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    Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    Look to La Luna

    Let's try and keep this one short and concise. A fascinating pattern of syncs seemingly entraining with the concept of a 'Moon landing hoax' was explored in the video "Al-Noah and the Committee of 911 Moon Men". I have no strong feelings either way about the reality of a 'Moon landing hoax', fake Moon, alien spaceship Moon or just regular 'natural Moon' (what ever that 'is'). I just noticed the pattern and even felt silly when reporting it. A few recent emails have highlighted some more material that again perfectly vindicates some kind of Moon trickery. The most amazing point to all of this being that the major sync winks all involve the same actor, Jim Carrey! Carrey has been suggested as an Osiris Green Man resonator being green themed in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", "Batman Forever" and "The Mask".

    Carrey plays perfect hoax resonator Andy Kaufman in biopic "Man on the Moon".
    In "Bruce Almighty", after gaining all the powers of God, he manipulates the Moon to improve the romantic view from his apartment (still directly above).

    "Dumb and Dumber" sees our 'Moon Man' exiting a bar, then noticing a framed newspaper headline reading "Man Walks on The Moon". As a very ignorant person, the gag is that Carrey is surprised and delighted to learn the news. In the context being explored here it is entirely consistent with the theme of the Moon landing having never taken place if our 'Moon Man' is unaware it has ever happened.

    Don't even try and ignore the iced caped 'twin peaks' of the pyramount (pyramid resonating mountain, as pyramids are man made mountains) winking frantically. Remember that as Green Man, Carrey bounces around an icy peak in 2000's (2K/K2) "The Grinch".
    One more time... Ralph Ellis writes in "K2 Quest of the Gods" that the Great Pyramid decodes as a map pointing towards K2. As Aleister Crowley (in 'real life') and Robin Tunney (in the 2000 (2K) movie "Vertical Limit" (see "Tunney Trilogy")) have climbed K2, the synchromystic 'golden goodie sack' overflows under the slightest gaze at this concepts sync web.
    See pic above of Robin from "End of Days" for just the tip of the icy pyramount. I love it when the symbol, like the 'twin peaked' mountain behind Carrey and 2K behind Tunney actually touches their heads... Driving the point home, should we have any more doubt about Carrey's overwhelming Fake! Lunar resonance, witness my dear syncsters "The Truman Show" (above). "Reality television" producer Ed Harris has, as his central command station from which he orchestrates the deception that is Truman's (Jim Carrey) life, a fake moon!


    Christopher Loring Knowles said...

    Oh dear- and here I am working on my Eternal Sunshine post for Valentines Day!

    soundlessdawn said...

    Carrey can also be seen using telepathy and climbing/living in a holy Tibetan mountain range in Ace Ventura Pet Detective 2. Interesting moon connections - As the first NASA mission to the moon was known as Apollo - but indicator's such as the Mission Patch suggest the symbolism behind the lunar landings dealt more heavly with Orion and Osiris - and uses the Rebirth/Ressurection theme.

    Vieze Frans said...

    When I saw the title it reminded me of ONE thing:

    Mortal Kombat

    Do what thou with with it! Id soes so much to ME!!

    Jake Kotze said...

    Valentines Day! Again. They still do that? Bah humbug. Sheesh, I better get out there and start 'spreading the love'. Been single for quite a while now. Wonder if the 911 Mega Ritual is a good way of braking the ice?
    "Hey sugar, did you know the Twin Towers can be viewed as symbolic of the two greater pyramids of Giza? It's all right here on this first degree Masonic tracing board I keep in my pocket.."

    Good lead Steve, any Zebras in those flicks?

    Exactly why I named the post what I did...

    soundlessdawn said...

    Zebra's? - Well yes - and no.

    aferrismoon said...

    NASA's new rockets are called ARES [ Greek for MARS], and the new lunar lander is called ORION, or perhaps its a shuttle.
    Re: Happy Valentine's day. I think u synched it with the Twins with a heart in .
    Girl- Wow baby, whatcha got there, the Empire State?
    Syncher - Twin Towers baby

    Lelabear said...

    You Rock..
    Have you seen this logo for CultNat, part of the Bibliotecha Alexandria? It is great confirmation of your pyramounts theory...

    This library itself looks like a big stargate to me, perched in the middle of a lake! It also resonates with the Pagemaster's a quote from the website...

    The New Library of Alexandria, the New Bibliotheca Alexandrina is dedicated to recapture the spirit of openness and scholarship of the original Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It is much more than a library ...

    Ritual building techniques are confirmed in this paper:

    The National and University Library in Ljubljana – the intersection of Time
    and Cultures
    The slides of this paper can be found at:

    As any important architectural work, the libraries from the distant past are vivid organisms that bear in themselves the
    biological, historical and humanistic experience. Those who live with, and use, such architecture feel its spiritual energy
    and its vital palpitation. The space accepts them and through symbols and rituals it passes on their idea; it passes on the
    situation today, however, this is performed from its yesterday’s and tomorrow’s position. Therefore, good library
    architecture does not follow changes in trends and fashion, but lives its own time in the continuum of historical
    consciousness, revealing the spirit and importance of its existence. In the architectural Renaissance taking place during the
    last years libraries became exactly the same as the important buildings throughout history used to be. They are prestigious
    architectural achievements that became the visual and symbolic signs of national pride, the cathedrals of our days.
    Already from the ancient times onwards the importance of libraries is determined by the mysterious intertwining of
    documentation, information and knowledge as well as the symbolic and ritual meanings. The importance of libraries in
    Antiquity is clearly illustrated by the ritual path to the highest level of the forum of Traian, to the temple of Divi Traiani,
    that in its last part led between the Greek and the Latin Library. In the evolution of European architecture it is impossible to
    avoid the fact that designing libraries was consequently attributed to the best architects who were able to give them also the
    necessary rituality that does accompany our spiritual and physical existence on the other side of religion.

    Newspaceman said...

    Jake, this might interest you re Jim Carey: