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    Wednesday, January 9, 2008

    The K2/Giza Kandy Cane

    "The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want."

    "I will fear no evil: for thou [art] with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

    I did a synchromystic piece yesterday morning about edible stargate resonators, nuts. By the evening, as is more and more the norm with times passage, I was entraining with my work by eating cashews from a vending machine at my 'day job'. Only when chewing on the nuts and reading this line from page 90 of Ralph Ellis' "Tempest & Exodus", concurrently, did it occur to me that I was eating what I had been blogging about only hours before: "Apparently since the rods were made of almond.." The consistently enlightening Ellis is explaining his belief that the rod and staff of biblical fame is none other than the flail and crook of the middle kingdom Pharaohs like the famous pair of rods making an x over 'Tuts' heart. For those unfamiliar with the concept, in short, Ellis like 1st-century historian (and secretly the biblical Paul the Apostle, a long story..(See "Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs" by Ellis) ) Josephus and Michael Tsarion believe that the Israelites and the Exodus is actually the historical immigration of the Hyksos Shepperd Pharaohs and there people from Egypt.

    Another edible item, candy (especially lollipops), has also recently been connected to stargates. (See the "K2 Candy" posts 1, 2 and 3). Having been a sugar junkie of late and it recently being X-Mas, it seems natural that my thoughts would turn to candy canes, considering there similarity in shape (with stripes) and christian holiday theme nature, as potentially resonating the Sheperd's crook. A quick wiki check shows that this is entirely in keeping with consensus reasoning as:

    "The cane shape is traditionally credited to a choirmaster at Cologne Cathedral in Germany, who, legend has it, in 1670 bent straight sugar sticks into canes to represent a shepherd's staff" (Candy Cane Wiki)

    So, striped candy cane resonates the similarly striped Pharaoh's crook (usually made of almond wood), interesting enough, but there is yet more.

    On P18 of "Tempest and Exodus" Ellis draws our attention to what he calls the 'Lollipop' glyph (above). The glyph is said to have no know meaning but on P24 he compares and equates it with the mer (below) glyph which means, wait for it, 'pyramid'.

    The stick or stem part Mr Ellis is saying is the Giza pyramids' causeway, connecting the 'Lollipop' glyph to Giza specifically.
    Stargate Queen, Robin Tunney, shown animating a Lollipop in "Cherish"

    So it is possible synchromystically to say that the 'Lollipop', already much discussed and connected to the K2 mountain through Robin Tunney (she climbs K2 in "Vertical Limit" see the "Tunney Tribute" videos), can be connected back to Giza through Ellis' own 'Lollipop' observations. Ralph Ellis being the author of "K2: Quest of the Gods" and originator of the Giza as K2 map theory himself. Weird..

    Another K2/Giza candy sync comes in the form of a comment left by observant Aferrismoon who shares that the O.G. K2 mountaineer and Giza Kings Chamber meddling Aleister Crowley spent time learning the tools of the Magickal trade in Kandy, Ceylon.


    "My friend and climbing companion, Oscar Eckenstein, gave me my first instructions in learning the control of the mind early in 1901 in Mexico City. Shri Parananda, Solicitor General of Ceylon and an eminent writer upon and teacher of Yoga from the orthodox Shaivite standpoint, and Bhikkhu Ananda Metteya, the great English Adept, who was one of my earliest instructors in Magick and joined the Sangha in Burma in 1902, gave me my first groundings in mystical theory and practice. I spent some months of 1901 in Kandy, Ceylon, with the latter until success crowned my work." Aleister Crowley


    FilmNoir23 said...

    Ceylon via Crowley seems a hotbed all of a A.C. (ring any bells?) Clarke lives in Sri Lanka (or present day Ceylon). Nasty violence happening there currently (and has off and on since 1983).

    Michael said...

    Interesting post. Moses' staff was made of almond wood, which turned into a snake that ate the snakes conjured by Pharaoh's magicians (and no magician/wizard is complete without his staff or wand). In Stargate (film) the Anubis-like defenders of the pyramid employed "rod" weapons.

    The wikipedia entry for almonds is fascinating:

    "The pollination of California's almonds is the largest annual managed pollination event in the world, with close to one million hives (nearly half of all beehives in the USA) being trucked in February to the almond groves. Much of the pollination is managed by pollination brokers, who contract with migratory beekeepers from at least 38 states for the event. Pollination demand is high enough in the Californian Central Valley that bees may be imported from Australia for the February almond bloom."

    Just Me said...

    Just today, the Fox News website has a link to a story about Madonna raising money from Gucci for a Kabbalah center, and the link to the story reads "Kabbalah Con" - interesting, considering all the recent discussion about K2.

    So this strikes me as odd: Here is "Madonna K2 Parfum Body Spray," available from Cross Pharmacy.

    Madonna did a song called Candy Shop, which specifically mentions - and shows - lollipops. And back in the 1980s she did a poster of her sucking on a lollipop. Of course, she also was famously photographed wearing a jacket bearing the pyramid with the all-seeing eye.

    FilmNoir23 said...

    Michael: I had forgotten all about the Almond/Bee connection. There were quite a few stories last year that spoke on the reduction of almond yields due to CCD.

    Just me:
    WOW...what a full load of Madonna/K2/Candy madness!!!! BRAVO. Trick or Treat anyone?

    Just Me said...

    Check out the logo for this year's Comic Con. Or is it Komic Khan?

    Atlantean Times said...

    Who can take tomorrow
    Dip it in a dream
    Seperate the sorrow
    And collect up all the cream?

    The candyman..can

    Come with me
    And you'll be
    In a world of
    Pure imagination
    Take a look
    And you'll see
    Into your imagination

    We'll begin
    With a spin
    Traveling in
    The world of my creation
    What we'll see
    Will defy

    If you want to view paradise
    Simply look around and view it
    Anything you want to, do it
    Wanta change the world?
    There's nothing
    To it

    There is no
    Life I know
    To compare with
    Pure imagination
    Living there
    You'll be free
    If you truly wish to be

    Gobbledygook said...
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    Gobbledygook said...

    Ralph Ellis talks to Philip Coppens -

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks for helping make these comments sections such a joy to read. I find them (on other blogs) to be just as much fun as the articles.


    soundlessdawn said...

    Hey Jakester - Just saw "The Bucket List" - and guess what? - The first scene in the film is Morgan Freeman climbing the Himalayas - He describes it as,"My Mountain" - and is later buried on top of one of it's peaks.

    Vapo said...

    Hi Jake ~ The Candy post is very intriguing. Steve your post and timing is interesting:

    Sir Edmund Hillary, the mountain-climbing New Zealand beekeeper who became a mid-20th century hero as the first person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, has died. He was 88.

    The movie " The Bucket " is symbolically loaded and should prove to be well worthy of watching. Pyramids, the colors Yellow and Black( Bee colors), Black and White.

    Lets see where was I..oh yeah..Candy Cain

    Have a great day and BEE well!


    kevin lewis said...

    yes, edmund hillary passed today, on the eleventh of january. we have everest again resonating 11:/11 yet this time as 1/11(where's that missin' "1"? and the man himself as a double 8, resonating with the sun and the recent thoughts on the "double h". tie in that beekeeper tidbit and wow, just...beautiful.

    FilmNoir23 said...

    Wasn't 88 used as Heil Hitler in Nazi Germany?

    Just Me said...

    Check out the poster for "The Bucket List." Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman form two pillars as a giant letter H with the sun shining brightly between them.

    kevin lewis said...

    filmnoir, 88 was definitely used by at least neo-nazis, and i always heard that it was for heil hitler, as well. i, myself, intuitively have come to believe it was probably in actuality more of a reference to the "black sun" or maybe even a second sun being that 8 is a solar number. i don't believe that the hh (88) "phenomenon" (for lack of better words) being explored by jake has anything to do with nazis other than that it was probably co-opted by them and now has some ass-backwards stigma attached as we see with other powerful numerics such as 666. again, this is pretty much strictly intuitive, and you know, whatever you make of it, so it goes.

    kevin lewis said...

    wow, just-me, that's too good! and we see there, freeman playing a character with the initials C.C or 33, which, of course amongst a myriad of other "occult" meanings and/or themes, was the age at which edmund hillary scaled everest.

    aferrismoon said...

    88 is the number of recognised constellations .
    Check out The Bucket List, at the beginning in the garage Morgan Freeman reels off names beginning with H and HH, I think Presidents or some kind of beast.

    Peggy Carter said...
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    Peggy Carter said...

    When I attended the last Public Hearing of the "9/11 Commission," ("Investigators" of 9/11 events, appointed by President W. Bush, headed by Thomas Kean of NJ...called "Kean Commission"), I discovered "Kean," in this case, is pronounced "Kane" or like in candy "Cane."

    Also, "Cain" as in "Cain and Able" is not prounced in Hebrew as we often pronounce it in English. It's prounced "Kine" like in English we would say "Kind" but without the "D"

    This reminds me of the various prounciations/spellings? of the Hebrew priesthood's patronymic, "Coen" "Kone" "Cohen" etc.

    Thought of the Kean-Cain-Cane connection while dozing, after reading Jake's Kandy Kane article and thinking about at this "eisen" I made:


    which presented, at an important sychronous moment, a photo of Thomas Kean.

    ("Eisens," I think, are made by machine. You insert the URL's of the vids you are interested in mashing up, and it returns to you a "youtube" supposedly resembling a film by Eisenstein. see: eisentube [dot] com, please. If you want to make one.)

    'Nother resonance for me: "Chandi" is an "Hindu" goddess. Sometimes that is spelled in Roman letters, "Candi" with a line over the "C" to represent the sound "CH."

    It's a girl's name, as is "Candy."

    I also did an "eisen" last week I named "Wake Chandi" *before* I read Jake's candy cane article:


    The "eisen" strangely came out without music (only one that did, out of a score or so I made), so I added some favorite music in honor of the "Goddess."

    FWIW, Aleister Crowley's first daughter, baby Nuit Ma Ahathoor Hecate Sappho Jezebel Lilith, called "Lilith," died in Shree Lanka, aka Ceylon.

    Closely after her death, ~6 months, a second daughter was born, "Lola Zaza."

    Resonants to me with "Lolita" - the famous poster with the lollipop.

    Unknown said...

    Eek, Sir Edmund Hillary, who Hillary Clinton falsly cliamed to be named after! Why did she want to connect herself with a mountain climber? I wonder who diebold will pick for president.. considering recent estimates were way off of poll results, only where diebold machines were used - in favor of Hillary, who by the way is fond of wearing Pheonix broaches. Be afraid.

    A Figure Eight said...

    Wow. I have several comments. So much resonates with me.

    First, note that the candy cane is a spiral of red and white, and the symbol of the 888 olympic games is a spiral of red and white. The spiral being the metaphor of all existence/universe to Native American peoples.

    Second, quick story. My friend and I tried to emulate the remote viewing technique of the former CIA project named Stargate (tracks in the psychic wilderness). I saw an image that I interpreted as a rocket ship, while he had intended it to be a lollipop. (I thought this was redic until i read your post today). It was a triangle, with a line pointing up to a circle. Later we went to a Native American powwow, where I bought a rattle to use to try trance behavior with to engage in visions (see Felicity Huffman's Where the Spirits ride the Winds). We later noticed that the rattle had the same exact symbol my friend had drawn and I had remote viewed. It was translated in the Native American tradition as "ALL ONE TRIBE."

    That evening, in the midst of a beautiful sunset, resonating high after the Native American powwwow, my friend and I had our first glimpse of UFOs, as beings of light.

    Lollipop, spiral, all one tribe.

    I started reading your blog a few weeks ago, and I am beginning to "see" in a much more beautiful way.

    Thank you.

    265 said...

    In the regular logo there is 11 stars on each side of k2. (sometimes 12) but 12 seems interchangeable with 11.

    The y2k paramount logo has it all though. 11:11 Kandy Kane pillars. K2 between the pillars with the open gate. Octagonal cubes atop the pillars. Oh and it is the Y2K logo! In fact I think it was first used 1 week before 2001 in the film "the gift". The film is loaded with pillars and the "gate" theme. Release date was 12/22/2000...

    265 said...
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    265 said...

    And! and it has the arch over k2 connecting the pillars. I say paramount prooves k2/Great pyramid=11:11....

    Along with Ralph Ellis and all Jakes work of course!