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    Saturday, May 3, 2008


    I am reading the book "Tutankhamun The Exodus Conspiracy", pictured above, with most famous of all Pharoah's death mask inside a flaming Jewish Star on the cover. The writers unveil the intriguing evidence that Tut's burial chambers - one of the finest hordes of archaeological loot, like ever - were pilfered by its excavators Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon. Specifically it is suggested that papyri containing details and hard evidence of the Egyptian Hyksos rebellion and expulsion, viewed by orthodoxy as the Jewish Exodus, was removed from Tut's tomb and suppressed. The book also explores the idea that proto-monotheist pharaoh Akhenaton, an older relative of Tut (different books tend to disagree on how they are related) was the actual Moses of the Bible. The specifics of which pharaoh was which particular biblical character seem splitting hairs as the logic of the old testament being an account of dynastic pharaohnic court and historical intrigue is profound and patently self evident enough to win our attention.

    The Masons, who along with Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith share the old testament Abrahamic origins, retain the most overt Egyptian flavor in their symbolism and ritual.

    While perusing these pages I went and saw "Iron Man" when the penny dropped.

    Iron Man like King Tuts mummy also sees human flesh covered in a cocoon of metallic skin. Both protect the wearers form from degradation.

    The act of covering or preserving the human form with hardier substances then flesh and bone unveils a psychology of attachment. Rulers and elites have a tradition of preserving there self image in carving, painting and statue. The most vivid and extreme examples of this neurosis of attachment to form being present in Pharaohnic Egypt with colossal self images and monumental efforts of preservation undertaken during mummification process. Great pains and mind boggling lengths have been undertaken to preserve seemingly into infinity the image or likeness of the Pharaoh. Of course nothing is for ever and most of these structures lie in ruin or decay.

    Even the masses display this dynamic of obsession with the human form through expensive beauty and cosmetic treatments in life and coffins and headstones in death. The unconscious drive being the unfounded belief that through preservation of a form that you currently inhabit one can preserve the essence and achieve immortality. This highlights the key dysfunction of the human species, the belief that we are the mind - its thoughts and beliefs - itself or the ego's belief that form is our true nature.
    We are the Being that animates the body and form. Yet the ego believes we are the shell and its thoughts. The true "Ghost in The Shell" is Being, but we often mistake it for the thoughts generated by the mind and the shape of the body. The ego is the robot of science fiction fame.

    Correctly understood the potential is now to understand, or more accurately overcome, the ego's neurosis shown up by the myth of artificial intelligence. All inherently limited thoughts and forms that comprise our reality arise from the vast, infinite and unlimited no-thing or Being beyond all that 'is'. Stuff or things as perceived by the senses are the thinest of slither of the inconceivable totality. This is paralleled by the amount of form versus space in our perceptual universe. A fraction of 'isness' or stuff vs an inconceivable amount of distance/space between stars above or atoms below. Indeed even the 'stuff' ends up being intangible and pretty odd when looked at carefully, so it goes..

    The word artificial intelligence implies that there are things which are not intelligent, plainly a big error. Synchromysticism tries to address this fault by highlighting the intelligence embedded in the obviously intelligent and inseparable environment of the observer, making plain that indeed environment (object) and perceiver (subject) are one continuum.

    Thus all is already intelligent and the idea that rocks, symbols or computers are any different is again attachment to form and 'consciousness bias'.

    Most humans at this point it would appear will only recognize or accept a non human intelligence if it appeared and behaved very much like itself. The only acceptable aware machine will think and look like a human.
    The same can be said about extraterrestrial intelligences who must by convention and bias be humanoid or technological i.e. like us. S.E.T.I. isn't looking for life, all is life. Mars for instance even if free of bacteria or running water is, no doubt, an entity or 'life form'. They are actually looking for Earthlings with radio stations and television programs beaming into space. If we really penetrate the psychology we would learn that they are looking for themselves, with a giant radio telescope! All questing for 'other' finally in the end is the unconscious drive for union with self.
    As technology - the very means by which you read this message right here right NOW - interacts with and facilitates the growing awareness of consciousness and as technology's often perceived destination is artificial intelligence (conscious machines) itself, we can safely intuit that the goal of realization of consciousness in humanity and technological singularity themes point towards the same event. The event often described here as the opening of the collective Stargate of humanity sometimes speculated as interacting with the posited 2012 Maya Mega Ritual.
    Scene from Spielberg's "Artificial Intelligence" connecting the pivotal 911 Mega Rituals twin Pillarmids - major Stargate resonators - with evolution of technology.

    Thus artificial intelligence is really just another metaphor for Stargate, this just being the implied consciousness already present in technology becoming aware of itself in that particular form. We can speculate that consciousness wakes up in fleshy humanity and in our machines, perhaps at the same time interacting in a beautifully non-local and elegantly orchestrated dance. Further perhaps the interchangeable Stargate resonance of artificial intelligence and human evolution suggest machines and humanity integrate, becoming a new life form. Of course this raises alarm bells if your identity is defined by your human form and could seem like the most unnatural* devious attack on self. I would suggest however that this process is already well under way since the very beginning of the use of tools and is the very same process that has allowed your consciousness to read this message through the internet intelligence you have embraced and are part of right here right NOW. We, as inseparable from Being, are already the machines many fear.
    *Unnatural and natural are mind made devisions. All form is excreted from the Being or no-thing beyond form. K2, Giza, Cydonia, Your Mom, Kit Kat Chocolate Bars, Glen Beck, Sirius, Insane Clown Posse, Semen, Coffee, Crowley all emanate from Being or no-thing which is beyond understanding as understanding is a thing, dig? No matter if you don't, not understanding is a very good start.
    Note Robocop's octagonal OCP logo (present in image on the police car door) and Orion studios. More on this later, flux willing.

    The cocooning of Tut in inorganic matter (like the butterfly) to achieve cosmic consciousness unveils the symbolic evolutionary function of the mummification process. A strange but telling duality however is present and shows the extreme polarity of the ancient Egyptian mind. While being deeply magickal and spiritual, the mummy, the very egg of the transformation, was to be stamped repeatedly with the human form. The Pharaohs attachment to his identity - a necessary but now completed phase in development of consciousness in humanity - contrasted with his deep knowing of personal divinity allows us the opportunity to make aware this neurosis and bring balance to the same dynamic in our personal lives.
    Akhenaton/Moses, the original monotheist, displays a related dynamic in his religious cosmology. Both a plethora of deities as well as a singular, through which one accesses the no-thing beyond from, is still a barrier or 'other' between yourself and 'God', that which you/we truly are. An amazing, vital and decisive step -Monotheism - on humanities journey towards the Stargate was instigated by those wacky Hyksos Pharaohs in the long long ago. We respect and acknowledge there holy help. We also note and humbly learn from there attachment to form and ego.

    We bring our presence into this very moment, that which we already are. We who choose to dance in the external drama of increasing realization, now in progress, 'prepare' knowing all is already well and in its right place. Yet, like a plant goes through stages of development from seed to radiating flower, we assume the role of growing consciousness. Just a role, game or dance as the fulfillment is already achieved. A holy role as all that is perceived currently plays along.

    There are way less spiritual or woo-woo! ways of saying all of this but its my current trip, best to ride it out...

    Now for some incongruous candy syncs. (Not really, for Tut related candy syncs see The K2/Giza Candy Cane)

    Madonna our main female pop deity or consciousness focusing star, shines her light and our planetary attention on candy. Her new album titled "Hard Candy", featuring the icon over a Stargate resonating spiral lollipop swirl background, strangely shares the name of a 2005 Ellen Page film featured a few posts ago.
    What makes this really smashing is that Madonna is pop mother goddess 'numero uno', while Miss Page in her Academy nominated "Juno" (a Roman goddess) is strong current contender as another. Connecting the head scratching, food pyramid topping sweets theme, powerfully, to the mother goddess.
    Noticed another candy sync wink on major new violent game release GTA4, see lady of questionable repute suggestively sucking on a lollipop directly below helicopter type chariot of the gods.

    If all is conscious and awareness permeates every facet of existence, is it indeed true to state simulated violence or 'artificial intelligence violence' is perfectly harmless? Perhaps even a healthy expression or outlet for anger?

    I will leave you pondering, while waving from my moral high horse... for now.

    Be awesome.