync web sees the T.Rex being bated, on our mystery island, with a goat. Goats resonate Pan, 77 and OZ adding this particular Stargate flavor to dinosaurs. See the 911 Stargate video and Rant in Z-Minor for more info on the syncnificance of OZ.
    Reid Mukai has authored a most ambitious, broad spectrum analysis of synchromysticism, its potential meaning and history, at Reality Sandwich. Thanks Reid.

    I have been authoring the last few post while on vacation in South Africa. More ambitious posts and perhaps even videos to be considered upon returning to Canadian home base.

    Be very well

    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Jesus 'Prince of Persia' and Robin 'Stargate Queen' Tunney at Cafe Paparazzi

    I show up at my sisters and her husbands pad a few days ago to see her ultra sound, a pretty amazing experience in itself but there was yet to be more intrigue. A rack of Wii games alert me to the presence of the popular console in the apartment. I am not a gamer, not since 16-bit technology, but the idea of manipulating character movement through actual corresponding physical motion seems quite novel.

    Al Gore's We logo resonates the Wii and illustrates the rotational 'WE3 spinner'.

    I am of the opinion that evolution of technology is entraining with and in many cases facilitating the growing of consciousness in humanity, the Wii having been mentioned, in this regard at "The Blob" before. See the post The World War 3 Stargate Mega Ritual where it is suggested that WW3 is already underway in the form of the WWW as is synchromystically suggested by the rotational capabilities of the WE3, thanks Aferrismoon for pointing this out. This rotational quality of the WE3 spinner is seen in Al Gore's new environmental promotional campaign logo above.
    The game I got to view, for a few minutes, before I had to book was called "Prince of Persia: Rival Swords". I was immediately struck by the image above, that of the Tower of Babel inside an 8 pointed star, which appears while the machine is loading the game.
    My sister is a big fan of Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and Zecharia Sitchin meaning she has the right head space to allow for alternative ancient history considerations. I am trying to expose her to Ralph Ellis, who's work I resonate with deeply and mentioned that he has suggested The Tower of Babel as being the great pyramid itself (See his Eden in Egypt).
    Adding some personal synchromystic touches to my 'hard sell' I explained that the Great pyramid is well and truly 8 sided and star shaped itself.
    This connects "Prince of Persia's" Babel Tower inside an 8 pointed star image, smoothly, with the hypothesis of the suspected interchangeable 8 sided Great Pyramid as Babel Tower. Very succinct as I was just watching my only siblings first born developing inside the human portal/Stargate to be followed by an image, not ten minutes later on the same screen, of humanities most Stargate resonant edifice, the Great Pyramid of Giza.

    The very next day I was delighted to sit down and listen to the ever illuminating Red Ice Creations podcasts, this very one being a new Ralph Ellis interview.

    Much to my suprise but certainly not without precedent - I Being a long time synchromystic - Mr Ellis starts talking about Persia even saying the words "Prince of Persia". In this particular context he is referring to none other then Jesus Christ, Ellis being of the belief that Jesus was a Prince parented by the daughter of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar (J.C thus Jesus Christ resonating) who was diplomatically gifted to the Persian King by Octavian/Augustus (Oct/8 resonating).
    A quick glance into the history of the game reveals that the previous installment in the series "Sands of Time" has the Prince of Persia - our Jesus Christ resonator - time traveling. In my book becoming a Stargateer as any time or space distortion resonates the gate of cosmic space consciousness.
    Time and space being the base units of 'all things' and 'all things' being limited (See J Krishnamurti). Therefore what ever distorts and dissolves time and space unlocks the Stargate of' 'no-thing'/Being.
    A film version of "Sands of Time" is slated for completion in 2009 possible staring Orlando Bloom. Above we see that our Prince rides the chariot, the O.G. Stargate mobile, resonating the Checker Chariot taxi cab and wheelchair, issues highlighted and investigated in the previous post. The chariot in mythology is the vehicle of Helios the sun God. The sun is the mystery ball venerated through the Aeons and the most vivid external pointer of Being. In this fashion it is one of Earths most vital and vibrant symbols (that which points) of the Stargate, the doorway of the divine. It is no contradiction but nether the less important to bear in mind the sun is also a big silly ball of hydrogen. Like any god or belief system, no matter how impressive, just a thought and limited thing which can help you penetrate the veil of time/space if seen as a signpost and not a destination.
    Paparazzi 2004 film poster. Inside the Stargate target and camera lens we see Robin Tunney and Tom Sizemore.

    Later, on the same day I was listening to Ralph Ellis talk about his new book "King Jesus from Kam (Egypt) to Camelot", I head over to my local mall and coffee shop "Cafe Paparazzi".
    Some context... (mild rant alert!)
    I have been coming to this joint since mid way through high school, its located 5 minutes from my SA home, the staff have asked me to vacate the premises during my actively alcoholic years - I have been sober for 4 years now - it is indeed no less then a key temple of my development in human form where uncountable memories have come and gone. It is also a little shit hole best avoided by any decent folks with common sense... So it goes with all things and mind structures, by there very nature dual.
    Anyway, I am sitting in "Cafe Paparazzi" when I look down and "OH DEAR JESUS BEYOND THE STARGATE!", fair Robin "Stargate Queen" Tunney stairs back up at me from the menu!

    New readers might wonder what is the significance to myself of such a mundane thing? Well, sit down my friend, I have a short tale to tell you.
    Half a year ago I was looking into some Stargate syncs of some kind or another when I started to notice this historically incidental actress showing up recurringly in some interesting and syncnificant films. I thought it would be a hoot to focus on one person as a resonator of growing consciousness (Stargate) themes exclusively and see where it leads. The result was the Tunney Trillogy videos and numerous posts here at The Blob ("A robin feathering his nest", Z is for Zebra, JFK Stargate Mega Ritual etc).

    What happened was in a way what I expected yet none the less exciting and telling about the true nature of consciousness. Cosmic consciousness beyond all forms which creates and implies synchronicity is inseparable from my own or your own intelligence and awareness. In short the experiment worked beautifully. If you are still trying to understand whether coincidence is present because you look for it, or whether it is generated by an external force, you are still caught in the veil of illusion, you are still the serpent devouring its own tail. Synchronicity isn't any of that, it is your true nature and inseparable from who you are. It is the footprints of interconnected one and true consciousness divorced from thought and form.