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    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Tube Triptych

    Me and Steve Willner's 4th video. See the first three and more here.

    Genetic Hybridization, The Nines, and The Amnesiac Godhead

    Blogger "A Few Shots to Shaman" unveils his wonderful first video. I really hope we see more!

    Isis Incognito

    I loved the inclusion of the peacock as I had recently seen this poster around town. What originally attracted my attention was the heart in front of a toad. I noticed the peacock feather, imagined a phoenix connection, while wishing I knew more. Viola! The JC stuff is also very much in play at this point. Good stuff.
    The heart was guiding force of STARMUMMY and Scarlet Dragon, me and Jim from Nosis's collaborative effort. In both pieces the WTC and Winnipeg Legislature are connected to the heart which in tern is explained as a symbol of Galactic Center.


    I picked the films, compiled the key scenes and narrated, while Jim skilfully edited and produced all the other elements. The music, apart from the pop songs, is "DJ Brace" on the album "The Electric Nosehair Orchestra in Nostomania" from Balanced Records. It is obvious how much extra force this synchromystic video has owing to the knowledgeable technical execution. Jim also has a firm grasp of the subject matter which one can tell by his subtle arrangement of elements. There are many little touches multiple viewings will unveil. I feel the syncs shine brightly when presented with such finesse. I am very happy with this strange little gem.