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    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    I Heart Pillarmids

    In the previous post (Pairs) I tried to make the case that the pillarmid pairs of NY and there consistent synchromystic connection to H, is a conciousness metaphor. The 2 wanting to connect and become 1.
    The theme repeats as James leaves this msg in the comments section of 'Pairs'. This also shows how artist entrain (sync up) with stargates (space/cosmic conciousness doorways).

    I am an Architect, I worked for Gaetano Pesce and we entered the WTC competition. His entry was an rebuild of the former WTC design with a heart included between to connect the towers in an "H" shape. There is no one link to direct you so here are the direction to see the images. Start by visting ""click "enter site" in upper righta new window should pop upclick "typological list"click "architecture"go to page 6 in the lower leftbottom of the list is WTCthere are a few good pictures


    Vapo said...

    Hi Jake ~ If that Heart had a stem and leafs it would look very much like a Apple..just a rambling thought.

    Have a great day and BEE well!


    Bluekush623 said...
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    Sun Zoo said...

    Today the New York GIANTS of the NeFiLim...I mean NFL...won despite great odds in Dallas and have moved to within one game of Super Bowl XLII. Now how interesting would that be if they were to advance to Phoenix (site of the Super Bowl this year) and "rise from the ashes" as it were in a game resonating with a twin tower motif (XL + II). Like NORAD, it is on my radar...let's see what transpires in their next game against Green Bay.


    gas said...
    It's de Blob!

    Greg Tramel said...

    been spreading the synchromystic meme over here

    "Many in my forum prefer to think of all of this as a kind of “synchomysticism”, as deeper meaning
    and patterns emerging from the noise of our popular culture, with various symbols (signifiers) emerging like “strange attractors” in a chaotic system"

    Sun Zoo said...

    wow....turns out the GIANTS made it to the big show...i wonder if they'll pull out a superbowl victory and thus "bridge" the twin pillars or has the communication reached its fruition?