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    Saturday, December 13, 2008


    Here is part of a super strong 'dog theme' developing in the sync web (the interconnected data points in collective KKonsciousness) as spotted in current theatrical releases.. Themes in the sync web reflect facets moving through our KKonsciousness, the consciously conscious Zeitgeist.
    Of course the thought occurs whether there is an orchestrated and concerted effort to influence people through the media they consume with these themes. The Blob is not concerned directly with who or what causes a theme and for what purpose, on the form level that is. All phenomena ultimately originate from beyond form and it is primarily with this in mind that themes are investigated. The Source in the Present (NOW) produces all the interconnected phenomena of Life and I treat themes as patterns emerging from my true Self, directly.

    For another take on the Dog theme as emerging in the Obama election see Christoper Knowles Sirius work and great Red Ice Interview
    "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" released on 3 October 2008

    The human mind and ego thinks it can control and influence.
    The human mind and ego thinks it can be controlled and influenced.
    The human mind thinks it has an ego.

    There is a intimate dance between the 'controllers' and the 'controlled', they both need and want each other for their very identity and existence.

    One primary function of synchromysticism, as I interpret it, is to help 'me' and 'others' move beyond all forms of conceptualized identity.
    The 'self' and 'other' is a fiction, a myth.

    Who is reading this?
    Who is writing this?

    Figure that out and the rest is a 'cake run', siriusly folks...
    "Bolt" released on 21 November 2008

    When I see DOG I think of the anagram for GOD and the Dog Star Sirius. GOD points one towards the KKonsciousness and NO-thing - these are deliberate 'theatrical' names for God because I want the mind to be a little jolted when trying to conceptualize what is beyond concept - which allows all to exist. Sirius is probably the star with the most Kosmic Konsciousness resonance attached to it - being frequently associated with psychic transmission, beings, aliens, Gods etc - making it, like GOD, a solid resonator of NO-thing type themes.
    The Blob is not ultimately concerned with inherently mercurial subjects like 'facts' and 'research'. What ever the 'reality' of Sirius, The Blob notes what it resonates. Patterns, themes and resonance are of more relevance here then facts, opinions and research.
    You could say The Blob digs waves, not particles...
    "Hotel For Dogs" to be released on 23 January 2009

    The DOG is mans best friend and loyal, just like GOD.
    As this is a time of great collective change - transition from one state into another - we need the DOG to guide us to Spirit.
    When our collective identities are made up of concepts and perceptions (thoughts and forms) and these views of ourselves are challenged or changed it seems like a threat to who we are. Yet what WE are is beyond all concepts and perceptions, truly infinite and eternal.
    Your are NO-thing. Your are what allows things to be.
    To be in a state of clinging to a particular identity without knowing you are more then the limited perceptions is attachment. As all that exists is in constant and increasing flux any perception and identity you attach to is precarious and will cause pain and suffering.

    Jake believes he has achieved success and recognition through synchromysticism. He loves it when people write pleasant things about him and synchromysticism, which happens often at this point :)
    Every now and then however someone will say something mean, angry and ignorant about him and synchromysticism which makes Jake sad :(
    This is attachment. I believe I have an identity as Jake and the work he has done. Because this is a limited perception of what I am it is always changing depending on what others and myself think and say.
    If I move beyond this small perspective and see that I am the Perceiving Entity or Field within which all this transpires then I am liberated and free. People say nice things, mean things or nothing yet here I AM.

    You do not need to know who or what you truly are beyond the attachments, it can not be known in the usual sense. You can however be that, as you already are that ItSelf! A most agreeable and elegant setup, meaning you are already whole and complete, only a slight realization lies between the you who resists and suffers and the Self that Rejoices in ItSelf in Awe.
    "Marley & Me" to be released on 25 December 2008

    "Marley & Me" opens on Christmas day, the day we celebrate the birth of Khrist. Khrist is the KKonsciosuness that is aware of Itself, facet of GOD/DOG. He is biblically part of a trinity one of which is The Holy Spirit.
    "The Spirit" to be also released on 25 December 2008. Scarlet Johansen, showing a single eye/I/Self while the ON/OZ is framed inside her glasses in "The Spirit". "On your knees then", the position of prayer i.e the acknowledgment of Spirit.

    "The Spirit" opens on the same Khrist/DOG day as "Marley and Me" (MM/2000/2K).
    The Spirit is the non-form resonating aspect of Divinity or self, that which the Khrist realized in human form. The Spirit is what is growing inside of us as we continue to align Spiritually and Galactically.
    That cinema reflects the progress of KKonsciousness or Konscious Zeitgeist moving into the species so clearly points me towards the understanding of forces at work far beyond the command of human agencies. Any and all human influence indeed becomes the thinest of slithers of aid to these very forces, these forces that are our own Being.
    All entraining with the realization of All.

    2009 the theme continues, yet fluxing, with some extremely powerful looking stuff.
    "Wolverine" to be released on 1 May (May Day!) 2009

    The O.G. Dog arises in the movie sync web, dogs having been domesticated from wolves. Stargate King Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine in Oscar winning South African director Gavin Hood's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"
    Benicio Del Toro continues this pattern by becoming the "The Wolf Man".
    "The Wolf Man" to be released on 6 November 2009

    The wolf theme also helping us take note, yet again, of that powerful StarG8 resonator, La Luna.
    The Third "Underworld" film "Rise of the Lycans" - lycanthropes being werewolves - is released on the same day as "Hotel For Dogs" , 23 January 2009.


    aferrismoon said...

    Dorothy ' Oz' Gale, Girls On Drugs, Guaranteed OverDraft
    Via hebrew DG = 'fish', but DOG don't mean diddly , though I 'fish with an O in it].
    Like OZ - 70+7=77
    DOG = 4+70+3=77

    I'm fishin'


    Accidental Alchemist said...

    NO thing really matters...

    Anyone can see....

    (NO)thing (real)ly (matter)s...

    Nothing really matters...

    twooo MEEEE


    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Reading the words Jake over again and in context... I felt like I was Jake.

    The Moon(the Queen) reflects the Sun(the King). The King being the self or the light within... The projector. The Queen is everything else... Time and space... The projected, or imagination. The flux or Moon is OZ or the realm we are in and don't know. It's Narcissistic and miRRors the looker, or consciousness... An echo.

    In chess the King can move very little... The Queen, Being everything else. The King however can not die... Just become inanimate.

    Inspired by Jim Sanders, and you reading this.

    soundlessdawn said...

    I applaud your ability to separate yourself from form. Even your new definition for synchromysticism speaks volumes: "Much Ado About NOthing" This positive comment makes Jake :) ~ But you also smell bad and are fat from eating too many sweets.. This makes Jake :(
    I couldn't help comparing our two distinctly different (current)(NOW) definitions or motto's ~ Mine going on for far too long and starting with, "The vast and noble undertaking..." ~ So already, I assume that making formless observations based on non~linear thought as being noble or elite.. Thus satisfying the ego. But at the same instant, I realize the silliness of it all and become as playful as a Kung~Fu Panda with a sack of weed dancing in an electric nebula. The No~thing is something we all wish to attain, but can never quite master (The Buddha pointing up) ~ But the pursuit and acknowledgment of said reality is truly holy living. I plan on upstaging (ego) the simplicity of your new slogan.. Mine will simply read: "You're not here"

    Ohh and concerning the dog theme.. In the 10th Kingdom a Dog fly's through a Stargate highlighting the twin towers as he fly's through.. this is how I'm opening our next Vid.. Got to get you on Skype Brother~ Technical problem resolved :OP

    infin80 said...

    I was thinking about the words Dog/God as a microcosm/macrocosm "as below so above" right before I went to sleep last night. Today I come to check out The Blob and what do you know, you're talking about the same thing. Amazing!

    Jim said...

    from wikipedia

    "Based on DNA evidence, the wolf ancestors of modern dogs diverged from other wolves about 100,000 years ago,[12][13] and dogs were domesticated from those wolf ancestors about 15,000 years ago.[14] This date would make dogs the first species to be domesticated by humans."

    For the Anishenabe people of North America, one of the sacred seven teachings is the Wolf teaching which is humility. From what I understand that is the greatest quality to spur spiritual growth. Dogs in movies galore tells me that humility is finding its way to us. Juan Flores describes the one religion of the cosmos is humility. Sounds like God is Humility. God is a Wolf. God is a doG.

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Utterly beautiful..... The Dawn has become Soundless!

    Thinking of Rorschach. He is syncromystism... He is free association. In 3acthmen he is anything that you project on to his ink-blott. Good or bad connotation.... Depends on the viewer.

    Curry said...

    Hey, really enjoyed this post. Very uplifting. Some kind of global consciousness expansion and telescoping of spiritual evolution definitely is happening, call it Ascension or what have you. I think they might be discussing the Sirius system on Coast to Coast AM tonight; they haven't mentioned it by name, but have promoted the show by saying the guest will discuss a binary star system that may have "significant influence" here on Earth. Also: could you elaborate a bit on the (apparent) significance of alliteration? For instance, I have seen you reference KK (Kosmic Konsciousness, Khrist, K2 mountain, etc.) numerous times and seen other synchronicity-centric bloggers emphasize double occurrences of letters (MM, LL, etc.). Is there is a specific basis for assigning significance to these occurrences? Thanks and Namaste.

    Curry said...

    UPDATE: the C2C was not about Sirius, but they did briefly discuss the star and the Dogon people. I also learned that Sirius was referred to as Isis by some past cultures.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Crowley made the first attempt at climbing K2. Ralph Ellis wrote a book about the Great Pyramid being a map that points towards K2.
    The syncs about this in movies blew my mind (see Tunney Trilogy etc) and anything resonating K2,2K,KK became interesting.
    Other researchers had been looking at MM (Ben Fairhall/Goro etc) it was then realized that MM/2000/2K!
    After MM was realized as related all others started becoming fair game. Gosporn's HH was another big one (resonates 11:11, connected twins, tHotH,YHWH etc)
    Now I feel all doubles are resonant of the two in one and Gemini themes.
    Well thats just my take on it, I'm not even sure if any two would agree or whether it matters why we feel it's syncnificant, often I just feel it means something and just go with it.

    aferrismoon said...

    Behind the head of the seated man [ final pic] the design on the throne looks like 2Gs [ The left faces in the 'normal' direction]. They're righ where his hornes could be.
    By Alphabet G-G = 7-7
    while via Hebrew G-G = 3-3

    Gee Up!

    Accidental Alchemist said...

    To tie the HH to the K2 fractal I spew this....

    H = the 8th letter of the alphabet.

    The great pyramids are 8 sided. Why? Well structurally the pyramids would collapse if they were truly 4 sided.

    So... HH/88 is the 2 main giza pyramids and the pillars ect.


    Jaspal said...

    A Few Shots to Shaman, why are you always thinking the same thing I am thinking? Chess has been on my mind all week. Did you know that the King wasn't always so weak? In the first versions of the game in ancient India, the King was the most powerful piece on the board. It was only Cleopatra who weakened the King and made the Queen all powerful.

    I was thinking about God and the Devil playing chess, how the Devil would be like the "global elite", prepared to sacrifice anything to win, carrying out atrocities like Hiroshima and 9/11 to further their cause. While God is the ultimate defensive player, he is pure Love and will do everything to protect all of his peaces. Thus we have the ultimate stalemate, no one can win.

    Which is where we come in. The theme in the Matrix is Neo’s sacrifice, for no reason other than he “chooses” to. Being close to Xmas it seems relevant to talk about Jesus’s sacrifice, one of pure love and unselfishness. The celebration on the 25th being based around the Winter Solstice and how our “Sun” dies on an astrological cross, then after 3 days is resurrected and born again on the 25th, at which time it aligns perfectly with Orion’s belt (the 3 Kings) and the Star of the East, Sirius (the kings follow the star).

    The Sun is our life giver, without which we would all die. Does a pure sacrifice end the stalemate? Is that what all this represents?

    I was talking to myself on Sunday, thinking about what Mr Kotze has been saying. I was thinking how we still have to act, even if all this is just in our heads we still have to go out there and do good, spread the light, otherwise darkness might fall and our Sun might not rise again. Very strange that Mr Kotze then appeared in my dream that very same night! It was a strange dream and I don’t remember much now, the one thing which sticks out was that I was trying to help Jake get a date with (KK) Keira Knightley! What an odd dream, it appeared to repeat itself and play twice.

    I also spent all morning having an argument with a guy from South Africa on a newspaper forum, his name was MungoTeazer, mean anything to anyone?

    Virtually Me said...

    Hi. I've been following your blog for several months, find it fascinating and just a bit out of my intellectual reach yet so deeply intriguing I can't seem to stay away (I check your blog everyday).

    What fascinates me the most is how you and your fellow bloggers are able to connect symbols with meaning.

    I now find myself looking at the world around me in a completely different light thanks to you Jake.

    I noticed that on the three dog movie posters there seems to be a recurring theme: grand staircase/lightning bolt/ascension.

    I love the blogs of your followers too. You are a group of amazing folks. Keep up the good work.


    Jake Kotze said...

    Thank you Virtual Me.

    No need for intelligence and allot of form or content knowledge here...
    Its nice to have some resources (data) to play with but its not necessary to be 'intelligent' or 'smart' to appreciate synchromysticsm.

    How much knowledge or ideas you have or can juggle is nothing if you don't have insight or heart.

    One simply needs to be present, aware and and open to what is happening around you.

    Synchronicity and insight are direct results or fruit of this state. The real you is this awareness and loves and 'rewards' being recognized.

    Allowing what is, to be, and not resisting the world. This is a primary tool to find and understand synchronicty (and peace).

    There is great depth in the smallest observation that resonates with the True Self.

    This is technology of the Heart (Earth) not the mind.


    hollywoodkids said...

    Don't forget about "Wendy and Lucy".

    tommy said...

    Great article, I've noticed a lot of dog themes in my time away from the internet. My own dog returned to my form-field soon after observing movie trailers and the like involving the newly discovered Dog sync. Just thought I'd share.

    A commercial is on TV right now for "Atlantis SunScape", a beach resort or something. If I left a comment for every time something like this happens, I'd have enough material for my own blog (which isn't happening and I don't want to be your competition)

    Nightghost said...

    Interesting JC story here,,2933,472864,00.html. Appears the actor and his character both had JC as a first and last name. Very interesting.

    MDMEnergy said...

    >Who is reading this?

    I am in the current now in which I am present in my form that my ego has defined as "I". This is the always ever present now that our lives are engulfed in.

    >Who is writing this?

    I am writing this, but not as "I". Once we dissolve into the unified energy field that is what "YOU" so elequoently term "KK" , when we then re-ground ourselves those parts previously trapped become available to people like you to then do the busy work and write all this down. I think you can understand this, because something you have seen or been influenced by that you created was or has been touched by my hands(im in production).


    Anonymous said...

    The Barbury formation there is a little like an enlargement of one of the wheels on an earlier Barbury formation from '91.

    The '91 version had six 90 degree turns. It's other two wheels were blank, and rotating stylised (also with six segments), & the center was a 3-layered 'target' design with a tetrahedron interlaced to it.
    The blank one has an axis line going through it - so maybe it's an earlier nod (than seems to have been discovered, dates anyone?) to the 616 number, because...

    As long as crops are being mentioned at all - there is a synch there with WWOOF (international organisation, Willing Workers On Organic Farms).

    (see the Soil Association logo carries the number of the Sun in it)