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    Saturday, December 13, 2008


    Here is part of a super strong 'dog theme' developing in the sync web (the interconnected data points in collective KKonsciousness) as spotted in current theatrical releases.. Themes in the sync web reflect facets moving through our KKonsciousness, the consciously conscious Zeitgeist.
    Of course the thought occurs whether there is an orchestrated and concerted effort to influence people through the media they consume with these themes. The Blob is not concerned directly with who or what causes a theme and for what purpose, on the form level that is. All phenomena ultimately originate from beyond form and it is primarily with this in mind that themes are investigated. The Source in the Present (NOW) produces all the interconnected phenomena of Life and I treat themes as patterns emerging from my true Self, directly.

    For another take on the Dog theme as emerging in the Obama election see Christoper Knowles Sirius work and great Red Ice Interview
    "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" released on 3 October 2008

    The human mind and ego thinks it can control and influence.
    The human mind and ego thinks it can be controlled and influenced.
    The human mind thinks it has an ego.

    There is a intimate dance between the 'controllers' and the 'controlled', they both need and want each other for their very identity and existence.

    One primary function of synchromysticism, as I interpret it, is to help 'me' and 'others' move beyond all forms of conceptualized identity.
    The 'self' and 'other' is a fiction, a myth.

    Who is reading this?
    Who is writing this?

    Figure that out and the rest is a 'cake run', siriusly folks...
    "Bolt" released on 21 November 2008

    When I see DOG I think of the anagram for GOD and the Dog Star Sirius. GOD points one towards the KKonsciousness and NO-thing - these are deliberate 'theatrical' names for God because I want the mind to be a little jolted when trying to conceptualize what is beyond concept - which allows all to exist. Sirius is probably the star with the most Kosmic Konsciousness resonance attached to it - being frequently associated with psychic transmission, beings, aliens, Gods etc - making it, like GOD, a solid resonator of NO-thing type themes.
    The Blob is not ultimately concerned with inherently mercurial subjects like 'facts' and 'research'. What ever the 'reality' of Sirius, The Blob notes what it resonates. Patterns, themes and resonance are of more relevance here then facts, opinions and research.
    You could say The Blob digs waves, not particles...
    "Hotel For Dogs" to be released on 23 January 2009

    The DOG is mans best friend and loyal, just like GOD.
    As this is a time of great collective change - transition from one state into another - we need the DOG to guide us to Spirit.
    When our collective identities are made up of concepts and perceptions (thoughts and forms) and these views of ourselves are challenged or changed it seems like a threat to who we are. Yet what WE are is beyond all concepts and perceptions, truly infinite and eternal.
    Your are NO-thing. Your are what allows things to be.
    To be in a state of clinging to a particular identity without knowing you are more then the limited perceptions is attachment. As all that exists is in constant and increasing flux any perception and identity you attach to is precarious and will cause pain and suffering.

    Jake believes he has achieved success and recognition through synchromysticism. He loves it when people write pleasant things about him and synchromysticism, which happens often at this point :)
    Every now and then however someone will say something mean, angry and ignorant about him and synchromysticism which makes Jake sad :(
    This is attachment. I believe I have an identity as Jake and the work he has done. Because this is a limited perception of what I am it is always changing depending on what others and myself think and say.
    If I move beyond this small perspective and see that I am the Perceiving Entity or Field within which all this transpires then I am liberated and free. People say nice things, mean things or nothing yet here I AM.

    You do not need to know who or what you truly are beyond the attachments, it can not be known in the usual sense. You can however be that, as you already are that ItSelf! A most agreeable and elegant setup, meaning you are already whole and complete, only a slight realization lies between the you who resists and suffers and the Self that Rejoices in ItSelf in Awe.
    "Marley & Me" to be released on 25 December 2008

    "Marley & Me" opens on Christmas day, the day we celebrate the birth of Khrist. Khrist is the KKonsciosuness that is aware of Itself, facet of GOD/DOG. He is biblically part of a trinity one of which is The Holy Spirit.
    "The Spirit" to be also released on 25 December 2008. Scarlet Johansen, showing a single eye/I/Self while the ON/OZ is framed inside her glasses in "The Spirit". "On your knees then", the position of prayer i.e the acknowledgment of Spirit.

    "The Spirit" opens on the same Khrist/DOG day as "Marley and Me" (MM/2000/2K).
    The Spirit is the non-form resonating aspect of Divinity or self, that which the Khrist realized in human form. The Spirit is what is growing inside of us as we continue to align Spiritually and Galactically.
    That cinema reflects the progress of KKonsciousness or Konscious Zeitgeist moving into the species so clearly points me towards the understanding of forces at work far beyond the command of human agencies. Any and all human influence indeed becomes the thinest of slithers of aid to these very forces, these forces that are our own Being.
    All entraining with the realization of All.

    2009 the theme continues, yet fluxing, with some extremely powerful looking stuff.
    "Wolverine" to be released on 1 May (May Day!) 2009

    The O.G. Dog arises in the movie sync web, dogs having been domesticated from wolves. Stargate King Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine in Oscar winning South African director Gavin Hood's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"
    Benicio Del Toro continues this pattern by becoming the "The Wolf Man".
    "The Wolf Man" to be released on 6 November 2009

    The wolf theme also helping us take note, yet again, of that powerful StarG8 resonator, La Luna.
    The Third "Underworld" film "Rise of the Lycans" - lycanthropes being werewolves - is released on the same day as "Hotel For Dogs" , 23 January 2009.