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    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Jim Sanders Interview and Dora

    Note the concentric circle design with central dot between OBSERVE and BE in the Red Ice Creations logo. Keep an eye out for the rainbow behind ICE and above the 8 of infinity, we see it again..

    Filmmaker, friend and fellow Winnipeg resident, Jim Sanders, explains his journey from the anarcho-activist belief system to being a student of Gnosis through plant consciousness with Henrik on Red Ice Creations.

    Click here for interview.
    I feel I share with Jim the understanding that all is nature and that the interconnected totality brings about what we perceive. Meaning no matter how bat-shit crazy the world seems everything is in its right place, always.
    Synchromystically Nosis veils the 0Z/77/Pan along with Isis (Galactic Center) and the bullseye type Stargate. This target design is also the alchemical symbol for gold and astrological signifier of sun.

    Jim told me recently to check out Dora, claiming it to be a sync extravaganza. So, lets briefly scan this episode called "School Pet" and see if children's television is as sync rich as the usual Hollywood and comic book fare that is the synchromystic stock in trade..
    The orange R and yellow A - the sun or gold colors - highlight RA

    First off the Spanish Dora resonates Dorado (gold in Spanish) as in El Dorado, the mythic city of gold discovered recently by Indiana Jones (in "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull") and Nicholas Cage ("National Treasure 2"). We see her exit the Stargate bullseye with Aqaurian water in the background. This is our currently ending great year entraining with the Cosmic Consciousness realization of humanity symbolised by the Dora (Golden) Waterdoor. Over both this Golden Stargate circle and Waterdoor is the arrow of Sagittarius pointing at Dora. Sagittarius' arrow points directly at the heart of the Milky Way or Galactic Center. Perfect.
    In this Episode Dora must find her school pet who is missing from his terrariam. We note he has an octagramic circular hamster wheel. The Great Pyramid encodes Pi (circle) and has eight faces while the Giza layout veils an octagon. Surely threre's no reason to connect Mimo the hamster with pyramids and Stargates?

    See Galactic Center Temple for some 8 flavored details.
    Dora's companion on her quest to find the missing Mimo is a grey monkey. Monkeys are "Thothmates" or resonators of Thoth as Baboon.
    The monkey is called Boots. Boots Riley is the front man from Hip Hop (HH) outfit "The Coup", a group emanating one of the most famous 911 syncs of all time who we just recently saw inside the Pyramid.
    Dora faces some dangerous animals on her adventure and must successfully navigate the jungle serpents. Serpents resonate the Dragon Axis or axis mundi of the Cosmic Center that binds us all. That which is symbolized by the dot of the 'circle dot' Stargate of "Nosis".
    The crocodile or monster mouth represents another facet of Galactic Center or Cosmic Consciousness realization. In this incarnation it is the scary portal that could destroy the forms we wrongly think are ourselves.

    See Gemini for more alligator action
    The arachnids resonate the Octagonal Stargate seen in the shape of the Dome of Rock, Freedom Tower and Winnipeg's Legislative Building.

    See Galactic Center Temple if you dare enter the Winnipeg Wormhole.
    See also Steve's new video for the Spider Man WTC sync and some Dragon Axis info
    Dora finally locates Mimo but must pick inside which of the three Pyramids her Hamster is located. One is topped by lightning resonating Zeus/Jupiter and the Aquarius energy wave/water lines. Another is topped by a rainbow, su'sync't as we have speculated many times here that Noah's ark is actually a pyramid!

    See Al Noah and Comic Book Cycle for Ark as Pyramid
    The hamster however, like all true spiritual treasure, is located under the Stargate. The Stargate is simply the doorway or symbol of our acceptance of the true nature of Self. That which you already have and are at the very moment you read this, as well as any other moment for that matter.

    Are kids getting the same symbolic download of higher consciousness we have been decoding in mainstream films and other pop-culture?
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    Youtube Dada World Data