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    Thursday, August 28, 2008

    H (Amended)

    "The Artistic Crime of the Century"

    Just a quick post to refresh our memories about the phenomena of the connected Twin Towers and all the examples we have encountered, compiled together, in one place.

    Man on Wire - Trailer

    New doc "Man On Wire" brings up the consistently repeating theme of the connected Twin Towers.
    The Twins/Gemini/11, reaching out to become One/1 as symbolized by the emerging Freedom Tower.
    The overhead profile if the Twin Towers and Building 7, the primary highlighted pillarmids of 911, bears some comparison to Giza and Orion's belt. Not a perfect match, I concede, but worth some reflection.
    The Freedom Tower is a Square Antiprism perched atop a cube.
    Seen from the top...

    it looks like this (below).
    Thats right, a freakin giant octagon placed at Ground Zero! We can think of an octagon as two squares, placed at right angles, on top of each other with there points connected.
    In a way the Freedom Tower is the double squares of WTC 1 and 2's floorplan, rolled into one. The Twin Towers become One/1 as the Freedom Tower with a due date of 2012 (by some accounts 2011, we will see). This reflects the emerging story of dawning cosmic consciousness told through synchromysticism and expressed as the 911-2012 axis. The dual nature of subject and object, me and you, becoming one unified awareness.
    We will explore this concept, identifying the parameters of this '911-2012 Ascension Dragon Axis', in the next big post, slowly gestating.

    See All I Want For Christmas for more on the Freedom Tower and overhead octagons.

    The whole thing 'started'* for me at Michaels from Gosporn's cool blog, noting some H syncs.

    See The Double H Ranch and Connecting The Twins at Gosporn

    The same day that I read some of his H syncs I also saw this WTC as H at the video store on the cover of Woody Allen's "Manhattan".
    After blogging about it in Pairs James Ratte, an architect, left a comment about work he did for Gaetano Pesce, portraying the Towers as being connected by a giant heart.

    See I Heart Pillarmids
    Another connected Twins from Pairs:

    It is interesting to note here that amazing artist Paul Laffoley (Stargate (cosmic/space consciousness) entrainer) says in a Radio Orbit interview that he was fired from working on 'The Towers' by Architect Yamasaki after suggesting connecting the pair with a bridge. The true artist, as usual, is entraining with the stargate earlier than the masses... The actual function of the artist in society, come to think of it i.e readying his fellow citizens for evolution. He also makes some interesting, but hard to pin down, comments about explosives being installed in buildings (like Building 7!) during construction.

    Mike Hagan's Radio Orbit - Paul Laffoley Talks About The World Trade Center (MP3 Download) (May 21, 2007) [time code: 22:00 to 53:00]

    Aferrismoon noted this boat, The USS New York (LPD 21), containing steel melted down from the WTC on his blog.

    See his post All Lost Aboard the OZ-ARK With Dotty's Checkerboard Champagne
    In synchromystic logic - which is really just a silly new name for what in 'future' will be called common sense - the WTC Towers are symbolic pyramids or pillars. As 'Pillarmids' they are also symbolic of the ark, Noah's Ark and the Ark of the Covenant being intimately related and probably evolved from, pyramids. Thus it is profoundly su'sync't to have the symbolic pillars of the Holiest of Holies become an ark.
    It's coat of arms again highlights the Pillarmid theme as we see the three stars (pyramids/Orion) and a triangular or pyramid shape interwoven with the Twin Pillars. The grey apex of the pyramid indeed connecting the Twins with a Phoenix/Benben/Eagle/Scorpio rising from the ashes of the towers. This symbolism all easily related to the Towers as Galactic Anticenter. The standing H in New York being the 911 half of the '911-2012 Ascension Dragon Axis'.
    A classic WTC Stargate sync can be found in "The Wiz". The yellow brick road ends right at the Kaaba representing sculpture "The Sphere" which stood between the towers until 911. The word OZ has been fashioned over the giant bronze sphere for the film. OZ resonates 77 and the Goat god Pan through Gematria, which is really just O.G. synchromysticism.

    The Twin Towers are seen connected by an arch, becoming the H, with rotating loudspeaker. The voice of Richard Pryor booms over the plaza as he continually changes his mind as to what color is to be dominant here.

    See Rant in Z-Minor for more.
    "G.I Joe and the Pyramid of Darkness" was a movie length mini series which saw the terrorist organization "Cobra" build a pyramid shaped force field around the Northern Hemisphere, which neutralizes electricity hence creating, "The Pyramid Of Darkness".
    More on this amazing sync, in the 'future', flux willing..

    Also see Steve's Willners Exodus, The Temple of Set, and The Pyramid of Darkness for more G.I Joe
    Cobra resides inside the connected Twins, here called the Enterprise Towers.. The Crimson Twins control the transformation of the Enterprise Towers (clearly inspired by New York's H) into a rocket ship. We now have Gemini and serpent symbolism intimately tied to the Pillarmids. The Galactic Center is in Sagittarius/Scorpio (Winnipeg) and Anticenter is in Gemini/Twins (New York), the serpent is the Dragon Axis or pole formed by alignment.

    See World Trade Galactic Center for more info.
    Below we see the connected Twins, having shed there outer skin to become a space ship. A perfect example of WTC and its recurrent cosmic consciousness symbolism. The Towers having become a vehicle or chariot that blasts consciousness into orbit.
    New big post, liftoff in, ETA 1 week...

    If you have a connected Twin Tower sync wink I have forgotten, leave a comment and maybe we can ad it here.

    Started*: This is a convenience of speech intended to reflect the general experience of life. A little reflection on the matter reveals that all phenomena are influenced by all other phenomena. Nothing has a truly isolated start or an ending. This experience, of isolated phenomena, localized in time and space, will in 'future' be outmoded and archaic, flux willing...

    I haven't seen a that many episodes of South Park, but of those I have seen, I enjoyed "Towelie" the most and have certainly seen this particular one more times then any other.
    "Thats the melody to Funky Town!"

    South Park - Towlie Quotes - Funky town & more - Video

    Jenn from Hidden Dakini highlights that this episode aired 8 August 2001, making it the last one before the 911 Mega Ritual. Things get wacky when we note a central plot McGuffin, the coveted 2001 Okama Gamesphere, bears some comparison to Osama. Further the design of the device looks like the Emereld City from "The Wizard Of Oz" with a connected Twins inside the green Sphere.
    When the kids play with there 2001 Okama 'Emerald City H' we see what appears to be ZOOP candy bars and donuts (image below). Stargate candy is a common theme, these with added ZO/OZ flavor...

    See posts like JFK Stargate Mega Ritual for more on Stargate candy - the capstone of the food pyramid! - and donuts.
    The Symbolic Galactic Center Temple or 2012 end of the '911-2012 Ascension Dragon Axis' is right here in Winnipeg as the Masonic Legislature Building. In my mind it shows how when you entrain with synchronicity by thinking about the phenomena all day, you synchronize with the alignment of the cosmic axis. Ending up, just naturally, migrating towards the Galactic Center Temple. Well, I can imagine the other angle too, where it proves the depths of my attempts at self mythologizing and shows up the classic mechanic of the mind, 'what the thinker thinks the prover proves'. I would certainly recommend you remain skeptical (not cynical) of all I say.
    Either way, my overall feeling here is that New York's WTC was the upright H, the first connected Twin of the 911-2012 axis. Winnipeg's connected Twins is the second, horizontal, laying or level H of the Ascension Dragon Axis. This reflects the 11:11 (as visually similar to HH) specific moment of Galactic Alignment with the solstice sun on 21 December 2012 and the 2 H's in YHWH and THOTH.

    Namaste (I acknowledge Deity inside of you)

    Tool - H

    Monday, August 18, 2008

    "This Tape Is A Lightning Bolt From God!"

    Noticing groupings of themes in films, as a kid, was one of the first steps towards what would grow into synchromysticism. Here is 1997's "Volcano" and "Dante's Peak" both about erupting mountains released in short succession.
    The following year saw "Deep Impact" and "Armageddon" chasing each other in theaters.
    I can totally imagine studios playing copycat or filmmakers tapping into popular themes. Yet to my mind, something extremely mysterious remains when dealing with such intense focus clustering around certain subjects.
    Now that I believe, beyond any amount of human intention there is a the movement of the infinitely greater Mind of Being, this phenomena is starting to make more sense.
    What we see in media when we remove the restraints of conventional perception through the process of synchromysticism is nothing short of the very movements of Being, unchained by the limitation of mind. Mind results in compartmentalization of experience into finite thought.
    Synchromysticism helps us go out of our minds.
    A new theme, just detected, is the lightning bolt or energy line.
    It is what Thor and Zeus/Jupiter command.
    It is also the wave/water/energy lines of Aquarius. The presently dawning age entraining with the 911-2012 ascension axis.

    Sunday, August 17, 2008


    "The Matrix" a 1999 Mega Ritual film that changed cinema and global consciousness through its reality bending themes sports this amazing sync wink.

    Ascension was marked by the 2000 or 2K Millennium Mega Ritual and "The Matrix" was part of what prepared global consciousness for this shift.
    The date this rapid ascension of mankind was really kick started, September 11th 2001, is exactly highlighted by Neo's I.D.
    As a Messiah figure in "The Matrix" this makes complete sense when we realize the 911 Mega Ritual was the innitiation of the entire species into Godhead or Cosmic Consciousness. Christ Consciousness (equal to becoming a Buddha) moving into the species.
    Seen on the poster for Bill & Ted's, flying through space on the cuboid Stargate, is movie Star Keanu Reeves. Movie Stars are ‘as below’ resonators of the skies above. Their Earthly movements through the silver screen reflect the drama told by the heavens. It is therefore no surprise that synchromysticism increasingly finds these Stars aligning with the Stargate or Galactic Center.
    Note how Ted's legs frame ONE on the poster echoing his role in "The Matrix" 10 years later.
    The Stargate cuboid descends from the skies while our Movie Star Buddha sits outside the Double K of the Circle-K.

    See one of my last sync videos "Strange Things Afoot at the Circle-K" for more context.
    If you are willing and able to support these efforts please help realize new videos by clicking the paypal donate button. I am itching to make more..
    The Double K resonates the K2 pillarmount, the 2K Millennium, the 911 Mega Ritual (11th day and Twin Pillar buildings) and the 2012 , 21 December at 11:11, solstice sun alignment with Galactic Center. K being the 11th letter of the alphabet. This suggest 11:11/KK as some kind of omni embedded fractal symbol of consciousness.
    I close look at the I.D reveals what looks like the Black Isis topped Capitol dome rising out of Neo's head. Surrounding this symbol of Galactic Center and his head like a Halo or Crown Chakra is the olive wreath. Consciousness of the true Center (our awareness of consciousness) rising out of mind through the subtle body Stargate.

    For Olive sync winks see World Trade Galactic (Anti) Center
    For Isis (and Capitol Building) as Galactic Center see Gemini
    Below is another I.D sync. This is Stargate Queen Robin Tunney in "End of Days".
    She plays Christine York, the one foretold by prophecy and celestial signs to bear the child of Satan, the anti-Christ. Her name again echoes the theme of Christ Consciousness born in New York.
    The seal of New York can be slightly discerned on the I.D. The seal sees twin goddesses resonating Isis, yet again, Galactic Center. The personified sun rises over the pyramount Stargate. An eagle interchangeable with Scorpio stretches its wings above the celestial sphere. Scorpio's stinger points towards the location of Galactic Center.

    But Jake, you think everything resonates Galactic Center and the Stargate!


    Below the 2K kisses her head on the subway chariot , more thoughts on this scene, in the next big post.
    Thanks to Bubblefish for the email and Vinay for the message about this sync wink.


    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Decapitated Heads, 888, and The Serpent of the Crossing

    The second collaboration with Steve from Labyrinth of The Psychonaut.

    See the first one Masquerade Infernale, The Hanged Man, and The Loom of Fate and his other films here.

    To investigate Eddie Murphy (the synchromystic Black Star and Dragon Axis) and the Winnipeg Legislative building further try The Blob's Galactic Center Temple and Konkrete Junkyard's The Darkest Joke.

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Jim Sanders Interview and Dora

    Note the concentric circle design with central dot between OBSERVE and BE in the Red Ice Creations logo. Keep an eye out for the rainbow behind ICE and above the 8 of infinity, we see it again..

    Filmmaker, friend and fellow Winnipeg resident, Jim Sanders, explains his journey from the anarcho-activist belief system to being a student of Gnosis through plant consciousness with Henrik on Red Ice Creations.

    Click here for interview.
    I feel I share with Jim the understanding that all is nature and that the interconnected totality brings about what we perceive. Meaning no matter how bat-shit crazy the world seems everything is in its right place, always.
    Synchromystically Nosis veils the 0Z/77/Pan along with Isis (Galactic Center) and the bullseye type Stargate. This target design is also the alchemical symbol for gold and astrological signifier of sun.

    Jim told me recently to check out Dora, claiming it to be a sync extravaganza. So, lets briefly scan this episode called "School Pet" and see if children's television is as sync rich as the usual Hollywood and comic book fare that is the synchromystic stock in trade..
    The orange R and yellow A - the sun or gold colors - highlight RA

    First off the Spanish Dora resonates Dorado (gold in Spanish) as in El Dorado, the mythic city of gold discovered recently by Indiana Jones (in "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull") and Nicholas Cage ("National Treasure 2"). We see her exit the Stargate bullseye with Aqaurian water in the background. This is our currently ending great year entraining with the Cosmic Consciousness realization of humanity symbolised by the Dora (Golden) Waterdoor. Over both this Golden Stargate circle and Waterdoor is the arrow of Sagittarius pointing at Dora. Sagittarius' arrow points directly at the heart of the Milky Way or Galactic Center. Perfect.
    In this Episode Dora must find her school pet who is missing from his terrariam. We note he has an octagramic circular hamster wheel. The Great Pyramid encodes Pi (circle) and has eight faces while the Giza layout veils an octagon. Surely threre's no reason to connect Mimo the hamster with pyramids and Stargates?

    See Galactic Center Temple for some 8 flavored details.
    Dora's companion on her quest to find the missing Mimo is a grey monkey. Monkeys are "Thothmates" or resonators of Thoth as Baboon.
    The monkey is called Boots. Boots Riley is the front man from Hip Hop (HH) outfit "The Coup", a group emanating one of the most famous 911 syncs of all time who we just recently saw inside the Pyramid.
    Dora faces some dangerous animals on her adventure and must successfully navigate the jungle serpents. Serpents resonate the Dragon Axis or axis mundi of the Cosmic Center that binds us all. That which is symbolized by the dot of the 'circle dot' Stargate of "Nosis".
    The crocodile or monster mouth represents another facet of Galactic Center or Cosmic Consciousness realization. In this incarnation it is the scary portal that could destroy the forms we wrongly think are ourselves.

    See Gemini for more alligator action
    The arachnids resonate the Octagonal Stargate seen in the shape of the Dome of Rock, Freedom Tower and Winnipeg's Legislative Building.

    See Galactic Center Temple if you dare enter the Winnipeg Wormhole.
    See also Steve's new video for the Spider Man WTC sync and some Dragon Axis info
    Dora finally locates Mimo but must pick inside which of the three Pyramids her Hamster is located. One is topped by lightning resonating Zeus/Jupiter and the Aquarius energy wave/water lines. Another is topped by a rainbow, su'sync't as we have speculated many times here that Noah's ark is actually a pyramid!

    See Al Noah and Comic Book Cycle for Ark as Pyramid
    The hamster however, like all true spiritual treasure, is located under the Stargate. The Stargate is simply the doorway or symbol of our acceptance of the true nature of Self. That which you already have and are at the very moment you read this, as well as any other moment for that matter.

    Are kids getting the same symbolic download of higher consciousness we have been decoding in mainstream films and other pop-culture?
    Youtube NosisTV
    Youtube Dada World Data