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    Wednesday, February 4, 2009

    Gr8 WaterG8

    The transience of materiality and form unveiled. The eggshell cracks... 911

    While watching "Frost/Nixon" (nice OX/OZ in there..) it become clear that the Watergate scandal follows the same pattern one finds in what I have called Mega Rituals.

    This term 'Mega Ritual' is a massively confusing title with much potential for misunderstanding. Minds with extreme variations of 'external conspiracy' have probably read a few things into the term not intended by this author.
    Certainly I have helped sow the seeds of confusion as my belief system has mutated rapidly during the writings at The Brave New World Order and The Blob.
    My mind saw a giant conspiracy in the events of 911. Then my mind saw occult symbolism in the make-up of the event; Twin Towers as Jachin and Boaz, Pentagon as Pentagram, George W. Bush reading about Goats (Pan) as the event started...
    The assumption was made that if conspiracy elements are associated to the event; building 7 collapsing, free fall of the Towers, no plane wreckage at Pentagon etc.., then the symbolic resonance emanating from the event stem from the same purposeful human conspiracy.

    The truth is way cooler then that nasty work of business...

    Luckily I decided to investigate pop culture references to the World Trade Center as I was extremely mystified and attracted by all the 911 resonating synchronicties to be found in media. I would at first attempt to fit the old model - giant 'all powerful' conspiracy orchestrating 911 with occult symbolism for nefarious reasons - into the synchronicities. It meant the human conspiracy elements connected to the Mega Rituals had to be part of the production of the synchronicties in the media.
    Somebody or some thing involved with the making of "The Lone Gunmen", "Escape From New York", "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Stargate", "World Trade Center", "The Wiz", "Super Mario Bros." etc, was connected to a chain of influence that reached the orchestrators of 911.

    This belief has to continually adapt, if it is to survive the pressure of the mysterious evidence of synchronicty, which keeps creeping closer to home and your self. The nature of the 'somebody' becomes very mercurial and mystical in order for it to continue to be responsible for 911 and its synchronicties. Indeed the 'somebody' responsible for the synchronicities has to become more and more powerful and more and more removed from the material realm. This unveils the truth if you pursue it to its most extreme and logical conclusion, it leaves you barking mad (attached to ideas) if you don't...

    Most researchers who include sync patterns and media symbols in there work will eventually evolve there conspiracy theory to include very hard to define 'somebodies' like aliens or trans dimensional beings etc. If not that 'flexible' they might stick with 'practical and material' conspiracies like 'Masonic Sorcerers' working in conjunction with Hollywood and such. Some alternate back and forth, some include everything. A few brave souls admit they don't know what the hell is going on.

    Any story ME/WE tell ourselves will turn out unsatisfactory. No revelation of history or set of future events will bring us peace.
    Only realizing who WE/ME are will heal the wound of separation from Self left by the formation of mind.
    The mortality of the Father and Sun King vivified. The eggshell cracks... JFK

    It does seem very likely, on the practical form level of reality, that the JFK event, like 911, was part of a orchestrated conspiracy. Either way these are not ultimate truths. Ultimate Truths relate to your real Identity and Nature, not the particulars of the shape and form of reality.
    There is no harm in being interested in how JFK's assassination could be a massive government cover up and a Masonic Sun King ritual.
    Of course WE are free to ask questions, doubt official accounts and push the boundaries of how the influence structures of authority interact with world events.
    This is exactly why The Blob is interested in conspiracy memes and occult narratives. It has brought me much joy to contemplate how much influence fraternal organizations have had on society, mind and consciousness.

    Some thoughts I like to play with, of the conspiracy variety..
    What does it mean if Freemasons are the first humans to go to the Moon?
    Why is there a Pyramid with All Seeing Eye on the back of the dollar bill and what is its significance...

    How does the occult interact with Popular culture?
    Why does Howard Hughes, Genghis and Kublai Khan consistently reappear in my sync web?
    Why does the fringe seem to inform everything consensus is participating in?
    Where is Akhenatons Mummy?

    These are fascinating but not primary or ultimate questions.
    If you don't 'know' (it can never ultimately be known) the answer to the who you are, your models for reality will always be incomplete.
    Find out who you are first, then return to the 911, JFK and Watergate StarG8 Mega Rituals, if you still care at that point.
    The ego and fallibility of the president clearly unveiled. The eggshell cracks... Watergate

    So what is a Stargate Mega Ritual?

    We will make this a mind object, a concept. Hopefully the slippery nature of our WaterG8 will avoid US - The United States of Consciousness - making it too solid a concept. All concepts and metaphors are gross reductions of the infinite essence of any thing.

    If all things are imagined as a Great Spiraling River or WaterG8, Mega Rituals would be huge whirlpools in its ever coiling flow. The flow itself is comprised of twirling mini nebula of thoughts, things and events. What allows there to be flow at all is the pull of consciousnesses, Being, No-Thing or the infinite. The entire river snakes down into the Great StarG8 of the Eschaton. The Eye/I/Self of God.
    Inside the ever tightening helix of this WaterG8 are infinite whorls of varying complexity and size. These are things, events, thoughts and conscious consciousness like human beings. Notice how all the whirling entities in the Flow (Wolf backwards) are only temporarily stable and are always recycling themselves. Some whirlpools are tenacious and linger, some are very brief. All are made up of flow and are never comprised of the same material, constant flux recycles all forms.
    Ever so often, in mysterious cycles and with increasing intensity, the flow Self organizes into unusually large spinning vortices. Mini StarG8's within the ultimate StarG8' eye/I of God, all non-locally connected as All centers in MOM's heart beat as ONE. All centers are the same center. All are indeed centers.. (keep it quite, that's the secret teaching..)
    Through the calm eye/I/Self of these storms sufficiently surrendered facets of Being (such as consciously conscious human nervous systems (many of you reading these words)) can perceive the eternal essence they - the StarG8 eye/I and our own awareness - share. The black hole at the center of the StarG8 is recognized or mirrored in the void at the center of your Self.

    All things that gravitate to the center of the spinning mandala are things that share resonance with the unnameable which creates the StarG8 Mega Ritual. In this fashion Masons, architecture, media and symbols, that echo the Core are found as part of the swirling matter surrounding the event (911, Watergate, JFK etc). Imagining a set of things - secret societies, governments, aliens.. (or whatever) - that circle the center cause the phenomena is error of limited perspective.
    You will selective identify debris swirling around in the cloud wall, circling forever and ever until you realize all things can never be the Source Itself.
    A StarG8 Mega Ritual, like all phenomena is spontaneous and arises out of the eternal NOW.

    Seriously it's wild, You, the real You, is exactly what caused JFK, Watergate and 911!
    You are the Consciousnesses, Being, No-Thing or Infinite that sits, beyond all flux, out of which ebbs and flows transient phenomena.

    If I knew of a simpler way of saying this right NOW, I would.

    America symbolizes one of the sturdiest mental structures in consensus reality.
    A male dominated, ego centric and materialist government of disproportionate influence.
    An inflexible hard lump (think Nixon) in the Great Spiraling WaterG8 must be eroded in order for flow to be joyous and smooth. The closer the form resonates with the formless, the longer it survives. America, like Starbucks, Monsanto, McDonald's and Oprah can survive, even thrive, if it harmonizes with the Self. Nothing that exists, ultimately, is ever out of harmony (shhh (don't tell!), that's the secret teaching..) with the totality.

    The Mega Rituals mentioned in this post; JFK, Watergate and 911, massively challenged and changed collective perception about the tenacious whorl called America. By implication and extension challenging the very foundation of consensus reality.
    What ever isn't in alignment with the Gr8 WaterG8 mentioned above will be swept away or swallowed by StarG8 Mega Rituals.

    I believe WE will all be massively surprised in the 'near future' by what structures survive as things align and which dissolve under the pressure of change.

    In keeping with the spirit of this change The Blob NOW distances its mercurial form from the term Mega Ritual.
    Its essence will remain in the blanket and flexible term StarG8.

    Be Deep Well