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    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Jesus 'Prince of Persia' and Robin 'Stargate Queen' Tunney at Cafe Paparazzi

    I show up at my sisters and her husbands pad a few days ago to see her ultra sound, a pretty amazing experience in itself but there was yet to be more intrigue. A rack of Wii games alert me to the presence of the popular console in the apartment. I am not a gamer, not since 16-bit technology, but the idea of manipulating character movement through actual corresponding physical motion seems quite novel.

    Al Gore's We logo resonates the Wii and illustrates the rotational 'WE3 spinner'.

    I am of the opinion that evolution of technology is entraining with and in many cases facilitating the growing of consciousness in humanity, the Wii having been mentioned, in this regard at "The Blob" before. See the post The World War 3 Stargate Mega Ritual where it is suggested that WW3 is already underway in the form of the WWW as is synchromystically suggested by the rotational capabilities of the WE3, thanks Aferrismoon for pointing this out. This rotational quality of the WE3 spinner is seen in Al Gore's new environmental promotional campaign logo above.
    The game I got to view, for a few minutes, before I had to book was called "Prince of Persia: Rival Swords". I was immediately struck by the image above, that of the Tower of Babel inside an 8 pointed star, which appears while the machine is loading the game.
    My sister is a big fan of Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and Zecharia Sitchin meaning she has the right head space to allow for alternative ancient history considerations. I am trying to expose her to Ralph Ellis, who's work I resonate with deeply and mentioned that he has suggested The Tower of Babel as being the great pyramid itself (See his Eden in Egypt).
    Adding some personal synchromystic touches to my 'hard sell' I explained that the Great pyramid is well and truly 8 sided and star shaped itself.
    This connects "Prince of Persia's" Babel Tower inside an 8 pointed star image, smoothly, with the hypothesis of the suspected interchangeable 8 sided Great Pyramid as Babel Tower. Very succinct as I was just watching my only siblings first born developing inside the human portal/Stargate to be followed by an image, not ten minutes later on the same screen, of humanities most Stargate resonant edifice, the Great Pyramid of Giza.

    The very next day I was delighted to sit down and listen to the ever illuminating Red Ice Creations podcasts, this very one being a new Ralph Ellis interview.

    Much to my suprise but certainly not without precedent - I Being a long time synchromystic - Mr Ellis starts talking about Persia even saying the words "Prince of Persia". In this particular context he is referring to none other then Jesus Christ, Ellis being of the belief that Jesus was a Prince parented by the daughter of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar (J.C thus Jesus Christ resonating) who was diplomatically gifted to the Persian King by Octavian/Augustus (Oct/8 resonating).
    A quick glance into the history of the game reveals that the previous installment in the series "Sands of Time" has the Prince of Persia - our Jesus Christ resonator - time traveling. In my book becoming a Stargateer as any time or space distortion resonates the gate of cosmic space consciousness.
    Time and space being the base units of 'all things' and 'all things' being limited (See J Krishnamurti). Therefore what ever distorts and dissolves time and space unlocks the Stargate of' 'no-thing'/Being.
    A film version of "Sands of Time" is slated for completion in 2009 possible staring Orlando Bloom. Above we see that our Prince rides the chariot, the O.G. Stargate mobile, resonating the Checker Chariot taxi cab and wheelchair, issues highlighted and investigated in the previous post. The chariot in mythology is the vehicle of Helios the sun God. The sun is the mystery ball venerated through the Aeons and the most vivid external pointer of Being. In this fashion it is one of Earths most vital and vibrant symbols (that which points) of the Stargate, the doorway of the divine. It is no contradiction but nether the less important to bear in mind the sun is also a big silly ball of hydrogen. Like any god or belief system, no matter how impressive, just a thought and limited thing which can help you penetrate the veil of time/space if seen as a signpost and not a destination.
    Paparazzi 2004 film poster. Inside the Stargate target and camera lens we see Robin Tunney and Tom Sizemore.

    Later, on the same day I was listening to Ralph Ellis talk about his new book "King Jesus from Kam (Egypt) to Camelot", I head over to my local mall and coffee shop "Cafe Paparazzi".
    Some context... (mild rant alert!)
    I have been coming to this joint since mid way through high school, its located 5 minutes from my SA home, the staff have asked me to vacate the premises during my actively alcoholic years - I have been sober for 4 years now - it is indeed no less then a key temple of my development in human form where uncountable memories have come and gone. It is also a little shit hole best avoided by any decent folks with common sense... So it goes with all things and mind structures, by there very nature dual.
    Anyway, I am sitting in "Cafe Paparazzi" when I look down and "OH DEAR JESUS BEYOND THE STARGATE!", fair Robin "Stargate Queen" Tunney stairs back up at me from the menu!

    New readers might wonder what is the significance to myself of such a mundane thing? Well, sit down my friend, I have a short tale to tell you.
    Half a year ago I was looking into some Stargate syncs of some kind or another when I started to notice this historically incidental actress showing up recurringly in some interesting and syncnificant films. I thought it would be a hoot to focus on one person as a resonator of growing consciousness (Stargate) themes exclusively and see where it leads. The result was the Tunney Trillogy videos and numerous posts here at The Blob ("A robin feathering his nest", Z is for Zebra, JFK Stargate Mega Ritual etc).

    What happened was in a way what I expected yet none the less exciting and telling about the true nature of consciousness. Cosmic consciousness beyond all forms which creates and implies synchronicity is inseparable from my own or your own intelligence and awareness. In short the experiment worked beautifully. If you are still trying to understand whether coincidence is present because you look for it, or whether it is generated by an external force, you are still caught in the veil of illusion, you are still the serpent devouring its own tail. Synchronicity isn't any of that, it is your true nature and inseparable from who you are. It is the footprints of interconnected one and true consciousness divorced from thought and form.